The New Year’s Eve Celebration has undergone many changes throughout the years. I will take you back to the 1960’s when Marino’s Club Roof Top was the Number 1 place to celebrate. Of course the dances have been the most featured attractions for any New Year’s party as they are today. Twenty five years ago the dance at Marino’s Club was for the teenagers or all single people. Daddy’s Club was the venue for the “Baile de casados’ or ‘Baile de Viejos’ only for married couples and you had to go with your spouse. The dances commenced at 9 p.m. on the dot with any accordion band that was active at the time. Popular accordionists were Wil Alamilla, Aldo Marin, and Ovidio Guerrero. Guitars and percussions were in abundance so that was no problem. The music and dancing went on until 11:30p. at which time the church bell was rung to call everyone to mass. Oh, by the way I forgot to mention that everyone attended the dance in regular or everyday clothing to signal the año viejo or the old year that had transpired. Therefore as soon as the first bell call was rung, the music stopped at the dance hall and everyone went home to put on their new party clothes to signal the New Year. At midnight the mass commenced with Reverend Robert Raszkowski extending his well wishes on behalf of the bishop and himself and all the religious to the San Pedro community.

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