Take a ride north of the cut with John Henry East....

‘The Long and Winding Road’ in today’s headline is inspired by the song by The Beatles which was released in 1970 and was a track from the ‘Let It Be’ album. It made number one in the UK and US charts and was the group’s last number one in the US.

So why did I choose this song ? The road from the northern side of the bridge to our build in Ambergris Caye,Belize is not that long. At half a mile I would say ( can’t be precise because our golf cart doesn’t have a mileometer) it cannot be described as long. It does wind a bit though and that is reason enough for me. Plus, I think it is a great song.

The road ahead immediately ahead of us after crossing the bridge.

The next stretch takes us to the beginning of Reef Village.

And past the entrance to the Kama Lounge....

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