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The San Pedro Sun

Byron Lara wins Poor and Famous Duathlon Competition
The second duathlon for this year, organized by the Poor and Famous Youth Club of Belize took place on Sunday November 18th. Byron Lara, 15 years old took the first place in the 17 and under, while Jason Barrientos, age 12, took the first place in the 13 and under criteria. The race had two legs. The first leg saw competitors swimming from the Belize Yacht Club dock to Ramon’s Village where they made their way to land. From there, they ran/jogged/sprinted their way to the Boca Del Rio Bridge where the race ended at the basketball court. Competing in the 13 and under competition were: Chris Acosta, 9, Joey Gonzalez, 11, Elvin Vellos, 12, Jason Barrientos, 12, Johan Guerrero, 12, Zenedine Pinelo, 13, Axel Gonzalez, 13, and Anthony Rivero, 13. In the Under 17 criteria were: Kian Ancona, 14, Jason Estrada, 14, Byron Lara, 15, Alex Pineda, 16 and Joseph Alexander, 17. Winning the swimming leg of the race was Alex Pineda with a time of 11 minutes. Finishing first at Boca del Rio overall was Byron Lara with a time of 20 minutes.

Mama Vilma Family Home receives donation
From the 7th to the 11th of November, 2012, the 2012 Global Asset Protection and Investment Symposium was hosted by Exotic Caye Beach Resort on Ambergris Caye. The forum was sponsored by Hemispheres Publishing and Caye International Bank. This special forum provided critical, meaningful and useful tools for people to counter the ongoing threats to their personal wealth. Attendees enjoyed significant one on one time with legal, tax, financial and trust experts and they also had the opportunity to learn about the Mama Vilma Family Home and their Non-Profit Organization. Maricela “ Miss Shelley” Huber visited with the attendees, explaining the goals of the Mama Vilma Family Home committee to build a home for children and families who need a safe haven in a familial environment. Miss Shelley spoke of the various fundraisers that have been held to bring the dream of the home a reality, including fashion shows, sales and benefit concerts that have been adding to the much-needed funds. Collectively the group donated $2,450BZ towards the urgent need to get this house built on Ambergris Caye, which is important to our community. The island needs a ‘safe place’ that can offer support and services and generous attendees and sponsors of this event were proud to lend their support.

San Pedro Triathlon Committee’s Garifuna Settlement Day cycling classic
For the first time this year, the San Pedro Triathlon Association organized and executed the first ever Garifuna Settlement Day cycling race. The purpose of the race was to raise funds and awareness about the San Pedro Triathlon Team: Kent “Bob” Gabourel and Eric Donis. (The hope is to have more athletes sign up to be part of this ambitious and talented team.) Signing up for the competition were 16 aspiring cyclists at a registration cost of $20.00. The race began shortly after 7:30am. The race took cyclists from Central Park to Belize Bank, west on Caribeña St to Pescador Drive; south on Pescador Drive through Coconut Drive and Seagrape Drive to the three mile marker – (junction of the San Pedro Dumpsite). From there the competitors went north bound taking a similar route – going up Barrier Reef Drive – hitting Lagoon St. across the bridge to Grand Caribe. They took the same route a second time then ended at the Central Park. At the end of the race, first place winner Kent “Bob” Gabourel clocked in at 1hr 15minutes. For his efforts, he took home a round trip ticket on Tropic Air. Second place went to Andrew Vasquez. He got $100.00 cash and a 24 hour Golf Cart Rental. Third place went to Daniel Caliz who won $50.00 and dinner for two at Elvis Kitchen.

Ambergris Today

Strengthening The Balance
Teaching young people, whether in public or private, primary or secondary schools, is not about molding them into what we, educators, want them to become. Rather, teaching young people is more about stimulating and encouraging them to learn, and yes pushing them to reach their potential, not ours. In order to be successful in these endeavors, we educators need fully realize and accept that effective teaching will always be a two-way street, not a “do as I say” one-way street. That means also that in order for teachers to keep giving their very best to students everyday in classrooms and schools throughout the country, students in turn must also give back their very best to their teachers. Further, it means that well-behaved and hard-working students provide great incentives for teachers to put forth their best efforts and want to keep leading students in the classroom every day. But, it also means that classrooms full of rowdy and lazy students will not encourage excellent teachers to want to lead them. Both students and teachers gain the most from each other when the teaching/learning relationship remains balanced in the classroom, not lopsided. When students and teachers appreciate each other, and feel obligated to each other, they keep that necessary balance inside a classroom, and ensure that neither complacency nor misbehavior tip the scales. However, when teaching becomes a one-way street where a teacher constantly expects and demands hard work from students, but that teacher only puts forth mediocre efforts to teach every day, then mistrust among students builds quickly. Mistrust of any teacher by students will destroy that delicate balance and appreciative relationship that students and teachers need to keep in order for any teaching to be successful.

Mayor’s Honors at Township Anniversary Banquet
The San Pedro Township Anniversary was celebrated in grand style this year with a splendid banquet at world renowned Elvi’s Kitchen offered by His Lordship Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the San Pedro Town Council. In his welcome remarks Mayor Guerrero Commented: “From the onset of my election and my taking office, it was my desire to offer an official reunion with all past mayors and town councilors to express the town’s gratitude to all the former community servants, some of whom are still very active in community affairs.” Indeed all, except perhaps three past councilors, were present, one of whom lives abroad and one who has passed away. The Council expressed recognition to some one hundred persons present which included the group of councilors and spouses who brought San Pedro into Township status on November 27 of 1984 and all succeeding town councils. The Mayor expressed his happiness to see such an influential gathering uniting in full force to celebrate perhaps one of San Pedro’s most meaningful events ever in the history of San Pedro.

Jim Scott Completes Iron Man Challenge for Iron Kids Belize
The kids and staff of Dorothy Menzies Child Care Centre said "Good bye and God speed," as Jim Scott left Tuesday, November 20, 2012 to make final preparations for Sunday, November 25, 2012. That day was Rotarian Jim Scott's 50th birthday. With the support of his family and staff at the Radisson Hotel Fort George and Marina, Jim worked all year in preparation to compete for the first time in the Iron Man Triathlon Competition Cozumel, 2012. Serving as Radisson's CEO, supporting family and maintaining leadership in several community endeavors, Jim entered into grueling and very disciplined training in order to compete, on his birthday to raise funds for much needed upgrades to the Dorothy Menzies Child Care facility. The Rotary Club of Belize made a commitment to match and the donations, large and small pledges started rolling in. Family and supporters joined Jim in Cozumel arriving by plane, car, bus and van. Belize Bank donated the vehicle which carried 28 supporters and paid for the t-shirts worn by the staff and kids of Dorothy Menzies Child Care Centre. Other corporate donors included: Publics Supermarket, Roe Group of Companies; Belize Dry Cleaners; Simon and Lauren Reardon-Smith and Eduardo E. Sanchez of Belmopan.

Belize Ministry of Health Says 'TLEMOL' is Safe Pharmaceutical Product
Earlier this year, reports were made to the Ministry of Health concerning the sale of a pharmaceutical product being marketed as “TLEMOL.” The Ministry sent the product for testing shortly after. This week we received a Certificate of Analysis from the Caribbean Regional Drug Testing Laboratory in Kingston, Jamaica concluding that the pharmaceutical product marketed as ‘Tlemol’ has met the United States Pharmaceutical requirements for Acetaminophen tablets.

Pic of the Week: Sunset Over Hatchet Caye, Belize
Seasonably great weather is providing exceptional sunsets all over the country. Pictured here is a warm, amber sunset over Hatchet Caye, which is a private island on the edge of the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve, seventeen miles east of the Placencia Peninsula. This tranquil jewel is on the protected side of the Meso-American reef; the second longest in the world. - photo provided by Hatchet Caye Resort

World AIDS Day Activities in San Pedro
Below is the schedule of events that the SP AIDS Commission has come up with; be sure to clear up your calendars and support the group: Friday, November 30, 2012- *Visit to SPHS - yearly visit the San Pedro High School students. Students will be provided with the red ribbon and given a brief lecture on the history of the red ribbon as well as factual and important information on HIV/AIDS. 7:00 a.m. at SPHS. Saturday, December 1, 2012 – *World AIDS Day - Members of the SP AIDS Commission will be visiting businesses around the island and handing red ribbons to the staff. *Solidarity Walk - Annual solidarity walk around town to create awareness of HIV/AIDS – Meeting place at Central Park 6:00p.m. All are invited to attend. Sunday December 2, 2012 – *World AIDS Day Fair – Free Rapid and confidential HIV testing. Counselors will be at hand to provide counseling prior and after testing. Information booth, food & pastry sale, live music fun for the entire family all taking place at the Central Park.

Misc Belizean Sources

CNN Report on McAfee
Jorge Aldana, of the San Pedro Sun, details new twists on John McAfee and the bizarre murder mystery in Belize

Belikin Western Spirit Cycling Team
Belikin brought the Western Spirit Cycling Team out to the Cayo Welcome Center, in front of Thai Island, Saturday evening. They also brought a beer tent, and tons of beer at a special price, and re-introduced their Sorrel Stout for the season. Mistah Geeh was there mixing the great tunes. Thanks, Belikin! "Pics from the party in San Ignacio on Saturday, introducing Belikin Western Spirit Cycling team!"

UB's Anti Street Harassment Campaign
UB is participating in The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence by having seminars this week at all campuses. There will also be female self defense classes in Cayo and Benque on Friday. "The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is an international campaign originating from the first Women's Global Leadership Institute sponsored by the Center for Women's Global Leadership in 1991. Participants chose the dates, November 25, International Day Against Violence Against Women and December 10, International Human Rights Day, in order to symbolically link violence against women and human rights and to emphasize that such violence is a violation of human rights."

Hands for Life Christian Concert at SHJC
Sacred Heart Junior College's Hands for Life Club had their Christian concert Friday night. There was great music, good food, and even a double up booth. Samantha Tzib, who had organized previous Christian concerts, was definitely there in spirit. "Sacred Heart Junior College's Hands for Life club will be having a Christian concert tomorrow night. They'll have Mission 3:16, Omega, and Creaven there, along with the Cornerstone Youth Group, the San Ignacio Baptist Youths, and the Shekinah Dance Group. Digicell will also be on hand to do their double up promotion. The entrance is free!"

REMINDER: Traveling Caribbean Showcase is STILL ON!!

Channel 7

He Killed His Own Mother, Sister, Stepfather!
There were six murders in the Belize District this weekend. It's a staggering death toll - and even more so when you consider that all that killing happened in less than 48 hours between Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Three of those murders happened in one household, the Vellos home in Ladyville - when almost an entire family: Mother, Father and Daughter were wiped out in one hellish killing spree. And what make this most shocking murder even more incomprehensible is that - at this hour - the person charged for the murder is their son and brother - 26 year old Jared Avery Ranguy - known as Jared Skeen. Police just reported that he has been charged with three counts of murder. 7news has been on the story from before dawn on Sunday where we've been piecing together the details of this, the worst multiple murder of 2012:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting The small neighborhood known as "Japan" in Ladyville is very disturbed by the killing of a well-known family inside the bedrooms of their home in the silence of Sunday's midmorning hours.

Former BDF Soldier Executed In Gang Hit
And while that Sunday morning triple murder is the most dominating news event of the weekend - from Friday night, things had already started very badly in Belize City with another gang related murder. Except this one was an execution. It happened around 7:30 pm - just as we were finishing up the news. Our team responded to the scene at the junction of Faber's Road and the Western Highway and found a man dead on the ground. How he got there is the story of gang hit carried out with ruthless precision. Here's more:.. Jules Vasquez reporting This is where 28 year old James Norales's life came to an end on Friday night - at the junction of Faber's Road and the Western Highway. He had been executed, shot multiple times in the head, neck and body and left in the middle of the road. Police recovered 7 expended shells from the scene. Police believe he was friendly with the men who killed him - and investigators say, he had been socializing with them at Orel Leslie's home in Linda Vista right before he died.

"Gang Boys" Killed The Wrong Man
And less than three hours after that murder - there was another just a few miles away - at the other end of Faber's Road in the Yabra area. In this case it was no execution - just a random and indiscriminate shooting launched by young men caught up in a gnag rivalry. But the victim was not one of their rivals, he as a 48 year old who just made the mistake of stepping out of his house at the wrong minute. In a community in the middle of a gang war, just stepping out proved fatal on Friday night. Jules Vasquez spoke to his sister:.. Jules Vasquez reporting Today a small mound of stones cover the bloodstain where 48 year old Deon Waight was killed. On Friday night, he was walking to the store right around the corner from his home when he was shot in the head. His sister - who lives beside him -had a sense of foreboding when she saw a car coming up the street:

Killed After "Sunday Dinner"
By mid morning on Sunday when news of the Ladyville triple murder had gone out - and added to the trauma of two Friday murders - it seemed almost like a statistical impossibility for there to be yet another murder. Yet there was. It happened on Sunday near the Complex building - in one of those crime-ridden areas that is usually swarming with police. But that didn't matter to the killers - who may have gone after the wrong man. 7news was on the scene:.. Jules Vasquez reporting On Sunday - right after Sunday dinner, a crowd of onlookers thronged the corner of Mahogany and Complex Streets to witness the spectacle of death. Their neighbor 22 year old WILLIAM FELIX FRANCIS had been killed inside his family's home: Raphael Martinez - Police Press Officer "Police visited #118 Mahogany Street Extension in Belize City where they saw 22 years old William Felix Francis of the same address lying inside his house with what appeared to be multiple gunshots wounds." "Initial investigations revealed that at approximately 1pm there about Francis was inside his house talking to his brother when a dark complexion male person dress in black entered the house pointing a pistol at them and asking for somebody. Upon seeing this William's brother ran and jump through a window leaving William Felix behind. Shortly thereafter several gunshots were reportedly heard from inside the house. The brother reportedly return and found Williams Felix Francis lying on the floor injured."

A Life For A Life In Supreme Court
And while all those stories were about taking life, today in court, the judge gave a life sentence for a man convicted of killing a 73 year old. Last week Wednesday, 7News told you about 24 year-old Gregory August, the man who was convicted in the Supreme Court of the May 2009 murder of 73 year-old Alvin Robinson. Well, he will spend life in prison for that murder. As we reported, on the night of May 23, 2009, Robinson, who was a cripple, and who was also blind in one eye, was stabbed 9 times in his face and neck. He was found sitting on his bed at his home at Mile 8 1/2 on the Western Highway shortly after the incident. He was transported to the hospital, but he died on the way there. In August's mitigation hearing, 3 persons spoke on his behalf, including his grandmother who said that she's never known him to be a disrespectful or unruly young man.

Woman Shot By Hitman In Salvapan
And while there were six murders in the Belize District - there was almost one in Cayo as well. 25 year old Cecilia Marisol Varela was shot five times by what appears to have been a pair of hitmen. It happened on Friday night at 8:00 on Spain Street in Salvapan. The naturalized Belizean of Salvadoran origin was shot by two masked men who stormed unto her property. She received five total gunshot injures to her legs and shoulder. The intruders also fired at her husband and his brother who were outside the house - but neither was injured. Two 9 millimeter expended shells and one 9mm live round were recovered from outside the house and one slug was found in the living room. Police have detained a man from Salvapan.

Man Called for EMO Before Sudden Death
And there was a life lost in Cayo, but it wasn't homicide: police are saying it was one of those EMO suicides. Today in Cristo Rey Village 36 year old Reyes Martin Tut was found with a cut wound to the chin and neck. Vilagers rpeort to police that he started acting strangely on Saturday night when he complained that there were bad spirtis in his room, and, quote, "the devil was pinching him." On Sunday morning, he told villagers that was he looking for EMO so that EMO can kill him. And this afternoon he was found dead on the compound of a village resort with his throat cut. Again, police suspect it is a suicide, but it is a sudden death - so all angles are being investigated at this time.

Human Trafficking, A Regional Problem
Human trafficking knows no borders - and that's why Belize is joining with its Central American neighbors to for the Fifth Regular Meeting of the Central American Coalition against Human Trafficking. The idea is to share knowledge on common experiences and come up with best practices to combat human trafficking. But, to combat trafficking in persons effectively, you'd first have to figure out what drives people into situation where they are trafficked. One regional expert says poverty drives this social phenomenon. Abdel Armengor - Panama "It's a social phenomenon that has to be deal with at international level. Organize crime doesn't know borders. That's the main importance of this event - that we as a coalition of Central American region could work together and understand our realities and identifies our strength and put them together so we can work as unit coalition to fight against organized crime and this horrible phenomenon that affects all our nations."

Muni-Bond Selling Like Hotcakes
Last week, we told you about the launch of the Municipal Development Bond by the Belize City council. Well, tonight the mayor confirms that it's selling quite briskly! He told us via text message that 8.5 million dollars of the bond offering has been sold - that's all of tranche one. This includes bonds that mature in two years for a yield of 3.5%, 5 years for a yield of 5.5% and 8% in 10 years. The 20 million dollars bond offering is opening for 28 days, so - if the mayor's figures are right - to have sold almost half in just two working days is considered a major "wow!"

"Bibby Bex!"
And according to the terms in the prospectus, the City Council can use no more than 2.5 million dollars of the bond receipts to retire existing debt. The bulk of the remainder is going into infrastructure works - and that means more streets being paved, which should mean more manual labour jobs. But one work crew of about 8 men from the Port Loyola area couldn't care less. They came to our studio today to say they had lost their jobs paving southern Foreshore. It's news because they say they're hardcore UDP - and when they voted in the recent election, it was to keep to their jobs. But now that they've lost those jobs, they didn't seem so sure if there was a difference after all;:.. Michael "Bibby" Gill - Complains about lost job "Jules you know me, I am a die-hard UDP to the max. We don't have anything against the party. We are red down the -line. We voted in both elections down the line - keep your job if you vote for the red, if you vote for the PUP you will lose your job. Now it doesn't make any sense, maybe if I voted for the PUP I would have a job now."

Cycling Showdown Postponed
On Friday we told you about the controversy brewing in the Belize Cycling Association. It seemed to be coming down to a showdown on Saturday in Santa Elena at the Aguada Hotel where a new executive was to have been elected. That's where the election was scheduled to be held - but no one seemed sure under which set of rules it would be held. Well, to cut a very long story short, let's just say - no election was held. After three hours of back and forth between incumbent President Emil Moreno's Camp, challenger Dion Leslie's Camp, The Sports Council and the Police - it was decided to hold off the election for another day. But, interestingly, he current executive will be dissolved next week - and after that the Sports Council will hold over and set a date for election. The Sports Council will also decide under which set of rules that election will be held.

Pol Solve Crime With Forensic Evidence
Tonight, police are reporting that they have solved 3 burglaries in Corozal Town with forensic evidence. On April 26, 2012, a principal of the Methodist school reported that the church and school were burglarized the previous day. A resident of Chula Vista, Corozal, reported that her house was also burglarized. Police say that they arrested Magaleonie Hortencio Tzul of Corozal town, and his finger prints were taken and sent to the AFIS National Fingerprinting database, which matched the prints lifted in those burglaries. As a result, police arrested and charged Tzul for 2 counts of burglaries, and he was arraigned and remanded to prison until January 29, 2013. On August 20, 2012, the owner of a house in the Halls Layout of Corozal town reported that someone burglarized his house. The scene was processed by the authorities, and the fingerprints found were submitted to the AFIS database, which matched those belonging to Raymond Anthony Arthurs of Ontario Village in the Cayo District. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

What Makes A Taco Tasty? Is It The Orange Walk Air?
Visit any major or minor population center in Belize - and you can expect to find chicken tacos selling three for a dollar. It's very affordable - but we suspect that's not what makes Belizeans such avid taco lovers: it's not the price, it's the taste! And what is it that makes a taco so tasty? Is it the firmness of the tortilla, the moistness of the chicken or the spiciness of the pepper? I went north yesterday to the Tacos Festival in Orange Walk to find out about the magic ingredient that makes tacos in the northern town so sought after:.. Monica Bodden reporting On Sunday the atmosphere at Banquitas was buzzing with activities - as these tacos vendors lined off and prepared some of the most finger licking tacos for the crowd. It was all competition and everyone brought out their best tacos recipes for the 2nd annual Tacos Festival.

Youth Athletes Did Well In Costa Rica
Last week, 7News told small contingent of junior athletes who went to Costa Rica to compete in 10th Central American Infant A and Junior C track and field games. They were confident that they were able to bring home medals, and… they delivered. 7News caught up them when they came back home this evening, and they told us they were happy with their performance: Kadean Cayetano, Athlete/Gold Medal "I pretty sure I could have done much better because the record was 688 and my personal best is 702 and I slacked off a lot over the summer." Daniel Ortiz "You brought home gold medal in what event exactly?" Kadean Cayetano, Athlete/Gold Medal "Long jump." Shanicka Augustine, Athlete/Silver Medal "I wanted to win but as I say competition, so my team mate G'anne Humes was in first place then Panama knock her out by the winning jump 520 and then I was drop to 4th place because Guatemala end up in 3rd place and then I then knock two of them out; my team mate and Guatemala and came in 2nd with a jump 5 meters."

A Bridge Across The Hondo
Mexican President Felipe Calderon will end his six year term in a matter of days. And one of his last acts was to open the new Belize - Mexico bridge, dubbed the "Chactemal" Bridge and the Subteniente López II border point. He did that on Friday evening and in his address he said that the entire project cost nearly 180 million pesos. Infrastructure at the facility was improved and state of the art equipment was purchased. Deputy Prime Minister represented Belize at the event. Now, the Belize side is still not connected to the new bridge and border facility. And that's because while the Mexicans built the bridge - Belize hasn't been able to come up with the money to build the half mile of road to connect our border station to it.

Channel 5

Husband, wife and daughter murdered inside home

It was a weekend of carnage; six persons were executed between Friday night and Sunday afternoon. The most heinous was in the wee hours of Sunday morning, when a husband, wife and her daughter were gruesomely killed at their house in Ladyville. It is a murder like few others in recent history because the suspect [...]

Brother killed as gunman enters home

A fourth person was executed on Sunday afternoon in a Crime Ridden Area which was under B.D.F. and police presence. Twenty-two year old William Felix Francis, a resident of Mahogany Street Extension, was killed in a hail of bullets inside his home.  Shortly after one o’clock Francis and his brother were conversing with each other [...]

Close to home, Norales murdered on Fabers Road

The bloodbath started early on Friday night. James Noralez, a former B.D.F. officer, was gunned down in the Fabers Road Extension. His bullet riddled body was retrieved from the bloody crime scene and transported to the K.H.M.H. Three persons, well known to the court system, were soon detained and were charged with murder this afternoon. [...]

Sister of murder victim questions motive for murder

The death of Norales has come as a shock to his family. Norales’ mother recently returned from the U.S. and has not yet received all the facts. The only known fact is that three of his friends have been charged for his murder. News Five spoke to Norales’ sister this evening about the loss of [...]

Yabra resident Steero murdered near home

Within two hours, police had their hands full with another homicide. Deon Waight also known as Steero was shot and killed not far from his house in the Yarborough area. Waight had left home to buy cigarettes when a slew of bullets his him in the head, neck and hand. His family believes he is [...]

Cycling Association election postponed because of 2 constitutions

There was a lot of hype leading up to planned elections for a new president of the Belize cycling Association on Saturday. Hundreds of cyclists turned up at the Aguada Hotel in Santa Elena, Cayo for the event which would have seen a challenge to the presidency of Emil Moreno by Council Dion Leslie. Two [...]

Belize Times makes a comeback, but who calls the shots?

We note that the printed version of the opposition newspaper, Belize Times, is back on the streets. The newspaper re-surfaced this past weekend in full color and went on sale on Saturday. The printed edition was discontinued back in August because the paper was losing money and had become unsustainable for the People’s United Party [...]

Taiwan says no visas needed to enter Belize, is it reciprocal?

Bearers of Taiwanese passports will no longer need visas to enter Belize. The announcement was made via the government of Taiwan which says that a visa waiver program has been agreed to, but a specific date has not been set for its inception. The formal announcement was made in Taipei where the Foreign Minister Wilfred [...]

Shooting of Salvapan woman was allegedly an attempted hit

A Salvapan woman is admitted at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital tonight, recovering from three gunshot injuries. According to police, just before eight o’clock on Friday night, two masked men stormed into the Spain Street residence of twenty-five year old Cecilia Varela. The men fired shots at her, her husband who ran shouting for help [...]

Police say no evidence to charged woman accused of hiring hit men

Shortly after Varela’s sister made the allegations, Superintendent Aaron Guzman, the officer commanding Cayo Police, responded with the police side of the story. Guzman says there simply was not enough evidence to charge the accused woman within the forty-eight hours that she was detained.   Voice of: Supt. Aaron Guzman, Officer Commanding Cayo Police “A [...]

Independence Village rob the village

A string of robberies have occurred over the past two weeks in Independence and they may have been triggered by one burglar. On the thirteenth of November, a twelve gauge Remington shotgun was stolen from Michael Hobbs’ home. Hobbs, a US national, reported to police that he left the gun, valued at four thousand dollars [...]

Warrior and Gentle charged for burglary of items valued $21,000

Thieves made away with a sizeable loot and cash of some twenty-one thousand dollars from the house of Sandra Young on Bride’s Alley. Today, two Belize City men were arraigned for burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary and handling stolen goods. Dion Warrior, Young’s neighbor and Quincy Gentle, appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer and were [...]

August to life; convicted murderer sentenced

Twenty-four year old Gregory August will be spending the rest of his life prison for the murder of seventy-three year old Alvin Robinson, who was stabbed to death in 2009. August was convicted on November twenty-first and today he reappeared before Justice Adolph Lucas for mitigation and sentencing. Three character witnesses, including Avis Williams, a [...]

Mexican President bridging friendship at Chactemal

As we reported in Friday’s newscast, President Felipe Calderon will be leaving office in the next few days. One of the outstanding projects between Belize and Mexico is the international bridge which was completed back in 2009 but was not inaugurated because the construction of a stretch of road by Belize, did not take place; [...]

City Hall’s survey for disables Belama residents, an SJC success

A survey was conducted this morning in Belize City to identify residents who require help during disasters. The pilot phase of the project was in the Belama area where the City Emergency Management Organization began to collect information for its database with the support of students from St John’s College, who did the house to [...]

Western Spirit Cycling Team gets support from Bowen & Bowen

While the executive of the Belize Cycling Association held an unsuccessful congress in Santa Elena earlier on Saturday, the homegrown team Western Spirit of Cayo District, hosted an event to unveil their partnership with Bowen & Bowen Ltd.  The team, which has become a powerhouse on the national cycling scene, is officially being endorsed by [...]

One sportscaster; amazing Monday night sports highlights

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and welcome to this portion of Sports Monday.   Week thirteen of the PLB Season found FC Belize needing a win to keep their playoff hopes alive as they hosted Juventus of Orange Walk inside the MCC Grounds yesterday. Thus it’s no surprise that FC Belize roars out of the [...]


Mexico Pledges to Assist Belize With Connecting Road
Mexico has pledged to build the portion of the road that connects Belize to the new bridge connecting our two countries. At a ceremony held in Othon P Blanco Quintana Roo, Mexico on Friday, Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, said that with the opening of the bridge, further deve...

SJC Students Assist Belize City Council on Risk Assessment Survey
High School students from Saint John’s College in Belize City today canvassed the Belama Phases thee and Four areas. The fourth form students, in collaboration with the Belize City Council, are conducting a Risk Assessment Survey which will ultimately assist municipal autho...

National Trade Union Congress of Belize Elects Executive
The National Trade Union Congress of Belize held its 46th annual general meeting this past weekend in San Ignacio. The meeting had representation from eight of the nine affiliated unions. The keynote address was delivered by Labour Commissioner Ivan Williams who spoke on th...

Police News
Three persons were been charged with the murder of 28 year old James Noralez when they appeared in court today. They are 19 year old Tyrone Meighan, an unemployed of Banak Street; 27 year old Brandon Baptist, a construction worker of Police Street; and 24 year old Orel Lesl...

Two Men Murdered in Belize City
Last Friday night two men were also killed in separate incidents in Belize City, according to Martinez. “At approximately 7:13pm, Police visited Faber’s Road Extension, Belize City, where 28 year old James Norales of Linda Vista Area, mile 2 on the George Price Highway ...

Belize City Resident Murdered Inside His Home
On Sunday afternoon, a man was shot and killed inside his house in the Lake Independence area. Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez gave us the details. RAPHAEL MARTINEZ Police Press Officer Belize Police Department “At approximately 1:15pm police visited #...

Triple Homicide in Family Home in Ladyville
Three family members were murdered in the early hours of Sunday in Ladyville. Reporter Marion Ali has the story. MARION ALI News Reporter Love FM News “Residents of Mirage Road in Ladyville were awaken to terror at around 3:30 on Sunday morning when three me...


Man arrested for triple murdrer in Ladyville
There was a triple murder in Ladyville early Sunday morning. On Sunday morning at around 3:30, shots were heard rin...

James Norales Murdered in Belize City Friday Night
The death of James Norales occurred Friday night. Sometime around 7:00 pm, multiple gunshots were heard on Fabers R...

Criminal activities in Belmopan at La Cabana once again
There have been numerous reports of robberies, assaults and threats within the last few months; although not all of...

Home Invasion in Belmopan
there was more criminal activity in Belmopan. Two men on a dangerous mission found their mark in a remote area of t...

Another home invasion in Belize City
There was another home invasion in Belize City where another person was shot in his home. This also happened on Sun...

Deon Waight killed in Belize City
There was also another murder in the old capital. Deon Waight, a resident of Caesar Ridge Road ,was on his way to a...

Regional Meeting on Human Trafficking held in Belize City
The Fifth Regional Meeting of the Central American Regional Coalition against Human Trafficking was hosted in Beliz...

Purchase of Belize City Municipal Bonds began today
The Belize City Council launched the Municipal Bond last week in Belize City at a press conference hosted by Mayor ...

Belize's Under 15 national Football team is bringing home GOLD
Belize's Under 15 national Football team is bringing home GOLD. The team left for the Dominican Republic last week ...

Cricketers from the Falkland Islands are in Belize
Cricketers from the Falkland Islands are in Belize to play our national team and make a donation to Liberty Childre...

Belize government has agreed to grant Taiwan passport holders visa-free privileges
The Belize government has agreed to grant Taiwan passport holders visa-free privileges when traveling here. Belize ...

Police investigate mysterious death in Cristo Rey
A strange story is coming out of the West this evening. Yesterday at 2:00pm, Police were called the La Loma Luz Adv...


Return of the Croc!
One of Ambergris Caye's much-beloved restaurants re-opened the day after Thanksgiving, and -- of course -- we were there. Ens and Cheri are our neighbors, and not only that, they really know how to do barbeque right. Although we don't eat a lot of meat under normal circumstances, when we want to indulge our inner carnivores, nothing but the Lazy Croc will do. This is a sign we weren't sure we'd ever see again: They're starting out simple with their basic menu of pulled pork, ribs, chicken, and a few sides. Prices are the same as before, and there is a choice of four sides with your meal. A limited drink menu is included but no desserts. They told us they might add to the menu again over time, but wanted to begin again with the basics. Makes sense to us! Prices are in Belize dollars (divide by two for USD), and only cash is accepted. They're reserving their rear deck on the pond for private bookings, but they do have tables out front, or you can carry out. Barry had a nice chat with Ens by the smoker -- where the magic happens.

Guest Blogger: Carrie's Whirlwind Tour of Belize, Part One
Hello, fans - I'm another one of Rebecca's loyal readers, filling in for her while she visits Dirty Jersey (as we Philadelphians call it, lovingly, of course.) I lived in San Pedro for about 9 months last year, and now I'm on the mainland in the Stann Creek district with my man, a couple of cats, dogs, goats, chickens, and some great Maya mountain sunsets. I write about my experiences down here at my blog, Letters to My Friends Back Home - feel free to check it out :) (Note from the Scoop: Carrie's blog is as funny as it is informative. Her Philadelphia meets Central American "pioneer life" in the Belizean mountains and travels on the mainland are fascinating and awesome and sometimes make me feel like I'm living like a "city slicker" on Ambergris Caye. Follow her's one of my favorite blogs. And bonus! She shows pictures of herself AND looks fantastic in a bathing suit. Enjoy. And PS...I am including a map of the Belizean mainland if you aren't too familiar with the layout.) Back to Carrie: Anyway - on to the scooping! One of my best friends is down here visiting me from Pennsylvania, and I've been dragging her all over the country for the past six days. I just want her to get a feel for the whole country so that when she comes back in April she'll have a better idea of where she wants to spend her time, ya know? I met her at the Belize international airport on Friday morning and we took a taxi over to the Caye Caulker Water Taxi, and then headed to San Pedro for just one night (about an hour and 1/2 long trip). I won't tell you too much about our 24 hours in San Pedro since Rebecca keeps you well informed about all there is to do there, but I will you that we stopped in at the following places: Lola's Pub, Crazy Canucks, Jolly Rogers, Legends Burger House, Pedro's, Wild Mangoes, Ak'Bol, and the Palapa Bar - and we got to see some of the National Sailing Regatta while we walked along the beach...

21.12.2012 – End of Maya Calendar or A Period of AWAKENING ?
I’m 28 years old and I’m not sure if I’m doing exactly what it is that I’m supposed to be doing – professionally at least. Oh alright, in every aspect of my life. I’m getting to that age in a woman’s life (the dreaded thirties), where as a young girl you’re pretty sure you should have it all figured out, you should probably have kids already, at least one, and a husband, and dog? Ok, maybe not a dog, but the other stuff for sure. That said, the Maya Winter Solstice, in my mind, is the embodiment of spiritual soul searching, the end of an epic cycle and the beginning of a new one. So for me, it only makes sense that I align myself with this kind of energy that forces me to discard my old way of thinking, and to accept this new reality that I am not my old preconceived notions of where I should have been as I near 30. Or, at the very least you could consider letting me experience a few nights at what appears to be the most fabulous eco-lodge I’ve seen in recent times just because…(smile). Ok, to be fair, without the fluff, without insincerity, without feeling like I’m trying to sell myself and my reason in some pitch for a few nights at the lodge…I really do want to experience the Maya Winter Solstice.

A Friendly Kidnapping in Belize
I don’t often tell people I was kidnapped, as they tend to envision gunmen and extreme treks in a forest or months spent in a locked up room, waiting for ransom demands to be paid. My kidnapping wasn’t anything like that. Although it did have a dramatic escape plan. So here is the story – be warned though, this is a pretty long story, so sit back and get comfortable. Looking back it was quite an entertaining night, but at the time it was far from it. Chalk it up to having a few moments of naivety after a few too many beers. There were four of us out enjoying a night on the town in San Ignacio, Belize. It was hot and the Belikin beers were cold. But the bars all abruptly closed way too early. Fueled by alcohol, we wandered the streets looking for lights, looking for a bar. No luck. We reached the end of town and came to a bridge; and this is where our night adventure began. Enter Craig, the homeless guy.

International Sources

Monsanto Co. seeks to take over Mexico's heartland with GM maize
If their requests are approved by outgoing president Felipe Calderón, Monsanto Co. and DuPont will be planting 2,500,000 hectares (more than 6 million acres) of transgenic or GM maize in the heartland of Mexico. (Updated.) According to ETC Group, the consequences will be devastating for the heart of the center of origin and diversity for maize, and also globally. Mexico is considered to be the global repository of maize genetic diversity, as scientists have identified thousands of peasant varieties of maize. Should Monsanto's applications be approved, this would mark the world's first commercial-scale planting of GM varieties of a major food group, in it's center of origin. Basically this would wipe out all biodiversity, and all the various local varieties of maize, developed over around 7,000 years. This is an horrific "parting shot" against the Mexican people, courtesy of outgoing President Calderon. I have to wonder just what the quid pro quo was from Monsanto, and would bet that he has been handsomely compensated for this approval, should it happen. GM crops have been proven to cause tumors and abnormal growths in those animals which have been fed with it. Eating genetically modified corn (GM corn) and consuming trace levels of Monsanto's Roundup chemical fertilizer caused rats to develop horrifying tumors, widespread organ damage, and premature death. That's the conclusion of a shocking new study that looked at the long-term effects of consuming Monsanto's genetically modified corn. The study has been deemed "the most thorough research ever published into the health effects of GM food crops and the herbicide Roundup on rats." News of the horrifying findings is spreading like wildfire across the internet, with even the mainstream media seemingly in shock over the photos of rats with multiple grotesque tumors... tumors so large the rats even had difficulty breathing in some cases. GMOs may be the new thalidomide. "Monsanto Roundup weedkiller and GM maize implicated in 'shocking' new cancer study" wrote The Grocery, a popular UK publication.

Video of Mexican President speech:
Mexican president Felipe Calderon inaugurated the new international bridge and the Mexican facilities at the border Mexico-Belize, on 23 November 2012.

Quintana Roo, 23 November 2012.- On tour in the State of Quintana Roo, President Calderón inaugurated the Subteniente López II “Chactemal” Bridge, which will boost trade between Mexico and Belize. President Calderón remarked that opening the bridge will create more economic development and opportunities for progress for the families in the region. It will have appropriate spaces for promoting the development of customs operations, guaranteeing workers’ security and streamline the shipping of merchandise as well as the entry of passengers by bus and light vehicles. Infrastructure was improved and state of the art furniture and equipment was purchased. Infrastructure was improved and state-of-the-art furniture and equipment was purchased. The Customs Office is now better equipped to provide efficient service for users and strengthen Mexico‘s links with international markets. An investment of nearly 180 million pesos was required. During the current administration, over 31 billion pesos have been invested in modernizing the country’s customs houses, ten times more than during the previous administration. This effort will permit major projects to modernize customs houses such as those in Lázaro Cárdenas, Guadalajara and Tijuana.

Britain to Crack Down on Caribbean Tax Havens
A leaked document has revealed that Britain plans to impose its own version of the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) on its overseas territories, such as the Cayman Islands, as well as the crown dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. FATCA, which will come into force next year, requires foreign banks to report American account holders to the US Internal Revenue Service. The draft UK equivalent, seen by the magazine International Tax Review, will require British tax havens to make similar disclosures about UK account holders to UK tax authorities, London’s Observer newspaper reported. The move, which is expected to be unveiled in the chancellor's autumn statement and come into force in 2014, will have major consequences for those trying to hide their money offshore. "It's a complete bombshell for these places," Richard Murphy, a tax expert who has seen the draft plan, told the Observer. "Some people will try to flee, but this is going to change the whole of the offshore market." He explained that the draft plan amounted to the UK using US legislation to give tax havens an ultimatum: "It's either they give the UK the same data that they want to give the US or the UK won't pass their laws to let data flow to the US."

Taiwan secures 131st visa-waiver pact with Belize announcement
Belize, a Central American nation that formally recognizes Taiwan, has granted R.O.C. passport holders visa-waiver entry, President Ma Ying-jeou said yesterday. The move brings the number of countries and regions that have included Taiwan in their visa-waiver programs to 131. Ma made the announcement while receiving a Belizean delegation led by its Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington at the Presidential Office in Taipei yesterday. The president thanked the visiting five-person delegation for their country's decision, saying that the announcement is expected to further boost bilateral ties and enhance closer two-way exchanges. Previously, Belize joined four other countries that formally recognized Taiwan but did not grant visa-waiver privileges, Paraguay, Belize, and Sao Tome and Principe. In a statement released yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said more details about the latest visa-waiver program, including when it will take effect, will be made public soon. Blessed with a range of natural resources, the Central American ally is famous for its Barrier Reef, which is the second longest in the world, as well as its rainforests, the MOFA said. Many of the nation's natural wonders and Mayan cultural relics have gained UNESCO World Heritage Status, the ministry said.

TV Pick: Panorama – How To Dodge Tax
Sadly not a handy how-to guide (sorry Jimmy Carr) but the BBC's latest sweeping investigation. Conducted in collaboration with The Guardian, Panorama targets off-shore tax havens from Belize to Panama and companies exploiting loopholes to deny taxpayers billions of pounds. In a week when the activities of major corporations from Amazon to Google have come under fire, major questions are being asked about where blame should lie: in those paying the minimum to maximise profits or the law-makers creating the loopholes in the first place. Timely and important viewing.

New international bridge inaugurated between Mexico and Belize
On tour in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexican President Felipe Calderón has inaugurated the Subteniente López II “Chactemal” Bridge, which will boost trade between Mexico and Belize. Calderón remarked that opening the bridge will create more economic development and opportunities for progress for the families in the region. It will have appropriate spaces for promoting the development of customs operations, guaranteeing workers’ security and streamline the shipping of merchandise as well as the entry of passengers by bus and light vehicles. Infrastructure was improved and state of the art furniture and equipment was purchased. Infrastructure was improved and state-of-the-art furniture and equipment was purchased. The Customs Office is now better equipped to provide efficient service for users and strengthen Mexico‘s links with international markets. An investment of nearly 180 million pesos (US$13.8 million) was required.

Don't Fall For Fake Facebook Privacy Notice
A 'privacy notice' that's been virally spreading on Facebook, supposedly protecting one's personal details and data from unauthorized copying, is fake.