Tourism stakeholders here in the north are constantly looking for different means and ways to develop the north as one of the main tourist destinations. Today, they would have gotten some pretty good ideas from the tourism management class of Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College who held their first ever tourism expo highlighting a number of ideas that could easily attract tourist to the north of Belize.

Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College offers a course in tourism management and today those taking the course participated in the first ever tourism expo held at the school grounds.

Lizbeth Cabral- Tourism Lecturer/CEMJC

"We wanted to showcase the talent, the creativity, the knowledge of the students here at CMEJC, it is the first time ever but we wanted to become something annually and it is a combination or a joint effort of both first year and second year students, we have a total of 70 tourism students here at CEMJC and it has been increasing for the past two years and we are going into the third year with the tourism program.  The idea and the focus really is to big up tourism here in the north, Corozal and Orange walk so what I did with the students is that we sat down and we talked about it and we included the four major sectors of tourism here in the north; accommodation, food and beverage, transportation, and attraction so they came up with these project and so that they can showcase realistic businesses that you can open in either Corozal or Orange Walk or any part of the country. To kind of teach the students on how to invest and how to turn over money they went around fund raising asking for sponsors and they got a lot of sponsors for these projects and also the school invested money to make this a success."

Colours filled the eyes of visitors and students of other educational institutions as they visited each booth and were informed about the different ideas that the students of CEMJC have developed in order to attract tourism in the north.

Yareli Luz- 1st year Student

"My booth is all about a resort its name is the Hibiscus Beach Resort it was named because Corozal mayflower is the Hibiscus and we named it after that.  The group is divided into several departments like the finance department, marketing department and we have been planning this since about three months back and we are proud and I think we did a great job."

Imer Che- 2nd year student

"My booth is all about a restaurant, Italian restaurant is the complete name of the project and we came up with the name from the letter of all my group members. We sell Italian Food, and we include a favourite one of the public which is the Samaha's White Soup and in the beverages are all natural and we include one especial of the business which is the Samaha's delight."

Of course tourists always need a place to stay and good food to eat, but that is not the main reason why they come to the jewel. They come to have fun and today Maritza Gomez and her group members added one more activity to the already long list that Belize has to offer.

Maritza Gomez- 1st year student

"We have come up with an idea of a water park in Corozal, we want to establish tourism and promote Corozal for it is a really true tourism attraction but young student want to promote it and bring more customer and especially locally to come and view what Corozal has to offer.  Our project content it is a business, a water park, it has an art gallery, it has two pool which in the future we say we want to develop a greater one for adults and for families, we provide safety for children, we have a park, we have a parking lot and it is mostly basically for families, we have the restaurants that will definitely attract more people."

Sleepless nights and hard work surrounded the expo as students took months to prepare. But at the end of the day all the hard work paid off as the school's faculty was more than happy with the outcome.

The institution plans the hold the expo on an annul basis.