There are several possibilities as to who shot Mr Faull that come to mind. One is that it was a robbery gone wrong, but the items taken--an iphone and a laptop--make this unlikely as they are the easiest to trace. Another is that it was intended for McAfee and they got the wrong house. Also unlikely, JM is a pretty recognizable face and he is all over the news and net.
The most relevant bits of evidence besides the bullet forensics, may be the items taken. Why would the robberkiller take the smartphone and the computer? Not for their resale value, they are completely traceable and will have to be destroyed, unless the killer was a complete idiot and never considered that at the time. (We can't rule this out as robbers often are complete idiots for some reason, but then they likely would have taken other items too). It could be because the killer was concerned those two items would lead back to him. Email exchanges of hot words perhaps, or maybe the victim happened to have them to hand when the killer showed up and the killer was concerned the victim could have turned on the recording capability. There is a reason the killer took only those two items, and in that reason you will likely find a good clue to your killer. If the FBI does get involved it could be a good thing because they have the power and ability to get into the victim's (and any suspect's) email accounts, whereas that could prove challenging for the Belize authorities. It would fit right in with a FBI liason role. That is true even if the killer deletes the messages and indeed the account, because the FBI has a very cozy relationship with ISP's and email purveyors and all that stuff is still on a hard drive somewhere. But it won't help if the reason was not email but possible recordings of the altercation, and those two items are now lying in smashed pieces three miles offshore in several hundred feet of salt water.
What if that someone went to the Faull house to chew him out about something, and took along the pistol to intimidate and threaten. In anger or frustration, or to stop Faull from going to the phone to call authorities or because he noticed Faull was recording, or even Faull confronted him in some way or told him to F off, he lost it and shot him in a moment of pique. More likely than a cold blooded premeditated asassination I should think.
But then what do I know, I'm just a wallgecko.

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