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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Junior College places third at National ATLIB Volleyball Competition
The Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) Volleyball competition came to an end on Saturday November 10th in San Ignacio. Sacred Heart College Junior College hosted the event at the Falcon Field, and San Pedro's own San Pedro Junior College brought home the third place trophy in the male division. The first game saw St. John's College Junior College going up against Ecumenical Junior College. This game was pretty tight in favor of UB in the first two sets, with scores of 25-20 and 25-22. SPJC was up next, going up against UB. 25 seem to be the lucky number as UB took the lead in both sets with scores of 25 - 18 and 25 - 19.

Update - John McAfee still on the run - Speaks to The San Pedro Sun
A US National was murdered on Ambergris Caye sometime between the night of Saturday, November 10th and Sunday November 11th on northern Ambergris Caye and The Belize Police Department is looking for computer anti-virus pioneer John McAfee for questioning as part of the investigation. Fifty-two year-old Gregory Viant Faull, a retired American from the state of Miami, Florida USA was found dead by a housekeeper inside his living room with an apparent gunshot wound to the back of his head. The incident took place some six miles north of the populated town of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye in the Mata Grande Area. As a result of the ongoing investigation, police in search of McAfee, found an arsenal of ammunition inside his beachfront property on northern Ambergris Caye. According to the National Belize Police Press Officer Rafael Martinez, 39 year-old Laura Tun, a housekeeper of the Boca del Rio area of San Pedro Town arrived at around 7:20 AM at Faull's residence to conduct routine house cleaning. Tun told police that after she entered the house, she noticed Faull in a motionless state and lying on the floor of the front living room. When Police arrived at the scene of the crime at the second floor of a two-story concrete home situated on the beach area in the Mata Grande area, they found an expended 9 millimeter shell at the second stairs of the step situated on the southern part of the outer part of the building. They also found Faull inside his living room situated in the middle of the building with an apparent gunshot wound to the back of his head. Police claimed that no possible motive has been established and San Pedro Police confirmed that there were no visible signs of forced entry to the building. As part of the investigation, Belize Police investigators has processed the scene three times, the last was on Tuesday November 13th where two US investigators were brought into the country to assist in the investigation.

John McAfee in hiding; calls The San Pedro Sun to tell his story
Anti-virus computer software king John McAfee is a "person of interest" in regards to the murder of his neighbor, Greg Faull. McAfee called San Pedro Sun editor Tamara Sniffin from hiding to tell his side of the story. The shooting apparently took place just south of McAfee's compound in Faull's home just north of San Pedro town on the Island of Ambergris Caye in Northern Belize, Central America.

Ambergris Today

Belize Going Up Against US NGO to Defend Right to Harvest Conch
Belize's conch industry is valued at BZD$10 million (US$5 million) annually but it could virtually be wiped out if the United States Congress institutes a widespread ban against the importation of the seafood delicacy. Currently, the United States purchases 95% of Belize's queen conch harvest, but in March of this year the WildEarth Guardians, a non-governmental organisation in Denver, Colorado petitioned the US Secretary of Commerce, acting through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Marine Fisheries Service, to have the species listed as threatened or endangered. According to James Azueta, acting fisheries administrator at the Belize Fisheries Department, if the petition is granted and the Queen Conch status is downgraded from appendix II to I (prohibited trade) under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), no country will be able to export conch to the USA or any other country.

McAfee Media Frenzy Continues on Ambergris Caye, Belize
CNN International Correspondent Martin Savidge arrived in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize yesterday afternoon, November 14, 2012, and immediately set up interviews with San Pedro Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Minister of Tourism/Area Representative Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., wanting to get more information on the Gregory Faull murder case which has millionaire software mogul John McAfee in the police spotlight. "Everybody wants to know more about John McAfee and his involvement in the Gregory Faull homicide case that occurred over the weekend," commented Mayor Daniel Guerrero to Ambergris Today. "At this point I just update them with the official police reports and that is that Mr. McAfee is only wanted for questioning in the murder case at this point and that he is eluding the law right now; he is in hiding." Mayor Guerrero stated that he has been very busy entertaining interviews, both on the phone and personal interviews with major media houses that include ABC News, Reuters, FOX News and media from Mexico and Canada. He has another line up of more international press to talk to, who arrived today.

Yoga for the Spirit, Mind & Body at Sol Spa, Belize
Yoga! I believe that many people will be surprised at how good they can be at it, how much they will like it and be glad to find out how beneficial it is for the body and soul. Many take yoga as not being a good exercise; but with Yoga becoming more mainstream and people finding out about its great benefits, the exercise technique is popping out everywhere. More and more people are joining the revolution, you might say. The staff of Ambergris Today had the opportunity to do some yoga in San Pedro. Carrie Tengler Stuart of Sol Spa was our yoga instructor who took us through a beginners' class as we were fairly new to it. Sofie had already taken some classes and Gerry had practiced some yoga at home; I was the newbie! But Carrie is an excellent instructor; she went through the different moves with ease and went along at our pace at mastering the techniques. She was always making sure we kept in posture and performing the procedures properly; of course adjusting to our limitations.

Post Mortem Report on Gregory Faull Released
Four days after US National Gregory Faull was found dead at his house on North Ambergris Caye, police have finally released the results of the post mortem examination which was conducted on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. According the a press release by Raphael Martinez, Belize Press Officer, the post mortem examination conducted on the body of 52-year-old, US National, Gregory Viant Faull, on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. At the conclusion of the examination, the doctor certified the cause of death to be "Traumatic shock due to massive brain damage due to head injuries sustained as a consequence of gunshot wound." Police investigations into this matter are still ongoing.

Zumba to Gangnam Style
Zumba® fitness is exercise in disguise because you're having fun dancing while working out to exciting music. Tuesday, November 13, 2012 the community of San Pedro united for a Zumbathon in benefit for crime prevention on San Pedro, Belize. I was invited by certified Zumba Fitness instructor Karen Mielcarek to join the three-hour Zumbathon at the Lion's Den. I have done Zumba in the past, so I was definitely excited to join the class and even more for a worthy cause (I am a sucker for dancingCool).

Misc Belizean Sources

BEL Opens $25 million Series 5 Debenture Offer
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) has opened its $25 million Series 5 Debenture Offer, which will earn a highly competitive interest rate of 7 per cent for twelve years, through to 2024. The cost of each debenture is $100 and subscriptions must be for a minimum of one debenture. With the proceeds from this debenture offer, the company will in whole or in part refinance its $16.9 million Series 1 Debentures currently bearing interest at 12 per cent and maturing on December 31, 2012 as well as help fund the Company's medium term needs. The Series 5 Debenture Offer will close on December 17, 2012. A copy of the prospectus is available on the company's website at and hard copies will be made available at the company's Corporate Headquarters and Collection Agents within the next week. Interested persons may contact the Company at 227-0954 or email [email protected].

IMF mission concludes visit to Belize
An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission led by Mr. Gerardo Peraza, visited Belize from November 1-15 to conduct its yearly review of the country's economy, in the context of the IMF's Article IV consultations. Peraza released the following statement in Belmopan at the conclusion of the meetings on Thursday: "Belize is experiencing an output rebound despite the decline in oil production. In 2012, real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth is expected at 3.5−4 percent, led by a recovery from last year's effects of weather-related damages in commodity exports as well as a recovery in tourism, and electricity generation. Inflation, which stood at 1.5 percent in January-August, has been easing as commodity prices pressures abate. The current account deficit is expected to narrow to 2.3 percent of GDP (down from 2.5 percent of GDP in 2011) thanks to higher inflows from tourism, lower repatriation of dividends by foreign companies operating in Belize, and higher remittances, despite a moderate widening of the trade deficit in goods. Preliminary fiscal data suggest that the government's primary surplus target of 2 percent of GDP is within reach, but will require a close monitoring of spending for the remainder of this fiscal year. "In light of ongoing negotiations with bondholders on the restructuring of the "super-bond", further discussions with the authorities are required to complete this year's Article IV consultations. Talks are expected to resume in the near future. Discussions so far have been focused on fiscal sustainability, external stability, and policies to enhance the financial sector resilience. In parallel with the Article IV consultations, a technical assistance mission assessed the current framework for debt management and helped the authorities build relevant institutional capacity.

Taste of Belize Coming to Cayo
The Taste of Belize will be coming to Cayo this year! It'll be at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel on December 1st, and the new Cayo Welcome Center on December 2nd. The Belize Tourism Board is calling on all chefs, bartenders, and BBQ masters to join in the celebration of Belize. Contact Perry Bodden at 247-2420 for more information. "Imagine standing mere inches away from flaring and sizzling Belizean culinary masterpieces, simmering to perfection. Surrender to the enticing aromas as it hypnotizes each of your senses-we invite you to experience ALL this and more at the anticipated, 'Taste of Belize'... The fusion of cultural dishes provides visitors with a true sense of Belize's diversity. Creativity is a must, and a variety of secret ingredients challenges these chefs to add depth to their already unique Belizean dish. The winner then walks away with the title of, 'Belize's Master Chef'."

DYS Basketball Tournament
The Department of Youth Services in Benque will be having it's under 18 basketball tournament starting tomorrow evening, and going for the next week. "The following teams are those participating in the Department of Youth Services in Benque Viejo U-18 Basketball Competition. The following teams are participating: Western Ballers, M.C.H.S., Young Starts, and San Jose Succotz The competition started on Friday Novermber 9, 2012 at Deacon's Basketball Court."

Concrete Park Earth Tour and Competition
Great article about the comic book clinics that have been in Cayo, and many other towns around Belize. There is one week left to enter the competition. "Why teach the basics of comic book creation in a country of 300,000, a country where comics are not even for sale? (the team is working to change that). Why encourage school kids to try this medium, let alone compete in it? Erika Alexander explains: Whether you live in the first world or the developing world, ideas are the most valuable currency there is. Our message is that your story is unique and valuable. Pencils and paper are cheap, and comics, whether self-printed or self-published on the web are a simple, accessible medium for expressing ideas in stories. In teaching comics creation, we are also teaching storytelling, business skills, entrepreneurship and connectivity."

You have to feel sorry for San Pedro!!
Our big brother island - better known as San Pedro, has for the last week been under the watchful eye of all international media houses since the beginning of this week. But unfortunately it is not because the of our wonderful geography or Mayan history, not even because The Batchelor is filming it's next episode here - it is because a once respected genius now paranoid and 'bonkers' (quote taken from the Belizean PM himself!!!) is running from the police and turning it into an international media frenzy!! The weather is glorious with the blue, blue skies and the fresh breeze that is blowing from the North and there is a sense of excitement for the up and coming season � why is the media not covering this??? John MacAfee, the antivirus software pioneer, has had a colorful history here in Belize since his arrival 2 years ago, with run ins with the police over firearms, drugs and liaisons with under age girls - all which he claims he is the victim of!! The police are wanting him for questioning for the murder of Gregory Faull, 52 -McAfee's enemy and neighbor in San Pedro as evidence does make McAfee a chief suspect. Since his neighbors death he has been on the run from the police, whilst still managing to be interviewed by many of the major networks and publications around the world it has to be added!!!!

Channel 7

"Lova Boy" Denies Sexual Battery Allegations
Tonight, Belize's most popular Punta Rock artist Lova Boy is on the defensive - after LOVE FM broke the story yesterday that he is being investigated for "sexual battery" in Los Angeles. This story has been swirling on Facebook for over a month without any charge being brought against LOVA BOY - whose legal name is Daniel Cacho. But LOVE spoke to the mother of the 13 year old who alleges that LOVA BOY - a family friend - touched her inappropriately - and started doing it more than two years ago - when she was only ten. The formal complaint was made on the 13th. October. LOVE has also gotten confirmation from the Special Victims Unit in South Los Angeles who have confirmed that Daniel Cacho is the subject of an investigation for an offence known as "sexual battery" in the United States. In Belize it would be called indecent assault. Now he hasn't been charged - and the Los Angeles resident, who's been up and down between Belize and California in the past month - says he has not even been questioned. But tonight, he's on the defensive and he proclaimed his innocence to Jules Vasquez:.. Lova Boy, Punta Rock artist "I am 100% innocent of these allegations. I am very heartbroken and disappointed with the whole situation."

McAfee's Bonkers Show Attracts Major International Media
famous wanted person. His story has been picked up by most major international media outlets - and from what we can tell that's just what McaFee wants. So far, CNN, Reuters News Agency, the Wall Street Journal, ABC and NBC have sent crews to Belize to follow up on the story. They're here to report on the death of Greg Faull, a Florida native - who retired in Belize - and lived up the beach from McAfee on northern Ambergris Caye. 7news has obtained a copy of the letter of complaint that Faull and other residents of the Mata Chica area of northern Ambergris Caye sent to the Town Council listing their complaints against McAfee. It speaks about vicious dogs on his property which had attacked or bitten three residents and three tourists. They also complained about his armed security guards acting aggressively with their weapons. And they noted taxis trafficking to Mcafee's residence at all hours of the night, along with delivery trucks and what they call mule traffic. Shortly after this complaint was made - McAfee says some of the dogs were poisoned - and Greg Faull was found shot to the head the next day. Belize police say McAfee is a person of interest in the investigation. Four of his associates or employees - including his chief of security - have been charged for firearm offences - relating to the arsenal of weapons at McAfee's home. In a report this morning, ABC NEWS compiled what is known so far.

Ladyville Couple Knocked Down By Drunk Driver
Last night at 8:15, a speeding car knocked down a Ladyville couple - and a drunk driver may be to blame. Leila Kelly and her boyfriend Policaro Asi were walking on the left shoulder of the Northern Highway from Lords Bank to Marage Road, when a Geo Prism driven by Raymond Codd Sr, lost control and charged towards them from the opposite direction. They were both knocked down and Asi's bicycle which he was walking was snapped in two. Both were rushed to the KHMH - where I spoke to Asi's sister about his condition: Filberta Ico, sister of Policario Assi "My brother usual routine when he come from work - his girlfriend works at La Popular Bakery in Ladyville and every day he goes to pick up his girlfriend and I understand that when they were coming home and in front of technical there is a curve there - they saw a vehicle spinning out of control and he pushed her out of the way so that she doesn't get the full impact. He got all the impact and he was in a very critical condition last night." "One of his lungs had collapse, his knee is broken, his wrists; they are not sure if it is broken as yet. There is no internal bleeding but he looks stable at the moment but we can't determine as yet because they are still doing further tests on his."

Police Make Major Marijuana Bust In Belama
Today Police made a major marijuana bust: 37 pounds of cannabis, which the found at stashed in the bushes in Belama Phase 4. At around 2:20 p.m. yesterday, police found the drugs stuffed in two buckets. And today, police officers went back to Belama Phase 4, where they conducted a routine search on 19 year-old Michael Anthony Saldivar. The officers found a black plastic bag which contained 22 grams of cannabis. As a result, police arrested and charged him with possession of controlled drugs.

Security Guard Who Killed Man Won't Be Charged
Last night, we told you about the shooting death of 29 year-old Wellington Hemsley Jr. He's the Tea Kettle Resident who, according to reports, tried to burglarize the containers at a residence right next to Cheers between mile 30 and 31 on the Western Highway. Well, the security guard who shot him to death is not criminally charged tonight, and he has not been detained by police. According to Security Guards who work at Cheers, just before 3 a.m. yesterday, security cameras picked up 2 men trying to break into one of the storage containers. The guards went to try to prevent the men, who were later identified as Hemsley and his 53 year-old uncle, Gilroy Welcome Sr., from stealing equipment from the container. Hemsley and Welcome allegedly attacked and tried to wrestle the weapons from the guards, who reported that they were forced to shoot both men in self-defence.

Bar-ladies Had No "Papeles"
33 year-old Chinese Belizean businessman, Zhon Yue Ruan, the owner of Fusion Bar, and 35 year-old Jose Mejia, a Honduran Belizean businessman, who owns Long Island Bar, are facing fines for immigration charges after they were busted for hiring illegal immigrant workers. According immigration officers, at around 6:30 p.m. yesterday, they went to Fusion Bar, and saw 8 women with nationalities from neighboring countries who were working as waitresses. When the officers asked the women for their immigration documents, they were unable to produce any, and it was later discovered that Ruan hired them without any valid working permits. As a result, Ruan was charged with 8 counts of employing persons not in possession of valid working permits. He was arraigned before Magistrate Adolph Lucas today, where he pleaded guilty to all 8 counts. He was ordered to pay fines to a total amount of $14,000 which he must pay in its entirety by June 30, 2013. In relation to Mejia, the immigration officers said that shortly after that operation at Fusion Bar, they went to Long Island Bar. The officers saw 4 Honduran women, who reported that they were working at the bar as waitresses, and that they were employed by Mejia. They, however, couldn't produce any valid working permits.

Should An 18 Year Old Student Have Gone To Jail for Drugs
You may vaguely recall the name Jaslyn Cadle- she was on the news two weeks ago. The 18 year old student pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and was sent to jail when she could not pay the fine. The story has gone away - but behind the headline is a student on a scholarship to Gwen Liz High whose dream of finishing high school has been taken away by a drug law which makes no provisions for first time offenders. We got some context on the story when we spoke to her family today:.. Jules Vasquez reporting On Saturday, November third, the GSU found Joslyn Cadle with this: 159 grammes, five and a half ounces of marijuana and one hundred and ninety five dollars in cash. She admitted that the money was the proceeds from selling marijuana - and in court she pleaded guilty to drug trafficking.

Drug Case To Court Two Years Later
On November of 2010, it made all the headlines when a drug plane landed on the Southern Highway in the Bladden Area. The story became more sensational when 5 lawmen were accused of facilitating its landing. Those 5 men are Customs Officer Harold Usher, Police Corporal Renel Grant, Police Corporal Lawrence Humes, Police Corporal Nelson Middleton and Police Sergeant Jacinto Roches. They were all criminally charged with the importation of a controlled drug by facilitating the landing of an airplane. Well, exactly 2 years after the aircraft landed in Belize, these men are finally facing a criminal trial in the Supreme Court. On Monday, the jury for the case was empanelled, and yesterday, the crown counsels representing the DPP's office started calling witnesses from their extensive list of to give testimony against the men. So, today was day 2 of the biggest drug case in recent history in which the police made a bust of almost three thousand kilos of cocaine, which came in on the very same plane that these officers are accused of being connected to. The judge sitting on the case is Justice Dennis Hannomansingh, and it is expected to continue to the end of November.

Is The Seed Of Urban Violence In Child Abuse?
For years, social studies on Belize's crime climate has shown that the knee-jerk, paramilitary response to crime hasn't worked for any sustained period of time. Well, one organization is trying to come up with viable proposals to offer them to the government as alternatives. That organization is the Mental Health Association, and today, they held a conference at the SCA campus. The association believes that child abuse whether physical or sexual, may be a major contributing factor to youths who grow up and turn to a life of crime. Here's what the President told us: Jenny Lovell, President, Mental Health Association "We've become very concern about the increase, the spike in crime and violence among young people. We also realize that because we've been getting calls - we've been seeing children that are being brought to us with behavioral problems. When we talked to these children we find out that they've been sexually abused. We find that for some of them they have things like learning disabilities and so they are in classes giving a lot of problems but it's not because it's just bad behavior - they don't have no clue what's going on in the classroom because a lot of them they are in Standard 4 but can't read and write in fact they can't even recognized their letters; their ABCs. So we realize that some of these children are learning disable or they are other things going on."

City Council Holds Off On Prospectus Launch
It's been a tough week for the city council as Belize Waste Control put the City on Blast when it went on a garbage strike and had its workers picket City Hall. And that's why the much delayed launch of the Prospectus for the Municipal Bond has been held off for another week. The mayor today told us that with all that's been happening he did not feel the timing was right.

BEL Rolls Out Debenture Offering
And while City Hall is in a holding pattern, BEL is rolling out its debenture offer to mop up all that excess liquidity in the banking system. An announcement from the power company says that it has opened its $25 million dollar Series 5 Debenture Offer, which will offer an interest rate of 7 per cent for twelve years. That 7% is significantly higher than interest rates on savings currently being offered at the banks. To invest, you must buy at least one debenture valued at one hundred dollars. The offer will close in a month's time. You can find a copy of the prospectus on the Company's website or you can get a hard copy at BEL Offices.

Great Art Way Out West
For its new art show - the Image Factory has gone out into the country - to Cayo - to see what artists out West are painting. As Gilvano Swasey - the curator of the show called "Beyond Mile 50" told us - he was very pleasantly surprised. Gilvano Swasey, curator "The idea behind the exhibit was to show what was new from Cayo - 50 miles from Belize City and beyond. What is happening is that these artists even though they go through similar experience that we go through in Belize City struggles in society and so forth - they have found a new hope in what they paint and what they capture and what is life around them; the nature, the people, the economy and so forth. It's a very good collection to show what artists are doing beyond Belize City but also with the new skills that they have gained working with each other." "For example the works of Lincoln Gordon; his stuff would be describe as super/hyper realism. It's beyond a photograph. It is at a point where I remember going to school this is where you are young and free and innocent and you have all the time in the world. I was surprise that people was still doing this with the world changing so fast. I was very impressed with Lincoln pieces." "The other artist that really stands out for me is German Figueroa; he does a style that is sort of surreal. Traditionally you would do collage where you would tear papers and create an image. Not only does he tear paper and create an image - he paints that image itself. So he takes it to a different level and his pieces are a lot about social issues."

Pen the Old Master With Some New Tricks
Pen Cayetano may be considered a respected elder of the Garifuna Culture, but don't write him off just yet, the Old Master is still in the wide, open space of artistic creativity. As per tradition, he's mounted an exhibit of new paintings at the Mexican Institute to coincide with Garifuna Settlement Day. It opens tonight, but he gave 7News a preview this afternoon: Pen Cayetano, artist "This exhibition is entitled "All Culture." All Culture is what is happening right here in Belize right now. Once it was a heavy cultural place. But today as how we see it happening right now is the culture is deteriorating slowly. We can that the people and the youths of today are not going through many of the stages of our culture that we use to do in the past. This is the only way they could have an understanding about it is to come and see the exhibition pertaining to culture." "The children's day - it's a new painting, its talk about the children of Belize trying to do something in sports and so. There will be other painting of our cultural dances and as well as drumming and entertainment kind of painting. You will also see the process of the cassava baking and a painting that I have here is the silent night - the birth of Christ in Garifuna style." The exhibit is now opened at the Mexican Institute, and it continues for the next 3 weeks.

PROFILE: Sebastian Cayetano
And from Pen Cayetano to another Garifuna elder Sebastian Cayetano is the subject of tonight's I am Belize profile. He's the founder of Luba Garifuna Museum and a key promoter of Garifuna culture in Belize. He tells The Profile about his greatest accomplishment:..

Channel 5

John McAfee remains on the run; girlfriend says he didn’t kill anyone
John McAfee remains on the run tonight and authorities are asking him to turn him himself in. McAfee, the antivirus founder is likely the only suspect in the murder of Gregory Faull, his next door neighbor who had complained about McAfee's dogs. In our coverage tonight we talk to the Minister of Tourism, the Mayor [...]

McAfee's Girlfriend says her life has been threatened
But as the story continues to unravel, Tiffany told News Five that she is in fear of her life.   Duane Moody "Since then you've had no contact with him? You haven't been able to talk to him about his whereabouts or anything of that sort?"   Voice of: Tiffany, McAfee's Girlfriend "Since then no. [...]

Investigation underway on claim that police behaved inappropriately with a Mayflower Street minor
Last Friday, during a police search on Mayflower Street, one of Belize's hotspots, a thirteen year old student and her grandmother told the media that the minor was strip searched and sexually abused by a female police officer inside her home. The minor claimed that she was sleeping when the officers entered the home, undressed [...]

G.O.B.'s campaign approach to 2013 Belize/Guatemala Referendum
A referendum on whether or not to take the territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice takes place in 2013. In Guatemala, a public awareness campaign is ongoing but in Belize the campaign will kick off in January. Government is taking a three prong approach; it is naming a commission comprising a number of [...]

Questions asked in Belize/Guatemala referenda were stated in compromis
After resisting the courts for years, in 2007, Guatemala, under the leadership of President Alvaro Cocom, finally agreed to start negotiating a special agreement to go to the ICJ. That agreement, known as a compromis, contains the question that will be asked in the simultaneous referenda as well as the question being taken to the [...]

Superbond: restructuring talks to pick up after U.S. Thanksgiving
The last press conference by Prime Minister Dean Barrow was back in August so there were numerous matters to raise when the press descended on him on Wednesday morning. The five hundred and forty-four million US dollar superbond was top on the list of questions. The PM said that the government and bondholders are miles [...]

New Sporting Complex to replace City Center; is it a reality?
The City Centre in Belize City has not been used for over a year because its dilapidating state would put athletes at risk. When Belize won silver in the COCABA Basketball games in 2009 in Cancun, the Prime Minister promised the athletes that rebuilding the facility would be a priority. The Mexican President Felipe Calderon [...]

Anti-crime measure to detain young persons with anti-social behavior
On Wednesday, Police and B.D.F. executed a search of a Crime Ridden area in the Lake Independence. Some residents were caught off guard while others said they cooperate fully with the police in the searches for which do not require warrants. That is only one anti-crime measure that is being undertaken; others have to do [...]

2 more persons caught by Immigration Department
The Immigration Department continues to carry out sting operations in the city; three persons were taken to court on Wednesday and two more were charged today. Jose Nelson Mejia and Zhong Yue Ruan, both bar owners, were charged in separate cases for illegally hiring immigrants. Mejia, the owner of Long Island Bar on Blue Marlin [...]

Charles Leslie Junior to stand trial for Attempted Murder in Supreme Court
Over in the courtroom of Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, twenty-four year old Charles Marvin Leslie Junior was committed to stand trial in the January 2013 session of the Supreme Court for the Attempted Murder of twenty-one year old Woodrow Reyes. Both men were on remand for separate offences when on April twenty-third, Reyes was [...]

A Cultural inspired Youth Rally by the Garifuna Council
One of the biggest cultural showdowns takes place this weekend in anticipation of Garifuna Settlement Day. But today at the House of Culture, the National Garifuna Council organized a rally for students. There was drumming, dance and poetry depicting the Garifuna culture. Duane Moody dropped by and got in the spirit of the celebrations.   [...]

Mental Health Association focuses on crime
Crime continues to be a huge challenge across the country and according to the Mental Health Association young people have become particularly susceptible to criminal activities. That's the focus of their annual conference which opened today at the St. Catherine Academy Conference Room. The two days of presentations and discussions will address issues that impact [...]

Healthy Living: keeping your gums healthy
It's common knowledge that brushing and flossing should be an important part of your daily oral care. If you or your child are neglecting that process; it not just your teeth that might be affected. Tonight on Healthy Living, we take a look at the impact of bad oral hygiene on your gums.   Marleni [...]


Award Winning Belizean Artist Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Award winning recording artist and entrepreneur Daniel Cacho, also known as Lova Boy is at the centre of an allegation of sexual abuse of an underage girl. Love News first reported on Wednesday that the allegation is made by a thirteen year old girl from Los Angeles, California who cla...

Ambassadors Speak on Belize, Guatemala and the ICJ
It was announced earlier this year that a referendum to take the ongoing Guatemala territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice. The referendum will take place in Belize and Guatemala next October. Since then a number of Belizeans led by the Belizean Coalition ...

Well Known Tour Guide Charged Following Altercation with Police Officer
Tour guide Thomas Greenwood Jr. who was allegedly involved in an altercation with tourism police officer corporal Walford Berry yesterday at Tourism Village was charged with harm and using insulting words when he appeared in court today. Greenwood pled not guilty to the charges. He was...

Immigration Continues Crackdown on Workers Without Valid Permits
Immigration officers, in their continued crackdown on persons who employ women from neighboring countries who do not have work permits, have nabbed two more bar owners. They are 33 year old Zhon Yue Ruan, a naturalized Belizean originally from China who is the owner of Fusio...

Chagas Insects Discovered in Corozal
Health officials have confirmed that there is not an outbreak of chagas at San Antonio Government School in Corozal. Earlier today health officials went to the school after the insects were detected by teachers who were at the school lunch shed yesterday morning. The te...

Special Envoy for Women and Children Visits School in Orange Walk
Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis Barrow was in Orange Walk Town this morning visiting St. Peter's Anglican School. Barrow visited the school on a special invitation from the school which offers trained special education to children in the district. We ...

Training Workshop Ends on Pesticides
A series of training workshops on good pesticides management practices continues this week. Farmers from the Cayo district underwent the training on Tuesday and Wednesday and today, farmers of the Belize district are concluding their sessions. The trainings are bein...

Police News
The manager of La Popular Bakery Kapil Talreja is being sought by Belize City police. The owner of the establishment, located on Logwood Street reported to police that on Tuesday midday, his secretary gave Talreja six thousand dollars to deposit in La Popular's account at A...

Belmopan High School Students Robbed
Belmopan police have detained four men following an incident in which four high school students were robbed. Reports are sometime around seven o'clock this morning four students were on their way to school using the shortcut that leads from Cohune Walk area to the Georg...

Honduran National Charged for Illegal Entry into Belize
In other Immigration news, 33 year old Honduran national Rene Rivera who entered Belize illegally in March along the banks of the Mopan River was charged with illegal entry when he appeared in court today. Rivera pled guilty to the charge. He was fined $1,000.00 and was ordered to pay ...

Employers Charged for Failure to Produce Employment Permits
Two bar owners were charged with employing persons not in possession of employment permits when they appeared in court today. They are 23 year old Belizean Annibal Lemus, the owner of Chi Chi Bar, located on Orange Street and 36 year old Vilma Coh, a naturalized Belizean originally fro...


Indian's new year starts
Christmas and New Years is still a few weeks away in the Christian world, but one community in Belize is celebrating Diwali. It is the Indian concept of New Years and last evening the Indian community in Belize had a festival of lights at the Hindu Temple on Albert Street. Love News stopped in with Indian Honourary Consul in Belize, Arun Hotchandani, who explained the significance of Diwali. The Indian festivities continue throughout the week.

Love FM'S annual Southern Tour for 2012 starts
Since the September celebrations passed, the drums and the different style of music playing on the airwaves have been signifying that another event was on the horizon. Tonight Love FM'S annual Southern Tour 2012 enters its first round as the Garifuna Settlement Day festivities approach. Station Manager at Love FM, Julia Carrillo, says that this year the event is as upbeat and classic as it has been over the years.

P.M. Barrow gives update on legalizing marijuana
Central American leaders, including Prime Minister Dean Barrow, say that the decision by two U.S. states last week to legalize marijuana will have important implications for efforts to fight smuggling in this region. Prime Minister Barrow says the concerns focus primarily on the war against international crime and in particular narco-trafficking.

P.M. Barrow gives details on the oil drilling issue
The issue of drilling for oil in the Sarstoon-Temash reserve has ignited a fierce debate among proponents of the initiative by US Capital Energy and those who are opposed. It is a divisive issue; but today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow told Love News that he is open to the idea of making a part of any proceeds from the discovery of oil in commercial quantity available for the benefit of communities in the south.

Julius Espat reponse on the P.M. comment
Late this evening following a meeting with the Clerk of the National Assembly Eddie Webster, the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Julius Espat spoke with Love News and says that he will be taking up the Prime Minister on his offer to agree that meetings of the House Committee be made public.

P.M. Barrow put the issue to rest with the PUP
The issue surrounding the meeting of the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives continues to linger; but today Prime Minister Dean Barrow put the issue to rest, saying it was a manufactured problem. Yesterday afternoon, the People's United Party hosted a press conference where the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, the member for Cayo South Julius Espat said that all he is trying to do is what he was chosen to do; while the former Clerk of the National Assembly Conrad Lewis described the issue as an administrative bungling. Prime Minister Barrow today went on record saying that the government is not opposed to entertaining the suggestions of the Chairman of the Committee that meetings be held in public; but the Prime Minister says Mr. Espat is lying and is plain out of order.

First Aid training in Punta Gorda
A two day first aid and medical safety training course ended yesterday in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

High school student share their Business acumen
And while today the entrepreneurship fair stopped in at Queen Square Anglican, on Tuesday, high school students got to display their business acumen. Love TV's Natalie Novelo reports.

Queen Square School hosted a Business Fair
Entrepreneurship and marketing are still farfetched topics to many people, but this is entrepreneurship week and today, students at one local primary school had the opportunity to put their skills and creativity to the test after weeks of preparations. The over 700 children that attend Queen Square Anglican School today showed off their manual skills and their ability to earn a living from those talents. Love News was there and spoke with representatives from the Youth Business Trust Belize and the school. The students proved that aside from knowing how to do problem solving or spell a scientific word, they can also put hands to work and make more than art, but also a living. The Youth Business Trust Belize has held similar events with other schools this week. It is an annual showcase of children's ability to earn a living and the organizers say that from year to year, the children display a degree of development.

P.M. Barrow gives details on McAfee
Police have arrested and charged two people associated with businessman John McAfee for the crime of keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Twenty nine year old William Mulligan and twenty two year old Stefanie Mulligan were taken into custody on Sunday afternoon after a search of McAfee's property on North Ambergris Caye resulted in the discovery of a twelve gauge pump action shotgun and cartridges and a twelve gauge single action shotgun and a belt containing twenty two 12-gauge Aquila brand cartridges. Neither William or Stefanie Mulligan could produce a license for the weapons. Both were arraigned in court and are on remand to the Hattieville prison. Sixty seven year old John McAfee is wanted by for questioning by police in connection with the investigation into the murder of fifty two year old Gregory Faull. McAfee is claiming that he is being targeted by the police and fears for his life and has gone as far as claiming that the Prime Minister dies not like him. This morning, Prime Minister Barrow called McAfee paranoid and urged him to come forward and talk with the police.

False alarm for a protest of BWC
There was a planned protest scheduled to take place in front of City Hall again today but the protestors backed off at the last minute when their boss told them that Mayor Darrel Bradley had made a good-faith arrangement. The contention spawned earlier this month, gained public attention when employees of the Belize Waste Control Services stormed to North Front Street and held placards demanding that City Hall pay their boss. George Lamb had come public saying that City Hall had fallen behind on twelve weekly payments for sanitation works that the company provides to keep the old capital clean. Lamb told us today that there is a further extension on the protest. Lamb says that City Hall currently owes Belize Waste Control around half a million dollars.

P.M. give updates on the superbond
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is back home following a series of meetings in Honduras, the United States and Mexico. During his trip to Honduras the Prime Minister held talks with President Porfirio Lobo Sosa about the possibility of formalizing a prisoner exchange program, similar to the one Belize shares with Mexico. From Honduras, Prime Minister Barrow traveled to Miami, Florida for a meeting with the legal advisors to Belize's debt restructuring exercise. When he appeared on the Love FM Morning Show today, the Prime Minister said that he is confident that an agreement will be hammered out by the time the next coupon payment becomes due in March of 2013.

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One shot dead and one injured in attempted robbery
An attempted robbery on the George Price Highway turns deadly for one of the culprits. The tables turned on 29 year...

Four detained after students were ambushed
This morning around 7am four male students were on their way to Baptist High School when they were ambushed by four...

Belize City Police find a substantial amount of drugs
Police in Belize City have found a substantial amount of drugs as they made searches in Belama Phase 4. At 2:20 pm ...

Lova Boy accused of "sexual battery"
Allegations of "sexual battery" have been made against award winning recording artist and entrepreneur Daniel Cacho...

Owner of Long Island Bar fined $5,020 for work permit offences
The Immigration Department continues their sting operation in the city and this week, they have shifted their opera...

Chinese national arraigned for hiring 8 women without work permits
The second to be arraigned for hiring 8 women without work permits to work at his bar was Chinese national, Zhong Y...

USAID Donates Safety Equipment for Cayo Schools
Belize Red Cross has received a sizable donation from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID...

Patrick Faber contesting Deputy Party Leader Position
In a media interview yesterday Prime Minster Barrow conceded that the rumors about Patrick Faber contesting the pos...

Driver detained after knocking down 2 pedestrians in Ladyville
An out of control car knocks down two pedestrians on Ladyville road. On Wednesday night (Nov 14) around 8:30pm Leil...

The Guardian

Spoilt Brat
Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, in his usual fashion, is acting like a spoilt brat after he is unable to have his way with the position he has been appointed to serve on. In an arbitrary and unilateral move, Julius Espat took it upon himself to invite members of the public and the media to a meeting of the committee. This goes contrary to what is specified in the Standing Orders that govern the Public Accounts Committee. But the behavior of Julius Espat is nothing new. Everyone, who sees the tantrums he throws at each and every house meeting, now knows that he is just a spoilt brat. Whenever he is unable to have his own way, he thumps, stomps and hisses. He famously stated in the National Assembly that he does not adhere to any Standing Order of the House since he gets his Standing Orders from the people of Cayo South. Well, this must be a newsflash to Julius, or maybe it is just information that he chooses to ignore, very much like what takes place in the House, the House Committees are also bound by Standing Orders. If he were to just take a small portion of his time and actually read and familiarize himself with the orders, he would not make a fool of himself in every media appearance he makes. He simply refuses to understand that the committee he sits on is not filled with people he can dictate to. The committee actually is composed and the directives and direction of the committee must be had by way of unanimous support. In his most recent attempt to show himself, Julius unilaterally made up and agenda and purported to ram it on the committee. Well, Julius "eh no work soh!" Decisions of the committee are done as a collective. Wheel and come again! And while he tries to impose his dictates to the Public Accounts Committee, there are those inside the PUP who are wondering, how is it that Julius ended up taking up that position in the first place. One highly placed PUP pointed out that it was "oxymoronic"; the fellow stated, "but Julius has a past dealings with the PUP where Public Accounts are still outstanding!" We imagine that the highly placed PUP must have been talking about the many contracts, which he was known to get under the PUP. He must have also been referring to an instance where a prime piece of real estate was sold to Julius for a pittance. This was after he had been paid thousands of dollars to refurbish the piece of real estate. He later turned around and sold that very asset for a king's ransom.

WANTED for Questioning
Since 2010, American National John McAfee has been publicly accused of bribery, keeping unlicensed guns and ammunition, drug production and now murder. He has faced all those public allegations and never had he tried to avoid law enforcement officers nor has he been charged with a crime. To the contrary, McAfee maintained friendly relationships and constantly made donations to the law enforcement authority in communities he lived. However, the man, who has never ran before, has been on the run since police found his neighbour with a bullet to the back of his head at about 8 a.m. on Sunday, November 11th. 52-year-old U.S. national Gregory Viant Faull was found in his San Pedro Town home lying face up in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound to the back of his head. His housekeeper discovered the body at 7:20 a.m. Sunday when she reported to work to start her daily chores. Faull was last seen alive sometime around 10 p.m. the previous night. He lived alone and there was no sign of forced entry. According to police reports, Faull's laptop computer and iPhone were missing. The body was found in the living room of the upper flat of the building and a single 9 mm expended shell was found at the stairs leading up to the upper flat of the building. Police have not made any arrests for the murder as yet. They are following multiple leads in an investigation that will see several people questioned. One person that police are seeking for questioning is McAfee. He is Faull's neighbour in San Pedro. Faull had recently made a complaint to the Town Council about McAfee's dogs being a nuisance to him and others. Those dogs were poisoned on the night of Friday, November 9th, and Faull was killed sometime between 10 p.m. on Saturday, November 10th, and 7:20 a.m. on Sunday, November 11th.

The Cost of Exposing a Pedophile
Last week, an eleven-year-old girl from Frank's Eddy Village summoned the courage to tell her mother that she was being sexually abused by the pastor of their church, 46-year-old Julio Cesar Garcia. According to the mother, the child spoke of two occasions when Garcia pressured her into having sex. The first time was actually inside the church on October 28th. The second time was at the pastor's home on November 1st. The mother was devastated by the news. She took the child to a doctor, who confirmed that the child was carnally known. The mother then reported the incident to police and Garcia was arrested and charged with two counts of unlawful carnal knowledge. He appeared in the Belmopan Magistrate's Court on Wednesday, November 7th, where the charges were read against him. Due to the nature of the offense, bail was not granted, and he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until his next court appearance on January 25th, 2013. For the eleven-year-old, Garcia's arrest should have been the start of the recovery process. Unfortunately, that is far from the case. Garcia's arrest caused other victims to come forward. At least two other mothers claimed that their daughters reported sexual advancements by Garcia to them. The scandal made headlines on the local television stations and Garcia was exposed as a "Predator Amongst the Flock". The church's parent organization, the Baptist Association, issued a press release disassociating itself from Garcia, claiming that he had never been a Baptist pastor. Those familiar with the Baptist denomination explained that it is common practice to have church leaders, who are not ordained pastors, sothe association's statement was in no way a disassociation. However, it did act as the final nail in the forearm of the crucified Garcia. He had been jailed, publicly humiliated and labeled as a predator. Some would say deservingly so. Undeservingly though, is that where Garcia's suffering had come full circle the victim and her family's suffering was just beginning.

Love Story paved Way for Busiest Airstrip in Central America
On December 16th, 2010 the Belize Airport Authority broke ground on a $3.7 million project to rehabilitate and modernize the San Pedro Airstrip. The project was made possible through the support of the Central American Cooperation for Air Navigation Services (COCESNA). COCESNA has the exclusive rights to provide air traffic services, aeronautical telecommunications and radio navigation aids for international civil aviation in the territories of member states: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Almost two years later, on November 8th, 2012, the new and improved airstrip reopened as the John Grief II Airport. The rehabilitation project included the upgrading of the landing strip, security fencing, larger parking area for private aircrafts, adequate lighting for emergency night-landings and a general enhancement of the safety and security features on the compound. The landing strip was elevated by about four to five inches; it was widened by thirty feet and paved with hot mix for greater durability. At the time of the project launch, pedestrians from outside the airstrip, and even motorists, could have easily accessed the compound and move across the runway at will. It was an extremely dangerous situation however, the new security fencing has put an end to that. The new lighting guarantees that the busiest airstrip in Central America will no longer have to shut down as the sun sets.

Albert and Rural Central select Committees
On Sunday, November 11th, the United Democratic Party held an endorsement convention at the UDP headquarters, where a new Executive Committee was named for the Albert Division. The meeting was attended by UDP representative in Albert, Hon. Herman Longsworth; Party Chairman, Hon. Patrick Faber; Secretary General, Philipa Griffith-Bailey, Deputy Chairman Roosevelt Blades; and National Party Coordinator, Ruben Campos. During the meeting Hon. Longsworth thanked those who attended for their continued support of the UDP and urged those who form the committee to work for another victory of the UDP when general elections are called. He explained that the Albert Division is now back with the UDP and it should stay that way. For his part, Hon. Faber stated the importance of the constituency committees as the members are the face of the party in the divisions and, that they are the ones to do the work in the division. He said that the UDP is already starting to work to ensure a third consecutive victory. He added that victories are had because of constituency organization and that there is no reason why the UDP should not continue to win elections.

Two charged with Murder
On Monday, November 12th, Police formally charged two teenagers for the murder of 54-year-old Dennis 'Bo' Williams. The men, 18-year-old Ashton Steve Thompson, and 18-year-old Stephan Devon Jenkins, both former students of Gwen Lizarraga High School, appeared before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer where they were charged with murder and keeping an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Because of the nature of the offence, both men were remanded to prison until December 13th. Just minutes before midday on Thursday, November 8th, four men entered Three Star Quality Chicken located at #46 Vernon Street in an attempt to rob the place. As the men were inside the establishment, they met resistance from Dennis Williams who struggled with one of the assailants for a gun which he had in his possession causing it to fall to the ground. As the gun fell, an accomplice quickly picked it up and fired at Williams killing him. Quick police response led them to the detention of Thompson and Jenkins and the recovery of a 9 millimeter pistol loaded with 3 live rounds.

Toledo Community College volleys itself into the History Book
The Toledo Community College male volleyball team volleyed itself into the sports annals of the country when it captured its fourth consecutive national secondary schools male volleyball title on Saturday, November 10th, 2012, at the University of Belize Gymnasium in Belmopan. This is the first time in the history of the National Secondary Schools Sports Association that a male school has won four years in a row. Since the inception of the yearly programmes at the national level in 1985, Toledo Community College has played a pivotal role in the development of the organisation and school sports. In the championship game, Toledo Community College captured its fourth consecutive titles when it defeated St. John's College in three straight sets by the score of 25-23, 25-16 and 25-18. In the third place game, Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico representing the Northern Region defeated Mopan Technical High School representing the Western Region in five sets by the score of 17-25, 25-17, 25-18, 20-25 and 15-7 to capture the Bronze medal. On Friday, November 9th, 2012, in the first game of the championship, St. John's College defeated Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico in three sets by the score of 25-13, 25-14 and 25-20.

The Case of Two Dunces
Personally, I have never served any political party at an executive level, and I sincerely don't harbor any desire to do so since, I am not much of a committee person. I mean, as soon as one joins a committee, one has to be making alliances with different factions within the same committee. I prefer to peep from the outside, listen keenly, take no sides, and remain friends with everybody.

Charges for trying to steal bicycle
On Tuesday, November 13th, 18-year-old John Pacquil appeared in Magistrate's Court to answer to charges of attempted robbery. Pacquil pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Magistarte Adolph Lucas and was granted bail in the sum of $4,000 plus one surety of the same amount. The matter was then adjourned until December 28th. Pacquil is accused of trying to steal a $250.00 bicycle from Calbert Quilter on November 12th on Belcan Bridge in Belize City.

Three charged with Drug Trafficking
Arden Robinson, Kevin Gentle and Michael GoffArden Robinson, Kevin Gentle and Michael GoffOn Tuesday, November 13th, 33-year-old Arden Robinson, a Construction Worker of #8874 Jane Usher Boulevard was charge djointly with his two friends: 33-year-old Michael Goff, a Stevedore of #8866 Jane Usher Boulevard; and 32-year-old Kevin Gentle, a Construction Worker and resident of #8990 Curl Thompson Street. They were charged after police say they were found in possession of 78 grams of marijuana. Gentle was additionally charged with a count of possession of a controlled drug for having in his possession 0.7 grams of marijuana in his pants pocket. On Sunday, November 11th, at around 10:25a.m., police conducted a search at #8864 Jane Usher Boulevard, where they found a black plastic bag in the area where the three men were sitting. Inside the bag, police say they found a green leafy substance suspected to be cannabis. All three men were arrested and escorted to the Queen Street Police Station. In court, Arden Robinson pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking but told the court that he is guilty of the lesser charge of possession. He told the court, "I do not traffic weed I just had it for my own personal use." But an equivocal plea of not guilty was entered on his behalf by the Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer, whom they appeared before. She told him that possession was not before the court and since he pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking, she offered them bail at this time. Gentle and Goff both pleaded not guilty to the charge of drug trafficking. They were all offered bail in the sum of $5,000 plus a surety of the same amount. Their case for the drug trafficking was adjourned until January 18th, 2013. In the case of Goff who was additionally charged with possession, he pleaded guilty and was fined $150 plus $5.00 cost of court which he has until December 15th, 2012 to pay; in default, he will serve 1 month imprisonment.

Murder Suspect John McAfee: I'm Innocent
As Belizean police combed the property of expat antivirus pioneer John McAfee Sunday afternoon, McAfee was closer than they could have known. He'd seen them coming, and says he hid - burying himself in the sand with a cardboard box over his head so he could breathe. "It was extraordinarily uncomfortable," he says, in an exclusive interview with Wired. "But they will kill me if they find me." McAfee, 67, is the prime suspect in a murder discovered Sunday morning in Belize. Convinced that he'll be killed if he's taken into custody for questioning, the millionaire antivirus pioneer has gone into hiding somewhere in the Central American nation, where he moved in 2008 to retire. Starting at 10:30 this morning, Belize time, he has been calling to tell me his side of the story. The homicide victim is McAfee's neighbor, Gregory Faull, a 52-year-old American expatriate, who, like McAfee, lives on Ambergris Caye, an island off the coast of Belize. According to police, Faull was found face up in a pool of blood with a single gunshot wound to the back of his head. Authorities found a single Luger brand 9mm expended shell at the scene. Asked what he knows about the shooting, McAfee said, "Nothing - other than I heard he had been shot." In fact, McAfee added, he's worried that whoever shot Faull may have actually been gunning for him. "I thought maybe they were coming for me. They mistook him for me. They got the wrong house," he said. "He's dead. They killed him. It spooked me out." If McAfee is involved, it may trace back to the half-dozen dogs McAfee keeps at his beachside compound. Faull, like other McAfee neighbors, had been complaining about the dogs and reportedly filed a formal complaint about them with the Mayor of the nearby town of San Pedro last week. According to McAfee, the dogs were poisoned on Friday night.

Man pleads Guilty to Damage to Property
On Tuesday, November 13th, Dale Thompson, appeared in Magistrate's Court to answer to a charge of damage to property. He pleaded guilty to the charge when he appeared before Magistrate Adolph Lucas, who fined him $600 plus $5 cost of court. Thompson was also ordered to pay woman police constable, Angela Wilshire $450 in compensation for a gypsy window, which he damaged while breaking into her vehicle. He is to make payments to the court by January 9th, 2013 and to Wilshire by December 15th. Thompson was accused of breaking into the Toyota Corolla on June 1st, 2012. The vehicle was parked on Cran Street in Belize City. Stolen from inside the vehicle at the time was a battery, a car jack, assorted tools and a spare tire, all to a total value of $660.00. Thompson was also accused of causing damages in the sum of $450 to the gypsy window of Wilshire vehicle. Thompson was caught in the act by Wilshire's son, who set chase after him. He was assisted by police on mobile patrol in the Cran Street area. Thompson was originally charged with theft and damage to property but in the facts of the case, there was no evidence to show that it was Thompson, who stolen anything from the vehicle.

Entrepreneurs Display their Products at Expo
Maud Williams High Students make presentation on Desk Lamp OrganizerBelize is one of over 120 countries celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2012 from November 12th to 18th. GEW was introduced in 2008 in an effort to encourage existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to unleash innovative ideas, using the marketplace to improve lives and make their mark on the business community. Since its inception, over 10 million people have participated in GEW events around the world. In celebration of GEW, the Youth Business Trust Belize held an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Expo on Tuesday, November 13th, at the Princess Hotel.

University of Belize hosts First Diabetic Conference in Belmopan
Diabetes SymposiumFrom a major survey conducted by the Ministry of Health and the Pan American Health Organization between November 2005 and July 2006 and published in a work entitled 'Survey of Diabetes, Hypertension and Chronic Disease Risk Factors,' it was established that the evidence was mounting that non-communicable diseases such as diabetes was a major cause of concern for Belize. It is for this reason that Belize joined the rest of the World on Wednesday, November 14th to World Diabetes Day (WDD), and the University College of Belize came to the forefront to hold an event to recognize that diabetes education and prevention are integral components of that fight.

Kontiki holds Family Day in Cayo
The Kontiki Neighbourhood Watch Committee held a successful Family Day on Sunday, November 11th. In addition to a greasy pole competition, there were a lot of food and sports activities. Different age groups participated in the fun activities, including seven to eight-year-old kids from the Kontiki Area. Games of five-a-side football and volleyball were also played as well. Kontiki is located within walking distance of San Ignacio Town. P

urple Movement recruits Members in Cayo
Members of the 'Purple Movement' paraded through the primary streets of San Ignacio and Santa Elena on Sunday, November 11th. They were joined by the Succotz Festival Drum Corp, which marched in unison beating their loud drums along the George Price Highway. The Purple Movement was inspired by the late Suzenne 'Purple' Martinez, the University College of Belize student, who was found dead near her home in San Ignacio Town, early last Month.

Mayor's Office ransacked in Benque Viejo
The grading of Church Street in Benque Viejo Town and other work was uninterrupted on Monday, November 12th, despite the fact that a few hours earlier, the Office of Mayor Miguel Velasquez had been thoroughly ransacked. According to the Mayor's assistant, Oscar Nabet, thieves went into the main administrator's building sometime this past Sunday night, going away with a Toshiba laptop, property of the Town Council. All the cabinets in the Mayor's office were searched, reports Nabet. The thief or thieves had also entered the accountant's room and gone with petty cash. The case is now under investigation by the authorities.

Collett Montejo is out
The last time we reported on the PUP aspirant for Cayo Central, Collet Montejo, he had written a bad check to a hotel in Punta Gorda. The check was so rubbery that it bounced right back to the hotel owner, who was unable to cash it as there was insufficient funds in it.

Corozal North has New Executive
On Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 the Corozal North Division held its meeting at the Corozal Town Hall to elect their new UDP executive committee.

Hon. John Saldivar teaches Julius Espat his Job!
The Area Representative for Belmopan, Hon. John Saldivar, as a member of the Public Accounts Committee, wishes to clarify certain misrepresentations made by the Chairman of that Committee regarding the manner in which meetings of the committee are to be conducted.

First UK Minister in Four Years visits Belize
UK Foreign Office Minister Hugo Swire will pay an official visit to Belize on Thursday and Friday 15 and 16 November. It is part of a regional tour including Panama and El Salvador, where he officially opened the new British Embassy. It will be the first visit by a UK Minister since Meg Munn in 2008.

Taking Lime and Making Lemonade
Prime Minister Barrow has a chance to go down in the books as the most effective Prime Minister in Belize's history. Yet, he is in danger of becoming the third most favorable public servant in his own home. That is because 7-year-old Salima Barrow leaped into the hearts of Belizeans when she opened a lemonade stand in an effort to raise money for children living with cancer.

Port of Belize is Number One Seed in Basketball Playoffs,
The Belize District Basketball Association Firms and U-23 competition regular seasons came to an end of Friday, November 9th, 2012, at Bird's Isle. In the first game played, BWSL defeated Belize Bank by the score of 39-33. The top scorers for BWSL were Calbert Yarde and Ashley Hemsley with 11 points each, while the top scorer for the Belize Bank was Dominique Guzman with 12 points.

St. John Vianney and Salvation Army remain perfect in Primary Schools Football
The Belize City Primary Schools Football Competition continued on Monday, November 12th, 2012, at the MCC Grounds with four games in the boys' competition.

Placencia Assassins stops the sliding in the PLB competition
As the regular season of the 2012 Premier League of Belize Football Competition, nears its conclusion, the defending national football champions Placencia Assassins recovered its winning format on Sunday, November 11th out at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village. The Placencia Assassins found itself in a must-win game situation against the home team, Paradise Freedom/Fighters and with a 5-1 victory, put a halt to the downward sliding that it was experiencing in the closing rounds of the competition.

St. Catherine Academy repeats as National Volleyball Champions
The National Secondary Schools Sports Association National Volleyball Championship for 2012-2013 was played on Friday and Saturday, November 9th and 10th, respectively in Belmopan. In the female championship game, the defending national champions and the championship favourite, St. Catherine Academy of the Central Region repeated as the national champions when it defeated Stann Creek Ecumenical College representing the Southern Region by the score of 25-9, 25-13 and 25-10 to retain its top billing for volleyball. In the third place game played, Muffles College representing the Northern Region defeated Belmopan Comprehensive School, representing the Western Region, by the score of 26-24, 25-21 and 25-14 to take the bronze medal. On Friday, November 9th, in the first game of the championship, St. Catherine Academy advanced to the championship round when it defeated Muffles College by the score of 25-11, 25-6 and 25-10. In the second game played, Stann Creek Ecumenical College defeated Belmopan Comprehensive School by the score of 23-25, 25-12, 25-18 and 25-18 to earn the right to face St. Catherine Academy in the championship game. We say congratulations to all the student-athletes and to St. Catherine Academy for capturing yet another National High School title.

San Pedro RC Belize Rural Zone 5 Football Champions
The Belize District Rural Zone 5 Primary Schools Football Competition was played out on San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye on Tuesday, November 13th, 2012. Four schools participated in the boys' competition and two schools in the girls' competition. In game one of the boys' competition, New Horizon SDA won over The Island Academy by the score of 4-1. The goals for New Horizon SDA were scored by Omar Ogaldez with three and Luis Mencias with one, while Darion Sanchez scored the only goal for Island Academy. In game two, San Pedro Roman Catholic blanked La Isla Bonita by the score of 5-0. The goals for the San Pedro RC team were scored by Erick Sorta with five, Marvin Hernandez, Jaylil Usher and Horace Cadle with one a piece. In the boys' consolation game or for third place game, it was La Isla Bonita winning over Island Academy by the score of 2-1. Iver Reyes scored both goals for La Isla Bonita, while Erick Rodriguez scored for Island Academy. In the championship game, San Pedro RC also blanked New Horizon SDA by the score of 4-0 to capture the Belize Rural Zone 5 title. The goals for San Pedro RC were scored by Heraldo Chaneck, Ian Pou, Melvin Trujillo and Erick Sorta. San Pedro Roman Catholic School boys will represent Zone 5 in the Belize District finals scheduled for later this month. In the girls' competition, in game one, San Pedro RC won over Island Academy by the score of 2-0. The goals for San Pedro RC were scored by Dayna Zetina and Princess Bradley. In game two, The Island Academy and San Pedro RC played to a 0-0 draw. The San Pedro RC girls' will represent Zone 5 at the district championship later this month.

Brothers Habet Table Tennis rolls on at Belize Elementary Auditorium
The 2012 Brothers Habet Team League Competition continued at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium on Sunday November 11 in both the 1st and 2nd Divisions.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Aurelio Martinez on Caye Caulker at The Lazy Lizard Bar and Grill


Aji opening day - redux
You know you've been in a place for awhile when you start repeating yourselves! Like this time last year, we enjoyed a fine opening day lunch at Aji, one of our neighborhood restaurants, but since we forgot our camera last year, this time we came prepared to snap some photos of the great setting and delicious food prepared by Chef Hugo. Unlike last year, when heavy rain forced us to eat at the bar, this time around we had a lovely table outside in the trees, with a beautiful beach-side view. Like last year, they offered a choice of appetizer, entree, and dessert for a very reasonable $25 BZ ($12.50 US) and drink specials as well. I rarely get to indulge in wine here because of the high prices, but at $10 BZ ($5 US) a glass, this Sauvignon Blanc was a welcome treat!

While I was walking Home
I am so excited to say that while I was walking home yesterday afternoon, 15 staff from Victoria House, The Phoenix Resort and South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch went for additional training at Victoria House this afternoon. They all got trained in using the Medtronic physio control lifepak defibrillator, Lifepak 500. Bandage International is encouraging all Businesses who join the medical safety program to invest in a defibrillator for their business and have their staff trained how to use it. How cool is that. Due to my extreme tech troubles I was trying to catch up on work and ended up calling a cab to get me to Banana Beach, on the way there my cab driver started talking about the big media session going on due to all the Mcaffee mania and all I could do was hope that it did not overtake the one I had planned. Thankfully Manuel Media for Reef tv and San Pedro Sun came and got 2 great interviews with John Grief, Tropic Air and Stacey Chesnick, The Phoenix Resort, they are both big advocates for commercial first aid and ongoing training.

McAfee? Give Up This Game. Here's A Bit of The Real San Pedro, Belize
The John McAfee situation is international headlines. It's just past 6am here in San Pedro and I've already watched stories on CNN and ABC's Good Morning America. Reporters from around the world seem to be descending on our town and thankfully most seem to be making one thing clear...the is NOT the norm in Belize. Belizeans are just as baffled as anyone else by McAfee's insane actions. Our Prime Minister Dean Barrow called McAfee's actions "bonkers". I could not agree more. Way to straight talk, Mr. Barrow. This is how I picture him hiding right now. San Pedro, Belize is a small, tightly knit community on the gorgeous barrier reef that completely relies on tourism. While McAfee was busy burying himself in the sand, making countless phone calls to any press that would listen to him, apparently watching "RawHide" with his girlfriend (see @joshuadavisnow on Twitter) and acting like a totally selfish prick and egomaniac, here is what I was seeing yesterday. McAfee? Give it up.

Chaa Creek Announced as One of Fodor's Finest Hotels
The Lodge at Chaa Creek 's recent recognition as one of the world's best 100 hotels by the authoritative Fodor's Travel guide is a win not only for the Belizean eco resort, but the tiny country's tourism industry as a whole, Chaa Creek owner Lucy Fleming said today. "We were very happy indeed to hear that Chaa Creek was selected as one of the world's 100 best hotels by such a highly regarded source as Fodor's," Ms Fleming said, "It's a win not only for us and our staff, but for Belizean tourism as a whole, which has been growing side by side Chaa Creek since Belize became an independent nation in 1981," she said. Fodor's Travel has been one of the world's leading sources for travel information since 1936, and currently covers over 7,500 destinations worldwide through its popular guidebooks, website and articles. The company recently released its second annual list of the world's top 100 hotels, culled from a list of over 4,000 nominations taking in 41 different countries. In acknowledging Chaa Creek, Fodor's said that, "Affordable luxury, sustainable practices, and the best� natural offerings come together at this 23-room, all-inclusive villa hotel spread over 365 riverside jungle acres in Belize's Cayo district (Guests share the vast property with monkeys, jaguars, and more than 300 bird species.)."

International Sources

McAfee in Belize: Major media houses arrive on Ambergris Caye
As the John McAfee story continues to make headlines, major media outlets have been spotted on the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize. CNN International Correspondent Martin Savidge arrived in San Pedro yesterday afternoon and met with the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Manuel Heredia, Jr., and San Pedro's Mayor, Daniel Guerrero. View slideshow: CNN on Ambergris Caye, Belize Savidge, working in conjunction with Belize Channel 5, set up the November 14 interviews to learn more about the murder of local resident Greg Faull, and the potential involvement of John McAfee. This Examiner, along with Dorian Nunez, owner and editor of the local Ambergris Today newspaper, were on hand for the interviews with CNN yesterday evening. Mayor Guerrero confirmed to Ambergris Today that McAfee is not an official suspect in the murder of Greg Faull at this time. "At this point I just update them with the official police reports and that is that Mr. McAfee is only wanted for questioning in the murder case at this point and that he is eluding the law right now; he is in hiding."

Maya Museum opens in Cancun
A $15 million museum has opened in Cancun, just in time for the end of the world. If some interpretations of the Mayan calendar are correct, the world will come to a screeching halt Dec. 21. So consider the debut of Cancun's Maya Museum not only a tribute to the ancient civilization that once occupied this part of Mexico and beyond, but a vote of confidence that the sun will rise on Dec. 22. Local tourism officials characterize the timing of the museum's opening as "an incredibly exciting season that marks the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new era". Six years in the making, the museum features 350 artifacts, some of which have never been publicly displayed. Exhibits include 14,000-year-old skeletal remains discovered in underwater caves at Tulum. The museum complex covers a 55,000-square-foot expanse in the resort's Hotel Zone next to the archaeological site of San Miguelito

Fugitive McAfee Asked Message Board Users How Long It Takes To Be Traced By Phone
Fugitive antivirus entrepreneur John McAfee posted on a web forum to ask how long it takes for a mobile phone company to triangulate a mobile phone signal. Mr McAfee, 67, who is wanted on murder charges, posted a message under his 'stuffmonger' alias on a private message board, according to tech site Gizmodo . He wrote: "How long does it take for a phone company to triangulate a cell phone signal? With what accuracy? Is there any way to confuse/delay the system? If a cell phone is turned off, but the battery is installed, is there any way to locate the phone? Are there any brands of phones are more/less difficult to triangulate?"

Local man speaks out about stepson's murder in Belize
When he visited Belize several weeks ago, Satellite Beach resident BillKeeneye said his longtime stepson, Greg Faull, never expressed any fear orconcern about his life. Authorities in Belize said Faull's body wasdiscovered Saturday, inside his home in Ambergris Cay by his housekeeper. The 52-year-old man had been murdered, according to police, who said he was lying face up in a pool of blood, with a single gunshot wound to theback of his head. "When we learned about his murder, it was like a lightning bolt out ofthe blue," said Keeneye of Greg's death. "It was an absolute surprise. The area where helived seemed absolutely safe." Keeneye said his wife, Greg's biological mother, is takingthe loss particularly hard. "It's just a terrible shock for her," Keeneye said with a sigh. "To thepoint she cannot really talk to friends, especially friends of Greg's, wherethere was a connection. It's just awful."

McAfee On The Run: Murder and Mayhem (But Few Taxes) In Belize - Forbes
"...You've probably used software pioneered by John McAfee in your lifetime. The 67 year-old tech guru founded McAfee, Inc., the self-described "world's largest dedicated security technology company."..."

Port of Call: Belize City
Chances are, the world won't end in December, and neither will the interest in the Maya's culture sparked by apocalyptic interpretations of their calendar, says Antonio Beardall, a research assistant at Belize's Institute of Archaeology. "People are fascinated by the Maya because of the mysteries that surround their culture - how they lived, their rituals, and, of course, their eventual decline," Beardall says. Belize boasts one of the greatest concentrations of excavated Maya sites of any Central American country, so cruise passengers who tender into Belize City have their pick of ruins to expore, as well as natural wonders and other historic sites. Howler monkeys will likely be among the first to greet you as you travel northwest along the New River to Lamanai, a Maya metropolis that thrived for centuries after its neighboring settlements mysteriously collapsed.

Best Golf Courses in Belize
Roaring Creek Golf Course is one of 2 golf courses in Belize. Located just off the George Price Highway near Belmopan, it's a beautiful course. "Once you check out this public course, you won't be disappointed. Take in the beautiful rolling grassy hills, endless Caribbean vistas, where the heady breath of coconuts and plumerias will not only fill the air but also your senses. Lodging is available as well as dining at an onsite restaurant. "

Different Countries have Different Footprints
If everyone lived like an average resident of the USA, a total of four Earths would be required to regenerate humanity's annual demand on nature.

Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can't Protect Us Anymore
You have a secret that can ruin your life. It's not a well-kept secret, either. Just a simple string of characters-maybe six of them if you're careless, 16 if you're cautious-that can reveal everything about you. Your email. Your bank account. Your address and credit card number. Photos of your kids or, worse, of yourself, naked. The precise location where you're sitting right now as you read these words. Since the dawn of the information age, we've bought into the idea that a password, so long as it's elaborate enough, is an adequate means of protecting all this precious data. But in 2012 that's a fallacy, a fantasy, an outdated sales pitch. And anyone who still mouths it is a sucker-or someone who takes you for one. No matter how complex, no matter how unique, your passwords can no longer protect you. Look around. Leaks and dumps-hackers breaking into computer systems and releasing lists of usernames and passwords on the open web-are now regular occurrences. The way we daisy-chain accounts, with our email address doubling as a universal username, creates a single point of failure that can be exploited with devastating results. Thanks to an explosion of personal information being stored in the cloud, tricking customer service agents into resetting passwords has never been easier. All a hacker has to do is use personal information that's publicly available on one service to gain entry into another.

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