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Today's Belize News: November 29, 2012 #452233
11/29/12 09:26 AM
11/29/12 09:26 AM
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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Panamanian Ambassador Presents Credentials
Upon making his presentation, Ambassador Carrasquilla told the Governor-General, “Your Excellency, it is with the most heartfelt pleasure that I am presenting here my Letters of Credence as my country’s Ambassador to your beautiful country. I will make sure that the already existing ties of friendship and cooperation are further expanded and I am very much interested in also increasing our business and commercial exchanges”. For his part, Governor-General, His Excellency Sir Colville Young expressed to Ambassador Carrasquilla that Belize extends to him a most warm welcome, hoping that his diplomatic relationship with Belize will be most cordial, and that we very much look forward to those bilateral, commercial and business exchanges as well. He wished the best of health to him and his wife Mrs. Edith Lu Osorio

Youth Against Violence, Belize travel to San Salvador
TODAY, a delegation of 20 powerful Belizean youth, are traveling to San Salvador to represent our nation, in the “First Central American Youth Against Violence Forum”. The primary objective of the First Youth Against Violence Forum is to create a space where youth get to know, share, and analyze policies and strategies in youth violence prevention, while improving their advocacy and organization capacity. Socialize with youth from the 7 Central American countries, and share the Central American policy recommendations on violence prevention produced by the Central American Youth Movement Against Violence. Strengthen youth capacity from the Central American Movement in violence prevention, organization, and advocacy work. Integrate young representatives from the Central American Youth Movement Against Violence into dialogue and exchange their knowledge and experiences in violence prevention. The Forum will be held on Thursday, November 29th and Friday, November 30th, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Salvador, with the participation of CAYMAV national chapters delegations from the 7 countries in the region, with 20 members each – a total of 140 delegates.

San Pedro celebrates Children Day
Primary schools across San Pedro and countrywide celebrated Children’s Day on Friday, November 23rd. Celebrations started early in the morning as hundreds of children took to the streets for the annual Children’s Day Parade. This year, the day was celebrated under the theme, “Today Children, Tomorrow’s Leaders, Invest Today for a Better Tomorrow “. The schools on the island held in-house activities that included track and field, three legged race, egg toss, balloon toss and other fun filled sporting activities. As part of the Children’s Day event, the New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist Primary School held Career Day on Tuesday November 20th. Several people from around the community were invited to address the children inspiring them to become productive citizens and to pursue a career of their dreams. One of the speakers at the event was San Pedro Sun’s very own Jorge Aldana who took the opportunity to encourage the students to study hard, be respectful to each other and be obedient to their teachers. Addressing the children were other members of the community including teachers, media personalities and bank managers.

Celebrating 28 years of Township
In 1984, November 27th to be exact, then-village chairman Gilberto “Chico” Gomez became the first Mayor of the newly declared municipality, San Pedro Town. 28 years later, we celebrate the anniversary of township, and the growth of the town on Ambergris Caye that began as a small fishing village only to become the country’s number one tourism destination. In an evening set to honor those who have made great contributions to the town, Mayor Daniel Guerrero and his council hosted a dinner soiree for approximately 100 specially invited guests. Present at the event were the historic first group of councilors, their spouses, past Mayors, educators, health care workers and more. Held at Elvi’s Kitchen, the event was filled with speeches that reminisced of the early days of township, and an observation of its growth through the hard work and determination of those who have been Mayors and Councilors, leaders and challengers. There was a special video presentation of the first mayor Chico Gomez, who was ill and could not attend the special evening. During his interview with Eiden Salazar of Reef Radio/Reef TV, Gomez spoke of the encouragement he received during the process of becoming a town. An interesting fact to note was that during the first year of township, there was no salary. Thereafter, the Mayor and Councilors received approximately $40 a month! He took the opportunity to encourage current leaders to listen to their people, to work hand in hand with each other to ensure that, at the end of the day, San Pedro Town benefits.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro RC School Male Football Team is District Champ
Congratulations to the San Pedro Roman Catholic School Male Football (Soccer) team as it has become the Belize District champions after having won the competition on Tuesday, November 27, 2012, in Belize City. The team now moves on to the National Finals to represent Belize District against primary school teams from the north, west and south of the country which will take place at the MCC Grounds in Belize City on Friday, December 7, 2012. At the Belize District Finals both the male and female teams of RC School participated; the female team was defeated by Belize Elementary (4-2). The male team defeated St. John’s Vaney (2-1) and went on to the final game against Belize Presbyterian Elementary School, winning with a final score of 3-0.

Township’s 28th Anniversary Celebrated
Our beautiful island of San Pedro celebrated its 28th Anniversary of Township on Tuesday, November 27, 2012, and in its honor the San Pedro Town Council put together a small show with school children. Mayor Daniel Guerrero officially welcomed all those present at the Central Park to the Township ceremony in a short yet meaningful speech. Following his address was guest speaker Mr. Angel Nuñez who gave a brief history as to how San Pedro went about getting its Township status. Students from various schools delighted those in attendance with songs, poems, dances and other energetic performances. Happy Township Day to all!!

Misc Belizean Sources

Liberty Children's Home Fundraiser, Fair & Concert
@ Bird's Isle, Sunday Dec. 16th from 10am to 8pm Adults: $5 Children $2 Everyone before noon enters free!

Mexican classic ballet group visits Belize
The Embassy of Mexico invites to the presentation by the Classic Ballet Company from the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico, at the Bliss Centre in Belize City. This special presentation will open the "Dance X Belize 2012 Festival" organized by the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), through the Institute of Creative Arts. The “Ballet de Camara del Estado de Quintana Roo” is one of the most outstanding and professional classic dance companies in Southeastern Mexico. Since its creation in October 2010, the dance group has performed different classic pieces such as Carmen, with the Quintana Roo Symphonic Orchestra, The Nutcracker, The Blue Bird, Le Corsaire, Don Quixote, The Black Swan among others, and works of its own repertoire such as: City Stories, Rebirth of my homeland and Night of the Maya, among others. After two years of its inception, the dance company has averaged 90 annual presentations. The Ballet de Camara de Quintana Roo presentation will take place on Thursday, November 9th, at 8:00 pm at the Bliss Centre in Belize City. Entrance is free and open to the general public.

Stay Updated with the Best of Cayo
You should click on 'show in newsfeed' to stay updated with all the latest news in Cayo. The Cayo Event Calendar also has a new, simple, quick-loading link: Sorry for the inconvenience. As you've probably heard, facebook, in a desperate attempt to squeeze money from users after being devalued by over $60 Billion, now expects pages, even community pages, to pay for people to see their posts. To see page updates from your liked pages, you now need to go to your pages, click on the 'like' button, and then on 'show in newsfeed' or fb will only show you what they want you to see. And we all know how well they've been at guessing what users want. Since this is the start of the end for fb, we're moving everything off their platform. With fb being a memory and bandwidth hog, this can save a lot of time when loading pages, and allows much more creativity. Of course, we'll still mirror data on fb until they either disappear like myspace, or change their interface to the point that it's unusable.

Rotaract Meeting at Hodes
Rotaract of San Ignacio met last night at Hodes at 7:00. Make new friends, and make a difference. "If you want to join a movement of exceptional individuals who are using their skills, talents, and energy to help others, choose Rotaract Club San Ignacio."

Cayo Art Festival Pictures
Daniel Velazquez was at the Cayo Art Festival, and he got some high quality pictures of the event. Make-Belize Films had Kurse a di Xtabai DVD's on sale during the event, and the actors were there to sign them.

Izzie the Spider Monkey's Story
A really well done video about the spider monkey that was rescued and rehabilitated at the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic. By chance, it all started on the day of their inauguration, so Daniel Velazquez was already there to film the event. Izzie has been at Wildtracks for a while, and has been re-evaluated at the BWRC. She needs special surgery, and they've set up a website where you can donate money to help, where they've reached 86% of what they need. Thanks, Wildtracks! "So the x-rays and results are in, and Izzie does, indeed, need specialist surgery - the bones in her arm are not knitting, but in fact getting further apart. We have been amazed by the level of support to date, from individuals, technical input around vets around the world, from Dr. Isabelle, Belize's wildlife vet, offers of specialist equipment loans and the plates and pins needed for the operation. Now comes the final push to ensure the funds are available for the associated costs of the surgery, her travel costs and after care....we really appreciate all your help to date, and would ask you to please share the following Izzie Youtube and chipin links as widely as possible to help us meet the US$2,500 target..."

SHJC's Open Day was yesterday
Sacred Heart Junior College had their Open Day and Marketing Expo today. Every department had displays and presentations so you could learn more about the great, affordable programs that they offer. Digicell was there with a double up promotion too. You could win one of two scholarships.

What is the most unhappiest job in Belize? [POLL]
A lot of people have good jobs and a lot have ugly jobs. That doesn't matter, as long as you have a job in which you feel comfortable and happy, then you are good. So with all of that in mind, I would like to ask Belizeans: What is the most unhappiest job in Belize? Do note that we have a poll for this question of the day and you can also leave your answer in the comment section. I will be posting some of your answers and poll result in a future article.

Channel 7

Mayor Says Municipal Bond Over-Subscribed, But Low Yield Offering Still Available
As we've been reporting this week - sales of the 20 million dollar Municipal Bond have been brisk - so much so that the first ten million dollar tranche is over-subscribed. That means the council has gotten pledges of as much as 18 million when the first tranche is only 10 million dollars. But today the mayor quelled some of that enthusiasm - he said there are still some bonds on offer - and prospective buyers should not be dissuaded: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council "The sales opened on Monday, and by Wednesday, which is today, a significant amount of interest has been expressed, and people have submitted applications to the Central Bank of Belize. The City Council expects that the bond will be as indicated by the level of interest, persons who have phoned in, and persons who actually submitted applications to the Central Bank, that the bond will be oversubscribed. But we want to indicate to persons in the public that they have until December 24 to submit applications to the Central Bank, and then we will decide exactly what we will do. So, there is still availability in terms of the bond. There's still availability with all the tranches, and we are advising members of the public that unless we advise otherwise, we're still taking applications to the Central Bank of Belize. I indicated to you that there are still portions of the first tranche which are still unsubscribed. So, we have seen heavy interest in the 5-year; we've seen heavy interest in the 10-year. We've not seen as heavy an interest in the 2-year."

Fishermen: We Shall Not Be Moved
And while the city council is selling bonds hand over fist - it has run into a brick wall with a slight new project they're trying on Marine Parade. It's an effort to move the mini-fish-market off the seawall at the junction of Marine Parade and Newtown Barracks. The idea that's being floated is to build a shelter for them on the jetty that juts out from the Marine Parade seawall. The first problem with the plan is that the Hunt Family has proprietary access to that jetty by virtue of what's called riparian rights - meaning they had sea front property before the marine parade road was built so their access to the sea has to be preserved to some extent. The second problem is that the fishermen themselves don't want to move. We got all sides of the story today - and start first with the design intended by Councilor Roger Espejo: Roger Espejo - Councilor With Responsibility for Economic Development "You're right in saying that it is an attempt - and a very well-calculated one - to fix a problem that we have here at the Marine Parade, in terms of bottlenecks being created by the motoring public, and also sanitation issues that are present and that have been around for a while in terms of the cleaning of fish, and the disposal of fish waste in the area, sometimes on sidewalk and seawall, and a lot of other things surrounding the general hanging out of the local fishermen in this area. First and foremost, what we are doing is for the greater benefit of the entire public. These fishermen have operated in this fashion for a while, to the best of their own ability. What we're doing now is complimenting their operation with a shelter - it's only about 200 yards away - where motorists can actually pull over in the parking bay, and more properly buy the fish that they sell. We estimate the project to be completed within a week's time, when we will ask them to sign a very small and friendly memorandum to say that they will operate by some very specific but prudent guidelines in terms of the way that they operate, the way that they sell their fish, and the way they carry themselves here in public."

The Bottles And Bones Beneath the Street
There was a quite a commotion created in downtown Belize City today when what appears to be human bones were found under North Front Street. BWSL workers were digging under the pavement right in front of the Caye Caulker Water Taxi at the northern approach of the swing bridge when they came upon what looked like a human bone - which led to a set of bones. One of the workers told Monica Bodden more: BJ - Worker In Street Digging "Well, we are just giving BWS a hand. We are just giving them an extra hand on the side because we will eventually pave the street. We are not working for BWS." Monica Bodden "So now, when you guys are doing the digging, what did you discover?" BJ "Well, one of my friends called me over and told me that he saw a bone. So, I just continued to dig, and when I looked, we saw a pile of the bones. We started to take them out and put them on the side."

Min Alamilla Sets Things Straight With Crooked Tree
Two weeks ago, we showed you how the villagers of Crooked Tree were "chopped up" with the Belize Audubon Society. Some of that anger was misplaced because the forestry and fisheries regulations they were talking abut really fall under Government Department. And so, today, Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development Lisel Alamilla met with representatives from the Crooked Tree Action Group. The idea behind the meeting was for the community to vent their concerns about the management of the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. Alamilla told them that there is an exercise underway which looking at the viability of the present status of the protected areas, and this includes the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary.

Police Get Another Gun + Some Weed
Yesterday, we told you how the GSU collected three nine-millimeter pistols near an apartment on Mopan Street. Well today another gun was found - this time by the special branch. Around 11 this morning, a team of Special Branch officers searched an abandoned lot on Faber's Road where they found a black Beretta .380 Pistol with an empty magazine. They also found a black plastic bag containing 87 grams - abut three ounces - of cannabis. The drugs and firearm were both deposited as Found Property.

Major Weed Bust
And while that was a relatively minor marijuana find, Belize City police came across 13 pounds of marijuana while searching an open lot on Neal Penn Road. The search happened yesterday after police received information from their Special Branch. While combing the area, the officers found a black plastic bag containing 40 parcels of smaller bags which contained cannabis. After the drugs were weighed by police, it amounted to five thousand four hundred and fifty six grams - equivalent to 13 pounds of cannabis. The drugs were labeled as Found Property.

A Field Of Dreams In Albert Div
Berger Field is a place of football lore on the city's southside, but over the years, it has fallen into disrepair and abandonment. It's in the Albert Division and before elections, candidate Herman Longsworth promised a field of dreams. Well, he was elected - and faster than you can say "Two cents cam" - he broke ground on the project today. 7news was there: Jules Vasquez Reporting Hon. Herman Longsworth - Area Representative, Albert Division "This field, Berger Field, has created, grown, and developed some of the best football players this country has seen, and it has gone almost to nothing. My intention is to make it the start football field of Belize City." Big dreams and BWSL put an initial thirty thousand dollars to the effort. That's 20% of the 150 thousand they have committed to the project. Alberto August - Chairman , BWSL "We hear the term $150,000 being a lot of money, but frankly, $150,000 spent in the welfare of our children, is a little bit of money.

Major Behavioral Study Survey Completed
The National HIV Programme has completed a major behavioral study survey. It examined primarily how at-risk populations are being affected by Sexually Transmitted Infections. They launched the survey 2 years ago to find out how STI's affect 3 distinct sections of the population: those are men who have sex with men, female sex workers and persons with HIV. They unveiled the results today in a public forum, and 7News asked the Health Ministry Representatives about the results of the survey. Here's what they told us: Marvin Manzanero - Director, TB/HIV Program Min. Health "What we are doing this morning, is presenting findings of a survey we started in 2010. It's a cero-prevalence survey, and we basically looked at 2 populations: female sex workers, and men who have sex with men. We were looking at the prevalence of other sexually transmitted infections in persons with HIV. That is what we were trying to determine by looking at specific characteristics to those 3 groups."

Taiwan VP Remembers How Hot Bze Was, Sends AC Units
You may recall that official visit from the newly elected Vice President of Taiwan which happened back in August. Well, he visited both the House of Culture and the Museum of Belize as part of his itinerary, and he was duly impressed. But, it was August, and he was pouring sweat! And so, he made arrangements through the Taiwanese Embassy to air condition those visitor spaces. These arrangements materialized in the form of one hundred thousand dollars' worth of air conditioning units to outfit these buildings. They are now installed, and today, NICH and the Embassy of Taiwan held a ceremony to make it official. The Taiwanese Ambassador and the Director of NICH spoke to the gathering about the donation. Here's what they had to say: H.E. David K Wu - Ambassador of Taiwan " It all started in August of this year when our Vice President came here for an official visit, and the Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister, was kind, and he gave a generous welcome party here for a banquet. Our Vice President was very impressed about the significance and the importance of this House of Culture. And the next day, he was also arranged to visit the Museum of Belize. And he spoke to my embassy saying that these 2 institutes of culture and arts are 2 vary significant places, not only for their local Belizeans, but also for the foreign visitors. So, he instructed me to we might as well collaborate with these 2 institutes of culture and arts to make them even more comfortable."

A Month To Pave Two Blocks?
If you live in Belize City, you know all about the traffic chaos that's unfolding with the simultaneous paving of so many major streets - including Freetown Road and North Front Street. And so you can imagine our reaction today when we saw a release from the City Council which said that New Road from its junction with Queen Street to its junctions with Hyde's Lane will be closed for a month - right through Christmas. Now, why do they need a whole month to pave two city blocks? The mayor explained that it's an experiment in city design: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council "We have a special project for the area between Queen Street and Hyde's Lane, and we've contracted IE to full redevelopment of that area, including the drains the sidewalks. We're going to put trees, parking; they're going to look at the whole aesthetics of the area. One of the things that we have been reflecting on is that when we do the streets, the designs are mono-functional. We only deal with the streets, and we cement them. So, what they've done is that they've given us a multifunctional option to see how we've could incorporate drain space, and other modern theories of design elements. So, this is really only an experiment, and we've only picked a short area of road to do. And if this works well, and it's a good design - and I trust that it will be - then we will do that same thing along Coney Drive, and along Albert Street in Belize City."

"Stolen Items Are Mine!"
Last night, we told you about that trove of stolen items which the police department said were recovered. Well today, a member of the public called us to say that all the items shown belong to her. She claims that they were stolen from her home a few days ago - and that the police well know it's hers so she doesn't see why they would put them on TV as recovered items that have to be claimed. She says that the items won't be returned to her until after the police have made their case against he men who are charged for the burglary.

Dance Project Makes Waves In Bze
The P-G-K Dance Project is in Belize for the first time to perform at the 4th annual Dance X 2012- an event hosted by the Institute of Creative Arts. P-G-K Dance Project is an award winning contemporary repertory company- based in San Diego California- and it consists of 7 professional dancers who have travelled the world performing. Dance X 2012 will also be featuring professional dancer -Jamie Thompson from the Dallas Black Dance Theatre - one of the oldest Dance Companies in the US. Thompson who is Belize's very own will be doing two solo performances at the upcoming shows. The shows will also include performances by 13 local groups and 2 other international groups. The dancers will only be performing 3 nights in Belize City and 7news got a glimpse at rehearsal. Karen Vernon - Theatre Director, Bliss Institute for the Performing Arts "Dance X 2012, this is our 4th year for Dance X, and it takes place this week. It's starts tonight at the Bliss for the forum, and it continues Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with dance shows. We have 13 local groups of these 3 night, and 4 international groups. On Thursday, Ballet De Camara De Quintana Roo takes the stage for a free performance at 8 p.m. On Friday, we have all the Belize City based groups along with our own Jamie Thompson from Dallas Black Dance Theatre, and the PGK Dance Project from San Diego, California. And on Saturday, we have the district groups performing. We have each district being respresented, and again, we have Jamie Thompson from Dallas Black Dance Theatre, and the San Diego Dance Group, and a group from Merida."

Fluffy Gals Have A Heart
The Belize Heart Association is in the process of organizing several fundraising events to try to put together funding to assist the Cardiology Department at the KHMH. One of those events is Miss Big and Sexy Pageant which will be held on the Ladyville Basketball court this Saturday. Now "big and sexy" is not something you might normally associate with a healthy heart initiative, but the pageant organizer told us today why the public should support it: Keisha Lynn Estelle-Garbutt - Organizer 1:46:03 "The pageant is scheduled for is scheduled for December 1. It's the Miss Big and Sexy, the first of its kind in Ladyville. And the reason why we're having it is part of an effort to revamp the Belize Heart Association. And so, the first order of business on that agenda would be to purchase a heart machine for KHMH. And that's the reason why we're having the pageant. The funds will be used for that purpose."

Looking For a Few Good Men
And while those big and sexy gals will be "fluffing" for charity - a Christian Group out of Belmopan is holding a strong man search. Now, it's not what you might think it is; they are looking for men who are strong in spirit. As one of the organizers told us they are on a ten day tour trying to recruit a thousand good men: Represenative "You can easily touch over 1000 men. We need to take responsibility for the homes, and the family. We have men who are sleeping around with so many different ladies, who are not committed, the common-law relationship. That needs to change. We definitely need to see our men step and really strong men." The tour is on its last two legs - in Orange Walk tonight and in Belize City at the Nazarene Church at 7:00 pm tomorrow...

Channel 5

The remains of an era; skeletons unearthed in the city
There was a major discovery of historical value in downtown Belize City this morning. Police cordoned off the area on North Front Street in front of the former Paslow building where two skeletons were unearthed by employees of Belize Water Services. While the event caught the attention of tourists and Belizeans in the area, archaeologists [...]

Fetus found in dump site
Over at the George Price Highway, another discovery was made late this morning at the dump site. While scavengers were digging through the bags of trash, one of them stumbled across a fetus that had been discarded. The tiny body was already badly decomposed and was quickly buried. There is little for police go by [...]

European Union offers $5 Million for referendum
A referendum on whether or not to elevate to the International Court of Justice, Guatemala’s claim to fifty percent of Belize’s territory has been set for October 2013 when Belizeans as well as Guatemalans will be asked to vote Yes or No. According to the Referendum Act, sixty percent of the one hundred and eighty [...]

Sex education and health revealed in report
A number of eye-opening facts were released today following a behavioral study on HIV. The National HIV Programme of the Ministry of Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Central America recently completed the survey among Female Sex Workers, Men who have Sex with Men and Persons with HIV. All three target [...]

GDP grows but so does inflation
The Central Bank has released latest figures on the economy. According to the economic brief, GDP grew by seven point four percent in the first half of the year. That is the good news, the negative is that inflation increased, cruise tourism numbers decreased and there was a significant decrease in oil production. Growths in [...]

Not in the closet, but in the attic; contractor fined for illegal workers
Jobs are scarce and it seems some hard-to-find manual labor posts are occupied by illegal workers. A building contractor had to face a Magistrate today because two of his workers did not possess a working permit. In fact, the employees were hidden in an attic. Demetrio Alfredo Rodriguez Calderon, a permanent resident of Belize appeared [...]

Junior on marijuana charge twice this week
The old adage says ‘Where there is smoke there is fire.’ and where there is Daniel Joseph James Junior, the smoke may have a wisp of marijuana. On Monday James was lucky because when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer for possession of one hundred and two grams of marijuana, his accomplice pleaded guilty [...]

Police comb empty lot for gun and drugs
On Tuesday, the Gang Suppression Unit found a cache of weapons at an apartment on Mopan Street. That search was followed by another this morning by the police who report that a team from Special Branch searched an abandoned lot on Faber’s Road. It yielded a bag containing eighty-seven grams of cannabis, but the more [...]

Visa waiver for Taiwan is not reciprocal
We reported earlier this week on an announcement from the government of Taiwan that bearers of Taiwanese passports no longer need a visa to enter Belize. What wasn’t clear was whether the arrangement was reciprocal. Well, News Five posed that question today to Ambassador David Wu of the Republic of China (Taiwan).   David Wu, [...]

Minister returns felled wood to Crooked Tree resident
Two weeks ago, the residents of Crooked Tree were up in arms threatening to put the Belize Audubon Society out of the village. BAS co-manages the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary and it was the expressed view of the residents, that because of the restrictions and conditions relating to the Sanctuary, their ability to earn a [...]

How cool is it to be a friend of Taiwan?
Taiwan is not yet waiving visas to Belizeans but this morning it stepped up with a donation that will make events at the House of Culture and group visits to the Museum of Belize much more comfortable. Both locations are significant to Belize’s history and are used for art exhibits and cultural events. What they [...]

Herman Longsworth gives a facelift to Berger Field
Vernon Street’s Berger Field, which is known as the home of many sterling football players, is about to be upgraded with funding from various sources after years of neglect. The Belize Water Services is the first to make a contribution for works to be done on the playing field as well as for the construction [...]

20 Youths head to San Salvador for anti violence conference
Twenty youths left for San Salvador before dawn this morning. The twenty delegates who left at five a.m. were not heading to a sporting event but to represent Belize in the “First Central American Youth Against Violence Forum”. There will be delegations from the seven countries in the region, totaling to one hundred and forty [...]


Findings on Behavioural Survey Released
The Ministry of Health has released the preliminary findings of a behavioral survey carried out earlier this year. The survey involved three particular groups, namely men who have sex with men; female sex workers and persons with HIV and was aimed at documenting the behavioral ri...

BWS Workers Discover Skeletal Remains Underground
It’s not the kind of thing that happens regularly, but this morning while personnel from the Belize Water Services were digging up a portion of North Front Street in front of the Marine Terminal, they stumbled upon bones of a human. The remains, which were discovered about ...

Embassy of Taiwan Donates to House of Culture
The Embassy of Taiwan has made a donation to the House of Culture in Belize City. Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize David Wu, said the idea of donating the air conditioners which are valued at over a hundred thousand dollars, originated with the visit of the Vice President of the Republic...

Belize City Council Issues Update on Municipal Bond
The Belize City Council today issued a statement updating the general public on the sale of the Municipal Bond which was launched on Thursday of week. According to the official release the sale of bond is still ongoing, with payments payable at the Central Bank of Belize. T...

Crooked Tree Residents and Government Reach Agreement
Crooked Tree residents and the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development have reached agreement on the way forward. At a meeting this morning the concerns raised by the villagers in an impromptu demonstration on the morning of Friday, November sixteenth, were discusse...

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More News: Scroll up from here


Armoured Fish Found In The North Of Belize
Armored catfish, a particularly pesky species of burrowing fish, have been detected in Sylvester Village near Gallon Jug in the Orange Walk District. In the month of September the Fisheries Department received a report from the Manager of Gallon Jug Estate that a strange fish had been caught in the area. The armored catfish are a popular aquarium fish as they use their suckered mouths to clean algae from tanks. But that same behavior that is helpful in fish tanks actually erodes local shorelines up to 10 feet as the fish devastate aquatic plant life. According to Wilfredo Pott from the Inland Fishing Unit at the Fisheries Department, a team has been sent in the area and is now investigating the situation. “In the middle of October we did a verification trip out there so we were unable to capture those things. We did a sampling exhibition but we were unable to capture the fish, only two samples were caught by the villagers out there and it happened during a flood during the month of September and the waters were very high when these fishes were caught. This fishes originates from the amazon in South America, it is used in the aquarium industry because it eats algae and it tends to clean the aquarium tanks. This fish is very reproductive every time it lays its eggs it lays between 300 to 3500 and it tends to take care of it young so what would happen is that they would over populate the area they have invaded and cause trouble with the natives like competing with them got space and food too.”

Belize's Under Fifteen Football Team Continues To Make Headlines
Tonight Belize’s Under 15 Football Team continues to be in the spotlight and let there be no doubt that their fame is well deserved. After participating in a football tournament in the Dominican Republic, the team brought the gold home becoming Belize’s history makers. Here in the north we have a double dose of celebration since four of the players are from the Orange Walk District and one of them took the title of top scorer. Tonight we take a closer look at the players from the north and the tournament itself. Today Belize can boast of the magnificent win the U-15 team accomplished in the Dominican Republic as they brought the gold home. But here in the north we have much more to celebrate since four of the team members are from the Orange Walk District and their talent was discovered during the Mundialito, a football competition catering for young athletes between the ages of eight and fourteen. Randy Augustin, Marlon Garcia, Rogi Solerzano and Dmitri Fabro nurtured their talent in the sport of football, during their years of playing in the Mundialito. Little did they know that their life was about to change and they would soon be entering into the big league by representing Belize in an international tournament.

Rawel Pelayo Defends FFB
The Belize National Football Association (BNFA) was formed in 1980 and was accepted as a member of FIFA in 1986. The BNFA became known as the Football Federation of Belize or FFB in 2001 after new statutes were written in 2006 and approved in 2007 and is primarily composed of Congress Members of the FFB and an Executive Committee. The FFB has often at times been attacked as a body which has been dormant in carrying out their duties and bringing up football in Belize. With the arrival of the country’s under 15 football team, which brought the gold home after participating in a football tournament in the Dominican Republic, fingers have been pointing at the FFB for their lack of assistance to the team. Today, Vice Chairman of the FFB Rawel Pelayo, defended the organization and explained why they were unable to assist the team financially. “We have to first of all understand that the under fifteen that went out to play in Dominican Republic is not the National Selection of Belize, first of all we have to clear that up. It is a private enterprise that has this talent school forming. The FFB upon having knowledge of this team getting itself together give them the support by sending over the technical director of the Federation, Mr. Renan Cowo, to train the team and put them together and also with whatever equipment we have at the Federation that could have been used a part of the stadium itself for their training and preparation, so we were quite constantly in touch with what was going on with the team.

Baby Ortiz Needs Your Assistance
Good healthcare is necessary to everyone. But while essential services are available in the country, it is the cost of healing the sick that keeps many from receiving proper treatment, especially those with low income. And that is the problem facing Magdalena Sarai Vasquez. Vasquez came by our studios today because her two month old baby boy, Isak Esiquiel Ortiz, is afflicted with a medical condition which is costing the already impoverished family thousands of dollars in treatment, money which they don’t have. Magdalena Sarai Vasquez- Mother “El nació con una bola aquí en el cuellito y lo van a operar hasta entre un ano aquí en Belice pero nosotros tenemos que llevarlo a Guatemala que lo operen haya, aquí nos dicen que eso no es canceroso pero haya si nos dicen que es canceroso porque es sangre cuajada que tiene, entonces nosotros les estamos pidiéndole ayuda. Él tiene dos meses y el nació así con eso y no lo podía tener normal entonces me tuvieron que operar por los mismo por que los doctores tenían miedo que eso le reventara. El nació aquí en Orange Walk y me dijeron que es posiblemente que lo operen hasta que él tenga un ano por que ya va a estar mas fuerte pero mientras nosotros le estamos viendo que el oído se le esta cerrando y eso le va creciendo mas y le da dolor de cabeza y fiebre pero trato la manera de ver como él se tranquilice pero es imposible hay veces que el llora demasiado.” The cost of the surgery in Guatemala sums to some 7,000 Quetzals or about $2, 000 BZD. If you wish to assist the family you can contact Magdalena at telephone number 666-7108.

Behavioural Survey Study Reveals Alarming Findings
The National HIV Programme of the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Central America (CDC) conducted a Behavioral Survey Study earlier this year among three identified vulnerable groups, Men who have Sex with Men, Female Sex Workers and Persons with HIV. The objectives of the survey were to document the behavior risks associated to HIV in the three target groups, to determine the behavior risks associated to HIV in the Men who have Sex with Men and Female Sex Workers groups and to determine the prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Infections in the three studied groups. The significant findings include the following: Overall consistent condom use was suboptimal and ranged from less than 70% in the Men who have Sex with Men and Persons with HIV to 81% in Female Sex Workers, Knowledge of HIV transmission was also found to be suboptimal with 33% of Female Sex Workers and 57% of the Men who have Sex with Men, The majority of Persons with HIV were from lower income levels, Prevalence of HIV among the Men who have Sex with Men tested was 13.8% and 0.9% of the FSW tested compared with an estimated 2.3% in the general population. The Survey also showed that Genital Herpes and Chlamydia were the most common STIs diagnosed across the groups. The prevalence of Syphilis and Gonorrhea were lower when compared with other Central American countries. Stigma and discrimination was highest in the community and workplace and estimated at 10% in the health sector.

European Union Donates 2 Million Euros For Referendum
The European Union will donate two million Euros to support the Belize Guatemala Referendum that is scheduled to take place on October sixth 2013. The simultaneous referendum will decide if the case is brought to the International Court of Justice in The Hague and so end the territorial conflict that has more than 150 years. According to the Guatemalan Press, the funds will be delivered to the Organization of American States under whose auspices the two countries negotiated to bring the dispute before the International Court of Justice. According to the European Union’s Ambassador to Guatemala, the Greek Zervoudaki Stella, he will travel to Washington in the next few weeks to sign the cooperation agreement with the Secretary General of the OAS, Jose Manuel Insulza. Guatemala claims 12.700km2 of Belizean territory which represents more than half of the entire country. While Guatemala launched its public awareness campaign in October, here in Belize, the awareness campaign is expected to commence in January 2013. In related news on Tuesday UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also weighed in on the issue of the Belize Guatemala Referendum. The UN Secretary General welcomed the decisions by both Belize and Guatemala to “hold simultaneous referenda” next October as part of their efforts to properly resolve the longstanding bilateral territorial dispute.


Ladyville women’s group calls for help to curb crime in the community
The crime wave has been a topic of concern for just about everyone in Belize; from politician to tourist, to the media to lay people, to business folk to civil society. And today one more group has added its name to that list. The Women Inspired for Change based in Ladyville, was formed over this past summer and its mission is to advocate for change as it relates primarily to women. Froyla Tzalam, its president, told Love News today that the group’s foremost concern of late is the number of crime, particularly murders that have occurred in the Ladyville/Lord’s Bank areas, and while the Ministry of National Security is investing more in manpower, vehicles and equipment, Women Inspired for Change is calling for more than that, extending all the way to the prosecution, conviction and sentencing of criminals. Apart from that tall order, the group feels that the Ladyville and Lord’s Bank proper needs more police resources to cover the two rapidly-growing communities. The Women Inspired for Change rallies their communities of Ladyville and Lord’s Bank and the country at large to lobby for more from the government if meaningful change and improvement is to be realized in crime-fighting.

Investigation of Ladyville triple murder continues
Police continue investigating the triple murder that shocked the Ladyville Community over the weekend. On Monday, police arrested and charged twenty six year old Jared Avery Ranguy with three counts of murder. He is accused of the brutal murder of his mother Abbidale Karen Skeen, stepfather Robert Earl Vellos, Senior and sister Teena Beth Skeen on Sunday morning. Court reports say who also lived at number Five Marage Road where the brutal slayings occurred, appeared emotionless when he was reach the charges in the Number One Magistrate’s Court. No plea was taken, and Ranguy was remanded to the Hattiville Prison until his next court appearance, set for Thursday, January tenth. Meanwhile, a further search of the residence on number five Marage Road was carried out on Monday in the presence of Ranguy. Police say they recovered fragments of a nine millimeter round, a black bag containing a silver and black nine millimeter Taurus Pistol, one nine millimeter live round of ammunition, an orange colored knife, a white T-Shirt and a black pants containing keys and a screw driver. All the items were found in the attic of the house and were covered with what appeared to be blood. Post mortem examinations have been conducted on bodies of two of the three victims. The results show that Robert Vellos died as a result of Bronchial Asphyxiation due to gunshot wounds to the face; Teena Skeen death is certified as Traumatic Shock due to massive brain damage, caused by gunshot wounds to the head.

Taiwan donates wheelchairs to Belize
Mobility and access to necessary equipment is one of the challenges that many of our children face, but through help from the Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, David Wu, and the Executive Director of Care Belize, Evan Cowo, some one hundred and fifty children from across Belize today returned to their respective homes in newly purchased and specially designed wheelchairs. Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow, was the intermediary who led the charge and received the wheelchairs on behalf of the children. Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, David Wu, in support of the Inspiration Centre being built, said that his government is always willing to help in the cause, and he acknowledged the drive and determination displayed by Special Envoy Barrow. Meanwhile, CARE Belize, which also played a key role in today’s achievement, has been helpful in works such as these in the past, and according to its Executive Director, Evan Cowo, that work has paid off immensely for beneficiaries like today’s recipients. During today’s ceremony, donations came from two entities towards the construction of the Inspiration Centre. Belize Telemedia donated ten thousand dollars and the Chinese Association gave a total of seven thousand dollars.

New High School opens in Toledo
A ceremony to mark the inauguration of a high school was held yesterday in the Toledo District. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

Stolen items recovered; police appeal to owners to claim them
During recent operations in Belize City police recovered a number of stolen items. The items include cell phones, cameras, assorted jewelry and cash among many other things. The Police department calls on the public to visit the Queen Street Police Station in Belize City to view and identify the items.

Gold medal winning U-15 football team returns to hero’s welcome
There is enough negative things happening these days to bring own the entire country. That is why when something good happens, it is a refreshing break from what has become an all too familiar pattern of crime and violence leading the daily newscast. Having made the case for a departure from the norm, our lead report tonight is about a group of teenage boys who used their collective talent to make a bold statement for Belize in regional football. Love TV’s Patrick Jones, video journalist Myles Gillett and intern Kenrick Selgado were at the Phillip Goldson International Airport this morning for the happy homecoming. According to the Football Federation of Belize, the Technical Director of the FFB Renan Couoh did not accompany the team to Santo Domingo because a FIFA delegation was in the country conducting training at the time.


Behavioral study reveals risky behavior of Belizean homosexuals and sex trade workers
The results of a behavioral study conducted earlier this year was presented at a forum in Belize City this morning....

Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, meets representatives from Crooked Tree Action Group
We have been reporting on the complaints and concerns of residents of Crooked Tree against the Belize Audobon Socie...

Human Bones unearthed in Belize City dig
Works halted for some time on North Front Street in Belize City this morning when Belize Water Services workers une...

Contractor hid immigrants at work-site
A Contractor was caught hiding two immigrants inside his attic at his worksite. That is because those workers have ...

Taiwan provides air conditioners for House of Culture and Museum
The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Belize has sponsored air conditioners and related facilities to th...

Police made a drug bust at a home in Belmopan
Belmopan police made a drug bust at a home in Belmopan. On Tuesday November 27th, shortly before 3pm Belmopan Polic...

Special Branch finds drugs and firearm in Belize City
More drugs were found in Belize City. The Special Branch personnel received a tip and so went to conduct a search i...

Man in court for second drug charge in 3 days
24-year-old Daniel Joseph James Jr., was in court for his second drug charge within a 3 days period. This morning, ...

Security guard pleads guilty to drug possession
A Security Guard at the Youth Hostel Facility located at Mile 21, on the George Price Highway was caught with 29 gr...

Belize's Under 15 national Football team celebrate victory
The country continues to celebrate with Belize's Under 15 national Football team who returned home yesterday after ...

20 Belizean youth are in San Salvador for Youth Against Violence Forum
A delegation of 20 Belizean youth traveled to San Salvador earlier today to represent Belize in the “First Central ...

UB hosts 8th annual Women Writers Conference.
The University of Belize Belmopan Campus today hosted its 8th annual Women Writers Conference. The initiative start...


Belize: Help me Split $550 Million US Dollars from Powerball?
Powerball is the huge US lottery...42 states,Washington DC and the US Virgin Islands. Tonight is the second biggest jackpot of all time. $550 million US dollars. I have never purchased a US lottery ticket. I think it is ridiculous. You have an equal chance of winning by flushing your money down the toilet. 1 in 175,000,000. (Your chance of being hit by lightning? 1 in 1,000,000) But...I've been getting quite a few messages from Belize...asking me to buy some tickets. I've been watching huge lines on TV all over the I thought I'd head out at 7pm (4 hours before drawing time) to see what it's all about. And to buy a few tickets for Belize. 10 tickets purchased. If we win, Belize, we will each get about $1,800USD before taxes. Good, right? My local supermarket was empty. Not one person waiting. I thought 130,000 tickets were selling a minute? Not in Ridgewood, NJ.

At the request of community members, Hon. Lisel Alamilla, Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, met with representatives from Crooked Tree Action Group. The objective of the meeting was for the community to formally inform the Minister of their concerns over the situation with the Belize Audubon Society and the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. Minister Alamilla advised the representatives that the legal status of the protected area restricts access. She also informed that there is a current exercise underway which is looking at the viability of the present status of the protected areas, and this includes the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. Among key decisions made, the Minister in good faith directed that the log-wood that was cut would be returned to the individual. The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development will organize a meeting the week of December 10th with the Forest Department, Fisheries Department, Belize Audubon Society and the representatives from Crooked Tree Village to improve the dialogue and chart a new way forward. In the interim, the representatives agreed to work within the confines of the regulations of Wildlife Sanctuary. All parties agreed that it was a successful meeting and committed to work together to address the pressing issues.

International Sources

New World Oil and Gas reveals find in Belize
New World Oil and Gas, the exploration and development company focused on Belize and Denmark, has announced that following an analysis of recent open hole logging results and the conclusion of a petrophysical interpretation of the Y1, Y2, Y3 and Hill Bank formations at the B Crest prospect in Belize, live oil shows in the Y3 and Hill Bank reservoirs have been confirmed. A decision has been made to drill a deviated well from the existing vertical well location to get up structure in the Y3 and Hill Bank formations to evaluate the trap potential in this part of the structure and to target additional potential oil accumulations. This decision was taken with the approval of the Government of Belize. New World CEO William Kelleher said: "I am extremely encouraged by the increased prospect of discovering a large accumulation on our B Crest prospect. Drilling results and log data so far confirm that we are in an active hydrocarbon system as evidenced by the logs and significant amounts of live oil observed at surface while drilling. "The log results for the Hill Bank dolomite formation have indicated gross reservoir thickness of approximately 290 feet. By drilling a deviated well up structure from our current location toward a NE to SW bounding fault that images considerable vertical displacement on seismic in the Y3 and Hill Bank reservoirs, we expect an improved trap potential, obtain better log results and an increase in the gross reservoir thickness. This will be followed by well testing in the ordinary course of exploration operations."

New World buoyed by Belize oil finds
New World Oil and Gas (NEW) on Thursday confirmed live oil shows in the Y3 and Hill Bank reservoirs in Belize. The announcement came after an analysis of recent open-hole logging results and the conclusion of a petrophysical interpretation of the Y1, Y2, Y3 and Hill Bank formations at the B Crest prospect. A decision has now been made, with the approval of the government of Belize, to drill a deviated well from the existing vertical well location to get up structure in the Y3 and Hill Bank formations to evaluate the trap potential in this part of the structure and to target additional potential oil accumulations. "Drilling results and log data so far confirm that we are in an active hydrocarbon system as evidenced by the logs and significant amounts of live oil observed at surface while drilling," stated chief executive William Kelleher. "The log results for the Hill Bank dolomite formation have indicated gross reservoir thickness of approximately 290 feet. "By drilling a deviated well up structure from our current location toward a north-east to south-west bounding fault that images considerable vertical displacement on seismic in the Y3 and Hill Bank reservoirs, we expect an improved trap potential, obtain better log results and an increase in the gross reservoir thickness." Analysts at FoxDavies echoed the view that the drilling results increased the possibility of discovering "a large accumulation" on the B Crest prospect. "Earlier, the B Crest prospect was estimated to hold gross P50 unrisked prospective resources of 92.1 million barrels (mmbbls) with three drill-ready prospects on the Blue Creek estimated to hold 329 mmbbl oil resources," they reminded investors. New World also took the opportunity to announce that the Blue Creek 2 well, including the deviated well that will commence at 3,000 feet, would be drilled to a total measured depth of 11,800 feet, and was not expected to cost more than the sum of the total cost of the original Blue Creek 2 well.

New World Oil & Gas eyes bigger oil find
New World Oil & Gas rose after tests showed the increased prospect of a large discovery at its B Crest project in Belize. The firm said live oil shows in the Y3 and Hill Bank reservoirs at the site had been confirmed. A decision has now been made to drill a deviated well from the existing vertical well location to get up structure in the Y3 and Hill Bank formations to evaluate the trap potential and to target additional potential oil accumulations. This decision was taken with the approval of the government of Belize, the company added. Chief Executive William Kelleher said both the logs and significant amounts of live oil observed at the surface while drilling showed the firm was working on an active hydrocarbon system. He added that with the new drilling plans he expected an improved trap potential, to obtain better log results, and to see an increase in the gross reservoir thickness. The company's shares were up 2.8% at 09:15 following the announcement.

John McAfee Would Like Anonymous to Wait Until ‘I Accidentally Hang Myself’ to Attack Belize
Also know: he digs your style. It’s been a heady month for antivirus pioneer/shotgun enthusiast John McAfee. First, his neighbor was murdered; then, the he was on the run from the Belizean police; finally, he became a media sensation, captivating reporters with tales of clever disguises and the terrors of Central American prisons. Well, just because the major networks have taken their microphones away doesn’t mean Mr. McAfee has stopped talking. He continues to blog up a storm at the blog/graphic novel marketing site, and just yesterday he did Infowars and Joe Rogan. So what’s on Mr. McAfee’s mind? Bath salts, for one thing. For another, Mr. McAfee reported earlier today that the official website of the Belize government was down, and surmised that the a) its servers had been overwhelmed by millions of emails from humanitarians inspired by Mr. McAfee to seek government reform b) the government had shuttered the site to prevent employees from learning of Mr. McAfee’s campaign or c) that the website had been the target of a cyber attack. (It bears noting that the website was working fine when we visited, though the contact page at was indeed inoperative, as Mr. McAfee promised.) Well, accepting for the moment that the site really was down, Mr. McAfee has an idea just who might be responsible for it: I know that members of the hacktivist group Anonymous have been posting here. I recognize your writing styles. You are welcome here. You are a powerful collective, more powerful than most realize, and I sympathise with your spirit. However, if you are responsible, then this is not the time. I need the Government to be able to read the displeasure of the world. Deaf ears can hear nothing. You would better serve the cause against censorship by writing emails voicing your displeasure for the time being. If I am arrested, or am killed in a “robbery attempt” or accidently hang myself in jail, then please have at it. Do your worst. For now, bear with me. If you are not responsible, I apologize for my presumptiveness.

10 signs you aren't prepared for your trip
You know that slight sense of anxiety that grows as your departure date nears? Well, it may be wise to listen to your gut. Travel is fraught with the unexpected (that's why it's such an adventure). But the more prepared you are, the better you'll be equipped to handle the unforeseen complications, quandaries, and minor disasters that are pretty much routine on the road. How do you know if you're truly ready to set off on a successful journey? Here are 10 signs you're not quite prepared for your next trip. You don't know the weather The weather in your destination influences everything from what you should pack to whether your plane is delayed, especially if you're traveling during spring or fall, when fluctuating temperatures are standard. Log onto your favorite weather website a few days before departure and check local conditions; then pack accordingly. And if you see a foul-weather forecast, double-check your flight status. Your house looks the same You're probably not ready to travel if you haven't taken care of key tasks around the house. These could include setting your lights on a timer, cleaning out the fridge, and placing a stop order on your mail (you can do this at Have you heard of "vampire power"? That term refers to the electrical power consumed by devices that are turned off yet still plugged in, sucking up energy like, well, a vampire. Before traveling, unplug devices such as your television, microwave, or air-conditioning unit to save on electricity.

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