Former Orange Walk Mayor Admits Payment To Imer Hernandez

In last night's newscast we brought to you the story of the Orange Walk Town Council's neighborhood meeting held on San Antonio Road. Residents of the area brought up several concerns with two being the most predominant; the road condition of San Antonio Road and the noise and fumes of a block factory located on Smithsonian Road. The issue of the rehabilitation of San Antonio Road was the one that raised the most concern by both the Town Council and the neighborhood residents.

The Orange Walk Town Council presented residents with copies of listed work and voucher for payment to a contractor company owned by the nephew of the Deputy Prime Minister, Imer Hernandez. In the voucher paid out to Imer Hernandez, the previous administration paid him $50,000 for work to be commenced for the rehabilitation of San Antonio Road. The total value of the work to be done stood at $351,000 of which $50,000 was the first payment.

During Wednesday's meeting, many residents openly voiced their discontent with the payment of the $50,000 to Hernandez and yet no work has commenced on the street. In last night's meeting, former Mayor of Orange Walk Town Phillip de la Fuente confirmed to the present Council that indeed payment was made to Imer Hernandez and that the Council should demand it back.

Phillip de la Fuete - Fomer Mayor of OWTC, 2009-2012

"The previous administration had paid $50,000.00 towards the paving of the San Antonio Road to Yo Creek Road but

if those buy aren't doing anything about it maybe they could give back to the town council so some work could get done."

Mayor Kevin Bernard assured those in attendance and the former Mayor that the Orange Walk Town Council will do everything in their power to get the $50,000 back.