La Serenata -The Serenade

Whenever a young man went to visit his fiancée every night, he had to take something for her. It could be one chocolate bar, a few packets of her favorite chewing gum, even peanuts or pipits (roasted pumpkin seeds). Talk about romanticism. Even the nightly visit by a boyfriend to his girlfriend was a romantic affair. It was part of the culture that a boy should visit the girl at her home every night seven to nine p.m. If he should ever miss a night, it gave her something to think about, or even worry. Romantic, indeed very romantic! However, nothing beats the romanticism of twenty five years ago than the serenade- a visit to the girl’s house with mariachis or a trio with music and songs. Now that is indeed the extreme or romanticism, but that will be an entire issue for next week. Enjoy.

Below is a romantic song from Pedro Fernandez -Amarte a la antiqua (Love you the old-fashioned way) Enjoy!

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