The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), in collaboration with the ACP Fish II Regional Facilitation Unit (RFU) / ACP Fish II Programme, will be starting a new project Tuesday 20th November 2012 in the CRFM Secretariat office in Belize City, Belize.

A first meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th November 2012 in the CRFM Belize office. The project's team will then visit fisheries administrations in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in order to gather information to update the Communication Strategy for the CRFM and update the CRFM website.

The purpose of this project is to strengthen the capacity of CRFM and fisheries administrations of CARIFORUM States in fisheries information and knowledge sharing. It will provide focused support to the CRFM Secretariat and Member States to agree on document goals and targets for the IT component of its Communication Strategy and deliver technical assistance to upgrade and maintain a website whilst providing training to fisheries officers in an effort to maximise the use of the new found facility and tools. Thus, CRFM will contribute to the achievement of the management goals stated in the recently adopted Agreement establishing a Common Fisheries Policy. It will ensure a better fisheries management in the Caribbean Region.

The fisheries sector is important for the Caribbean Forum of ACP States (CARIFORUM) as it provides employment and contributes to food security and export earnings. The sector employs over 182,000 persons, directly and indirectly, mostly from rural villages, which lack other income earning opportunities. The fisheries sector earns over USD 250 million per year from exports and accounts for up to 8% of some member state's GDP. Fishing in the region complements tourism by providing alternative livelihood options such as tour guiding and fishing tournaments.

About CRFM

The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) was officially inaugurated on 27 March 2003, in Belize City, Belize, where it is headquartered, following the signing of the “Agreement Establishing the CRFM” on February 4, 2002. It is an inter-governmental organization with its mission being to “To promote and facilitate the responsible utilization of the region's fisheries and other aquatic resources for the economic and social benefits of the current and future population of the region”. The CRFM consist of three bodies – the Ministerial Council; the Caribbean Fisheries Forum; and the CRFM Secretariat.


AC Fish Programme

ACP FISH II is a demand driven Programme financed under the 9th European Development Fund aiming at strengthening fisheries management in ACP countries. The overall objective of the Programme is to contribute to the sustainable and equitable management of fisheries, thus leading to poverty alleviation and improving food security in ACP states. The specific objective of the Programme is to strengthen fisheries sectoral policy development and implementation in ACP countries

For further information on the ACP Fish II Programme, please visit: ACP Fish II Programme Regional Manager for the Caribbean Region: Sandra Grant ([email protected] / 011(501) 223 2974)

For More Information

Contact Mr Pablo Lopez-Herrerias at [email protected] or Mrs Justine Schmutz at [email protected]

This project is funded by the European Union The European Union is made up of 27 Member States who have decided to gradually link together their know-how, resources and destinies. Together, during a period of enlargement of 50 years, they have built a zone of stability, democracy and sustainable development whilst maintaining cultural diversity, tolerance and individual freedoms. The European Union is committed to sharing its achievements and its values with countries and peoples beyond its borders.