And so, since the US Treasury Department played a pivotal role in blocking the IDB Loan to Belize, is the Prime Minister angry at President Obama?

Today, the PM said it's never personal, but the US President hasn't done anything for Belize.

Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister
"I am in fact pleased that he was re-elected. Now that the election is over I can offer my comments freely, I certainly believe that he and his vision are better for the US than what I saw as the Romney vision, but the fact is that Obama hasn't done anything for Belize, personally and in the case of this whole IDB situation while it is the treasury department that's part of the Government of the United States and I am disappointed as well over the way the treasury behave but I am as I tried to signal at the last business; I am an older and wiser fellow now - that's what it is. I am not going to go out there and try to on the world stage or local stage denounce the United States. It's what has happened, there are other areas in which we do enjoy some cooperation and collaboration with them particularly with respect to the security - all in their self-interest of course but that is the way big powers behave - I am physiological about it."

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