Many of us have realized that mobile technology is on its way to taking over the entire universe. What this means is that people will be using mobile gadgets to do everything: internet surfing, emails, shopping, selling, socializing, banking and just about everything that you normally do to get through your busy day.

In Belize, we don't really see this change happening, as in other countries, because of the lack of support for such technology. First of all the service providers have poor service so mobile gadgets can't be used to their full potential. This doesn't stop others, as everyday that passes I see more and more people buying their tablets and expensive smart phones.

In fact, I believe that almost every Belizean have access to the internet through their mobile phones. This is amazing, isn't it?

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Nowadays I see more and more new gadgets making their way into Belize at a much faster rate. This must only mean that the demand for mobile devices has sky-rocketed in Belize. This is good news for all computer stores in Belize. I know it must be hard for them to obtain these new gadgets, upon release, but they are still doing a wonderful job of having them available for the Belizean community.

I don't really worry about the gadgets because one way or the other you can still get them here in Belize. But what really worries me is: How are the internet service providers keeping up with this demand. They need to start upgrading their systems at a faster rate so that we can use our mobile devices to their full potential.

On another note, those companies that have their websites on-line should start to think about upgrading their website so that they have mobile support. I already see some banks working on this move and so should the other organizations.

If you ask me, I believe the state of mobile technology in Belize is pretty damn good just that the internet service providers are staying behind.

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