This morning, the Taiwanese Embassy and the office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children teamed up for a wheelchair donation. Seven news was there and here's how the contribution will be used:..

Monica Bodden reporting
Belize's Special Envoy for Women and Children- Kim Barrow along with the Taiwanese Embassy and CARE-Belize -this morning - donated 20 wheelchairs to physically challenged Belizeans and the Belize City Emergency Management Organization.

The 20 wheelchairs are a part of 150 mobility aid, which were obtained through the assistance of the Taiwanese Embassy.

The list includes 5 Adaptable pediatric wheelchairs, 10 Personal energy transportation carts, 20 Adaptable Adult Wheelchairs, 50 Standard children chairs, 55 Adult Folding Wheelchairs and 10 Table recliners.

The wheelchairs are valued at approximately fifty thousand dollars Belize and will be distributed through CARE-Belize.

Kim Simplis Barrow - Special Envoy for Women and Children
"Mobility and access to necessary equipment is among the many challenges faced by this population. Wheelchairs are always in high demand and many times specialized versions are out of the financial reach for individuals and families and so I am pleased that with the help of the Embassy of the Republic of China Taiwan the Special Envoy's office and CARE Belize - we were able to secure 150 such mobility aid."

"The list includes 5 adaptable pediatric wheelchairs, 10 personal energy transportation (PET carts), 20 adaptable wheelchairs, 50 standard wheelchairs, 55 adult folding wheelchairs and 10 table recliners. These chairs were purchase through an organization called Hope Haven International which employs persons with disabilities to build and assemble them. They are valued at approximately BZ$50, 000."

In his remarks, Ambassador David Wu mentioned that his government is pleased to continue supporting the wheelchairs to the organizations.

In January of this year Taiwan donated two hundred and fifty wheelchairs to a number of organizations and physically challenged Belizeans.

H.E. David Wu -Ambassador of Taiwan
"Today it is an honor and great pleasure for me to represent the Government of the Republic of China to do a handover of these 150 wheelchairs to Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow representing Special Envoy for Women and Children. This is the second time that the Embassy of the Republic of China Taiwan in Belize to donate the wheelchairs on behalf of an NGO in Taiwan, a private NGO which donate 150 wheelchairs to you Mrs. Kim Barrow and because of the assistance of CARE Belize - those chairs were distributed to the needy children in Belize. Last time we did it I saw the smiles and appreciation of the parents and we know that we had done the right thing. Then there came the telethon in last June when the support came from all over the country to support the construction of the Inspiration Center which is just beside me. I think this is a great project initiated by Mrs. Barrow."

Four of the chairs went to children in Belize City, 10 to residents of Orange Walk and Corozal, 1 to a child from Cayo, while Councilor in charge of CEMO, Phillip Willoughby, received 5.

Kim Simplis Barrow - Special Envoy for Women and Children
"The chairs will be distributed throughout the country and will no doubt be a welcome relief to persons without wheelchairs or those who are using chairs not suited to their specific conditions."

"The provisions of these chairs however, are just a part of the battle for persons with disabilities Barriers and transportation, building accessibility, education, healthcare and income earning persists as well as the ongoing stigma and discrimination. It is my hope that through education advocacy and public awareness we will eventually break down those walls which have kept persons with disabilities on the fringe of our society. I also hope that in about a year we will return to this very location for another big ceremony and celebration as we officially open the Inspiration Center."

At this morning's ceremony, which took place at the construction grounds of the Inspiration Center, two organizations and an individual took the opportunity to make financial donations towards the project.

Suzette Tillett - Human Recourses Manager, BTL
"This morning I am presenting a cheque to the Inspiration Center on behalf of the staff of BTL - this is donation separate to what the company has given for the telethon and this is the staff who actually donated the salary deductions and so forth, so this morning we are presenting this cheque on behalf of them to the center and it's a cheque for $10,000."

Edmund Quan - Chairman of the Chinese Association
"Today I am bringing a donation to the Inspiration Center from the proceeds from charity group that came to Belize and presents acrobats, it's a cheque for $5,000."

The wheelchairs are valued at approximately $50,000 Belize and are being distributed through CARE-Belize.

The donation is in time for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd, which is being observed under the theme, "Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all."

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