The 2012/2013 crop season kicked off on November 28th, at exactly 10:00 in the morning. The first week of crop got off to a good start and so has the second week. This week, 40,854 tons of cane was milled by the factory totaling to 93,316 since the season begun. This is an increase from last year’s crop season which saw the milling of 65,932 tons of cane after the first 2 weeks. Last crop season, 5,760 tons of sugar was produced in the first 2 weeks. The 2012/2013 crop season saw a 5,760 increase in tons of sugar produced. 1,606 tons of mud was extracted this week, which totals to a sum of 3,839 tons of mud being extracted this week; a 579 increase from last year. This week, 302 tons of cane was grinded per hour; this is an increase from the 264 tons which was grinded in the 1st 2 weeks of last year’s crop. This week, juice purity was at 83.70%, totaling to 83.63 for this year’s crop season so far, an increase from last year’s 83.04%. TCTS stood at 10.85% this week, and for the two weeks at 10.76%, seeing a decrease from last year’s crop which stood at 11.45% for the 1st two weeks of crop. The dry weather supported the harvest week, but rain is needed for the late 2012 fields. For the Christmas season cane will be received up to 10:00am on Sunday December 23rd. The factory will resume operations at 10:00am on December 27th.