Pen Cayetano may be considered a respected elder of the Garifuna Culture, but don't write him off just yet, the Old Master is still in the wide, open space of artistic creativity.

As per tradition, he's mounted an exhibit of new paintings at the Mexican Institute to coincide with Garifuna Settlement Day. It opens tonight, but he gave 7News a preview this afternoon:

Pen Cayetano, artist
"This exhibition is entitled "All Culture." All Culture is what is happening right here in Belize right now. Once it was a heavy cultural place. But today as how we see it happening right now is the culture is deteriorating slowly. We can that the people and the youths of today are not going through many of the stages of our culture that we use to do in the past. This is the only way they could have an understanding about it is to come and see the exhibition pertaining to culture."

"The children's day - it's a new painting, its talk about the children of Belize trying to do something in sports and so. There will be other painting of our cultural dances and as well as drumming and entertainment kind of painting. You will also see the process of the cassava baking and a painting that I have here is the silent night - the birth of Christ in Garifuna style."

The exhibit is now opened at the Mexican Institute, and it continues for the next 3 weeks.

Channel 7