The tourism-dependent Caribbean has warned against Britain’s risky plan to ship dangerous radioactive waste through the Caribbean Sea on a route to Japan.

Caribbean Community (Caricom) chairman, Dr Kenny Anthony said the UK’s shipment of the waste will pose grave risks to the lives of people in the region if there happened to be an accident.

In a statement on Friday 29 December, Anthony called on the UK to stop the forthcoming transshipment of Vitrified High Level Waste to Japan via the Caribbean Sea.

"The United Kingdom's imminent shipment of radioactive waste follows 14 such shipments to date, each of which has been strenuously objected to by Caricom Heads of Government, Caribbean business communities and civil society,” Anthony said.

“In this regard, the region is particularly disappointed by the continued disregard shown by the United Kingdom for the objections to such shipments given the historical relations which the Caribbean shares with the United Kingdom”, he added.