There was a lot of activity this morning at the University of Belize's campus in Belmopan. The university opened two needed facilities that will ease student life. News Five's Duane Moody reports.

Duane Moody, Reporting

Today at the University of Belize main campus in the capital, an official ceremony was held to commemorate the installation of a professional bookstore and a new cafeteria. The project has been in the making since 2009 and it has finally become a reality.

Cynthia Thompson, Assistant Provost, University of Belize

"This is the opening of the new University of Belize book store. Much anticipated; it was in the making from around 2009. There were plans being made to move from our current facility which was overcrowded and wasn't providing the best service for our students. So under the direction and the leadership of the Board of Trustees we were able to finance the establishment of what was originally an old cafeteria turned into this bookstore and cafeteria.� �At UB we are promoting to be student focus to be student friendly. And the currently location where we are right now, students have to request a book and somebody has to go find a book and deliver it to them. In this facility, student can source the book for themselves. And they will not only be able to source the books but they have other things around that they are in need of."

Lloyd Enriquez

The facility-much like a stationery house-has text books, school supplies, hand sanitizers, cups, water bottles and university memorabilia. The facility according to, Development Officer at the University of Belize, Lloyd Enriquez, is much more student and user friendly.

Lloyd Enriquez, Development Officer, University of Belize

"The book store is divided into several sections. We have actually text books because students need their text books for their regular courses, so all the faculties have a section clearly demarcated for where the students can find their text books. So that's one. We also have a section for stationery; students will be able to get all their stationery supplies here. We also have UB memorabilia-various forms and types. We have t-shirts, shirts and other apparel. We have gift items like water bottle; all UB branded. We've been working with several providers to get these UB branded items in and as you can look around you can see the variety. Students will also be able to access cafeteria services."

And while the project is launched at the Central Campus in Belmopan, it may be replicated in the other three campuses. Assistant Provost, Cynthia Thompson says that in the future the system could be electronic.

Cynthia Thompson

"I'm looking forward to the day when we will put our services online; to the day when we will keep up with the age. We are in the age of technology right now and as I mentioned in my remarks, they might come a time when our students might not see the physical; books here. We might be going to electronic books and e-readers, the I-pads and the kindles and stuff like that. And that is where I would like to see us go. So that we are servicing the students and keeping up with the technology and all the developments in education."

Students are in their final weeks of classes and preparing for exams and the new facility will be accessible to them in January 2013. Duane Moody for News Five.

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