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Calling all dive geeks and ocean warriors: the ocean needs you (and your underwater data).

Since the first Project AWARE International Cleanup Day events in 1993, AWARE divers organized thousands of cleanups to protect underwater habitats and marine species. Cleanup dives from the past 18 years have been a true inspiration, placing scuba divers in the spotlight, key to addressing debris issues on a global scale.

But cleanups alone are not the answer. Now, we’re moving beyond International Cleanup Day, introducing Dive Against Debris, a year-round data and debris collection effort to reduce the devastating impacts of debris each time we dive. But in order to be successful, we need your help in testing and providing feedback about the new program!

If we’re going to help change waste management policies, we need underwater data that paints a true picture of debris issues beneath the surface. We hope you - the dive leaders, volunteers and citizen scientists - will join a growing movement of scuba divers in 180 countries collecting and reporting the underwater trash you find to help protect the ocean against the onslaught of marine debris.

5 Steps to Dive Against Debris:
1.Begin with the Dive Against Debris Self Study Guide – it provides all the info you need to successfully complete your data and debris collection dives. You may also like to browse the FAQs.
2.Download a Dive Against Debris Data Card and other resources to support your debris collection efforts.
3.Already organizing a group Dive Against Debris event? Put your activity on the AWARE Action Map. Invite and manage volunteers by creating a My Ocean profile.
4.Go diving and report your data! Your local actions will contribute to a better future for the ocean.
5.Help improve the new Dive Against Debris by sharing your feedback with us.