While this latest traffic accident occurred on the Phillip Goldson Highway, statistics show that The George Price Highway, formerly known as the Western Highway has seen some the country's worst traffic accidents. When it rains, oil residue mixed with water make the surface slippery and dangerous. It is common for our news department to receive a call informing us that an accident took place on that strip of road after a slight rain. Well, a loan has been secured from the Caribbean Bank by the Government the make repairs along that corridor.


The purpose of the loan is to provide funds for the Government of Belize, for the establishment of a "Demonstration Corridor" along the George Price Highway, formerly the Western Highway, of Belize to improve the safety of road infrastructure. The Demonstration Corridor runs from the roundabout at the junction of Central American Boulevard with the George Price Highway, along the George Price Highway, to its junction with the Hummingbird Highway in Belmopan, along the Hummingbird Highway with its junction with Constitution Drive in Belmopan, and thereafter along the Belmopan Ring Road.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow also explained efforts that will be implemented to achieve greater road safety.


The main objective of the project is to reduce deaths and serious injuries associated with Road Traffic Accidents. which will be achiever through the improvement of road infrastructure along the Demonstration Corridor. changing road user behaviour through increased awareness and understanding of the issues, traffic law enforcement support, post-crash response support, and road safety management capacity building.