The Football Federation of Belize's hosted a media luncheon on Saturday at 12 noon. The purpose of the luncheon was to present four of Belize's First Class referees to the media who have made the FIFA list of referees and who can officiate internationally. Ruperto Vicente President of FFB spoke about the importance of such an accomplishment.†

So being a FIFA referee, you must understand that it puts a heavy†responsibility†on you. †Other referees will be looking at you as their role model. †You'll be the one to set the pace for them. †That's what I was. †When I was an international†referee, I set the pace for all other referees. †I had to perform at a level that will model for them. †So you are called upon to perform at every game at a higher level than everyone else. †Much is expected of you. †You cannot fail. †That's what you've been called to do.†

Executive Member of the Football Federation of Belize Mr. Marlon Kuylen says that while hours have gone into such an achievement, the work has just started.†

Chairman Referee Department, MARLON QUEELIN:
It took hard work ad sacrifice, but all the†perseverance†has paid off and is now being rewarded. We are proud to say that they are on an international FIFA list for 2013. Guys, I must remind you that the work has just begun. †Ypu cannot slack off. †This is not just the level you reach and that's it. †When you go out and represent Belize you have to make us proud.

Plus news also spoke with Daniel Cazim and Christopher Reid two of the coaches who received the FIFA recognition.†

I started playing football way back, 2001/2002. Then I got injured. For that same reason I decided to go into refereeing. †From the start I wanted to†excel, and not stay as a national referee, or local†referee†in my home town, Orange Walk. †So that is when I started in this refereeing program. †What we need to do to achieve this is a lot of sacrifice, a lot of games experience, and so forth, so many things that we need to get. †First knowledge in the laws of football, we need to be very acquainted with the laws of the game, know ot then put it in practice, execute it on the field of play.†

I started playing football from I was about 6 or 7. †9 years old I started playing with Youth 17,†playing†barefoot. †At the age of 17 I went up to first division. †Then from first division, I went to Super League. †I used to play in the Rural North. †When I went to Super League I got hurt, injured in my foot. †So I decided that's it for me for football. †I went and watched another Rural North game, right at Sandhill. †I saw David Jones and Mr White was refereeing, and they asked me if I would like to help. So I said, "Sure, no problem", because I love football. †So I started helping. †I helped throughout the season. †So after that I decided I can't play football any longer, so then my next level in football should be refereeing. So I started refereeing from there, which was four and a half years ago. Since I start refereeing my goal was always to reach on the FIFA list, and it paid off after four years hard work.

In other football related news, on Sunday afternoon at 3pm Belize's National Team went up against Honduras very own Platense at the FFB Compound. At the end of the game Belize came out on top with a score of one nil. Platense is a well known Football Club from Puerto Cortes, Cortes. The club was formed on July 4th 1960.