Last week, 7News told small contingent of junior athletes who went to Costa Rica to compete in 10th Central American Infant A and Junior C track and field games.

They were confident that they were able to bring home medals, and� they delivered.

7News caught up them when they came back home this evening, and they told us they were happy with their performance:

Kadean Cayetano, Athlete/Gold Medal
"I pretty sure I could have done much better because the record was 688 and my personal best is 702 and I slacked off a lot over the summer."

Daniel Ortiz
"You brought home gold medal in what event exactly?"

Kadean Cayetano, Athlete/Gold Medal
"Long jump."

Shanicka Augustine, Athlete/Silver Medal
"I wanted to win but as I say competition, so my team mate G'anne Humes was in first place then Panama knock her out by the winning jump 520 and then I was drop to 4th place because Guatemala end up in 3rd place and then I then knock two of them out; my team mate and Guatemala and came in 2nd with a jump 5 meters."

G'anne Humes, Athlete/Bronze Medal
"It was really good because my farthest jump was 481 and across Costa Rica I jumped further, so I felt real good."

Daniel Ortiz
"So you beat your personal record?"

G'anne Humes, Athlete/Bronze Medal
"Yes, I was in first but then I was drop to 3rd."

Josephine Flowers, Representative - Belize Athlete Association
"The outcome was very good. They did well in their main events which is the long jump - all 3 of them. Shanicka also does the triple jump but at this level there is no triple jump for athletes. So I think they did well. The running - we just put them in because they were going to be there. So we gave them an extra thing and they see that they can do well if they trained in that area also."

There is another athlete who is abroad right now. Belize's Xunan Smith is in El Salvador, and she is set to compete in the Central American & Caribbean Fencing Championships, which starts tomorrow.

It is the first time that Belize will make an appearance in these games.

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