First Mayor of San Pedro Gilberto "Chico" Gomez on Monday, November 26th received an official visit from the Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero at his Pelican Street home. The visit between Mayor Guerrero to Chico Gomez was to fulfill a commitment made to assist him with his ongoing medical expenses. As such Mayor Guerrero, on behalf of the San Pedro Town Council, presented Gomez with a check in the sum of $2,500.

"It is a small token to show appreciation to you (Gomez) as a former leader. We are one big family in San Pedro and we are grateful for your contribution to this community," said Mayor Guerrero to Gomez in handing the check, stating that he is fully aware of Gomez's medical condition and is hoping that the SPTC can continue to assist on occasion."It is a good gesture on behalf of the San Pedro Town Council, one that is appreciated," Gomez expressed to Mayor Guerrero. Mayor Guerrero pledged the assistance during a special dinner where current and past council members were invited as part of the activities for the 28th Anniversary of Township Day of which Gomez was unable to attend due to his illness.

Former Mayor Gomez saw the town transition from a village to a town on November 27 of 1984, thus moving from the village chairman position to Mayor as part of the local government reorganizing. Area Representative Manuel Heredia also pledged to pay Gomez a visit and make a donation as well. Following the donation, the current Mayor and former Mayor held a formal private chat wherein they shared a few ideas on issues relating to the municipality.

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