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Bug Photography & Adventure workshop – Jan. 2013
Entomologist Alex Wild and Joanne Holley will be in Belize for an 8- day tropical insect safari and photography work shop hosted at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. BugShot – Belize: January 19 – 26th 2013 Click here to see more details and the planned schedule for the days that you will be in Belize. It will be one of the most exciting adventures while you learn to capture the life of the jungle. This is a perfect opportunity to visit a new place and have fun while learning and meeting new people. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW spaces are limited.

BELIZE Jungle Zip Line and Cave Tubing
Day trip from San Pedro. Check it out! Prebook Your Adventures Today!

Cave Tubing Belize. Crystal Cave
Day Trip from San Pedro. A great adventure, have a look at Crystal Cave.


Big New Year’s Eve celebration just hours away
The countdown to 2013 is on and there will be a number of activities taking place tonight. One big event is the Love FM and Belikin New Year’s countdown. Ava Diaz-Sosa is the coordinator of the event. Tonight’s event will be aired live on Love FM and Love Television.

Galen University holds graduation exercise
Graduation season is usually between May and June of every year. But over the weekend commencement exercises were held by Galen University. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo reports.

Punta Gorda community stunned by murder/suicide
The final day of the year is usually reserved for well wishes for a happiness in the coming twelve months and grateful reflections on the year that is passed. But tonight, like way too many newscasts over the last twelve months it is our sad duty to chronicle more episodes of bloodshed and tragedy. For the quiet municipality of Punta Gorda, the peace and tranquility were shattered by two gunshot blasts early on Sunday night. And it soon dawned on the entire nation that a tragedy of unimaginable proportions has occurred. Our Senior National correspondent Paul Mahung was on the story from right after it happened and files this report. This morning the police press officer Rafael Martinez gave reported the police’s version of what transpired last night in Punta Gorda town. Martinez said that the couple was involved in an argument on Saturday.

Brother kills brother in Sand Hill village
In Punta Gorda the lives of two people ended with gunshots. But in Sand Hill village the weapon of choice was an edge tool. The tragic death of a young man over the weekend has devastated a family, as Love TV’s Marion Ali found out this morning.

Business man stabbed in San Pedro town
Police in San Pedro town continue to look for four men in connection with a stabbing incident on Friday night that has left a man hospitalized in Belize City. The police press officer gave the details of the incident this morning.

Cayo school teacher alleges rape by taxi operator
A San Ignacio taxi operator was today arraigned on a charge of rape in the Magistrate’s court. Thirty year old Antonio Gongora was arraigned on a single charge of rape, following a report that he sexually assaulted a twenty eight year old school teacher. Gongora was remanded to the Hattieville prison until his next court appearance on March thirteenth. It is the kind of incident that no woman should have to experience. According to the victim, she was out socializing early on Saturday morning when she caught a taxi cab and asked to be taken home. But instead of taking her home, Gongora reportedly took the woman to the horse race track in the Trapiche area of Santa Elena town where he had sexual intercourse with her against her will. After the assault, the woman was abandoned in the area at two o’clock in the morning. She managed to make it to the main road where she was able to call the police to report the incident.

Men arrested on robbery charges
Twenty year old Randy August, one of two persons who the police believe robbed three persons at the Marion Jones Stadium on Saturday, December 22, was charged with 3 counts of robbery when he appeared today in the Number One Magistrate’s Court. August pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was remanded into custody until February 6. Forty year old Victor Argueta, a Salvadoran sub-contractor, reported to the police that while he was at his workplace, two persons of dark complexion entered, one of them armed with a black pistol. Argueta said the gunman held him up and they stole three thousand dollars, which was the company’s payroll. Thirty-seven year old Jamie Marin, the supervisor, reported to the police that they stole one thousand dollars and his cell phone from him. Forty-five year old Carla Patnett, reported to the police that they stole her black Apple phone which has a value of one thousand dollars. The culprits then made their escape. James Copius, a man with 5 convictions who has been to court 30 times, made his thirty-first appearance today when he was brought to the Number One Magistrate’s Court on charges of robbery and aggravated assault. Copius pled not guilty to the charges. The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that robbery has become prevalent and that if granted bail the defendant might interfere with the complainant. Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith upheld the objection and she remanded Copius into custody until February 27. The incident occurred on December 20. Jamie Garcia reported to the police that Copius, armed with a machete, along with two others, robbed him of forty five dollars and his 21 inch television. Ervin Myvett reported to the police that Copius held him up with a machete. Police say they are searching for two other persons to charge them in connection with the incident.

Police make arrest in Hopkins village murder
Police in Hopkins village have made an arrest in connection with a murder in that southern community just before 9 o’clock on Boxing Day. In that incident, seventeen year old Luke Dayton Nunez, Jr lost his life. The police press officer explains. The accused is an ex-policeman.

House crashes to the ground
A single mother needs your help to get back on her feet after the house she was living in collapsed, rendering her and her two young children homeless. Tanisha Romero told Love News today that two nights ago, her house on Pelican Street collapsed during strong winds. If you can help Tanisha Romero with a house to live in or a job, you can visit her at her mother’s house at 7050 Raccoon Street Extension and ask for Tanisha Romero or her mother, Glenda Miller.

Separate accidents reported on the George Price Highway
Two vehicles overturned off the George Price Highway on Sunday evening. Reports are that the two vehicles overturned just minutes apart between miles forty seven and forty eight. Police have not yet released any information on the incidents; but Love News understands that there were no major injuries resulting from the incidents.

Cultural Habina Wanaragua celebration held in Dangriga
The cultural event known as Habina Wanaragua was held over the weekend in Dangriga. Correspondent Harry Arzu reports.

Mexican national jailed for single bullet
A Mexican national has plead guilty to a charge of kept prohibited ammunition and given a jail sentence in Belize. Forty four year old Salomon Gomez Cunil of Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico, was sentenced to five years in prison and will be escorted to the Hattieville prison to begin serving the sentence today. Police say that on Sunday morning, Cunil and another man were involved in an argument in front of the Princess Casino. Police on mobile patrol escorted both men to the police booth at the Santa Elena border in Coroxal where a search of the men resulted in the discovery of a single seven point six-two round of ammunition inside of Cunil’s back pocket. He was informed of the offence committed and charged. Police have arrested a Belize City woman in connection with a shooting incident at the BTL Park in Belize City during a concert earlier this month. The woman, identified as twenty four year old Laura Caceres was charged with the offences of disorderly conduct and causing public terror. Two men from Belmopan have been arrested and charged for the crime of unlawful imprisonment. Alex Ayala and William Hernandez were charged after a sixteen year old girl reported that she was held against her will by the two men on Saturday morning. The girl told police that she and a companion were on their way home from a nightclub when they got into an SUV driven at the time by Ayala. After dropping her friend home, the men reportedly took the sixteen year old to a hotel, despite her request to be taken home. The girl told police that she managed to escape her kidnappers and ran out of the hotel compound where she met a police mobile and reported her ordeal. When the police officers went to the hotel, they reported found the two men, escorted them to the Belmopan police station where they were formally arrested and charged.


Long Way to Go
After a really enjoyable evening at Lola’s to ‘see in’ the New Year and watching from the beach the really good firework display put on by the San Pedro Town Council I slept in today. Didn’t get up until 7 am! Felt slightly the worse for wear but felt exercised. Knew that I had given my right arm and throat a good workout. The legs got some work too with frequent visits to the Restroom being required! In all seriousness it was a really enjoyable way to say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013. The first time we have ever been away from England for New Year. We have, however, maintained a longstanding tradition of never being away from home – because that is what Ambergris Caye is for us – on New Year’s Eve. Rose got up some time after me and we had breakfast and then got to talking about the expansion of our build in Ambergris Caye,Belize to include another en-suite bedroom on the Ground Floor. We studied the architect’s plans to try to determine how we would lay out the two rooms in the space available but found it difficult to do this so decided that we would drive to the site for inspiration. Before going though we measured the dimensions of the bed in our rented accommodation.

A Tale of Five Cities: Tulum, around town
The rest of these photos didn't really fit into any of our previous blog posts on Tulum, so this is just a miscellaneous round-up of sights seen around town to finish out our 2.5 days in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. As you'll probably notice in these photos, town itself was not crowded at all while we were there the first week in December. When we passed back through at the end of our trip for one night, it was filled to the brim with tourists there for Christmas and/or the end of the Mayan calendar. Big difference! The Municipal Plaza, all decked out for the holidays Town Christmas tree Mexican flag This colorful urgent-care clinic was right around the corner from our hotel. Fortunately, we didn't need it! I loved these brightly colored bedspreads & blankets, but no room in our packs for anything this large.

Lazy Sunday Crazy Monday
Happy 2013 everyone, hope you all had a fun time ringing in the new year. We started out as romantic dinner date crashers at Casa Picasso where Cindy and Andy were having a baby free night out. After that tacoboy and I progressed to town and made it as far as Lola’s Pubfor the big street party. Gino and the shackshakers were playing when we got there and the party was already packed and everyone was having a great time. Town board also did the traditional fireworks show this year and it was better than ever. They had a new kind I have not seen before and when they exploded it was like a big patch of glitter in the sky. I managed to get a picture of one but it does not do it justice – see last fireworks picture. Back track to Sunday afternoon for this next part. As we were enjoying our morning iced coffee in the fab new cups that Leisa gave us from the states, tacoboy said “he would do what ever I wanted today but was hoping for a lazy day”. I was all for it and my thought was a walk down the back road to the store later would be as much movement as we need.

International Sources

The Simple Life in Belize
Five hours of driving on paved highways with jaw-dropping views of mountains and farmland brought us from the international airport in Belize City to our destination: Monkey River Village in the Toledo District, the southernmost area of Belize. We parked our truck and hopped on a boat taxi for the five-minute ride to our new but temporary home, a two-story Caribbean-style home that we are house sitting for six months. Our journey here began when my husband and I had decided to get off the “earn-and-spend” treadmill. Belize offers that—and the chance to teach our four children the value of a simpler life, away from materialism and consumerism. Here, in the Toledo District, you get a respite from strip malls and over-development, from pollution and stress. There’s no Wal-Mart in sight (I have heard the closest one is in Mexico). And there’s not one fast-food restaurant in the entire country. We wake each morning to a cool breeze and the sounds of the jungle and the sea: the lapping waves, the calls of exotic birds and, occasionally, howler monkeys making their racket in the trees. Our village is home to only about 300 residents who rely mostly on fishing and tourism for their income. It’s an authentic Creole fishing village where everyone knows everyone else. Neighbors help neighbors. When I needed a lift across the river (where we park our truck at a friend’s house), a local guy was happy to give me a ride. Another new friend brought to our dock a lovely gift of lobster. “For the kids,” he said, smiling. And when we want to sit awhile over a Fanta or Belizean-brewed beer Belikin (each in returnable bottles), and ask questions about Belize, the locals are always willing to chat at our neighbor’s Barebones Bar up the beach or Ivan’s Cool Spot in town. On the days when we head into town, we pass an elderly Creole gentleman, Horace, who sits on his neat porch, as if he has nothing but time. He greets us each day with the same refrain: “Good morning, mon! Have a good day, mon.” Once we reach the town of Independence, which is just across the line into Stann Creek District, we hit the shops and are met with smiles and waves by shopkeepers. They all recognize us—and they are always willing to help. Like the time we needed to buy a long-sleeved shirt for our two-year-old, who is too fair for the tropical sun. A little girl, about 10 years old, happily led us around to all the stores in town that sold clothing, offering her sweet and child-like perspective on the place she lives. Her mother, who owns a local restaurant, smiles and calls out a greeting every time she sees us drive by. She also makes a mean plate of stewed chicken, rice, and beans. Lunch for two, with fresh orange juice—better than I’ve ever tasted—will set you back just $9. When we want a day in the “big town,” we head into Punta Gorda, or “PG,” the largest town at the south end of the district, about 1.5 hours away from us. Views of the rugged Mayan Mountains provide the scenic backdrop as we drive south. Thatched roofs dot the countryside. Every local passing on foot or bicycle offers us a friendly wave as we pass by. These locals farm the land to provide for their family’s needs and rely on fishing for their livelihood. Many still bathe and wash their clothes in the rivers and streams. They cook in outdoor kitchens, letting the rich smells of fried plantains, chicken soup, and spicy beans float into the open air. They wake up and go to sleep with the sun, in a natural human rhythm as old as the earth itself.