The over view of the Hatha Yoga Intensive Teacher Training Course
by En-Lighten Up Yoga Studio

This Hatha Yoga teachers training course is an intensive, month long program, providing over 200 hours of instruction in hatha yoga, teaching skills, anatomy, physiology, yoga philosophy, and more. The program will consist of 4 intensive weekends starting Friday the 1st of February, 2013.

The weekend intensives will be conducted in Cayo in and around the San Ingacio area. It will run Friday nights, all day Saturday and Sunday for four consecutive weekends. Designed to empowers you to becoming an effective teacher this course also offers invaluable knowledge in fully integrate the many aspects of yoga in to your personal practice as well. Using a variety of oral and audio lectures, reading assignments, printed lessons, study guides and handouts, personal consultations as well as regular class time, we will work together as a group to offer the vital guidance needed to help you discover and cultivate your unique teaching style. This program is intended to more than prepare you for a rewarding yoga teaching experience - but also to inspire you to create greater meaning and impact in your daily life.
Unlike the home study course, This intensive Program has been designed for you to work through the material and the learning process as a group in a concentrated and focused way. We will be covering a lot of material in a relatively short time. There will be required homework assignments given out for each weekend including journaling tasks and study questions to answer. If you need help or if you run into blocks , there are a variety of resources available to turn to, Including a few different instructors in Cayo, including me, as well as on line information and fellow students in the program. The required books and audio CDs included in the course should be useful for you also in gathering, understanding and processing all the information you will need in advancing your practice.
Each weekend we will be covering the material we essential do in three units of the home study course. Each week end we will be intensively studying at least 15 Asanas and their related postures as well as variations adaptions and adjustments. You will be given the list of material the week before to study on your own and take time to every day to articulate practice them. Also, You will be strongly encourage to and given assignments which will require you to gathering information and research various topics pertaining to the course, using sources that will be outside the offered course materials. These maybe Books you may already have, the internet, fellow yoga friends, other teachers. ´┐Żect . There is lots of information about Yoga out there and it is one of the aims of this course to teach you how to access and navigate through all that information

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