Christmas has always been a time widely used by several businesses and community members to promote goodwill, tidings, love, happiness and especially give back to those less fortunate. Throughout the past weeks, we’ve being highlighting stories which encompass the Christmas Spirit. In the next story, we bring to you the story of the Christmas Spirit Parade which has been taking place in Orange Walk for the past nine years.

The Orange Walk Central Drum Corps has been the driving force behind this initiative and have been organizing a bigger and better event every year. This year, the Drum Corps has teamed up with Smart, Centaur Communications, and with L&R Distillery Limited in efforts of making this year’s parade and show the biggest one yet. Coordinator for Central Drum Corps and organizer of the Spirit of Christmas Parade, Eldred Neal, told us more on the purpose of the parade.

Eldred Neal – Coordinator, Spirit of Christmas Parade

“The Parade, the band has put it together because we want to have the community to remember that there are less fortunate folks in and round your community and that is our time to say thank you, so we are giving away small gifts and small treats along the line of the parade and for the bigger show we are going to have some massive dynamic prizes and of course the show entails no other than your local artists performing for you bringing the best of karaoke, we are teaming up along with RB’s karaoke and we are going to be giving you a lot of local talent and of course we are bringing you one train person who will be giving a new outstanding show Mr. Desmond Berry will be the feature of the night.”

Other features for the night will be grand giveaways sponsored by Smart and L&R Distillery. One of the biggest highlights will be the parade leading up to the show. Neal says that many gifts, prizes and surprises will be given out during the parade for those viewing and enjoying it.

Eldred Neal – Coordinator, Spirit of Christmas Parade

“The Central Drum Corps Christmas parade starts from in front of shell one stop and it goes right into Belize road turns into Bakers Street it goes into Main Street up to Hospital Crescent comes back around the Belize road down Queen Elizabeth Boulevard and ends back in front of Shell one stop, where in front L & R Liquors we are going to have a grand show entitled the Spirit of Christmas, there will be a number of surprises and treats for all of you, there will be a two hour live show in which you can come out and participate and be a winner of one great prize courtesy of L & R Imports and Old Masters Rum and Old Fashion Lemonade and of course if you want to seat with us until twelve o’clock there will be a big raffle of a cellphone and we know communications is your means and Smart keeps bringing people together and we are going to safe that raffle for just before twelve o’clock.”

The parade is set to start at 7pm this Saturday, December 22.