How to Fix A Digicell Dizzy Spell

Recently, we've received plenty of complaints from viewers wanting to know what's up with their Digicell phones. The phones have lost signal - and can't get it back.

Well, there have been many public notices - but still many keep falling into the signal void - losing use of their phones for days - some even concluding that their phone is no good!

Customer Service Manager, Dr. Dionne Miranda told us what to do if it happens to you:

Dr. Dionne Miranda - Customer Services Manager, BTL
"First of all, I'd like to apologize because they didn't really need to for the entire weekend. We've had our operators working 24 hours a day. And we did announce through the media over the past week that this issue may occur. And let me explain to you why the issue has occurred. The devices that many of you hold in our hands, they're what we call intelligent devices, and they will seek out the best possible network. And so, in seeking out the best network, they've decided to latch on to a service that you don't even have, because we've turned on our cell sites. And because of that, it sought out the best, and it latched on to the 4G network. Now, you're not a 4G customer, so of course, it's going to say that you have no service, and all anybody needs to do, and we've been advertising this for a while, is to just go into the settings section on your telephone, you downgrade it from WCDMA, which is where the 4G service is, and downgrade it to GSM only. And once you get it on GSM only, you would not have any issues because then you'd be latched back on to the 2.5G network we have in place. But, like I said, it only takes a simple change of setting. And what we've found out, however, is that some phones are what we call crack phone, or they may be AT&T phones. And what AT&T does in the US is that it ties its phones to its own network, So, the minute the phone saw that it was in a network that was 4G, which is what AT&T is providing, which are subsidized phones by that company, then automatically, it went there. And because they are locked, the phone says, 'Well, I am here, and I'm staying. All we we have to do in that case is tha you call our operators, or you visit us. We'll fix the settings in our systems to set you permanently back to the 2.5G of which you are customer, and voila! That's it. So, no customer needed to have been without service for a whole weekend or a day. We have our operators, like I said, 24 hours a day."

That operator's number is 119...

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