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Today's Belize News: November 28, 2012 #452112
11/28/12 09:38 AM
11/28/12 09:38 AM
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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Celebrating 28 years of Township
In 1984, November 27th to be exact, then-village chairman Gilberto “Chico” Gomez became the first Mayor of the newly declared municipality, San Pedro Town. 28 years later, we celebrate the anniversary of township, and the growth of the town on Ambergris Caye that began as a small fishing village only to become the country’s number one tourism destination. In an evening set to honor those who have made great contributions to the town, Mayor Daniel Guerrero and his council hosted a dinner soiree for approximately 100 specially invited guests. Present at the event were the historic first group of councilors, their spouses, past Mayors, educators, health care workers and more. Held at Elvi’s Kitchen, the event was filled with speeches that reminisced of the early days of township, and an observation of its growth through the hard work and determination of those who have been Mayors and Councilors, leaders and challengers. There was a special video presentation of the first mayor Chico Gomez, who was ill and could not attend the special evening. During his interview with Eiden Salazar of Reef Radio/Reef TV, Gomez spoke of the encouragement he received during the process of becoming a town. An interesting fact to note was that during the first year of township, there was no salary. Thereafter, the Mayor and Councilors received approximately $40 a month! He took the opportunity to encourage current leaders to listen to their people, to work hand in hand with each other to ensure that, at the end of the day, San Pedro Town benefits.

No arrest in Gregory Faull murder; wanted for questioning, McAfee remains in hiding
The Belize Police Department continues to investigate the murder of US national 52 year old Gregory Faull. A post mortem examination conducted on Tuesday, November 13th certified the cause of death to be, “brain damage due to injuries sustained from a gunshot wound to the head.” Faull was found dead on the morning of Sunday, November 11th and was last seen alive socializing sometime around 10:30PM on Saturday, November 10th at a resort north of his residence. A 9 millimeter shell was found on the second step of the stairs outside of his residence. While police have yet to make an arrest, they believe that Faull’s neighbor, 67-year-old computer antivirus pioneer John McAfee is a “key person” in the murder investigation and remains “a person of interest.” According to police he is wanted for questioning. Police Press Officer in the Ministry of National Security Raphael Martinez told The San Pedro Sun that not much has changed in the investigation since McAfee went into hiding but police believe McAfee could be a missing link to the murder investigation. “Mr. McAfee is still out there, somewhere and he is still wanted for questioning. He is still a person of interest and we are still appealing to him to come in to answer some brief questions so that we can get to the bottom of this murder investigation in San Pedro,” said Martinez who added “what he (McAfee) has to say will determine the direction of this case. I am sure the police are trying to piece together quite a few [pieces of] evidence. The investigation is still ongoing so we don’t want to mention a lot of things that are happening at this point. What I can say is that Mr. McAfee is needed to fill in some of the pieces that are missing in this entire crime scene.” Meanwhile police have also focused part of their investigation on exhuming the remains of four dogs that according to McAfee’s girlfriend, he [McAfee] shot in the head. According to online media, McAfee claims that he mercifully shot the dogs after discovering that they had been poisoned. “We are trying to determine if the bullets recovered from the dogs come from the same gun used in the murder,” said Martinez who explained that the slugs have been removed from the head of the dogs and are at the Belize Police Forensic Laboratory for ballistic testing. Martinez said that the result of the testing will be completed “shortly” but did not indicate a time frame, stating that the findings will not be made available to the general public right away due to the status of the investigation.

Sunday Funday at Canuck’s…come on over!
There is so much of Belize to write about, coming up with just one thing to share with readers is a task unto itself. But with an open invitation from our friends down at Canuck’s to experience their legendary Sunday Fun Day, it wasn’t too hard to decide this week’s fun topic. Sundays on Ambergris Caye are generally considered family day. As you drive along our various beaches, you find families with what would appear to be their entire dining room – arranged on the beach; socializing, eating and basically spending quality time with each other. Although that certainly is an option, another favorite past time for ex-pats as well as locals is Crazy Canuck’s Sunday Fun Day. Located on the beach at the Exotic Caye Beach resort grounds, Canuck’s is a short ten-minute walk along the beach from the Airstrip, or a five minute taxi ride from anywhere in town. There’s something about a slow stroll along the beach that seems to provide a very calming effect on me. With Sunday’s weather holding up beautifully, the choice was clear indeed – a walk over it was! Canuck’s has somewhat of a rustic charm to it. It’s very welcoming and Rob and Krista are absolutely amazing at making sure that all their patrons are well taken care of. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio USA – the couple visited the island about a year ago and fell in love with the place. They knew they wanted to live here, so it was just figuring out what they’d do to become a part of the community. Canuck’s was available and they jumped at the opportunity.

Ambergris Today

Abner Marin Competes in National Geographical King Fisher Series
Local fisherman and tour guide Abner "Abby" Marin will be in the international spotlight once again! He has gotten the opportunity to star in an upcoming television competition series that will highlight one of the major attractions to the country – Fishing. A film crew from National Geographic HD was on the island this past weekend taking footage for their latest fishing competition series, King Fishers. Abby has over 25 years of fly fishing experience and can be considered as San Pedro's top fly fishing guide and angler. Abby has been internationally described as "the Michelangelo with a fly rod when it comes to bone finishing". This is one of the many reasons that Abby was chosen to represent Belize to compete against two other anglers for the title of King Fishers. National Geographic's King Fishers Series will air in summer 2013 and will feature 30 anglers from around the world in a total of ten episodes. Three anglers from different countries will travel to each competitor’s country where they will compete in fishing and will host the other two anglers to a cultural experience.

Mexico Pledges to Assist Belize with Connecting Road to Bi-National Border Bridge
Quintana Roo, 23 November 2012.- On tour in the State of Quintana Roo, President Calderón inaugurated the Subteniente López II “Chactemal” Bridge, which will boost trade between Mexico and Belize. President Calderón remarked that opening the bridge will create more economic development and opportunities for progress for the families in the region. It will have appropriate spaces for promoting the development of customs operations, guaranteeing workers’ security and streamline the shipping of merchandise as well as the entry of passengers by bus and light vehicles. Infrastructure was improved and state-of-the-art furniture and equipment was purchased. The Customs Office is now better equipped to provide efficient service for users and strengthen Mexico‘s links with international markets. An investment of nearly 180 million pesos was required.

Misc Belizean Sources

VIDEO: The Harvest: Mast Brothers Chocolate
In recognition of the people who cultivate, nurture and ultimately harvest the fruit from which chocolate is made. Shot on location in San Felipe, Belize, with a special thanks to Maya Mountain Cacao ( Video: E. Conor Hagen Music: "Angelitos Negros" by Los Indios Tabajaras

Jim Howard strapped himself into the Cessna 172P and beside him in the cockpit sat the pilot painstakingly and carefully performing the pre-flight checks. As the plane took off, the pilot at the controls was 18 year old Hugh Alvin Wade, a junior at Hobe Sound College, where he is now 6 months away from obtaining his BA in Inter-Cultural Communications and Aviation. Hugh took his first solo flight at the age of 16 in Corozal, Belize after taking lessons with retired USA Air Force Colonel, Gordon Scott. While many of his friends and classmates spent the summer relaxing, Hugh was in the Amazon Jungle for half of the summer drilling water wells for the indigenous people of Peru and Brazil and the other half at Clearflight’s facility in Fort Pierce, Fl. with his heart set on earning his private license. For seven and a half weeks, he attended ground school, learning the theory on how to make a flight plan; how to calculate weight and balance; how to navigate; the rules of airspace; and understanding the mechanics of planes. He also took air traffic control classes and took many solo flights across Florida. After an evaluation flight and an oral test by an FAA examiner, he took one last two-hour flight with the FAA examiner that would determine whether he would receive his license. When he landed the plane, Hugh said “I was so happy; all I heard was 'Congratulations.'" Friends and classmates ask him if he is worried about accidents and he said absolutely not. "You have more of a chance crashing on the road with people driving erratically," he said. “In a plane, you have the control tower looking out for you. Young Hugh Wade takes his role in the cockpit seriously, and he approaches his future in the same way. After graduation next year, he plans on continuing to earn his instrument ratings required to fly commercial passenger planes, and his certified flight instructor rating. As an instructor, he can teach and earn money, all while accumulating the necessary flight hours required to reach his ultimate goal: becoming a pilot for a major commercial airline by the time he is 23, the minimum age set by the FAA. When asked for his advice to young people, he said "If you set a goal, accomplish it.” “Always set goals and shoot for them."

VIDEO: Amigos Surface Interval at Half Moon Caye
Two dives completed, Blue Hole and Half Moon Wall at Lighthouse Reef. Time for a break! Join us for world class diving.

The Cayo Event Calendar
The Cayo Event Calendar also has a new, simple, quick-loading link

The 8th Annual Women Writers Conference will be at the University of Belize today. "The Women In Literature class presents: An opportunity to embrace and acknowledge women who have contributed to our literary development and, at the same time, reach out to emerging writers. Wednesday, November 28th. UB Jaguar Auditorium. 1:30 - 3:30. Refreshments will be provided."

Cayo Art Festival Airbender Display
Ashanti the Airbender performed a yoga dance fusion at the Cayo Art Festival. Great moves, Ashanti! "'Still, I RISE', is an asana dance fusion, which combines the movements of various dance styles such as ballet, contemporary and hip-hop fused with numerous simple and intricate asanas (yoga postures). Performance by Airbender Performer at the Cayo Art Festival 2012"

SIRH Full Moon Dinner
Today, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel will have their full moon dinner. Celebrate the last full moon before the end of the Mayan calendar. "Tomorrow is the Full Moon Dinner with Live Music! Don't miss out! Make a reservation now at [email protected]"

Los Tambos "Culture Day"
The Institute for Social and Cultural Research paid a visit to Los Tambos Government School. "Benque HOC congratulates the parents, students and staff for their efforts to educate their children as best as possible with the limit resource they have. At the same time we thank the staff of ISCR, especially to Mrs Irene and Mison and of course the Museum of Belize Director, Ms Jones."

SHJC's Open Day Today
Sacred Heart Junior College's Open Day is today, from 10am until 6pm. One of their students created a great map detailing all the activities and where the different departments will be setting up. The computer department will have a robots display. They'll also be giving away a full year scholarship. In the afternoon, there will be a marketing expo. Go see what SHJC has to offer. "Here's a campus map designed just for Wednesday's SHJC's Open Day 2012. Done by our very own IT student Kenny Lamb. It gives a neat summary of what you can expect on this day::: Scholarship info, 50% off admissions fee (valid up to March 2013), Win a one year full scholarship, mini volleyball & football tournament, SHJC Marketing Expo. It's too much for you to miss out on!"

Guava Jelly
Although I don't like the smell of gauva, I've always loved the jam or jelly. This recipe is simple, but the taste is exquisite. After trying this recipe, you will try to make jelly or jam with many different fruits.

CCTOA Raising the bar!!
It was the initiative of a number of the motor boat snorkel operators who felt that the price ‘war’ that was being fought on the streets was going to take many of them out of business!! The increase in taxes and gas, the fact that gas is no longer tax deductable and therefore the increase in all costs of running these tours meant that all Operators have been finding it hard to run the efficiently run tours they know they should be putting out. The Caye Caulker Tour Operations Association (CCTOA) was formed a few weeks ago with Mario Verde of Mario’s Tours being the president, Vice President Hans Badillo of E-Z Boy Tours, Eduardo Arceo of Liberty Tours is the Treasurer, Edith Chavarria (Manager and office genius) at Raggamuffin being the Secretary – Board Members Carlos Arce of Hicaco Tours, Shedrock Ash of French Angel Fish, Heather Martin of Tsunami. This official and registered Association will work together with the Belize Tourist Board’s Tour Operators Committee to ensure that all Operators on Caye Caulker maintain a quality level of service and to ensure that they maintain the new price of the tours. The CCTOA will ensure that those who do not operate within these guidelines will be subject to losing their License to operate and therefore ensuring that all Tour Operators on Caye Caulker maintain the highest of standards!! This is a great relief to all in the industry and for all future customers who can ensure that our collective services are excellent so that all persons who visit here come back with wonderful experiences and indeed memories of our beloved island Caye Caulker!

Channel 7

Accused Family Killer Hangs His Head At Court
Jared Ranguy is accused of killing his mother, his sister and his stepfather - and today, the 26 year old was taken to court to be arraigned for three murders. He was calm and police had him cuffed. He wore a hooded sweater and hung his head low so that the cameras could not capture his face. And that behavior fits in with what he is reported to have told police - that he is ashamed of what has happened and his family members now have to live with the shame of him being responsible for this. That is what he said to police, but not in a confession statement; in his statement, we are told, he talks about sleepwalking. As we reported, 51 year-old Karen Skeen Vellos, her daughter, 32 year-old Tina Beth Skeen, and her husband, 72 year-old Robert Earl Vellos Sr., were killed inside their home on Marage Road someone around 3 a.m. on Sunday. Karen Skeen Vellos - Jared's mother was stabbed to death; she had puncture wounds to the chest and neck, while Robert Vellos was shot to the back of his head, both in their bedroom. In her own bedroom, police found Tina Beth Skeen with gunshot wounds to the right side of her head and her right hand. Inside the house, police also found Ranguy half-naked with a machete in his hand screaming.

Did "EMO Cult" Lead To Suicide In Cristo Rey?
We don't usually report on suicides, but yesterday we told you about the disturbing case of a 36 year old who killed himself - supposedly because of a connection to what he called the EMO cult. Now, whether EMO is actually an organized cult - or just the imaginings of distressed minds is a matter of some debate. But, it has been linked to a troubling number of suicides in Western Belize - mostly involving teenagers. This man, though, was an adult - and his father told Daniel Ortiz today - that he was in the grips of delusion: Daniel Ortiz reporting 36 year-old Marvin Tut's life ended somewhere along this trail. Police believe that he slit his own throat with a broken bottle, realized the seriousness of what he did and walked 150 yards up the trail to get help. His friend found him here, and tried to get him to the nearest hospital, but it was too late. He bled out from that wound to the throat. Today, his dad revealed that Marvin Tut was having hallucinations, and some kind of mental breakdown.

GSU Gets Guns, Says PIV Gang Is Moving East
The GSU was at it again today with a pre-dawn raid which they say pursued specific gang and drug targets. Between 5:00 and 9:00, a search was conducted at the residence of what the GSU calls a known drug peddler on Faber's Road. Nothing incriminating was found on the premises, but one hundred and fourteen grams - about four ounces of cannabis was found along the zinc fence outside the yard in a black plastic bag stuffed in a KLIM pan. Because it was detected outside the property it was labeled as found property. A search was also conducted at the residence of another drug peddler on Raccoon Street extension between 9am and 11am but nothing incriminating was found. But in front of the yard thrown in with in a pile of garbage, the GSU found a Clorox bottle with two hundred and eighty six grams of cannabis - about 10 ounces - inside a black plastic bag. That was also labeled found property. At 11 am the GSU officers moved on to an apartment complex on Mopan Street that led to two apartments occupied by reputed members of the PIV gang. The GSU reports that "one of the apartments was occupied by 12 key members of the PIV Gang."

Do These Stolen Items Look Familiar?
Do any of these items look familiar? Do they belong to you? The items including assorted jewelry, cell phones, digital cameras, watches, a kit bag full of coins, a handbag and even a thick billfold of US and Belize dollars have been recovered by police over a period of time. If they're yours, and more importantly, if you can prove ownership - the items can be viewed at the Queen Street Police Station.

Farrakhan Will Make Third Visit To Belize
Nation of Islam Leader Minister Louis Farrakhan will make his third visit to Belize in December. He is on a five nation Caribbean Tour and will arrive in Belize on December 6th for a four day visit. He will have a number of appearances and addresses - starting with a youth rally at Bird's Isle. He will also speak to the entire prison population at Kolbe Central Prison. And, as he did in his prior visits in 1975 and 1986, he will address the general public at Bird's Isle in a night-time gathering. And while that is the public part of the visit, Farrakhan will also meet with the Governor General, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition and be hosted at an official welcoming reception sponsored by Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington. His Caribbean Tour started last week in Grenada and moves next to Barbados, then Dominica, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Belize and ends in the Bahamas. Farrakhan has Caribbean roots: his father is from Jamaica and his mother is from St. Kitts.

Arrests For Mango Creek Robberies
Police have finally confirmed those Mango Creek robberies we told you about on Friday night. It's stale news by now, but it's still worth reporting that the small village witnessed two armed robberies within five days. And the evidence now is that they were probably both conducted with the same stolen shotgun - a 12 gauge Remington, which was taken in a burglary in the village on the 12th. On Thursday 15th November, at 11:45pm, three masked, gloved men stormed into El Buen Amigo Bar with the shotgun and ordered all customers to lie on the floor. They stole cah, cell phone and even a bicycle. Almost a week later, on Wednesday 21st November, at 7:00 pm two dark skinned men wearing stockings over their faces and armed, again, with a 12 gauge shotgun, stormed into the shop and demanded money. They again stole cash, cell phones and, in this case, cigarettes. Police have made arrests though. They recovered $300 dollars and arrested and jointly charged Carl Thomas THOMPSON, from Independence Village and Anthony Steve MARTINEZ, also of Independence Village for Robbery.

A Much Needed Donation Of Wheelchairs
This morning, the Taiwanese Embassy and the office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children teamed up for a wheelchair donation. Seven news was there and here's how the contribution will be used:.. Monica Bodden reporting Belize's Special Envoy for Women and Children- Kim Barrow along with the Taiwanese Embassy and CARE-Belize -this morning - donated 20 wheelchairs to physically challenged Belizeans and the Belize City Emergency Management Organization. The 20 wheelchairs are a part of 150 mobility aid, which were obtained through the assistance of the Taiwanese Embassy. The list includes 5 Adaptable pediatric wheelchairs, 10 Personal energy transportation carts, 20 Adaptable Adult Wheelchairs, 50 Standard children chairs, 55 Adult Folding Wheelchairs and 10 Table recliners. The wheelchairs are valued at approximately fifty thousand dollars Belize and will be distributed through CARE-Belize.

Municipal Bond Much Better Than Expected
The first tranche of the municipal bond has been oversubscribed! That means they've gotten offers to buy more bonds than they're selling at this time. In a quite remarkable turn of events - the Mayor today reported that they have gotten offers to buy 16.5 million dollars in bonds. That's 16.5 million dollars in offers - when the first tranche offering is for only ten million dollars. It's a major sign of confidence - and a major boost for city hall - which now has the enviable task of picking who gets how much of the first tranche offering. The second tranche of 5 million is scheduled to be deployed next year.

Belize Makes A Mark In U-15 Football
Whenever a selection of Belizean athletes enters a sporting event - we're always the underdogs, due to population and a lack of training and facilities. But, in sports, the biggest intangible is heart, you can't buy it or coach it; either you have it or you don't. And a team of Belizean under 15 footballers proved that they had an abundance of heart when they travelled to the Dominican Republic for a competition last week. They came home today and 7news along with excited family members were at the airport to greet them:... Jules Vasquez reporting A hero's welcome awaited the players of the Belmopan Football Talent School Selection at the international airport. They came out of the arrival lounge to the embraces of family. And they earned those embraces by bringing home the hardware that which is so sought after but so rarely seen, a championship cup - Gold in the Dominican Republic U-15 Football Tournament. The under 15 players also got a VIP welcome from the Minister of Sports - and their own press conference in the airport's VIP room.

Channel 5

Belize U-15 football team brings the gold from the Dominican Republic
With an abundance of negative news in our daily newscasts, we lead tonight with an uplifting story involving our youths. The Under Fifteen National Football team returned to Belize today from Santo Domingo where they went up against top notch teams. The local team outmaneuvered participating teams, including Mexico, winning all games to clinch the [...]

Jared Ranguy formally charged for the murder of his family
A family of three was cold bloodedly murdered execution style at their Ladyville early on Sunday morning. Robert Vellos Senior, his wife Karen Skeen, and her daughter Teena Skeen were shot in their heads before four o’clock on Sunday morning. Karen’s son Jared Ranguy was immediately detained and about forty-eight hours later, he was brought [...]

What do you think is best to reduce crime?
Tonight’s question is: What do you think is best to reduce crime; Draconian Legislation, Social Programs or the Death Penalty? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected]

Leader of the Islam Nation prepares for 3rd visit to Belize
Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, has begun a tour of five countries within the Caribbean. The journey, which began last Wednesday in Grenada, will see the controversial religious and social leader visit Barbados, Dominica, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Belize and the Bahamas, respectively. Minister Farrakhan will arrive in Belize on December [...]

One hundred fifty wheelchairs go to needy, physically challenged Belizeans
Mobility is a huge challenge for persons living with disabilities but this morning a number of them received devices that will make their lives easier and more comfortable. The Embassy of Taiwan has for the second time this year made a sizeable donation of wheelchairs and other mobility aids to the Special Envoy for Women [...]

14 year old accused stepfather of sexual abuse
There is a disturbing report from Crooked Tree tonight. A fourteen year old student is claiming that she has been carnally known by her stepfather. The young girl has reported to the police that since early July her step father has been having sexual intercourse with her. Police are looking for the alleged perpetuator and [...]

3rd suspect is charged for robbery of Immigration Officer and businessman
A third man accused of the June 2012 robbery at gunpoint of Immigration Officer, Lindsay Wade was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on two counts of robbery. He is Russell Vernon, a Stevedore, who appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. Vernon is accused of stealing four cell phones and jewelry from Wade and [...]

A minor and Cruz Encalada are charged for Ladyville burglary
The house of Kenworth Tillett located in the Ladyville area was burglarized almost two weeks ago. Stolen were over ten thousand dollars worth of items including a wedding ring, a flat screen television set and a racer bicycle. This morning, a seventeen year old minor who claims he is a fisherman was charged along with [...]

Gang Suppression Unit operations pull in drugs, guns and ammunition
The Gang Suppression Unit this afternoon conducted several operations aimed at specific drug infested areas. The first search took place early this morning at the house of an alleged drug peddler on Faber’s Road. While nothing incriminating was found inside the house, the GSU says it found one hundred and fourteen grams of cannabis on [...]

Human Rights Commission wants crime control measures enforced properly
Early on Sunday afternoon, there was a murder on Mahogany Street. William Felix Francis was not only killed inside his house, he was murdered in a crime ridden area, which at the time was under heavy police presence. Government is relying on the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act to deploy police and military in [...]

Dance X returns with Dallas Black and Belize’s Jamie Thompson among performers
For the second time, NICH will be hosting Dance X and this year, it is dedicated to the Mayas. One of the big attractions will be performances by Jamie Thompson, who is from the Dallas Black Dance Theatre. Thompson’s dancing career started from his schooldays in Belize and he made it big when he moved [...]

Clarification to statement made on the Dickie Bradley Special
For the record and as a matter of clarification, our phones have been ringing off the hook from persons who tuned in to the Dickie Bradley Show on Monday night. The callers are pointing out that contrary to what was said on the show, the U.D.P. was not in office when the Maritime Areas Act [...]

Looking back at the late Karen Skeen, cancer activist
Karen Skeen, her husband Robert Vellos and daughter Teena were savagely executed before the break of dawn as they slept at their Ladyville house on Sunday morning. The heinous murder has stunned the entire community; not only because of its gravity but because the suspect is Karen’s son. Karen is a well-known figure who for [...]


Two Jointly Charged for Burglary
Two persons, 23 year old Cruz Encalada and a 17 year old boy, were charged with a burglary in which items and money amounting to over $10,000.00 were stolen, when they appeared in court today. A third person, a woman, has also been charged but she was not arraigned because she is...

Minor Tells Police She Was Sexually Active With Stepfather
A minor has reported that she has been engaging in sexual intercourse with her stepfather. According to reports a fourteen year old student from Crooked Tree Village visited the Ladyville Police Sub Formation accompanied by her mother. The girl reported that since the secon...

Panama Ambassador to Belize Presents Credentials to Governor General
Ambassador of Panama to Belize Joaquin Carrasquilla today presented his credentials to Governor General Sir Colville Young at Belize House in Belmopan. During his presentation, Ambassador Carasquilla told the Governor General quote “Your Excellency, it is with the most hear...

Special Needs Children Receive Donation From Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize
One hundred and fifty children from across the country today received wheelchairs which came through a donation from the Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, David Wu. Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow, was the intermediary who led the charge and received the wheelcha...

Women's Group in Ladyville Calls on GOB For Police Resources
The Women Inspired for Change, a women’s group based in Ladyville has denounced the triple murder and have called on the Minister of Police to provide the Ladyville Police Station with adequate resources to deal with the growing crime rate there and neighbouring Lord’s Bank...

Brother/Son Charged for Triple Murders
Police have arrested and charged twenty six year old Jared Ranguy of Ladyville with three counts of murder. This follows the brutal slaying of his mother Karen Skeen, stepfather Robert Earl Vellos Sr. and his sister Teena Skeen in the early hours of Sunday at their home on Ma...


Panamanian Ambassador His Excellency Joaquin E. Carrasquilla Presented Credentials To The Governor General Of Belize
Today Panamanian Ambassador His Excellency Joaquin E. Carrasquilla presented Credentials to the Governor General of Belize in Capital City Belmopan. Upon making his presentation, Ambassador Carrasquilla told the Governor-General and we quote “Your Excellency, it is with the most heartfelt pleasure that I am presenting here my Letters of Credence as my country’s Ambassador to your beautiful country. I will make sure that the already existing ties of friendship and cooperation are further expanded and I am very much interested in also increasing our business and commercial exchanges”. For his part, Governor-General His Excellency Sir Colville Young, expressed to Ambassador Carrasquilla that Belize is looking forward to those bilateral, commercial and business exchanges.

Bad Sugar Road Condition Poses A Challenge For Canefarmers
As mentioned in the story cane farmers are facing a number of challenges for this year’s crop season including the bad conditions of sugar roads and high fuel prices. These concerns were laid on the table during a meeting held yesterday in Belmopan between members of the BSCFA Committee of Management and the Minister of Works Honorable Rene Montero. “Le presentamos nuestras quejas que tenemos sugar roads que no se han tocado y la zafra empezó hoy y realmente lo que nos esta ayudando pues es el clima y gracias a Dios que el canero pueda transitar porque en un tiempo de lluvia el canero no iba a transitar en estos momentos y el ministro se comprometió de que va a luchar ver un día en la próxima semana que pueda viajar aquí al norte y que tengamos una junta con le y los representantes del norte para que asi podamos ventilar todas estas problemáticas que tenemos y a ver como el gobierno puede apoyar para por lo menos remediar esos caminos que están en mala situación en estos momentos. También le pedimos al ministro de que pusieran señales en los highways porque estamos trabajando ahora entrega por horario y tenemos una entrega de 24 horas y a veces a Orange Walk le toca de noche o a veces a Corozal le toca de noche y lo necesitamos para minimizar cualquier accidente que pueda suceder en el highway.” A date for the Ministers visit to Orange Walk is yet to be set.

2012/2013 Crop Season Gets Underway
At exactly ten this morning the 2012/2013 crop season officially got underway with the test group from Guinea Grass and San Roman being the first to deliver cane to the factory. The aim of both the producer and the miller is to ensure a delivery of 1.1 million tons of cane to the factory producing 110 to 114 thousand tons of sugar at a TCTS of 10 percent. CTV3 News was at B.S.I when the first truck drove through the gates of the factory. Smoke bellowing from the chimneys and the long line of trucks loaded with cane was evidence that the 2012/2013 crop season was underway. At exactly ten this morning the first truck drove through the gates of the factory followed by many others. With a successful 2011/2012 crops season now part of history the challenge now is to meet this year’s projection delivery of 1.1 million tons of cane. Alfredo Ortega- Chairman BSCFA, COM “Me siento muy contento de ver la calidad de cana que los caneros están trayendo realmente de que se da un gusto ver el tipo de cana, la limpieza y la frescura de la cana que están entregando yo creo de que dando este primer paso esta demostrando de que el canero realmente esta consiente ahora de que es calidad de cana.” Carmelita Perez – Reporter “Que esperan del canero y que esperan del BSI igualmente?” Alfredo Ortega- Chairman BSCFA, COM “Bueno del canero queremos su cooperación y estamos viendo su inicio y queríamos ver de que en este inicio del día de hoy sea para hasta el ultimo día de zafra también de que estén entregando este tipo de material y los que estamos esperando de BSI es de que se cumplan de que lo se esta mencionando de que van a tener una molienda no menos de 7000 por día y si esto sucede combinado los dos entonces esto nos da un potencial adonde les da mas ánimos al canero para realmente integrarse en lo que se refiere a la cosecha y que entreguen cana limpia, fresca y madura al ingenio.” This year instead of milling 6,000 tons of cane per day, the factory plans to mill 7,000 tons that’s an increase of 1,000 tons more per day. The question now is with a shortage of cane due to the infestation of frog hopers, will cane farmers be able to meet the daily target?

Belize's Under Fifteen Football Makes History As They Bring The Gold Home
This morning the Philip Goldson International Airport was invaded by the media and it was not due to the arrival of some major international superstar. In fact the media was there to welcome back Belize’s superstars, the Belmopan Football Talent School Selection which arrived home from the Dominican Republic after participating in an under 15 football tournament. The team did not make it back empty handed, in fact they made history as they won the gold cup. Our news team was there for the arrival of the super champions and filed the following report. Belize’s under 15 football team travelled to the Dominican Republic on Tuesday November 20th to participate in an under 15 football competition. The team, coached by Kenneth Budna and Santiago Valencia went undefeated throughout the tournament and today they arrived home with the gold cup. Believe it or not this is a historic win for Belize since it is the first time that the jewel actually wins an International Football Tournament. As the team boarded off the American Airlines plane that landed at the PGIA at 11.20am, they were greeted by family members, friends and supporters. Here in the north we have much to celebrate as four of the players Dmitir Fabro, Roger Solerzano and Marlon Garcia and Randy Agustin have played in the Mundialtio, organized by Fiesta Fm’s very own Menelio Gutierrez and sponsored by the Honourable John Briceno for the past six years.

6.9 Million Dollar Budget Approved By Canefarmers
On Sunday November 25th the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association held their annual General Meeting at Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico where the Committee of Management presented a $6.9 million dollars budget for the year 2012/2013, to cane farmers. As mandated by the Sugar Act and Fair Trade, where the 6.9 million comes from, cane farmers must accept the budget before the money can be diverse to the different projects. For cane farmers, past budget presentations have proven to be one hard pill to swallow and this year it was no different. But after much back and forth, the budget was approved. Alfredo Ortega- Chairman, BSCFA, COM “Bueno estamos hablando de que si el canero no trae sus cana limpia como de be de ser se le va a regresar y que vaya a limpiar esa cana y si esa cana viene y el químico dice que no pasas el test y si no alcanza la medida que debe de ser para el test pues simplemente esa cana no se va aceptar se va reusar.” Carmelita Perez – Reporter “Los caneros han sido informados de estas sanciones, están de acuerdo?”

Financial Challenges nearly Impeded Under 15 Team To Travel To Dominican Republic
The Belize under 15 team travelled to the Dominican Republic under the umbrella of the Belmopan Based Youth with a Mission Program, directed by Santiago Valencia. The team was mostly made up of at risk youths from the Belmopan area but also included players from Dangriga, Belize City and Orange Walk Town. Players were trained at the FFB Field under the supervision of FFB Technical Director Renan Couoh. But reaching to the Dominican Republic was no easy task and the coaches, along with the parents of the players, were confronted with a number of challenges before making the trip. Financing was the main hurdle. During a press conference held today at the VIP lounge of the PGIA, the tremendous achievement accomplished by the selection was recognized. Santiago Valencia- Coach “It started off just rescued kids from our community doing mischief to doing something positive with their lives and that is where we started off and am proud to say that I have five of the Roaring Creek boys that accompanies us in this journey, but when it turned out that I met Mr. Cowo and he saw what we were doing and he came on board and he said that is a good thing and he said we could raise up something bigger that this and we have been working together and all of this would never happen without this man right here so in my book it all belong to him right here and to these guys too.” The trip was definitely costly and if it wasn’t for the business community, parents and other sponsors, the young athletes would not have been able to compete in the tournament.


Risk assessment survey conducted in Belize City
High School students from Saint John’s College in Belize City today [VO STARTS] canvassed the Belama Phases thee and Four areas. Over a hundred fourth form students, in collaboration with the Belize City Council, were conducting a Risk Assessment Survey which will ultimately assist municipal authorities in providing vital assistance to persons with special needs during times of emergencies. At the start of the survey taking this morning, Love News asked City Councilor with responsibly for Emergency Management Phillip Willoughby what is the importance of the Risk Assessment Survey. Under the supervision of staff of the Belize City Council, the students went house to house collecting the data which will be collated and analyzed by the Human Development Department, the City Emergency Management Organization and the National Emergency Management Organization. Dylan Lawrence is one of the SJC surveyors. Willoughby says that follow up visits will be conducted by City Council staff to interview those who were not at home when the students visited today.

Toledo observes 16 Days of Activism
A display with information on domestic violence and women’s legal rights was held this morning in Punta Gorda town. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

Duo charged with burglary; stolen items recovered
Two men were charged eight offences, among them three counts of burglary for items amounting to over $21,000.00 when they appeared in Court today. They are 22 year old Quincy Gentle, a construction worker of Mosul Street and 39 year old Deon Warrior, a carpenter of Bride’s Alley. The other charges included three counts of handling stolen goods, one count of conspiracy to commit burglary and one count of conspiracy to commit handling stolen goods. They pled not guilty to the charges. The prosecutor had objected but Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser offered each of them a bail of fifteen thousand dollars and adjourned their case until January 9. The incident occurred on Thursday, November 22. The police reported that two persons entered as trespassers the home of Sandra Young and went into three different sections of the house and stole jewelry, money and other items. On November 24, the police recovered all of the stolen items.

Controversy surrounds donation of ambulances to Belize
In August of this year Love News reported on a donation of two ambulances that was to be stationed at Southern Regional Hospital. The donation came about through the efforts of the All People Foundation based in Chicago. Today Rodney Nunez of the Foundation called in to Love FM’s Morning Show to say that they have been unable to move the ambulances to Belize. Joseph Guerrero from the Foundation also shared his views on the inability of the foundation to achieve its goal of getting the ambulances to Belize. Doctor Peter Allen is the CEO in the Ministry of Health. Contrary to what was expressed this morning, Dr. Allen said there are no plans to send the ambulances to any other part of the country as they were specifically handed over for Dangriga. Sharon Ramclam is the General Manager of Belize Natural Energy and she told Love News they have been doing their best in trying to get the ambulances to Belize at the cheapest cost. Love News will continue to monitor this story.

Cable Company offers lower internet prices
Earlier this year on September 27, Minister of Energy, Science and Technology and Public Utilities, Joy Grant unveiled the ministry’s strategic plan. In essence, the information presented was that Belize is behind other countries in the region when it comes to Science and Technology and there was a call for more to be done in this fast pace sector of development. One of these areas was internet availability to Belizeans, especially the affordability of the service. Following this, at the beginning of the month Prime Minister Barrow announced that BTL will be doubling internet speed they offer to customers, and at the same time cutting the prices by half. Well, it seems the game is on as two days ago, Centaur Communications Ltd from Orange Walk has announced it will also be doubling its internet speed and lowering the price for it, lower than what BTL offers. Centaur Communications Ltd is a cable company owned by PUP Orange Walk Central Area Representative, John Briceño and his brother Jaime. Love News spoke with John Briceño about the new lower prices. The lowest speed, 256 kilobits is being offered 35 dollars monthly while one megabit is now for 100 dollars with no extra fee. A survey of the Caribbean conducted earlier this year showed that Belize’s internet rates and speed are among the highest and lowest respectively in the region. Briceno’s Centaur Communication Ltd has a network that extends from Ladyville to the Cororzal Free Zone and has thousands of customers connected to the cable network. At the moment the company is offering free installation until the end of the year.

Annual Open Day at Ebenezer Primary
The student body of almost 300 at Ebenezer Primary on barrack Road today displayed to the public their knowledge and insights into the cultures of various ethnic groups that make up Belize. The annual open-day featured students who shared a bit of history on each of the ethnic groups, their food, beliefs and dress codes, as well as entertainment by professional Maya and Garifuna musicians. Love News stopped in for a look and spoke with the Principal, Gaynor Munnings, who said that this is like any other school day, just with a bit of food, hype and entertainment to make it more interesting for the learning audience. The children themselves were not shy to show us what they’ve studied and come to appreciate about each other’s cultures. Ebenezer Primary thanks its past teachers and Parent/Teachers’ Association for actively taking part and helping to make their cultural open day a success.

Youth escapes from a deadly accident in Belize City
A Belize City youth escaped injury when his bicycle was crushed by a vehicle this afternoon. Cory Martelles was on his way to the Nazarene High School compound around one o’clock this afternoon, when he was knocked off his bicycle at the pedestrian crossing in front of the institution on Princess Margaret Drive. Still shaken from the ordeal, Martelles spoke with Love News at the scene.

Traffic Accident on the Iguana Creek road, Cayo
The Iguana Creek road the Cayo district is one of the better stretches of pavement in the west; but on Thursday night it was the terrible scene of death and destruction. Two vehicle collided and the massive impact left one person dead and several others injured. Our Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz has been on the story from last night and files this report.


Jared Avery Ranguy is accused of killing his mother, sister and step-father
It was disturbing news on Sunday morning when a family of three persons were found shot and killed inside their hom...

Fingerprinting database identifies alleged burglar
The fingerprinting database of Belize has identified an alleged burglar. On Thursday November 15, MAGDALEONIE HORTE...

2 arrested for robbery in Dangriga
Last week we told you about Two men who intercepted a deposit before it got a chance to get into the bank. On Thurs...

U 15 national football team brings home the gold
Belize's Under 15 national Football team returned home today after winning gold in Dominican Republic. This is a Hi...

Taiwan donates 20 wheelchairs to physically challenged
The Special Envoy for Women and Children along with the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and CARE-Belize t...

A Fisherman is being accused of forgery
A Fisherman is being accused of forgery, theft and claiming upon a forged document. 27-year-old Fisherman, Sherlock...

Strong Man Tour moves to Benque, Orange Walk and Belize City
The Belize Strong Men Tour started last week Monday in San Pedro The initiative has been running for the past four ...

Mexico will complete border bridge
Belize's portion of a Bi-national Border Bridge will be completed by Mexico. Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, vi...

Twin towns hosts third annual street festival
The twin towns hosted its third annual street festival this past weekend. The event was to celebrate the character ...

Corozal Police search for Raymond Anthony Arthurs
Corozal Police are also requesting the assistance of the general public for the apprehension of Raymond Anthony Art...

Panamanian Ambassador to Belize presents credentials
His Excellency Joaquin E. Carrasquilla presented his credentials as the Panamanian Ambassador to Belize, at Belize ...

Strongman Tour reaches Belmopam
The Strongman tour started off with a spiritual bang in San Pedro last Saturday, where the turnout was impressive. ...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Experience Caye Caulker Culture and Support Local Education
What: Lobster Dinner Banquet during Ocean Academy High School’s Christmas Extravaganza Talent Show Date: December 8, 2012 Time: Show begins at 7PM. Dinner is served at 7:30PM Fundraiser for: Scholarships for students who would not otherwise be able to attend high school (school is not free in Belize) Cost: $50 USD for Sponsorship. Each Sponsorship receives one lobster dinner as a gift. Hosted by: Ocean Academy Parent-Teacher Association and Students Ocean Academy High School is holding an important fundraising event on the 8th of December, its 5th Annual Christmas Extravaganza. Funds raised will support scholarships for students who would not otherwise be able to attend school (high-school is not free in Belize). This year, for each sponsorship of $50 USD, members of the Parent-Teacher-Association and students will prepare and serve a lobster dinner as a thank-you gift for the important contribution. The dinner will be served during the school’s Christmas variety show. Students will entertain with performances such as song, dance, poetry, drama, and musical performances. Sponsors will enjoy the show from a dinner table near the stage. “I can’t think of a more authentic way for visitors to experience the culture of Caye Caulker. Students will be providing the entertainment and serving the meals. Parents will be thanking the sponsors by preparing food for them. And the visitors will walk away knowing they’ve left a positive impact on the beautiful community of Caye Caulker.” - Heidi Curry, Managing Director, Ocean Academy.


Turneff Atolls declared National Park
Turneffe Atoll is the largest and most biologically diverse coral atoll in the Western Hemisphere. Located 25 miles east of Belize City and surrounded by deep oceanic waters, Turneffe is approximately 30 miles long and 10 miles wide. The Turneffe Atolls was declared a Marine Reserve yesterday Thursday, November 22, by Hon. Lisel Alamilla, Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development. The commemoration and signing ceremony was held at Old Belize at Mile 4 on the George Price Highway. The reserve was enacted In September, by Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development. Minister Alamilla told reporters that over 20 years ago, Turneffe Atoll had been a gap, like a big hole in the marine protected areas system. It was already recognized that it is of ecological importance, and that the area needed to be protected and managed. However, it was not done. The Atoll is now being recognized and it will be managed like any other marine reserve, and it will be used and enhanced. Ten percent of the area will be a no-take zone, but people can fish in all the other areas. A large monetary contribution was made by the Bert Arelli Foundation, in the millions of dollars. The money will be used to set up the management for the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve According to the Oceanic Society, the islands, some larger than 5,000 acres, are covered by at least 77 different vegetation types. Mangrove forests are interspersed with brackish lagoons, covering most of the low-lying areas. A reef crest and magnificent shallow coral buttresses are followed by the reef rim on the outer reef drop-off.

“Bad spirits” were in his room, and the Devil “pinched him”
He was later found dead... Around 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, police visited the La Loma Luz Adventist Hospital, in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District, where they found the body of Reyes Martin Tut, 36, a Belizean labourer of Cristo Rey Village, Cayo District, with two a cut wounds, one on the chin and one on the neck. Police said that their initial investigation revealed that Tut began acting strange on Saturday, and told his family that there were “bad spirits” in his room, and that the Devil was pinching him. Around 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, he left his house and went to a shop in the village, where he was heard mentioning that he was looking for EMO (an organization that reportedly glorifies suicide), so that EMO could kill him. Tut was found dead yesterday, Sunday, at 1:30 p.m. in the compound of Crystal Paradise Resort, in Cristo Rey Village. Police are seeking a man called “EMO,” who they believe can assist them in their investigation.

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Fresh Catch on the auction block
The multi-million-dollar red tilapia fish farm, Fresh Catch, inaugurated in 2002, is now on the auction block, according to a notice that has been published in the Amandala. More than two years ago, in July 2010, the company, owned by the Mena family, was placed in receivership for a US$10.6 million loan with First Caribbean International Bank (Barbados) Ltd. and First Caribbean International Bank (Cayman) Limited. This week’s notice from licensed auctioneer Kevin Castillo said that Fresh Catch Belize Limited will be sold on-site on Monday, December 3, 2012, at 1:30 p.m. The sale includes more than 600 acres near La Democracia Village, plus the land upon which the fish farm sits – 610 acres with 45 ponds completed in 2004, 55 ponds completed in 2007, and 32 more ponds yet to be developed. The mono-sex tilapia farm, which had been granted Export Processing Zone (EPZ) status, had been dubbed Belize’s main producer and exporter of tilapia, with exports of whole fish to Guatemala and Mexico and fillet exports to the US. In 2008, production peaked at 4 million pounds (1,865 metric tons), netting US$3 million in foreign exchange, but dropped off the following year. The bank tried to keep the fish farm as a “going concern,” and the Menas tried to find new financing arrangements to get their farm back. The bankers had also put Wood Depot, another enterprise belonging to the Mena family, under receivership, but the family was able to reacquire that business in May through a new company named Wood Stop.

Placencia demands “autonomy”
by Charles Leslie Jr. Dear Editor, We in Placencia demand our autonomy: we want to be interdependent and not dependent on Central Government. Belize is the only country in the Central American Integrated System (SICA) that does not have subventions for rural communities. This leaves us with little to no financial autonomy, and also very little legal autonomy. One of the sources of the socioeconomic problems in our country is the fact that we have a government structure that is set up expecting villages to properly carry out their mandates, yet villages get no subventions from Central Government. We have no by-laws, thus no legal autonomy, collect no taxes, no trade license fees, etc. Currently the only way villages can increase income, guaranteed to them under the Village Council Act, is to open more bars, which has been detrimental to the social well-being of the family unit, and has caused countless hardships in areas such as domestic violence. This is a system designed for the failure of locally elected rural governments, since elected officials are expected to carry out their mandates properly with little to no resources and autonomy. Due to this designed-to-fail system, the Government of Belize often blames the village leaders for being incompetent, and we are looked upon as children that cannot be trusted to handle their own affairs. With the autonomy we deserve and demand, we will have the financial resources and the legal backing that we require to fulfill our mandate. This would be true participatory democracy.

From The Publisher
Reports are that Minister Louis Farrakhan will be visiting Belize next weekend in his official capacity. This is very good news for Belize, especially our black community, because the honorable Minister is a man of regional and international credibility amongst the roots masses. We have been experiencing some frightening problems with our young people, and for sure Minister Farrakhan will grab the attention of our “challenged” youth. Minister Farrakhan joined the Hon. Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam (NOI) sometime in the 1950s. After Hon. Elijah died in 1975, one of his sons, Warith Deen Muhammad, became leader of the Nation, and he moved the organization into orthodox Islamic theology. Under Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam had followed some beliefs which were not completely consistent with the Koranic teachings of orthodox Islam, but beliefs which had been embraced by an ever growing body of followers, primarily in the United States of America. Minister Farrakhan had submitted to the authority of Warith Deen Muhammad, but after a couple years he moved away and re-established the Nation of Islam in the mould of Hon. Elijah’s original organization. Minister Farrakhan’s new Nation of Islam grew rapidly, and much of that has to do with his charismatic personality and exceptional speaking ability. He may be considered the most powerful black leader in the Western Hemisphere, his influence extending far beyond the strictly religious sphere. (Please understand, Barack Obama, for instance, is not a black leader: he is a leader who is black.) Minister Farrakhan’s socio-political impact is ironic because it was such a reach into socio-politics which got Malcolm X into trouble with Hon. Elijah Muhammad in late 1963. This was a time when the civil rights movement was surging forward in black America under the leadership of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., a Christian pastor. Malcolm, who was the Nation of Islam’s most brilliant Minister at the time, had begun to comment on socio-political and economic issues. He went as far as to comment publicly on the assassination of U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in November of 1963. Malcolm said that the assassination was a case of “chickens coming home to roost,” because of America’s climate of violence.

Sense, nonsense, and Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition
In the political sense, there are three kinds of people in Belize. There are people who are UDP, people who are PUP, and people who are sometimes referred to as independents. The independents are people who make up their minds how they will vote according to the arguments and candidates which are presented to them during political campaigns. In other words, the independents don’t have their minds made up before the fact. If you want independents to support you, then you have to seek to influence them through some medium and in some way other than by straight party propaganda. It is thought that the independents are fewer in number than the separate blocs of committed voters who are traditionally UDP or PUP. We wonder about this in the modern era, because the lines between the two major parties are not as clear as they used to be. Belizean voters are not as passionate along party lines as they used to be in the prime times of Mr. Price (PUP) and Mr. Goldson (NIP), which were in the 1950s and 1960s. Guatemala was the smoking issue back then. Our voters are not even as passionate as they were in the 1970s, when communism and independence were dividing Belizeans along party lines. Compared to back then, the lines between the PUP and the UDP have become blurred. So then, we believe that, percentage wise, there are more independent Belizean voters in 2012 than there have ever been before. Even if, and we doubt it much, their numbers have not grown in the last two and three decades, the independents would still be very significant politically, because, all things being equal, they hold the balance of power in tight elections. We are saying that a politician cannot only appeal to the voters of his/her party: the politician has to appeal to those voters who are independent. Those politicians who have become entrenched over time will sometimes get votes from voters who ordinarily support the other party. It may be, then, that independents are not as important for entrenched politicians as they are for newcomers. Whatever.

Belize U-15 Football Selection wins Gold in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
B Belmopan Football Talent School Selection won Gold in the Dominican Republic U-15 Football Tournament today, November 25. The team, coached by Kenneth Budna and Santiago Valencia, went undefeated throughout the tournament. Below is a breakdown of games played: Game 1: Belize (4 goals) vs Dominican Republic Northern Selection (3 goals); Randy Serrano – 4 goals for Belize. Game 2: Belize (2 goals) vs Dominican Republic National “A” Selection (1 goal); Randy Serrano – 1 goal for Belize; Marlon Garcia – 1 goal for Belize. Game 3: Belize (2 goals) vs Guadalajara Mexican Selection (1 goal); Dmitri Fabro – 2 goals for Belize. Game 4: Belize (2 goals) vs Dominican Republic National “A” Section (1 goal); Randy Serrano – 1 goal for Belize; Marlon Garcia – 1 goal for Belize.

Down to the wire in PLB race to the playoffs
First, here are the weekend Week 13 results: On Saturday night at the Marshalleck Stadium in Benque Viejo, Placencia Assassins bombed Verdes FC, 4-0, with goals from Ashley Torres (35’), Rolling Burgess (55’), Luis Torres (68’) and Bernard Linares (73’). Meanwhile, Police United struggled before securing a 4-1 win over R.G. City Boys United at the MCC Grounds in Belize City. Evan Mariano (8’) and Danny Jimenez (34’, 87’ & 90’) shook the net for Police, while Deon McCaulay (29’) got the goal for City Boys. In games played on Sunday: BDF travelled to the Ambergris Stadium and came away with the 2-1 victory over the San Pedro Seadogs. BDF goals were by Tyrone Pandy (44’) and Justo Lewis (60’), while San Pedro’s sole tally was by Angel Cantun (66’). Belmopan Bandits journeyed all the way to the San Felipe Football Field in Orange Walk, where they managed a 1-nil win over home squad FC San Felipe Barcelona, courtesy of a goal from David Madrid (45’). Here at the MCC Grounds in Belize City, after an hour’s delay due to transportation difficulties, a short-staffed Juventus FC played an exciting game before falling 2-0 to home-standing F.C. Belize, who got goals from captain Christobal Gilharry (40’) and Michael Hernandez (75’). And out west at the Norman Broaster Stadium, it was visiting Paradise/Freedom Fighters, 1-nil, over winless San Ignacio United, on a goal from Leonard Valdez (35’). Down to the wire We said early on that this was shaping up to be the most keenly contested semipro football season in quite a while, and indeed it is. With one weekend of regular season games remaining in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) Opening Season Tournament 2012-2013, only one team – North Zone leaders Belmopan Bandits is guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. The other 5 teams – Belize Defense Force and F.C. Belize from the North; and Police United, Placencia Assassins and Verdes FC from the South are all still in the hunt for the 3 remaining playoff spots. (See standings below.)

Belizean tour guide beaten to death in Tikal, Guatemala
Luis Mis, a Belizean tour guide living in the Tikal area of Guatemala was killed after he was beaten to death. The incident occurred sometime in the night of Thursday, November 22, while he going home. He was laid to rest in his hometown of San Ignacio on Saturday, November 24. Witnesses told police that Mis was severely beaten by a group of men who threw him off the balcony of the hotel and restaurant where he worked in the Tikal area. However, Guatemala’s Prensa Libre reports that five persons died violently in Tikal, Peten, and one of the persons was identified as Luis Mis, a Belizean, 17, who was beaten with a bat while walking along the boardwalk. Belize and Guatemala police are collaborating to investigate the death.

A deadly night on Ladyville’s Marage Road
A deadly night on Ladyville’s Marage Road... Three dead – two victims shot and a third stabbed A brutal triple killing in Ladyville early Sunday morning has left a community shocked, and the family of the victims in disbelief and great grief. Police report that Robert Earl Francis Vellos, Sr., 72, his wife Karen Vellos, 48, and Karen’s daughter Teena Beth Skeen, 32, were found murdered in their Marage Road home, and the killings occurred at about 3:30 Sunday morning. Karen Vellos, nee Skeen, had been stabbed in the center of the chest and in the left side of the neck; her husband, Robert, also known as “Happy,” had been shot behind the head; and Karen’s daughter by a previous relationship, Teena Beth Skeen, had been shot in the right side of the head (the temple) and in the right arm, near the biceps. They were taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where they were all declared dead on arrival. Police earlier said that they had detained a relative, Karen Vellos’s son, who they found covered with blood, and holding a machete, inside the house, and they say that he is the prime suspect

Tyrone Meighan, 19, Brandon Baptist, 27, and Orel Leslie, 24, charged with murder
Tyrone Meighan, 19, Brandon Baptist, 27, and Orel Leslie, 24, charged with murder Today, Tyrone Meighan, 19, Brandon Baptist, 27, and Orel Leslie, 24, were all charged with the murder of James Noralez, 28. Police believe that Meighan, an unemployed resident of #27 Banak Street; Baptist, a construction worker of #6632 Police Street; and Leslie, the owner of Safeway Drug Store and resident of #7 Linda Vista Site , are the persons responsible for killing Norales. At 7:13 p.m. on Friday, November 23, police visited the area of Linda Vista Site, located near the junction of Fabers Road and George Price Highway. About 500 feet from the junction, they observed Noralez’ body lying on the ground. Noralez’ body had a total of fourteen shots – (1) in the left side of neck; (3) in the left side of chest; (4) in the upper shoulder; (1) under left arm pit; (1) in the left upper arm; (1) in the left side of chin; (1) in the right side of eye; (1) in left side upper back; and (1) in the back of head. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital at 8:17 p.m. The mothers of the accused were all present in court as the charge was read to them. Leslie was represented in court by attorney Ellis Arnold, while Meighan and Baptist were unrepresented.

And the mayhem in the city continues …
And the mayhem in the city continues … The seemingly never-ending violence in the city has claimed the lives of three people, who were shot to death over the weekend. Dead are James Noralez, 28, also known as “Selecta DJ” of the Linda Vista Police Street area; Deon Waight, 48, of Caesar Ridge Road; and William Felix Francis, 23, of the Administration Drive area. The city’s bloody weekend began with the death of James Noralez, who was shot 14 times on Fabers Road around 7:15 p.m. on Friday. Police reports are that Noralez was walking on Fabers Road towards the Western Highway when unknown gunmen fired at him. He was shot 3 times in the left side of the chest, 4 times in the upper shoulder, once under the left arm pit, once in the left upper arm, once in the left side of the chin, once in the left side of his upper back, once in the back of the head, and was grazed in the right side of the eye. Neighbors who became alarmed by the murderous gunfire quickly called police. Police said that they found Noralez on Fabers Road Extension about 500 feet from the intersection of George Price Highway. They also found 7 expended bullet cases, and a slug was retrieved from the scene. Noralez was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival at about 8:17 p.m. Police have detained three men for the murder. Allegations are that James Noralez was killed because he had reported some drugs and ammunition to police, which were found and confiscated by police. Allegations are also that gunmen had gone to the Electric Avenue road concreting site where he was working along with David Myvette concreting Electric Avenue around 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, October 31. The gunmen had asked for James Noralez, but instead shot Myvette about 10 times. It was believed that Noralez was whom the gunmen wanted, and not Myvette.

Life for Gregory August, 24
Today, Gregory August, 24, was sentenced to life in prison after he was found guilty of murder of Alvin Robinson, 73, on Wednesday, November 21, 2012. August was convicted of killing the crippled and blind Alvin Robinson, 73, on May 23, 2009. Police said that the murder was out of retaliation after August and Robinson’s son got into an altercation at his residence. Robinson was stabbed several times in his neck and shoulder, and according to the testimony of the doctor, he would not have lived longer than an hour after suffering from those injuries. August was convicted on very strong circumstantial evidence, including being seen leaving the scene with a white cloth in his hand, later learnt to be his bloodied white shirt; his blood-stained tennis shoes, which matched the tennis print lifted from the murder area; and August putting himself there in his dock statement, telling the court that he was there earlier to purchase some weed. Two women presented themselves as character witnesses for August – Avis Williams, and Rosilia Almendarez, August’s grandmother.


What Nina likes about Living in San Pedro
A while back, I gave my junior blog assistant an assignment to send me 7 pictures to visually show what she likes about living in San Pedro, and she recently turned it in. Some of you will remember Nina from her pictures at the Karen Waldrup Benefit Concert for Mama Vilma;’s Family Home at Wet Willy’s Cantina. You will be seeing more of Nina’s work in the future, now that she has learned to size pictures and use drop box she has a bunch of pics to send me that she has been stock piling :) All the pictures below were taken on the island. Though I did not take ALL of them, I still wanted to share them because they explain the things I like about living here. The pictures they are pretty self-explanatory of what they are, but I wanted to give you a sort of caption of each.

International Sources

Legendary airliners and airlines in the golden era of aviation
I’ve spent a lot of time at Los Angeles International (LAX), both as an enthusiast observer and employee, having worked there for TWA between 1964 and 1969. In addition, my late brothers, Bill and Bob, spent time there and we all took pictures. Bill took only a few, in black & white, while Bob and I shot both monochromatic and color. Take your time on this page; there’s a lot to look at! Amazing! What a great job and what a wealth of airline history knowledge you have along with a priceless collection. Will take me another few times to go through it and comprehend at least one tenth. Absolutely wonderful. A real trip down memory lane. Legendary airliners and airlines in the golden era of aviation. Thanks, Jon, for sharing your wonderful memories.

Laidback Living on Belize’s REAL Caribbean Escape
I arrived in Caye Caulker, Belize by water taxi from Ambergris Caye, as many people do. The trip takes half an hour, costs $7.50, and is worth the money—skimming across the Caribbean’s blue waves, you can watch the island’s white-sand shores, fringed with palms, gradually grow closer. This approach also drives home a reality of life here: On Caye Caulker, you really are away from it all. The island is only five miles long and at most a mile wide. Only the southern half is developed; most of the north half is jungle and mangrove—and it’s separated from the south by a channel called the Split (the most popular swimming spot). At Caye Caulker Village, where the water taxis come in, the island is at its narrowest: only three streets wide. These bear the imaginative names of Front, Middle, and Back and are simple packed sand. You’ll see no cars here and only a few golf carts—most people walk or get around by bicycle. And no one’s in a rush. Here, life is all about the water. You can swim and snorkel right off the beach, and the barrier reef is a mile away, an easy trip by motorboat. In fact, you’ll see boats in many backyards and moored on the lagoon. Walking down Front or Middle Street, about every third weather-beaten, wood-frame house you pass seems to be a tour-guide operator offering diving trips off the barrier reef or the Blue Hole, or for snorkeling in Hol Chan, all big draws in the area.

Mexico President Felipe Calderon Inaugurates New Bridge to Belize
Outgoing Mexican President Felipe Calderon has inaugurated the new “Chactemal” bridge on the border with Belize. In a release, Calderon said that, with the opening of the bridge, it would generate greater economic development and advancement opportunities for families in the region. The project required an investment of about $13.8 million USD to build. It was another step by Calderon during his final year in office to improve ties with CARICOM. At the CARICOM-Mexico Summit in Bridgetown earlier this year, Calderon called the Caribbean Mexico’s “third border.” “We are part of the Caribbean sea, part of the region and we feel that we will be part of the Caribbean Community,” he said at the time. Calderon’s six-year term expires Dec. 1.

VIDEO: Sea Rescue Caught on Tape: Whale Shark Rescued By Divers
Divers dwarfed by massive shark risk lives saving entangled sea creature.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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