In Memory Of Peetaz!

The second annual Mista Peetaz Brukdong Bram will be taking place this Saturday at the Black Orchid Resort in Burrell Boom. It is all a part of the Institute of Creative Arts Christmas celebrations in Creole style.

The public will be entertained with traditional Creole songs by musicians who will be using instruments like the grater, pint bottles and the famous mouth organ. And while there won't be a Brukdong Bram competition this year, there will be a concert in the night with all of the Bands. Organizer Timothy Stamp told us more:..

Joseph Stamp Romero, Coordinator
"This Saturday starting at 3pm we invite the general public to join us a celebration to Mr. Peters birthday - it's his birthday bram. We kinda celebrate Mr. Peters on a whole even though he is not here and not his actual birthday but we celebrate Mr. Peters in Belize and the fact that he gave so much to this country in his music especially. On that day we have artists coming together like Sam Harris, Mr. Peters brukdown band and artists like Nello Player, Lisa Alvarez and others like the queen of brukdown Ms. Lila Vernon. We have those artists coming together in celebrating this momentous occasion in brukdown music in saying that brukdown is alive and it continues to be a part of our culture and history. We invite everybody to come out. We have rides, we have food, we have a concert event and a dance event and there is also a bus running from 5 in the evening. There is no reason not to come over and enjoy this really great occasion with us."

"Definitely I think that one of the things after talking to artists and seeing how excited they are - it's to make sure that people remember that brukdown is a part of our history as Belizeans but also its a chance for them to know that this music is so beautiful when you listen and enjoy what they put on stage."

"Just recently Sam Harris came over and he shared with us what he is about to release on stage; his new CD and you can hear all the vibrancy and everything that is still so important about the music and getting young people to enjoy that kind of music and saying that this is ours and truly Belizean."

Monica Bodden
"About the ticket prices?"

Joseph Stamp Romero, Coordinator
"From 3-7 kids are free and adults are only five dollars. The creole council comes over with some games and some entertainment. At 7-2am there is the concert and dance and that's only ten dollars. If you come in early with your family you can enjoy an event that's practically cheap."

The Brukdong Bram starts 3 on Saturday and goes until 2am the following day. Buses will be available.

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