Tonight the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital is proud to be the first institution in the country to acquire the latest technology in vascular imaging.

It's called "The Vein Viewer" and it is donated by the Hope Presbyterian Church of Memphis Tennessee. The machine uses specialized technologies to compose an image of a patient's veins - then projects that image in real time onto patient's skin - providing the opportunity to see through skin.

The handing over ceremony of the machine took place this morning at the KHMH Medical Imaging Unit and 7news got a firsthand look.

Dr. Francis Gary Longsworth - CEO, KHMH
"What has brought us here today was a chance meeting between these two gentlemen on an airline flight several months ago. The conversation as I understand it led to an offer of help for the medical services in Belize by Mr. Long and this later culminated in the donation of 5 vein viewers to the KHMH by the Hope Presbyterian Church of Memphis Tennessee."

"Throughout this process Mr. Aikman maintains regular communication with Dr. Adrian Coye, our Director of Medical Services to ensure that the donation was transported, ship, cleared and delivered to the KHMH which occurred a few weeks ago. In all of this I can claim very little credit as my role was simply one of facilitation and support."

"Here we are today to celebrate the acquisition of these vein viewers which will prove invaluable in several priority areas here at the KHMH such as Accident and Emergency, Operating Theaters, Neonatal and Adult Intensive Care and Cardiac catheterization. This is cutting edge technology which if there were any doubt on this point was recently featured on the Dr. Oz show - that's how new it is."

"What this operatus allows you to do is to use infrared technology to map the veins under the skin and gives a visual picture superimposed on top of the patient's skin to allow you to see where to access the veins. Whenever you have to do any venipuncture for whatever reason to gives drugs, to give blood etc. this makes it easier."

Johnny Long - Director of Global Outreach
"Hope has been coming to Belize for over 10 years, mainly working in Burrel Boom and Flowers Bank. We are excited about this opportunity to work with the hospital. It was a chance meeting - something we like to call it God thing - for Derek and I to meet a few months back and I want to take this time to thank for helping us facilitate this donation to the hospital. We at Hope Church is very excited about the long term relationship with the hospital sending teams to help to do all types of different projects here and we are excited about this first step."

"We appreciate the opportunity. Derek, thank you for facilitating this. Doctors' thank you; Dr. Coye and Dr. Longsworth - thank you so much for showing me around yesterday. Seeing all what you have going on here is remarkable - what you are doing for thus hospital and the people of Belize. Hope could not be more proud to partner with you in this."

The Vein Viewer can be used on any patient regardless of age, body type of skin tone and the device poses no threat to patients.

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