And while Faber is jostling for position, COLA has come up with its position on the International Court of Justice.

Not surprisingly, it is opposed to going to the ICJ, but the lengthy position paper details the reasons for not doing so.

It's a two thousand word document - but COLA President Geovannie Brackett outlined the major reasons for us today:

Giovanni Brackett - President, COLA
"We view the International Court of Justice as an entity that cannot bring about a viable solution - a lasting solution. As, we've seen in the case of the US and Nicaragua, the US has completely ignored the ruling of the courts. Their attorney went as far as to describe the court as semi-legal or semi-judicial, an entity that some countries sometime listen to, or sometimes don't. If the US can have such an opinion of the International Court of Justice, how then can the OAS suggest that Belize to take the subject of its sovereignty to an international jurisdiction that the US does not recognize? In addition to that, we look at the OAS, and over the years, even though they gave a front that they're trying to work for the best, Guatemala keeps getting away with doing things to Belize that is illegal. And when we defend aggression, we're told that it's reprehensible. So, that's the first thing. Unless the OAS can show themselves to be an objective entity, we believe that we should withdraw ourselves."

Jules Vasquez
"Why would you all recommend something so extraordinary - radical - when in your own document, you advocate what you call real diplomacy? Withdrawing from the OAS is not any kind of diplomacy. That's just ignorance."

Giovanni Brackett
"It's not ignorance, Jules. It's showing courage where it needs to be. Our campaign, it will be very risky for us to say don't go out and vote. Our campaign is saying, 'Go and vote, and vote no to the ICJ."

The position is re-printed in its entirely in today Amandala...

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