I went to San Pedro as a very new scuba diver, and my wife had never gone scuba diving before. We were lucky to meet up with Josie while renting a golf cart to get around (#1 Barrier Reef Rd, across from Rosie's Cafe), who introduced us to Roberto Castillo, divemaster.

Both of these fantastic individuals were an important part of making our Belize dreams come true.

Roberto is an excellent diving instructor, who was patient, communicative, friendly, and just a joy to be around. He could probably make anyone comfortable in the water and learning to swim under it. He took us to some great spots, and we requested he come with us for a day to The Blue Hole. He came with us on a boat from another tour company, ensured we felt safe and taken care of, and was a great dive buddy and companion.

Josie was incredibly helpful for not only arranging our dive tours with Roberto, but helping us get information for our further travels when we were getting ready to leave Belize, helping us ensure our needs were taken care of, etc. We highly recommend you meet them to help your trip is fully realized as well.

---Go diving with Roberto Castillo with Action Divers Adventures, and contact Josie for all your travel help, tour set ups, and other needs: #1 Barrier Reef, in front of Ruby's Cafe.