Enrique Staines (+) -One of San Pedro's Village Alcaldes

Let me take you back our old village days and the conditions that prompted our village leaders to yearn for Township status. From the early 1900's San Pedro was governed under the old 'Alcalde System'. The villagers simply appointed a person whom they could trust to be the 'alcalde' who worked along with the other members as the village council. Where did the village council get money to provide services or rather where did it not? The village council had to raise funds with community events like a fair (bazaar), and dances on Dia de San Pedro, Carnival, and New Year's Eve. Very little money came from taxes. The taxes collected for bars and property all went to Central Government. Stores and saloons and later on gift shops did not have to pay any taxes. Buildings could be constructed without the need for an application permit and there was no payment for construction permits. Carpenters, masons, electricians, and for the most part all construction workers were not required a license and were not required to pay a dime to engage in their professions. For this reason the village councils had very little incomes to provide for services.

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