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The San Pedro Sun

Investment Opportunity - BEL Opens $25 million Series 5 Debenture Offer
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) has opened its $25 million Series 5 Debenture Offer, which will earn a highly competitive interest rate of 7 per cent for twelve years, through to 2024. The cost of each debenture is $100 and subscriptions must be for a minimum of one debenture. With the proceeds from this debenture offer, the Company will in whole or in part refinance its $16.9 million Series 1 Debentures currently bearing interest at 12 per cent and maturing on December 31, 2012 as well as help fund the Company's medium term needs. The Series 5 Debenture Offer will close on December 17, 2012. A copy of the prospectus is available on the Company's website at and hard copies will be made available at the Company's Corporate Headquarters and Collection Agents within the next week. Interested persons may contact the Company at 227-0954 or email [email protected].

BBQ fundraiser for Edson Witty Today
SAN PEDRO LIONS NEWS: Tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 21 there is a BBQ fundraiser for Edson Witty - this boy is in need of dialysis for his kidney failure - we are asking ALL Lions to try to support this BBQ and to spread the word to family and friends. The Lions Bar will be open at 10:00. Saturday, Nov 24 is the Lions monthly Sale-a-thon - it is not too late to reserve a table - Please contact Mel Spain or Jan if you would like a table, cost is $25.00 for 2 tables. Please come down and check out the treasures from 8-2!!!!

Ambergris Today

Garifuna Settlement Day Celebrations in San Pedro
The Garinagu community of San Pedro was nothing shy of showing off their rich culture, especially when it came to the drumming and dancing. Activities surrounding the day of celebration started as early as last week Tuesday with awareness activities like guest spots on the Good Morning San Pedro Morning Show, cultural and food exhibits at Central Park, visits to the primary school and Jankunu street dancing around town. The major social event was held at Central Park on the eve of Garifuna Settlement Day where, along with the help of the San Pedro House of Culture, the Garinagu held celebratory drumming and dancing performances that lead to the traditional Yurumei which is the reenactment of the Garinagu's arrival to Belize at 5:30a.m. on Monday, November 19, 2012.

Belize Tourism Board Launches Belize Dive Map
On Friday, November 16, 2012, the official launching of the Village Community Dive Map and Boat Handing over Ceremony took place at the San Pedro Holiday Hotel. Delivering the Welcome Address was Mr. Kevin Gonzalez, Director of Destination Planning, followed by Keynote Speaker; Hon. Minister Manuel Heredia Jr. Speaking on behalf of the Fisheries Department was Mr. Henry Brown who also received the keys to the new boat from Minister Heredia and the Belize Tourism Board. The map is intended to provide visitors with a complete guide to the different diving locations in Belize. In order to guarantee the best diving experience, guests having possession of a comprehensive dive guide to the different locations will be able to request a site that is of interest to them. The Belize Tourism Board hopes that the map will also help in protecting Belize's Barrier Reef by maximizing the use of designated dive sites and deter from diving in sensitive and protected areas of the reef, which is a part of BTB's sustainable tourism action plan. The Village Community Dive Map also highlights the different villages across the country - an initiative that stems from the Village Outreach Project, which helps promote the rural areas and bring in tourism activity into the villages, especially for those that are along the coast, who often times offer diving as a tourism activity in the village.

McDonald's Canada to Recruit Workers in Belize
Canada has looked to places like the U.S. and Ireland to fill jobs in the energy, mining, and agriculture sectors-booming, at least until recently, because of strong demand from China and other emerging economies. Now, there's another place Canadian executives are targeting: Belize. Actyle Group, a Saskatchewan-based recruitment firm, is seeking to attract over 100 English-speaking "young adults" with skills in the hospitality industry to join McDonald's Canada, the affiliate of U.S.-based fast-food restaurant operator McDonald's Corp. The jobs could "lead to eventual (Canadian) citizenship and workforce advancement," Actyl said in a release. And for successful candidates, McDonald's Canada will also help with relocation and flight expenses, the recruitment firm said.

La Cabeza Del Cochino
It's a pretty long name for a dance- El Baile de la Cabeza del Cochino. The hog head dance was a big thing in the village in the 1930's. This consisted of an entire hog head being cooked. Then it was decorated with all kinds of goodies like candies, chocolates, and miniature flags. There was a designated person who would dance around with the hog head from house to house along the streets and the people would gather to applaud, sort of like we do for carnival. At the end of the dancing, the folks would all gather to enjoy the goodies including what meat there was on the hog head. This merry-making dance was very typical especially for the Dia de San Pedro celebrations. It was a social and cultural event that woke up the lackadaisical and laid back village of San Pedro of the past, so we say kudos to those involved in its revival.

El Divino Inaugurates Sports Bar
El Divino Restaurant, located at Banana Beach Resort, inaugurated its new Sports Bar over the weekend on Saturday, November 17, 2012. There was Happy Hour specials on drinks and free BBQ samples. The Sports Bar is an extention to El Divino's bar/lounge and offers a great environment to watch sporting events in a comfortable lounge area surrounded by large flat screen televisions. Ambergris Today was there and had a great time along with friends who enjoyed the comfort and service at the sports bar.

Madisco Holds Tasting and Product Presentation in San Pedro
To showcase the line of products and get businesses in San Pedro acquainted with their services, MADISO and the Beverage Division of Karl H. Menzies of Belize City, held a food sampling and wine tasting event that was held at the Villas at Banyan Bay on Thursday, November 15, 2012. Invited guests who attended the presentation had the opportunity to sample the different types of products which Madisco are service agents for. These product lines included everything from sauces, vinegars, pickles, cheese, pastas, coffee, a large variety of wine from the Beverage Division of Karl H. Menzies and much more. MADISCO and Karl H. Menzies periodically holds these types of events in San Pedro so as to showcase the products they carry and also to extend great discounts to their customers on the island that include hotels, restaurants, bars and a few tourism geared businesses. There were plenty of wine and product basket give-aways during the even and everybody present seemed to be impressed with the products that were showcased. Anyone wishing to purchase any of these products for his store or restaurant can do so by contacting any MADISCO branch. MADISCO's office in San Pedro Branch is located on Coconut Drive in the Island Galleria building across the R.C. School; email: [email protected]

Misc Belizean Sources

Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase
Starting tomorrow morning, and going through next Friday, the George Price Centre will be hosting the TCFS. They'll be showing a few movies every day, and 27 in total. "The Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase (TCFS) is an annual film festival representing filmmakers from the Caribbean, Africa and its Diasporas. TCFS is produced by the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase Office, a division of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC). The films cover a wide variety of subjects for people of all ages."

ATM Makes Top 10 Eeriest Places on Earth
Actun Tunichil Muknal makes another top 10 list, this time it's on the 'eeriest' list. They get the translation wrong - cave of the stone sepulchre - but it still sounds good. "The Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre is found in Belize and houses the skeletal remains and archeological artefacts of the Maya. The most fascinating resident is the Crystal Maiden - a young girl who was the victim of human sacrifice calcified bones glitter like crystal making her all the more spooky than your average skeleton."

Cave Tubing in Caves Branch
Caves Branch Adventure Company has some great pictures from their excursion through 7 miles of the underground. When was the last time you went cave tubing? "You will enter and exciting world of rivers that disappears into the underworld as you float in the darkness where only your headlamp and those of your fellow adventurers will light the way. It sounds scary but it is not! It is exciting and fun - lots of screaming and echoes too! Whenever you look around you will realize that you are swirling around stalagmites jutting from the river and stalactites looming from above. There are also underground waterfalls and a crystal cathedral. This is a spiritual center to the ancient Maya."

DYS Conflict Resolution Session
Youth Week was the first week of November, but the Department of Youth Services works with youths daily, even weekends. The DYS was at Sacred Heart College on Saturday doing a Conflict Resolution Session. They'll be finishing up their basketball competition this Friday the 23rd. "This session was conducted on November 17, 2012 at the library in Sacred Heart College with the Peer Helpers"

Kurse a di Xtabai DVD's in Cayo
Make-Belize Flims has Kurse a di Xtabai DVD's in Cayo! They are professionally done, and come in a real case. Collect the movie that was filmed solely in Cayo, features a Cayo cast, and is filmed entirely in Kriol. Four different caves, including ATM and the Offering cave, were used as sets in the movie. You'll also see SHJC and San Antonio. Get your copy today. You can find them for $15 at Dave the fish man, right next to Codd's Pharmacy.

Belizean Fry Fish
While growing up in Belize, seems like all we ate was fish. This is just one of the ways that we season and cook the fish. Our Fried Fish does not use any batter, just wonderful spicy seasoning and cooking oil. This fish is crispy and spicy and delicious when served with Belizean Jonnycakes.

Channel 7

Pomona Peacemaker Killed
Over the long weekend, there were 2 murders: one in Belize City and one in the Stann Creek District, near the heart of the Garifuna Settlement Day Celebrations. We start by reporting on the stabbing death of 26 year-old Karim Peters in the quiet village of Pomona. By all indications to 7News, his assailant attacked him in retaliation because he was trying to part a fight. It's an all-too-familiar-situation where alcohol got mixed in with heightened emotions, which resulted in a tragedy. We found out more when we went down South yesterday: Daniel Ortiz reporting Yesterday, residents of the quiet village of Pomona were shocked by the sudden loss of 26 year-old Karim "Bo" Peters, a well liked individual and community activist. When 7 News caught up with the family of Peters yesterday, they were raw with grief, on a day that should have been a time of celebration became a time of mourning. It is believed that his relative stabbed him to death in retaliation for preventing a fight. The blood spot on the ground is a reminder to family that he was fatally stabbed near the assailant's home.

Another City Murder In Port Loyola
There was also a killing in Belize City on Saturday night. One man was murdered in the Port Loyola Area - and his friend was shot. Monica Bodden found out more about this murder - the first in the city after a nine day break in homicides:.. Monica Bodden reporting 32 year old Kevin Gentle was gunned down just before seven on Saturday night. It happened on Curl Thompson Street - inside the yard of his neighbor Arden Robinson. Raphael Martinez - Police Press Officer "Initial investigations revealed that Gentle was socializing along with Arden Alex Robinson at Robinson's yard when an unknown male person arrive and fired several shots at both persons causing the fatal injuries to Gentle and injuring Robinson. Both men were transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where Kevin Gentle was pronounced dead at 7:15pm and Robinson admitted in a stable condition." "Police have since retrieve one slug and a grey warm cap from the scene and are looking for a Belize City man for questioning."

Fire At Public Housing Apartment Leaves 27 Homeless
Twenty-seven persons - including 21 children - are homeless after fire burned down public housing apartments - commonly known as long barracks - early this morning. The fire started around 2:00 am and Monica Bodden tried to find out why:.. Monica Bodden reporting This morning's fire started from the front portion of the apartment building and quickly spread throughout the entire long barracks. It started from the apartment belonging to Alice Guzman - who told fire officials that she was awakened by smoke coming from her apartment - She quickly alerted the other 3 families living in the same long barracks. The 27 residents of the 4 room apartment managed to escape unhurt but saved nothing. Crinnia Stevens - Homeless "This morning I got up like around minutes to 2 with smoke in the house choking me. I wake up my daughter and got my two boys from the other room and then I came outside. I forgot the key for the gate inside the house, I went inside the house to get the key and my phone, by that time the entire house was under smoke." Reporter "Was it from your side of the house or from the other side?" Crinnia Stevens - Homeless "From the neighbor, from this last apartment - it looks like it started up in the ceiling - like electrical. Everything just blaze up, everything burned up, my children and I don't have anything."

Small Fire In City Easily Contained
And while those families are homeless, another family has been devastated by a fire which destroyed their home on Central American Boulevard at around 11 o'clock today. The fire, which spread from the house at the front, caught on to the house at the back, but fortunately, the officials were able to get it under control before it destroyed that second house completely. 7News arrived on the scene shortly after, and we spoke to the home owner off-camera. Here's what she told us about her experience in which she hurt herself while trying to escape the flames which have now left her homeless: Daniel Ortiz "Tell us a little bit about what you know of the actual thing, were you inside?" Fire Victim "Yes sir I am inside and I was lying down in my room and when I got up and I came outside then I saw the fire. I threw water on the fire that I had upstairs then afterwards they came to help me. They took out the little girl that I was babysitting and then then told me to jump but I didn't want to jump. When I jump my foot got hook up on the house and then someone hold me so as to not fall." Daniel Ortiz "So you are in pain right now?" Fire Victim "My foot is hurting me right now." Daniel Ortiz "Do you know where the fire actually started?" Fire Victim "No sir." Daniel Ortiz "Did it start from your house and spread to the yellow house?"

A Burning Bus On the Road
And there is a third fire to report on which happened yesterday. Just before 3 p.m., one of the buses belonging to the Shaw Bus Service caught on fire and was completely destroyed between miles 18 - 19 on the Western Highway. After they got the situation under control, our news team caught up with the bus driver and conductor. We asked them if they could explain what caused the bus to spontaneously catch on fire. Nicholas Flores, Bus Driver "About 2:45 we arrive at this point. We were travelling from Benque Viejo to Belize City and when we stop to pick up a passenger at that bus stop the bus just shut down and as soon as it shut down you start to see smoke - think smoke. Shortly after we see like a blaze of fire from underneath. What we did with the assistance of the conductor we tried to out it; we used all the water we had onboard, we used the fire extinguisher but unsuccessful. What we did was get off all the passengers from the bus safely, nobody got hurt." Daniel Ortiz "Sir, did you guys manage to find out what caused the fire? Do you have idea? you know that it will have to be investigated by the fire department but do did you guys know where the source of that fire may have been?"

Man Used A .45 Pistol In A Public Park In 'Griga
Earlier we told you about a murder in Pomona Village, outside of Dangriga. Well, yesterday evening in Dangriga town there was some very dangerous gunplay in a public place. It involved a 45 caliber pistol, a battle for control of the weapon and indiscriminate firing in a park. The police press officer told us more:.. Raphael Martinez - Police Press Officer "At approximately 5:30pm Dangriga police responds to shots being fired at the BTL Park in front of Dangriga Town Council where upon arrival two male persons were seen engaging in a struggle for a black pistol. as a result police shot one of the persons namely Derick Corrisica, 22 years old of #2 New Site area, Dangriga. He was shot in the upper leg." "The other male person Eugene Thompson, a Belizean artist of Benguche area, Dangriga reported that while socializing at the park he was approach by Corrisica who pulled what appeared to be a 9mm pistol from his pants and pointed it at him firing a single shot in his direction but missed. Thompson then grab holds of the gun and during their approximate 10 minutes struggle allegedly 2 more shots were fired but missed. The park was occupied by other people socializing and one Rosalie Simon, a house wife of Dangriga Town was shot in the upper center of her back. She was treated and release from the hospital."

More McAfee Madness
John McAfee, the primary person of interest in the investigation of Gregory Faull's murder is still at large. The 67 year old McAfee is making much of all the international headlines he's getting as he becomes the world most well-known man on the run. Today, Belize police told us that they have even exhumed his dogs to gather investigative information:.. Raphael Martinez - Police Press Officer "He is still at large and he is still wanted for questioning and once again we appeal to the general public and his friends to come forward and encourage him to come in so that we could put this case to rest or answer some questions regarding the murder of Mr. Faull." Jules Vasquez reporting Mcafee's dogs - two of them seen here in this picture from WIRED Magazine are still at the center of the investigation. Police exhumed his dogs - which were buried - after he supposedly shot them because - he claims - they had been poisoned: Raphael Martinez - Police Press Officer "The dogs were exhumed and the slugs were taken out in deed and basically it's just to match the slug that was found in Mr. Faull to ascertain. We have not gotten back that information." And while police wait for results in that - McAfee has opened a blog where this island resident who is often a stranger to the truth - claims he watched in blackface disguise as police searched his house.

Pump Price Of Fuel Tumbles
The price of fuel went down at midnight on Monday. The price per gallon of both premium and regular fuel fell by 49 cents each, while Diesel fell by 50 cents. So, premium is now 11 dollars and eighteen cents per gallon and regular is now 10 dollars and seventy-eight cents per gallon - the first time it has been under the eleven dollar mark in a while. It's even cheaper than diesel which is 10 dollars and eighty cents per gallon. The fall in pump prices is reflective of falling world prices. Of note is that the premium and regular fuel currently being imported from Venezuela has a higher octane rating than the fuel that was previously imported by PUMA or Esso.

Jerome's Reef Ride 2012
Jerome Flores is well known in the news because of the rides he has made across Belize to raise awareness for persons living with disabilities. The herculean effort is impressive enough, but what makes it even more so is that Flores, who is paralyzed from the waist down, rides on his homemade recumbent trike. He handed over his old trike to Shaphan Domingo and this year for the Reef Ride, Jerome got a professional Invacare trike. And he needed it�the two day Reef Ride left Dangriga on Sunday November 18th headed for Independence. On day two, Jerome and Shaphan were accompanied from Independence to Punta Gorda by Cyclist John Olivera. With that completed, Jerome has now completed the last leg of the challenge he started back in 2009, which was to ride a hand-powered trike across Belize.

Settlement Day In Hopkins And Dangriga
Right now, many citizens around the country are probably recovering from the major partying which took place down south, which started from as early as Friday night. 7News travelled to the Village of Hopkins to observe first-hand what the festivities are like. Daniel Ortiz found out more yesterday: Daniel Ortiz reporting Our plan to immerse ourselves in the Garifuna Settlement Day Celebrations started in the historic village of Hopkins. The usual flow of the celebrations is such that the reenactment is usually scheduled for 6 a.m. Whether is due to paranda artist Aurelio Martinez's concert, or some other unforeseen event, the re-enactment didn't start until 2 1/2 hours past its scheduled time. But tardiness aside, the yurumei was as symbolic as it should be. The Garinagu's first few times attempts to convince the Governor to grant asylum would fail. But their persistence not only granted them a new home free from war and slavery, but also a permanent status in the Belizean culture.

But What About The Elders?
And so, while Garifuna Settlement Day was observed with all the grandeur it deserved, we came across one Garifuna Elder who was upset with one aspect of the day's celebrations. Bert Ramos says there were no fitting accommodations Garifuna elders who may have wanted to enjoy the official opening ceremonies at the Alejo Beni Park. Here's Ramos's complaint: Bert Ramos, Concerned Observer "Right now I don't feel happy because most of the people that came from foreign and all over this country, all over the world to come out here on the 19th November - is standing up in sun hot. Not even a shade or shelter nobody put out here to cover these people. It is really unfair in my eyes. Thomas Vincent Ramos was man with vision and you are representing Thomas Vincent Ramos then you suppose to have vision. You can't come out here on 19th November - 10th September; you saw the amount of sheds that these people got? On 21st, did you see the amount of sheds these people got?" To be fair, we must mention that we did also experience the intense heat, so we can only imagine what the elderly members of the Garifuna community had to deal with while trying to listen to the ceremonies.

Channel 5

5 families homeless after Lake I fire
At least twenty-one persons have been left without a roof over their heads in two fires that erupted in a span of twelve hours in Belize City. The first inferno that started just before two this morning swept through an apartment building in Lake Independence. Five families, including fifteen school aged children, were jolted out [...]

Another fire leaves family homeless
Less than twelve hours later, another fire on the city's south side eviscerated an elevated wooden structure occupied by Michael and Leticia Watler. This morning around eleven-thirty, personnel from the National Fire Service were once again summoned to a blazing inferno, this time on Central American Boulevard in Port Loyola. As in the Lake I [...]

Murder in Pomona Valley
In the south, within hours of the re-enactment of the arrival of the Garinagu, there was a murder in the Pomona Valley. Karim Peters, a carpenter who is the common-law-husband of a former senator and Village Chairman, was stabbed as he headed to his house. Peters died within minutes, before he could reach the hospital. [...]

Shooting interrupts Culture Capital Celebration
As Villafranco grieves the loss of her common-law-husband, hours later two others were injured in a shooting in Dangriga. The victims are a female bystander and a man who was shot by police during a celebration at the B.T.L. Park. It started when Eugene Thompson was reportedly approached by Derrick Gorosica who was armed with [...]

1 week after incarceration, murdered in friend's yard
Here in Belize City, early on Saturday night, a thirty-two year old man was shot multiple times as he socialized with an acquaintance near his house on Curl Thompson Street. Police believe Kevin Gentle may have been at the wrong place but what we can confirm is that just last week he was in court [...]

Grace period time up. What's next for Superbond?
Today the sixty day period that the Credit Committee representing bondholders extended to the government from pursuing legal remedies has expired but restructuring negotiations continue on the five hundred and forty-four million dollar superbond. The Government of Belize issued a statement on the Central Bank of Belize website saying that it had never asked for [...]

News 5 Reporter wins Environmental Award
The good news is that News Five's Isani Cayetano is receiving his second regional media award later this week after besting a number of television news reporters within the Caribbean. Isani's first award was from the Caribbean Broadcasting Union and his most recent is from the annual CARDI/CTA Regional Media Awards Competition. The contest was [...]

$10 garbage fee on water bill
Employees of Belize Waste Control (BWC) protested in front of City Hall on November fourteenth as they were told they would lose their jobs as a result of a six hundred thousand dollar debt that the City had not paid in fees. The forty employees kept their jobs as the City Council and BWC worked [...]

Slugs in McAfee's dog heads and Faull to be analyzed
The manhunt continues for John McAfee, the antivirus founder, who has been on the run since the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull. The US national was found dead inside his San Pedro home on November tenth and McAfee, who is wanted for questioning, has been the focus of the investigations. McAfee has been updating [...]

What McAfee said to International Media
The story continues to attract the attention of the international media and McAfee gave another telephone interview on Friday to CNBC's Robert Frank and Brian Sullivan. He told them that he is in disguise and has been hiding in plain sight, watching the police and journalists that converged on the island last week. And while [...]

Mexican national released on bail, but still in custody
Mexican National, Pedro Alfonso Betancourt Reed, was busted along with two Belizeans on October seventh with over ten ounces of cocaine in a 2005 Ford Eco Sport SUV. All three were charged with drug trafficking and the two Belizeans; Alfonso Iglesias Junior of Consejo Road, Corozal and fifty-one year old Jose Nunez of San Pedro [...]

Car battery thief didn’t quite reach the poles
Forty-one year old Marlon Leslie Chavez is tonight beginning a yearlong bid in prison after pleading guilty to a charge of theft. Leslie was caught red-handed by a security guard of Bottom Dollar Store in the wee hours of Friday morning stealing two Renco batteries from the compound. Shortly after two o'clock that morning, officers [...]

Municipal Bond to be launched on Thursday
The birth of a twenty million dollar municipal bond for Belize City was announced earlier this year in June. While the funds generated would have been used for several infrastructural projects around the City, floating the bond became a time consuming challenge for the City Council. The council faced mounting garbage collection debts while simultaneously [...]

Crooked Tree residents aiming straight for regulators
The residents of Crooked Tree protested on Friday to have the Belize Audubon Society removed from the village. The residents say the co-manager of the wildlife sanctuary has implemented regulations that have put a stop to activities such as fishing and logging, which have earned them their bread and butter for hundreds of years. But [...]

One veteran Sportscaster, many weekend highlights
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   With the Annual Cross Country Cycle Classic some 5 months away, there's new energy in the sport as the riders get themselves ready for this massive event. 41 cyclists suited up for the Leroy Cassasola 42 mile open race that ran from Leslie's Imports [...]


Two Belize City Fires Leaves Several Residents Homeless
An early morning fire in Belize City on Flamboyant Street has left an estimated six adults and fourteen children homeless. Investigations conducted by the Belize Fire Service have yet to conclude the cause of the fire. According to fire officials, they responded in a timely...

Police Shoots Man During Garifuna Day Celebrations
There were two shooting incidents in Dangriga town on Garifuna Settlement Day. One of the shootings came at the hands of the police as they attempted to apprehend a suspect. Our Stann Creek correspondent Harry Arzu reports. HARRY ARZU Dangriga Correspondent ...

US Based Organization Installs Water System in the Cayo District
A water purification system has been installed in the village of San Antonio in the Cayo district. According to information, the new water purification system which has been dubbed Kuxan Ha or Living Water is a donation made possible through the United States-based organiza...

Police Press Officer Reports on Weekend Incidents
While Garinagu celebrated their arrival over the long weekend, it did not exclude its share of violence. There were two murders and a number of other incidents. The first happened on Curl Thompson Street in the Port Loyola area at around seven on Saturday night a...

Extension for Super Bond Payment Expires Today
When the government of Belize missed a coupon payment on the country's external also known as the super bond earlier this year, there were speculations that the default would spur legal backlash from the creditors. But a so-called "window" was extended to Belize...

Police News
Forty-one year old Marlon Leslie, a.k.a. Marlon Chavez, was sentenced to one year imprisonment today after he pled guilty to theft. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser, who imposed the sentence, told Leslie that although he saved the court time by pleading guilty, she cannot fine him becau...


The Julian Cho Technical High school celebrated its culture awareness day
The Julian Cho Technical High School today celebrated its annual cultural awareness day. Our Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

The verdict is still ongoing for corporal punishment
The verdict is still out on whether corporal punishment should be used as a form of discipline. While the arguments on this issue will continue for perhaps as long as it has already existed, some people say that new research shows that children who are subjected to physical discipline actually grow up to suffer from mental health problems or worse, die of acute illnesses. For the next two days, the Belize Mental Health Association will focus their annual conference on physical abuse against children and the impacts it has on their lives as they grow into adulthood. As the expert will share, physical discipline over an extended period of time can lead to things such as hypertension, diabetes and heart failure. But while the future health of our children is important, President of the Association, Jenny Lovell, says there are more urgent specificities that need to be addressed now. And in case you were wondering the degree of health problems physical abuse can have in our later years as adults, Doctor Jadon Webb, a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Yale University, says it can range from cancer to stroke to a heart attack. The Mental Health Conference is taking place at Saint Catherine Academy conference room in Belize City. It ends on Friday.

Mrs. Barrow visits St. Peter's School on a special invitation from the school
Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis Barrow was in Orange Walk Town this morning visiting St. Peter's Anglican School. Barrow visited the school on a special invitation from the school which offers trained special education to children in the district. Love News spoke with Mrs. Barrow about her visit. Accompanying Barrow was representatives from UNICEF, NARSI, and Care Belize. Barrow explained that as special envoy she makes sure to address the needs of the different institutions across the country in offering better service to children with special needs.

US Government donates to school in the Cayo District
The United States government has donated emergency supplies and safety equipment to schools in the Cayo district. Love TV's Natalie Novelo and video journalist Brian Castillo went to the US Embassy in Belmopan today to witness the handing over.

Accident on the George Price Highway
There was a serious road traffic accident on the George Price Highway this afternoon. Our Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz went to the scene, and files this report.

The UB is doing its part to prepare the next generation of care givers
Dealing with persons with special needs requires special skills. And the University of Belize is doing its part to prepare the next generation of care givers. Love TV's Natalie Novelo reports.

Lova Boy accuse for sexual abusing underage girl
Award winning recording artist and entrepreneur Daniel Cacho, also known as Lova Boy is at the centre of an allegation of sexual abuse of an underage girl. Love News first reported on Wednesday that the allegation is made by a thirteen year old girl from Los Angeles, California who claims that Cacho touched her inappropriately and that inappropriate behavior dates back to when she was only ten years old. The mother of the child, whose identity we cannot reveal to protect the child, told Love News via telephone that she has made a report to the South Los Angeles police station and that authorities there now want to talk with the popular artist. This afternoon, Lova Boy sat down with Love News to tell his side of the story, painting a picture of lies, deceit and professional sabotage at work. The mother of the teenage girl who is making the allegation, told Love News that she believes that her daughter is telling the truth, and that Cacho should be held accountable. Cacho says that he has not had any contact whatsoever with the girl in question, who he told Love News that he has seen on a number of occasions when he would visit the parents' house. The step father of the teenage girl is a music producer who owns a studio where the now famous "Tornado" hit song by Lova Boy was produced. Cacho says that since the allegations first surfaced in the middle of October, he has been harassed and even gotten death threats. Cacho says the allegations are hurtful and damaging, not only to himself as an artist, but also to other innocent people as well. While he believes that the whole episode has been orchestrated to bring him down professionally, Cacho says that it is sad that whoever is behind the allegations is using an innocent child in the process. Lova Boy says that he has attempted to reach out to the family of her accuser; but he has ben flatly rebuffed. Cacho told Love News that he intends to return to Los Angeles shortly and plans on speaking with the city's police officers where the complaint was lodged on October twelfth. Love News has confirmed that the report was made on October Twelfth, and the incident is being classified at sexual battery. Cacho assures Love News that he is prepared to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence and hopes that the whole matter will be settled quickly and those responsible be held to account.

Belizeans speaks up for their land
It was announced earlier this year that a referendum to take the ongoing Guatemala territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice. The referendum will take place in Belize and Guatemala next October. Since then a number of Belizeans led by the Belizean Coalition for Justice has voiced their opposition and have been urging Belizeans to vote no to going to the ICJ. This morning Ambassadors Assad Shoman and Alfredo Martinez were guests on Love FM's morning show. Ambassador Shoman said after years of negotiations, going to the ICJ is the only way that the dispute will be settled.


Woman shot in Dangriga during Garifuna Day celebrations
Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations turned violent for at least one woman in Dangriga. Rosalie Timmons was shot in...

25 year old shot in Dangriga
A man from the Stann Creek district is dead as a result of a stab wound. The incident happened on Sunday night. 25 ...

32 year old shot dead on Saturday morning
On Saturday 17th November, 32 year old Kevin Alvin Gentle and his friend Arden Alex Robinson, were socializing at R...

No confirmation on embezzlement accusation
The news hit the airwaves on this morning's Rise n Shine when it was revealed that the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town...

Substantial rehabilitation of streets in twin towns
The San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council is steadily working to rehabilitate several streets within that municipali...

McAfee disguises himself as a vendor
American software company founder John McAfee is still on the run in Belize. McAfee is wanted in questioning for th...

Fire simulations to be conducted in nation's schools
Last week students of Sacred Heart Primary School in San Ignacio were participants of a simulation exercise being c...

Grandmother in Police custody after grandson gets in trouble
A grandmother ended up in Police custody after her grandson got into trouble. On Tuesday, November the 6th, Taxi Dr...

New vehicles for Belmopan Police
The Belmopan Police are getting an upgrade from the mobile bread truck to two brand new police mobiles and two moto...

Hundreds of Youth Declare "Not On My Watch"
Hundreds of young persons and the young at heart gathered at the steps of the national assembly this past Saturday ...

Substantial drug find in Cayo
On Friday morning, San Ignacio officers made a substantial drug discovery. Based on intelligence an Anti-Drugs oper...

Bus catches fire in Hattieville
A passenger bus belonging to Shaw's Bus Line caught fire yesterday on the George Price Highway. It happened in Hatt...

Stepfather accused of Carnal Knowledge
Belmopan police are investigating a case of carnal knowledge. Last week, a 15 year old High School Student of Camal...


I Love A Parade: Celebrating Dia de La Revolucion in Playa Del Carmen
Who knew? November 20th is a public holiday in Mexico...Day of the Revolution. And I awoke this morning to beating of my favorite sounds. A parade! LOTS of school kids on this drizzly morning celebrating sports, culture and the revolution! And all singing "Sexy Gangnam Style" in Spanish unison. Very cute. My favorite...the guys who maintain the parks and plants. Kids, kids, and more kids. This parade had to be a mile long. Or more...

International Sources

GARIFUNA CUISINE Featured in November 2012 Issue of Acclaimed Food Magazine, SAVEUR
Acclaimed Food, Wine and Gourmet Magazine SAVEUR Magazine has published a twelve page article on Garifuna Cuisine in their November 2012 Issue (Issue #151). As Americans prepare for the holiday season, where families get together and either hold ethnic, secular or religious observances over food and exchange gifts; this article may open eyes to the traditions and the story (as represented through food) of an ethnic group they most likely hadn't heard of, that is, that of the Garifuna ethnic group.

COMPUTER guru JOHN MCAFEE is a drug-and sex-crazed gun nut obsessed with discovering female Viagra! That's how sources in Belize - where authorities believe McAfee's bizarre behav�ior led to a brutal murder - describe the eccentric 67-year-old dot-com millionaire, who went into hid�ing. And a Harvard scientist hired by McAfee to do research at his lush compound in the Caribbean paradise opened up exclusively to The ENQUIRER about his deranged lifestyle. "I've seen violence, guns, drug use and truly crazy stuff with John McAfee," Dr. Allison Adonizio, a re�search biologist, told The ENQUIRER. "He had a whole garbage bag filled with Viagra and other prescription drugs. He is not a stable guy!"

Progress On Territorial Dispute between Belize and Guatemala
Ban Welcomes Progress Made On Territorial Dispute between Belize and Guatemala New York, Nov 20 2012 - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon salutes the progress made by Belize and Guatemala under the auspices of the Organization of American States to resolve their longstanding territorial dispute, according to his spokesperson. "He welcomes their decision to hold simultaneous referenda on 6 October 2013 to consult their populations on referring the dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ)," the spokesperson added in a news statement. According to media reports, over the years, the long-running dispute between the two Central American countries has led to tensions. The spokesperson noted that Belize and Guatemala have requested financial support from the international community for the referenda and possible eventual legal proceedings. "The Secretary-General believes that this process is in line with the objective of pacific settlement of disputes enshrined in the United Nations Charter and merits international support," the spokesperson added. Established in 1945 under the UN Charter, the ICJ - sometimes referred to as the World Court - settles legal disputes between States and gives advisory opinions on legal questions that have been referred to it by authorized UN organs or specialized agencies.

No Belize superbond creditor deal yet, talks ongoing-Cenbank
Belize's government is continuing talks with bondholders to restructure a $550 million superbond as a reprieve granted by the creditors will soon expire, the Central American country's central bank said on Tuesday. In late September, Belize won a 60-day reprieve from bondholders after paying half of an overdue interest payment, delaying any potential legal action under the specter of a full-blown default. The reprieve will expire Dec. 1, a source close to the negotiations said. "Discussions between the government and its bondholders are ongoing," the central bank said in a statement. "In fact, talks between the government and bondholders have intensified." "We do not expect the expiry of the 60 days voluntary standstill offered by the (creditor) committee to have an effect on the substance or timing of ongoing discussions with bondholders," it added. The central bank said it did not expect a partial guarantee or credit enhancement from the Inter-American Development Bank. A source close to the negotiations confirmed talks were ongoing. The Belize government has laid out three proposals for rescheduling its bond payments, shocking analysts with its suggestion that they take a haircut of up to 45 percent on their investment.

Belize: A Popular Student Destination
Belize, a small Central American country with a scattered population roughly the size of Buffalo, N.Y., lately has become a magnet for SUNY Cortland students. The College will send about 50 students to the country in the time-span between this past summer and the Spring 2013 semester. Thomas Pasquarello, a SUNY Cortland political science professor and the College's unofficial ambassador to Belize, said there's good reason for Belize's popularity as a study abroad destination. "It's relatively close for an international location; it takes five hours to get there by airplane," Pasquarello said of the country formerly known as British Honduras. The 350,000 citizens reside on about 8,860 square miles in the northeast coast of Central America, bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the south and west. "It's a tourist destination so it's relatively easy to get there. It's reasonably safe. It's English speaking; education and business are conducted in English. Yet culturally it's amazingly diverse. That makes it an ideal place for international programs." Pasquarello has long championed the College's unique relationship with the Belize Zoo. He operates a blog about the educational and recreational destination at He continues to share information about zoo fundraising and friend-raising in the Cortland community. This past summer he became a co-director of the annual summer Teacher Institute in Belize.

John McAfee: 'I don't see myself as paranoid'
The eccentric software entrepreneur is on the run, a 'person of interest' in the murder of a neighbour in Belize. But who is the man behind the headlines? He gets in touch with the Guardian to protest his innocence. The name McAfee is ubiquitous and boring, a piece of antivirus software that pops up on computer screens around the world. The man behind this reassuring piece of technology is rather less reassuring and certainly not dull. John McAfee, a multi-millionaire dotcom guru, is on the run from police on the tropical island of Ambergris Caye. The authorities want to question McAfee, who is 67, about the murder of his neighbour, Gregory Faull. Now, according to a blog purportedly written by McAfee, the American entrepreneur is protesting his innocence and gleefully revealing how he hid from police by burying himself in the sand and by pretending to be a drunk German tourist. The story of McAfee's rise and fall is impossibly rich and strange. McAfee has likened his predicament to Julian Assange's; others see him as a Kim Dotcom figure, a playboy-on-the-run, a poster boy for the decadent libertarianism of the dotcom generation. But McAfee is harder to pin down. Until the tanned, rich, priapic, yoga-loving eccentric hands himself in, he exists for all of us only on the internet. To some, McAfee is a gun-toting fiend and a fugitive from justice; in McAfee's eyes, he is a teetotal tragic victim of a corrupt state and media sensationalism, a philanthropist dedicated to cleansing rural Belize of crime and poverty. People who know him variously describe him as generous, paranoid, impulsive and eccentric. Is he mad? Is he bad? Who is John McAfee?

SLIDESHOW: Belize: 7 of its most stunning islands
CNN Travel. Can't decide which Belizean caye to visit? After checking out these beauties, the decision won't get any easier . The Caribbean nation of Belize has more than 200 islands or "cayes." While many visitors are content to spend all of their time in the more heavily trafficked northern cayes, such as Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, venturing to more distant, southern islands, such as Tobacco Caye, gets you closer to the eternal deserted-island fantasy. Getting to most of the country's more "remote" cayes requires no more than a three-hour journey from Belize City. From the unsurpassed beaches of South Water Caye to the pulsating nightlife of San Pedro (on Ambergris Caye), the seven stunners pictured above offer the best in Belizean island hopping.. South Water Caye, Tobacco Caye, Laughingbird Caye, Silk Caye, St. George's Caye, Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker

Progress made on territorial dispute between Belize and Guatemala
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the progress made by Belize and Guatemala under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS) to resolve their longstanding territorial dispute, according to his spokesperson. "He welcomes their decision to hold simultaneous referenda on 6 October 2013 to consult their populations on referring the dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ)," the spokesperson added in a news statement. According to media reports, over the years, the long-running dispute between the two Central American countries has led to tensions. The spokesperson noted that Belize and Guatemala have requested financial support from the international community for the referenda and possible eventual legal proceedings. "The secretary-general believes that this process is in line with the objective of pacific settlement of disputes enshrined in the United Nations Charter and merits international support," the spokesperson added. Established in 1945 under the UN Charter, the ICJ - sometimes referred to as the World Court - settles legal disputes between states and gives advisory opinions on legal questions that have been referred to it by authorized UN organs or specialized agencies.