Since Monday rumors have been circulating that a police officer attached to the Corozal Police Department brutalized a male individual who was socializing at a restaurant located inside the Corozal Free Zone. On Monday, when we received the report just before the evening news, we were informed that during the altercation the police officer hit a child. Other information indicated that a couple, accompanied by their 3 year old daughter, was socializing at the free zone when they started arguing. Police were called in and when they arrived at the scene they began hitting the wife and husband who was holding the baby at the time. Allegations are that one of the officers hit the child several times on the face causing her to pass out. The couple was arrested and according to reports the child was left on the side of the road where a woman of Mexican Nationality grabbed the child and headed towards her car. Reports are that a friend of the couple witnessed the incident and managed to take away the child from the woman.

It's a complicated story and the couple's family is being tight lipped about the situation since they want no more trouble with police. But as they say there are two sides to a story and while we may never get the couple's version, the Corozal Police Department has decided to but an end to the rumors by giving their account of what transpired on Monday.

Police say that about 6:00pm, while performing duties at the Northern Border, near the Princess Casino, P.C Sierra observed 23 year old Eric Acosta being chased by a group of individuals. Shortly after, a report was made by the owner of Chopstick Restaurant located in the free zone that Acosta had been involved in a fight with another male individual inside the restaurants bathroom and damaged the sewerage.

Acosta was escorted to the restaurant where he and 36 year old Crisantos Suarez, who was accompanied by his three year old daughter, started arguing, punches were exchanged, and in the process P.C Sierra, who tried to keep the men apart, was hit by Suarez. With the assistance of another police officer both men were subdued, handcuffed and escorted to the security booth where they once again began fighting. In the process Suarez's daughter was hit. A few minutes after, 32 year old Guadalupe Reyes, who was under the influence of alcohol, arrived at the booth and began arguing with Suarez. Reyes was ordered to leave but before doing so she turned on P.C Sierra and slapped him on the face.

All three persons were escorted to the Corozal Police Station where Crisantos Suarez, a resident of Chan Chen Village was charged for assaulting a police officer, damage to property, threatening words, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Chan Chen resident, Eric Acosta, was charged for disorderly conduct while Reyes was charged for assaulting a police officer and insulting words.

Yesterday the trio appeared before the Corozal Magistrates Court where Acosta pled guilty for disorderly conduct and was fined $100.00. Crisantos Suarez and Guadalupe Reyes pled not guilty to all counts and were granted and met bail of $4,000.00. They are expected back in court on February 12th, 2013.