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The area the incident took place

A disturbing story is coming out of Cristo Rey village in the Cayo district of an apparent satanic worship or witchcraft incident. A doll, resembling a baby painted in blood-like paint was found by the river's edge this morning. It has left chilling effect on the entire village and the Chairman and village council is now working to try and allay the fears of the people.

Residents of Cristo Rey village, Cayo still can't explain the strange find in the Macal River which was discovered on Monday by a group of children who were out fishing. The Chairman of Cristo Rey has confirmed that he retrieved the object and after determining that it was not a real baby, it was destroyed by burning on Monday night.

Residents of Cristo Rey village were concerned about the discovery of what was first thought to be the body of a child in the river near the village. According to reports from Cristo Rey, a group of children who were fishing in the area of Monkey Falls, saw what they thought was a baby in the river. Chairman of the village Jovanni Montalban organized a group of men and went to the area to retrieve the object. Elmer Juarez is the secretary of the Cristo Rey village council.

According to the chairman, after determining that it was not a real child, the object was destroyed by burning it last night.