Santa Rita Maya Site to Become Official Maya Wedding Garden of Belize

The "Festival del Mestizaje" that was held at the Santa Rita Archaeological Park and Wedding Garden in Corozal Town on December 20, 2012 featured the re-enactment of the wedding between Tzazil-Ha, the Mayan Princess and Gonzalo Guerrero, the Spanish Conquistador. The festival was held at such a historic event of the Maya calendar to bolster awareness and raise funds for a project approved in January 2012 by NICH and the Institute of Archaeology (IOA). The project involved the development of the tourism potential of the Santa Rita Archaeological Park by transforming it into the "Official Mayan Wedding Garden of Belize."

The development of the Santa Rita Archaeological Park as a premier and original Maya Wedding Destination in Belize will see an increase in tourist arrival both locally and from foreign visitors. This means that monies spent by tourists will trickle down to local tour operators, transportation personnel, hoteliers, restaurant owners, souvenirs shops, local artisans and other groups involved in cultural presentations and wedding facilitators.

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