my name is shannon hull,
i am new to the area but am working in an established san pedro tattoo shop/ artistic skin design owned by Ken Richmond and tattooing with Angel as well. i have tattooed over the last ten years across the united states and recently transferred from one of the Artistic skin design shops from the U.S. to here in San Pedro, located downtown on buccaneer street.
the shop has a website,, though you will have to select the "west" location and click on "shannon" to see examples of my work. there is also a link there to connect you to my personal site which has documentation of the first 8 years of tattooing , the portfolio pages on my site,1-8?, also coordinate with the year or order i did them in.
I started tattooing 11.5 years ago and have been tattooing full time in licensed shops for 10.5 years.For anyone interested, or expecting guests interested in tattoos, new or old, re work or add on or cover ups feel free to message me or stop in the shop.
I can paint and draw as well as tattoo so if its just an idea we can work to bring it to life but we can also work from photos or personal artwork.
if you have the time or interest check out some pics