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Re: John McAfee Wanted for Murder [Re: SnoopysMom] #451516
11/19/12 11:50 PM
11/19/12 11:50 PM
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Originally Posted by SnoopysMom
Oh my - this is terrible news! Do you happen to know is he still has Fatty (?sp), the standard poodle?

I don't think McAfee would mind if you fed his dogs. You'd think that a decent guy would arrange to have his dogs taken care of....he has all the time in the world to would only take a minute to post a short statement on the blog asking for help to take care of his dogs......I'm sure he could afford it.

Re: John McAfee Wanted for Murder [Re: Spelican] #451519
11/20/12 08:04 AM
11/20/12 08:04 AM
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From a friend, when asked his opinion of this situation

"According to Vidal, McAfee was still a "person of interest," primarily because the authorities still can´t explain what he´s up to.

"The GSU makes no apologies for deeming a person in control of a laboratory, with no approval for manufacturing any substance, having gang connections and heavily armed security guards, as a person of interest" Vidal says. --

Makes perfect sense to me.

Some years back McAfee opened a line of communications with me through a friend at SP.

After a couple of phone calls with him I cam to the conclusion McAFee was "way-out-there" and stopped communicating -- hoping he would find other interests and forget all about mois -- he did!!

You all have no idea what your really dealing with here --


Any -- rest assured that according to Lan I am always wrong --

So here is what you all need be believing.

McAfee is a totally well adjusted individual and of great value to advancing Belize -- damned shame that the Gestapo here took a hard on against him -- and for no reason at all.

There -- you all happy happy now??

And further -- you should emulate McAfee and do "Bath-Salts" till your minds reach that (according to McAfee!!) perfect state of perpetual Happy-Happy -- mind you -- maybe with some extra paranoi thrown in.

To God -- your all so deserving!! (of McAfee and each other!!)

Soon all the so very well chosen will no longer be exceptionally showered with checks in the mail; and your useless eating status will suffer accordingly --

Since you see no need to prepare -- and hate actual productive labor -- non are planting to maintain family.

Obviously all such take John's side.

But as the "end" is not near at hand -- I side with Vidal and the rest at this time.

Who needs a pile of busted and broke useless eaters that refuse (do to their "religious" beliefs) to be productive cluttering up Belize.

Ergo -- good time to chase them all from Belize --

John is but the tip of a huge "Moderns" iceberg -- the most drugged out generation of humans - -ever!!

Useless fat assed eaters -- social parasites -- and totally disruptive to any tribe of man still concerned with real time survival!!

And how the wanna BEE BZer elitists have emulated that style -- our other "problem" now!!

That McAfee has a totally drug addled mind is of no question.

He runs from something that has no proof against him -- hey -- this is BZ -- where getting away with murder in front of witness is a given for those so Chosen!!

All he is scared off is his paranoia induced illusions -- and maybe -- GUILT for taking a life in a fit of drug induced passion!!

Your type of guy -- not mine!!

Whatever -- I will continue to avoid that circle of life totally and completely!!

Fugitive tycoon John McAfee says he 'dressed like a tramp' to outfox police
Fugitive tycoon John McAfee has told how he dressed like a tramp to outfox police. In a series of blogs, McAfee said his disguise was so convincing officers ordered him off his own property.

‘I stuffed a shaved-down tampon deep into my right nostril – giving my nose an awkward, disgusting appearance,’ said the 67-year-old – wanted for questioning in Belize over the murder of his neighbour.

Another role he said he adopted was that of a ‘drunk German tourist’.

British-born McAfee, who made millions from antivirus software, denies any involvement in the murder of Gregory Faull, 52.

The US businessman was found shot dead in San Pedro on November 11.

Mr McAfee claims to be conducting his own murder investigation while he is on the run from police.

Belize prime minister Dean Barrow has described Mr McAfee as ‘bonkers’..

McAfee defends himself in runaway blog post
Murder suspect and alleged fugitive John McAfee has taken time out from his busy run from the police to set up a blog.

The security software pioneer who is hiding from Belize police after a man he had a row with, Gregory Faull, ended up with a bullet in his head, has offered a $25k reward for capture of the real killer.

Dubbed "The Hinterland, the official blog of John McAfee" the blog appeared has McAfee writing off a couple of reporters from Gizmodo and Wired who he claims appear to be out to get him.

One, he claims, is seeking revenge over incriminating photos McAfee believes the reporter thinks McAfee sent to the writer's wife. Wired on the other hand was more interested in showing him as a gun toting lunatic.

McAfee wrote that he is on run with a 20-year-old female named Sam. He said that a handful of friends and associates have been rounded up by police over the past week or so.

The posts are full of stories such as him returning to his home in disguise to find police digging up his dead dogs and cutting off their heads.

Another post urges readers to look closely at Belize's prime minister's Gang Suppression Unit that McAfee says has been used to go after the prime minister's critics and enemies.

McAfee says the government was wrongfully going after him for illegal drug production and possession of firearms.

He said that he had pre-written enough material to keep his blog alive for at least a year.

Bizarre McAfee ‘on the run’ blog taken offline

Anti-virus firm founder John McAfee, who has been evading police on the island of Belize for the past week, has set up a blog so followers can keep abreast of his adventures, - although at the time of writing it appears to have been taken offline.

In it McAfee claims to have enough material to keep going for ‘at least a year’ whilst also keeping the media abreast of his progress, notably through a stint on CNBC.

McAfee is wanted for questioning over the murder of his neighbour, Gregory Faull, who was shot dead on 11 November but rather than face justice he has apparently taken to the jungle through a number of disguises, claiming police harassment.

The bizarre blog makes a number of wild claims, amongst them that McAfee returned to his San Pedro residence during a police search of his property, donning a peasant hawker disguise and pretending to be a drunk German tourist.

In the post, dated, 19 November McAfee goes into some detail about his disguise, writing: "I stuffed a shaved down tampon deep into my right nostril and died the tip dark brown – giving my nose an awkward, lopsided, disgusting appearance.

Describing his experience as a drunk German tourist in swimming trunks, oversized Hawaiian shirt and a bandaged face, "yelling loudly at anyone who would listen, 'Leck mich um ausch!'", McAfee wrote: "At 67 years of age it was quite a spectacle."

Belize prime minister Dean Barrow has said he believes McAfee to be ‘bonkers’.

Calling BS on McAfee's 'pre-written' blog posts
The rest of the hard-to-believe story might turn out to be true, but … Previous Article Calling BS on McAfee's 'pre-written' blog posts The rest of the hard-to-believe story might turn out to be true, but …

There is so much about the John McAfee soap opera that is unbelievable that it might seem pointless to highlight a single slice of malarkey, yet allow me to flag what I consider to be the fishiest tidbit in a tale that just reeks of low tide. Here's a blog post, allegedly written by McAfee, about what is purported to be his new blog chronicling his run from the authorities in Belize; it's headlined "If I am captured:"

If I am captured, this blog will continue. I have pre-written enough material to keep this blog alive for at least a year. In addition, the administrator, Chad, will continue to monitor comments. He will administer the reward and post any information received. In truth my continued involvement from this point is irrelevant.

In the event that I am captured, please continue to support this cause. It is a just cause and it needs International attention.

The "just cause" McAfee apparently alludes to is protecting his sorry hide from what he claims are corrupt and, he says, potentially murderous Belizean law enforcement agents looking to question - he says torture -- him about the murder of his neighbor. However, there is another cause self-evident here and it involves Chad Essley, administrator of McAfee's new blog, which is called "The Hinterlands."

Here's the blog's masthead:

Underneath it reads: " 'The Hinterlands' is also the title of an upcoming graphic novel by (the cartoonist) Chad Essley. 'The true story of my unusual friendship with the anti-virus king.' Available soon. "

Get out of town: You mean McAfee's brand-new blog called The Hinterlands - which is already pre-stocked with more than a year's worth of John McAfee's personally written blog posts, just in case he's captured - shares the same name with an "upcoming graphic novel" that will be "available soon" and is written by McAfee's friend who is not on the lam from the Belizean police?

The name thing I can accept. I mean who has time to think up an entirely new name for a blog when you're on the lam from the Belizean police and busy granting interviews to a seemingly endless string of reporters. I can hear McAfee conceding to Essley, just before donning a new disguise and dodging yet another posse, "Fine, we'll use the same name on the blog."

But a year's worth of pre-written blog posts? Check that; MORE than a year's worth?


Oh, and if you have any doubts about how avidly the press is lapping up every one of McAfee's words, whether on his/Essley's blog, via email or over the phone, here is an interview Dateline NBC correspondent Keith Morrison gave to Tamara Sniffen, editor of the San Pedro Sun (press-on-press interviews being a classic indicator).

Fugitive tycoon John McAfee says he 'dressed like a tramp' to outfox police
Fugitive tycoon John McAfee has told how he dressed like a tramp to outfox police. In a series of blogs, McAfee said his disguise was so convincing officers ordered him off his own property.

‘I stuffed a shaved-down tampon deep into my right nostril – giving my nose an awkward, disgusting appearance,’ said the 67-year-old – wanted for questioning in Belize over the murder of his neighbour.

Another role he said he adopted was that of a ‘drunk German tourist’.

British-born McAfee, who made millions from antivirus software, denies any involvement in the murder of Gregory Faull, 52.

The US businessman was found shot dead in San Pedro on November 11.

Mr McAfee claims to be conducting his own murder investigation while he is on the run from police.

Belize prime minister Dean Barrow has described Mr McAfee as ‘bonkers’..

Can McAfee Secure Its Brand From Damage by Namesake Founder?
Four dogs owned by American visionary John McAfee, the founder of the namesake anti-virus company of the same name, were found poisoned to death near his home in Belize more than a week ago. McAfee’s neighbor, US citizen Gregory Faull, was found dead in his home soon after, a bullet wound in his head.

McAfee was suspected, though he claims he didn’t do it. So what does he do to help prove his innocence? The 67-year-old eccentric, who resigned from McAfee back in 1994, decided to put on some disguises and go hiding along with his 20-year-old girlfriend Samantha — who has “helped (him) evade detection by grabbing (him) and kissing (him), in public, in a fashion that causes passerby's to feel embarrassment at the thought of staring and by creating emotional scenes that cause the curious to momentarily forget what they were looking for.”

How do we know such intimate details from a man who is supposedly keeping himself out of sight? Well, McAfee is blogging the whole Hollywood-esque caper,, so he could shre his thoughts about the search for him, whatever facts he can dig up in his own investigation into the murder, and his anger toward the police, the media, the Belizean government, and pretty much everybody else except Samantha and his old pal Chad Essley, the director of Portland, Ore.-based Cartoon Monkey and the man who is created the blog that McAfee is posting to, according to CBS News. It's also a huge PR nightmare for his former company.

McAfee seems to be doing his best impression of the Man with 1,000 Faces, Lon Chaney, while he's on the lam: “The first day I colored my full beard and my hair light grey — almost white,” he wrote. “I darkened the skin of my face, neck and hands carefully with shoe polish and put on an LA Saints baseball cap with the brim facing backwards and tufts of the front of my hair sticking out unkempt through the band. I stuffed my cheeks with chewed bubble gum stuck to the outside of my upper and lower molars – making my face appear much fatter. I darkened and browned my front teeth. I stuffed a shaved down tampon deep into my right nostril and died the tip dark brown – giving my nose an awkward, lopsided, disgusting appearance.”

The "Boy's Own Adventure" that is the life of McAfee these days is taking on a Hollywood twist as he pushes his acting skills and Matt Damon, no doubt, is looking to option the script. The serape-wearing McAfee spent that day drifting up and down the beach near his home with a “pronounced limp” while selling “Guatemalan woven goods,” “pushing an old single speed bicycle,” and speaking “broken English with a heavy Spanish accent.” What better way to keep an eye on the actions of journalists and the police? Another day he sold tamales and burritos. On another, he pretended to be “a drunk German tourist with a partially bandaged face and wearing Speedo swimming trunks and a distasteful, oversized Hawaiian shirt and yelling loudly at anyone who would listen – ‘Leck mich um ausch!’”

If the public's cringing, so is McAfee's namesake brand, which is steadfastly ignoring the whole affair.

So far, McAfee’s getups seem to be working, though, but it surely isn’t bringing pleasure to his old company, which now has to have its name tied up in an international murder case. They also surely weren’t excited to see McAfee’s post that even if he is caught, he’s prewritten a year’s worth of material for the blog that will appear — as long as Chad keeps up his end of the bargain and keeps posting.

Re: John McAfee Wanted for Murder [Re: Spelican] #451522
11/20/12 08:21 AM
11/20/12 08:21 AM
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Caye Caulker, Belize
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Having visited Belize for years, and lived here permanently for 7, I find John's blog about life for the locals in Belize right on the mark.
The story of these "young women" is hardly unique, the whole country is rife with these local watering holes.
These girls seek out humanity wherever they can after being abused in this manner.
They simply long for security and tranquility, something everyone strives for.
This is not unique to Belize, but rather standard operational procedure in virtually all Latin countries and many other 3rd world nations.
San Pedro is an "enclave" of relatively wealthy expats and businessmen.
These "Ivory Tower" residents can live a life apart from all this, pretend this doesn't happen in their little "Paradise".
Apparently most of them do, the fact that they are in denial is obvious by their posts.
They need to get down in the mud, have a good look before they rush to judgement.
Classic "Perfect World Syndrome".

Re: John McAfee Wanted for Murder [Re: Spelican] #451543
11/20/12 11:27 AM
11/20/12 11:27 AM
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San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye...
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I watched an interesting and revealing expose on human trafficking in the US the other day. There will always be people out there ready and willing to prey upon and take advantage of those that are not as well off as themselves. In every country and every society there are outcasts, neglected, abused and impoverished people just ripe for exploitation. Indeed Belize has its fair share of these sad cases. And I don't have to roll down in the muck to see this. But I also don't need to choose to spend my time in places where this situation is common place. Slumming is slumming anywhere you go - and it really just doesn't fit into my daily routine - that doesn't mean I live in an Ivory tower, it means I am fortunate enough to not have to have these events be a part of my every day existence. I spend much of my volunteer time trying to improve situations for impoverished people - and my efforts are every bit as valuable as efforts made by others that might choose to take a hands on approach.

Re: John McAfee Wanted for Murder [Re: Spelican] #451545
11/20/12 11:59 AM
11/20/12 11:59 AM
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KathyA  Offline
Very well said, Amanda. Society will always have an "other" because it makes it easier to justify treating them inequitably and/or do harm to them. There was a really thought-provoking segment regarding the phenomenon of the "other" on 60 Minutes this past Sunday night which premised that establishing an underdog is a critical part of the natural selection process to which we are genetically programmed for.

Last edited by KathyA; 11/20/12 12:01 PM.
Re: John McAfee Wanted for Murder [Re: Spelican] #451556
11/20/12 06:21 PM
11/20/12 06:21 PM
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I will say I read his blog and found it rather interesting and entertaining. Could be a generating publicity for the comic book stunt or not. He does accurately describe living circumstances for the majority of the population of Belize. Expats and politicians aside, the situation is very very bleak for the rest of the population. It is nice to get a first hand account of the other side of the story. He is giving voice to and raising awareness for the common person's plight. We might ALL owe Mr. McAfee a huge apology.

I'll take my comments "off the air" now. Thanks.

Words have power. Speak it into existence.
Re: John McAfee Wanted for Murder [Re: Spelican] #451558
11/20/12 07:11 PM
11/20/12 07:11 PM
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ScubaLdy  Offline
I too read his blog and found it very interesting and not as irrational as everything makes him out to be.
I am confused on one point though. He speaks of his girlfriend Ami being with him in Orange Walk when his compound was raided. Then he says that Samantha "Sam" has been with him for a year and a half. I found Sam’s story interesting and probably factual. I had heard that Ami had been the girlfriend of the gang member who was shot by police while being taken to jail.
This island is the Payton Place of the Caribbean so none of this seems unreasonable.
For all those who fret about this affecting tourism; yes I think so but not in a negative way. When I started coming here in ’98 no one I knew had ever heard of Belize. Then that silly TV thing that took place a Capt. Morgan’s hit the air and people saw the landscapes. My co-workers couldn’t wait for me to arrive the morning after the first show. “THAT’S WHERE YOU GO?” They all asked. I’d be willing to bet our number of first time visitors goes up.
I am honestly more concerned about the names of the bad cops not being released. I heard the one who stole the guy’s shoes has been given a one month suspension. SO WHAT? We still do not know who he is and I’ll bet he already has a side job without the employer knowing about this incident.

Take only pictures leave only bubbles
Re: John McAfee Wanted for Murder [Re: Spelican] #451562
11/20/12 08:08 PM
11/20/12 08:08 PM
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Wow. If you visit McAfee's blog (whoismcafee,com), you can click on a link and hear an actual recording of a Belize-government-connected individual talking about how they would like to shoot him. McAfee also claims to have over 6000 hours of secretly-recorded audio which incriminates others in a conspiracy to have him killed. This story keeps getting juicier. His paranoia may be justified after all. What would we know without the internet lol? It's kind of funny that the technology which he helped build is now his biggest defender.

Re: John McAfee Wanted for Murder [Re: MacGyver] #451563
11/20/12 08:13 PM
11/20/12 08:13 PM
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Jette Offline
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can you sset up the link?

Re: John McAfee Wanted for Murder [Re: Spelican] #451564
11/20/12 08:14 PM
11/20/12 08:14 PM
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You might be seeing this story on the big screen at the Paradise Theater in a year or two.

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