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The San Pedro Sun

First San Pedro Town Mayor Chico Gomez receives donation from SPTC
First Mayor of San Pedro Gilberto “Chico” Gomez on Monday, November 26th received an official visit from the Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero at his Pelican Street home. The visit between Mayor Guerrero to Chico Gomez was to fulfill a commitment made to assist him with his ongoing medical expenses. As such Mayor Guerrero, on behalf of the San Pedro Town Council, presented Gomez with a check in the sum of $2,500. “It is a small token to show appreciation to you (Gomez) as a former leader. We are one big family in San Pedro and we are grateful for your contribution to this community,” said Mayor Guerrero to Gomez in handing the check, stating that he is fully aware of Gomez’s medical condition and is hoping that the SPTC can continue to assist on occasion.“It is a good gesture on behalf of the San Pedro Town Council, one that is appreciated,” Gomez expressed to Mayor Guerrero. Mayor Guerrero pledged the assistance during a special dinner where current and past council members were invited as part of the activities for the 28th Anniversary of Township Day of which Gomez was unable to attend due to his illness.

SICA Tourism ministers hosted on Ambergris Caye
The Government of Belize, through the Ministry of Tourism, hosted the Central American Integration System (SICA) meeting with representatives from all Central American Countries. The event took place at the Banyan Bay Resort on Ambergris Caye. The delegation was welcomed on the night of Thursday November 29th by the Mayor of San Pedro Daniel Guerrero at a special dinner hosted by the Belize Tourism Board at El Secreto Resort. In welcoming the vice-ministers of tourism of Central American, Mayor Guerrero said, “It is a privilege and an honor for me to welcome you to this reunion of all the tourism SICA members and similarly we have always welcome our Central American brothers and sisters to our country. In these times, it is very important that we have good ties and working relationships between our brothers and sisters of neighboring countries. It is one way we can strengthen Central America and work together in developing our region to make things better for our people and our region.” On Friday November 30th, the Ministers met at the Banyan Bay conference room during which the assembly of the Central American countries’ representatives, Government and private sectors, reviewed the progress of tourism initiatives to structure a way forward as a unified regional body. The tourism ministers held discussions that will act as a platform for invested bodies, such as the Central American Travel Agency (CATA) which is governed by the private sector. They also engage in dialogue about the future of CATA as well as the impact of past restructuring efforts by the SICA countries.

Over 100 to gather for multi-agency fisheries meetings in Jamaica
Over a hundred stakeholders from government and grassroots agencies, as well as regional and international organizations, will be gathering next week in Kingston, Jamaica, for a series of five multi-agency fisheries meetings spanning Wednesday, December 5 to Wednesday, December 12. Speaking of the significance of the meetings, Milton Haughton, Executive Director of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) said: “It is an opportunity for the countries and stakeholders, meaning government representatives as well as fisher folk and other stakeholders – including non-government organizations and civil society organizations – to get together to discuss issues of common interest and to come up with plans and programs for a brighter future.” The meetings are convened by the CRFM in collaboration with the FAO Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission (WECAFC), the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC), and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), through funding and technical assistance provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. Haughton said that the performance of the CRFM as an organization will be assessed during the course of the meetings. “We’ve been in operations now for almost 8 years, so we are stopping and taking stock of our performance over the last few years…” he said. The review will pave the way for the CRFM Member States and collaborators to formulate a new eight-year strategic plan for the CRFM (2013 -2021). Whereas the first two meetings will be focused on administrative work, the remaining three will focus on driving major fisheries initiatives forward, as we seek to transform, modernize and improve the aquaculture and fisheries sector. These meetings are aimed at ensuring a more secure future for those persons who depend upon fisheries and aquaculture resources for their livelihoods, particularly small-scale fishers and their families.

Misc Belizean Sources

Make this Christmas GREEN for ACES
Bid on this one of a kind, handmade, 22k German Gold plated Viking Knit necklace with Moss Jasper, Yellow Turquoise, Swarovski Crystals, humming birds and Brass Crocodile pennant. The fiber optics glow yellow-green like a croc's eye in the sunshine. (18" with 3" extension). Bidding Starts Black Friday, November 23, 2012, at 1:00am CST. Opening Bid is $80USD (all bids must be in US currency) All funds from this auction are for the construction of two secure crocodile holding habitats at ACES Wildlife & Croc Refuge in San Mateo, Ambergris Caye. One of the habitats is for "Jaws" and the other is for the rehabilitation of rescued crocodiles prior to re-release or transportation to ACES in Ladyville. These crocodile habitats are needed on the island due to the ever increasing development leading to higher numbers of croc-human conflicts in Isla Bonita; and will bring income to the San Mateo area.

The Monkey River Campaign – Give a Little to Help a Lot
The village of Monkey River in Belize is surrounded by river, sea, and forest. It is a beautiful place, but difficult to reach. Like rural communities everywhere in the world, access to health care can be challenging. Lucky for those who live in Monkey River, there are folks, like Walt Reed , Ted Hoskins, and emergency physician Joe Babbitt (AKA the Monkey River Crew -all from the Blue Hill and Deer Isle area of Maine) who want to help bring health care to to them. Let travel along with Ted via video, as he makes a trip to the village: Why Monkey River? According to Walt, he had never heard of Monkey River, but was interested in participating in a medical mission. So he spoke with Ted Hoskins, a minister and fisherman from Blue Hill, Maine, with whom he’d worked on a non-profit board for several years. Ted had first visited Monkey River Town, Belize in 2001 in order to help rebuild this remote fishing island village after a damaging hurricane. He had been returning ever since. Ted told Walt that medical care was almost non-existent there. After talking with Dr. Jane Garfield, a physician who had been there, Walt took his first trip the following year. The Needs are Great Walt discovered that diabetes and hypertension were very prevalent in the Monkey River villagers, particularly in the women. So he set about measuring blood pressures and glucose levels of the villagers. And he started talking with the villagers about the importance of of losing weight, eating right (meaning to include vegetables & fruits in their diet) and getting more exercise. It seemed to work. Walt says that when he arrived in the village last year, one of the women he had been working with came up to him and said proudly, “please check my sugar.” It was down considerably to a much more manageable level. He was thrilled and so was she. He was also able to gave her a glucometer and strips so that she could monitor her progress herself. Unfortunately, there isn’t an ideal solution for people who need more advanced care, such as medications or medical tests. They are referred to the physician in Independence, the nearest city with regular medical care. However, it is difficult to reach due to the rugged terrain. A clinic has been built in the village to try to provide more local care, however, it has fallen into disrepair and termites are devouring it!

The Cayo Welcome Center Grand Opening Today!
The Cayo Welcome Center is ready for its grand opening today. The BTB will be having the Taste of Belize BBQ competition there. Go see the competition taste some great BBQ, and have some fun. "30th of November, right before the grand opening weekend."

Rotaract Christmas Toy Drive
The Rotaract Club of San Ignacio is having a Christmas toy drive for children in need. "If you have any toys that you no longer use, please donate it to our cause. All toys will be given to children in need during the Christmas season. Look out for our drop off bins around town. Contact us via facebook or email us at [email protected]"

Sacred Heart Junior College Open Day
Danny Chung was at SHJC's Open Day, and he captured the awe of interacting with green iguanas that the SIRH brought over from the Green Iguana Conservation Project. "San Ignacio Resort Hotel set up a stall to educate and teach students about the importance of conservation of our beautiful Green Iguanas in Belize. Photos Courtesy of Danny Chung"

Youth Fest in Belmopan
To Coincide with the 16 Days of Activism, Youth Fest is tonight at the University of Belize Gym. There will be live music, speakers, food, games, and even a 'dalla' auction. "Sell Tacos Not Children Youth Fest! Spread the word!!"


New anti-Human Trafficking legislation goes before Parliament
New legislation has been introduced to parliament that will prescribe harsher penalties for persons convicted of the crime of human trafficking. The Trafficking in Persons Prohibition Bill was among a set of eight pieces of legislation that was brought to the House of Representatives during its regular sitting this morning. In his introduction of the Bill, Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation Anthony Martinez said that it is a sad reality that centuries after the abolition of slavery, that people are still being subjected to this kind of ugly crime. Another important, if not complimentary piece of legislation that was introduced today is the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Prohibition Bill which will prescribes punishment for acts of commercial sexual exploitation of children in Belize. The preamble of the Bill also sets out the effect of implementing the optional protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography. These two Bills and the other six will be brought back to parliament at the next sitting of the House of Representatives which has been scheduled for Friday, December Fourteenth in what will more than likely be the final sitting of the House for 2012.

Belize National Coast Guard celebrates Seventh Anniversary
The Belize National Coast Guard is celebrating an important milestone. Love TV’s Marion Ali reports.

World AIDS Day activities in PG
Activities in connection with World AIDS Day are being held in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.

BCCI to host Christmas Expo
The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is in full swing. And if you are still not sure where to find those good Christmas deals, then perhaps you might want to check out the Christmas Expo on Sunday. It’s an initiative put forward by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The extravaganza will take place inside the King’s Room at the Princess Hotel and membership officer for the Chamber Delmi Novelo told Love News that everyone is excited about the event. The Christmas Expo is scheduled to start at nine o’clock on Sunday morning. Entrance fee is only three dollars.

Youths take part in AIDS awareness exercise
On Saturday, Belize will join the rest of the world in observing World AIDS day. Today, an open day was held where young people were given an opportunity to be exposed to important information on the disease. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo reports.

Regional Tourism officials meet in San Pedro Town
The Central American Integration System, SICA, convened in San Pedro Town where Tourism Representatives from member countries including our Minister of Tourism and Culture, Manuel Heredia were to carry out several discussions pertaining to the Tourism Industry in Central America. This morning a press conference was held in which Representatives from Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and others spoke about the objectives of the meeting which according to Minister Heredia include the attraction of more Tourists to the Central American Region. Each of the Representatives present shared some of the issues they were looking forward to discussing. Minister Heredia pointed out that one way to tackle issues that might be affecting the tourism industry not only in Belize but in the rest of the Central American countries is to share information with each other on possible solutions.

Special Olympics national games to be held in PG
Plans are in place for the national games of Special Olympics Belize to be held in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.

Prime Minister and Opposition Leader spar over Super Bond renegotiation
The House of Representatives meeting today ended without much of the traditional back and forth that have come to characterize these sessions. On the adjournment, several members of the Opposition People’s United Party raised issues of national concern. The first was Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca who asked for more disclosure on what he termed the now stalled super bond renegotiation process. When Fonseca finished his presentation, Prime Minister Dean Barrow provided an update of the situation stating that the negotiations are ongoing, and that from time to time, government will speak to the media and via the media to the general public on the progress of the talks. And while he was providing an update on the super bond renegotiations, Prime Minister Barrow hit a nerve, when he suggested that the agents of the opposition are in collusion with a well known adversary of the government to try and scuttle the negotiations. Regarding his criticisms of the president of the Inter-American Development Bank and the US treasury, Prime Minister Barrow said he has no reservations about standing up for Belize.

International Sources

John McAfee Plays Hide-and-Seek in Belize
DANIEL GUERRERO promised during his campaign for mayor here to clean up San Pedro, the only town on this island, a 20-minute puddle jump from the mainland. But if he ever runs for re-election, don’t expect him to mention that vow. “I meant clean up the trash, the traffic, that sort of thing,” he says. “I didn’t mean this.” “This” is a full-blown international media frenzy and the kind of mess that no politician could have seen coming. It started on Nov. 11, the morning that Gregory Faull, a 52-year-old American, was found dead, lying face up in a pool of blood in his home. He had been shot in the head. His laptop and iPhone were missing. A 9-millimeter shell was found nearby. What happened next turned this from a local crime story to worldwide news: The police announced that a “person of interest” in the investigation was a neighbor, John McAfee, a Silicon Valley legend who years ago earned millions from the computer virus-fighting software company that still bears his name. A priapic 67-year-old, with an improbable mop of blond-highlighted hair and a rotating group of young girlfriends, Mr. McAfee quickly melted into the island’s lush green forest. Then, for Belizean authorities, the real embarrassment began. Asserting his innocence, Mr. McAfee became a multiplatform cyberdissident, with a Twitter account, and a blog at with audio links, a comments section, photographs and a stream of invective against the government and the police of Belize. He has done interviews on podcasts, like the “Joe Rogan Experience,” and offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of “the person or persons” who killed Mr. Faull. He has turned lamming it into a kind of high-tech performance art. “I am asking all people of conscience to read this blog, especially the links in the ‘Background’ section,’ and see the ugly truth unfolding here,” he posted on Nov. 18. “Speak out. Write your congressmen. Write the prime minister. Do what you can.” Before he went underground, Mr. McAfee led a noisy, opulent and increasingly stressful life here. He was known for the retinue of prostitutes who he says moved in and out of his house, and for employing armed guards, some of whom stood watch on the beach abutting his house. He also kept a pack of untethered dogs on his property who barked at and sometimes bit passers-by.

John McAfee Captured at Belize-Mexico Border, Says Official Blog
John McAfee, the founder of the McAfee anti-virus software firm, has been arrested after weeks on the run, according to an unconfirmed report on his official blog. The 67-year-old, who went into hiding following the alleged murder of his neighbour, has reportedly been captured alive. "We have received an unconfirmed report that John McAfee has been captured at the border of Belize and Mexico. More information as it is received," the blog said. The blog website was launched by the anti-virus software pioneer to provide his version of the incident for which he is being sought, a version that is at odds with claims made by media and authorities. If the blog report is true, it will bring an end to a month-long saga that began with the death of McAfee's neighbour Gregory Faull, 52, who was found dead with a bullet wound to the head at his villa, off the coast of Belize, on 11 November.

CNN’s Martin Savidge Uses Secret Passwords, Changes Vehicles to Interview McAfee Founder
CNN’s Martin Savidge is in Belize where he interviewed John McAfee, the founder of McAfee anti-virus software who has been on the run for weeks accused of a murder he says he didn’t commit. McAfee has done phone interviews with CNBC and others. But Savidge’s is the first on-camera interview since he went on the run. Savidge says Friday’s interview was one of the most bizarre of his television career. Before seeing McAfee, he had to utter secret passwords, jump into different vehicles and met with people in disguise who took him to McAfee.

John McAfee still on the lam, mayor of San Pedro says
Cyberspace has been abuzz with reports that John McAfee – the elusive and eccentric Silicon Valley software magnate who’s been on the lam since one of his neighbors was shot to death — has been captured. The flames were fanned by a post on McAfee’s own blog, which somehow seems not to know where McAfee is; but some posters on the blog have been authoritatively stating that McAfee and a female companion were nabbed near the border of Mexico and Belize. Cops in Belize City tell me they don’t know anything about that, referring me to their counterparts in San Pedro, the beachside town some 160 miles away where McAfee has made his home in recent years. But Mayor Daniel Guerrero said: “It’s not true.” While he said rumors have been flying since McAfee gave a brief and bizarre interview to CNN, Guerrero said local cops have assured him McAfee’s still on the loose. He added that police have been conducting house-to-house searches on the north end of Ambergris Caye, the island where San Pedro sits. Also debunking the Paul is dead John is captured reports is Jorge Aldana, a senior reporter at the San Pedro Sun newspaper who’s been covering the case and chatting periodically with my colleague, Dan Nakaso (and probably every other reporter in the Western Hemisphere). “I can tell you positively that John McAfee has not been captured,” Aldana said Saturday night. And as proof, he said he was talking to me from a late-night function that the country’s Minister of National Security, who oversees all law enforcement operations, was also attending. “He’s shaking his head,” Aldana said. “”I’m telling you, John has not been captured.” (He wouldn’t put the minister on the phone, but Guerrero was at the same event and verified the minister was there.) Aldana added that McAfee’s blog — on which the world’s most interesting software executive also has claimed to have disguised himself to spy on police searching his home — “has been very deceitful.” Police, for the record, have said they merely want to question McAfee about the November murder of his feuding neighbor, Gregory Faull; but McAfee insists he’ll be killed himself if taken into custody.

Wild to go adventuring in old-time Belize
This is a hot spot for saltwater fly-fishing. While Belize’s northern islands host polished lodges with gourmet meals and groomed bartenders, those to the south remain wild paradises where the fish are plentiful. Placencia sits on the southern tip of the Placencia Peninsula, a 20-mile-long spit of land with a creamy-green lagoon on the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east. It holds a string of villages with names like Maya Beach and Seine Bight, and still-rustic throngs of shacks that provide a glimpse of what the peninsula must have been like until 1991, when power, phone, cable, and pavement were brought in. Before then homes were lighted by hurricane lamps, and families fished for tuna and lobster and lived in a bartering society where life was simple. The peninsula has changed dramatically. Cozy cabanas line the beach, inexpensive but refined restaurants dot the sidewalks in town, and large vacation homes are starting to pop up. It’s an area recently discovered by a growing number of expatriates, some with deep pockets. On the northern end monstrous mansions are being erected and a casino will soon open. This paradise, whose amenities are still in their infancy, is on the verge of a tourism explosion. But offshore, none of that is happening. Eight miles off the southeastern coast Julian Cabral, 45, operates Whipray Caye Lodge, a rustic set of drafty bungalows that sit on this private, three-acre isle. Cabral is revered as one of the best saltwater fly-fishing guides in the area for the pursuit of tarpon, bonefish, and permit, three of angling’s most sought-after gamefish. Life is slow here but the fishing action is not. Shallow “flats,” patches of ocean that are only shin-deep, run thick with permit. Cabral seemed to have X-ray vision, peering through the glare to direct me where to cast as he pushed a battered wooden boat through the water with a long pole. “Tail, three-o-clock,” he’d say. I’d cast, feel a bump, a tug on the line, then nothing. Although we fished all day, they weren’t feeding and we came up with only one. Still, I had one of the best days I’ve ever had fishing. Cabral reminded me, “That’s why they call it fishing and not catching.”

CNN Exclusive: McAfee comes out of hiding to talk about life on the run
The journey to interview Internet security guru John McAfee began with a secret phrase, a mysterious driver and a circuitous route full of left turns, right turns and U-turns. It concluded at a safe house on a tropical island paradise, where the 67-year-old was waiting in disguise --as an old man with salt and pepper hair -- to tell his bizarre tale. "It hasn't been a lot of fun. I miss my prior life. Much of it has been deprivation. No baths, poor food," McAfee told CNN Friday in his first on-camera interview since going on the run from Belize authorities who want to question him in the killing of his neighbor. Belize authorities say they only want to talk to McAfee about the November 11 shooting death of American businessman Gregory Faull, who was found dead in his home near San Pedro, on the Caribbean island of Ambergris Caye. The case began to unfold on November 9, when McAfee told police someone poisoned four of his dogs. To put them out of their misery, he shot each in the head and buried them on his property, a former girlfriend said. Officials say the dogs' barking and aggressive behavior was a frequent source of friction between McAfee and Faull, a 52-year-old contractor who retired to Belize from Florida and lived next door. Two days later someone shot Faull in the head in his own living room. A 9 mm shell was found on the second step on the first floor, and Faull was found dead on the second floor. Three people have been detained for questioning in the killing, police have said, and investigators are pursuing multiple leads.

VIDEO: Dolphins Jumping Around the Boat in Belize
As we were rushing back to port in Belize, we started seeing dolphins jumping out of the water. I was able to catch a few of them on video. Amazing to see them jumping through the the water. Beautiful and looked like they were playing with us. They followed us for a bit until Capt. Ricco finally powered away from them to get us into port.

VIDEO: Tiny Island in Belize
This the small island we went to just outside of Belize where we went snorkeling. Beautiful water! It was so clear! Carrie went snorkeling with us too, but she was not planning on it until we got there and we saw the water. We saw so much wild life in the ocean, it was amazing!