Yesterday, Belize's National A Football Team played its second game since being selected against one of Honduras's premier semi-pro teams, Deportivo Platense.

It was broadcast live here on Channel 7, but for those viewers who missed it, we caught up with the coaches and players to ask them about how that game went.

We found that even though Belize got a 1-nil victory, it was only an exhibition match.

Leroy Sherrier - Coach, Belize National Team
"My impression is that I feel satisfy - not completely. This kind of game helps you to take real decision that you have to take but in general I feel good because the players performed very good."

"Tell us what's your impression of how your young players were playing on the field today?"

Leroy Sherrier - Coach, Belize National Team
"The younger ones came in good and Mariano surprises me on how he was playing. I think in the couple of weeks that we have ahead we can fix that. This is our first serious game and that's why I don't feel bad because we played against a very good team and that help us to see what we got to work on."

Charley Slusher - Assistant Coach, Belize National Team
"I think this was one of the real test that we had today to really fine-tuned the team. We are trying to fine-tuned the team in the sense that when we are in Costa Rica there is no experimenting - we already know who should play, which position and who are not ready for it, so that can re-enforce the idea that we have because we already had an idea about who are the starters and who are ready for this level and I think today just was the icing on the cake for us. Overall I think the way the team play there is a little of fine tuning to do but I think the guys did a wonderful job because the Platense team really came here to play and you have to give them credit, so it wasn't an easy game."

Dalton Eiley - Captain, Belize National Team
"It's an honor to be captain of the National Team. I've been captain all my career for my local team but it's an honor to be captain for National Team."

Ian Gaynair - Defense, Belize National Team
"It's just a practice match. Right now we are trying to get things together but I still feel like we don't have all the pieces together yet but we have a few more practice match and I think then we will get it together. I think we did fairly well. We didn't do our best, we can do better than that and I think we will do our homework and play a better game on Tuesday."

Deon McMauley - Forward, Belize National Team
"I had a nice pass from Roches and the only thing that was left was to put the ball behind the net, so it was a good pass - that pass made me got that opportunity and I had to put it away."

Woodrow West - Goal Keeper, Belize National Team
"The coach believe in me a lot and I try to work hard to keep up to his expectations. It was a difficult shot, I saw it leaving the guy foot and I knew it was going to catch me because I was two steps out of my goal and the goal is very big, so then I had to get my hands on that ball. "

And everything about this National Team is new. There is a new federation, a new coaching staff, a small cross-section of rookie players who made the team.

We asked the players about how this new football group compares to those of the past. Here's how they explained it:

"I know that you have been on the national team several times. Tell us under this new leadership and this new federation how has being on the national team been?"

Deon McMauley - Forward, Belize National Team
"The word that I will use today is comfort and I feel like all the players are comfortable. We are eating well and we are getting our stipend. We have a committee that is behind us and feel like everybody is comfortable and with comfort comes good playing and good results."

Woodrow West - Goal Keeper, Belize National Team
"You have seen how we work today and it's not because of just that. It's from them to us and so far I can't complain."

The National Team will play against the Belmopan Bandits, this year's Premier League winners, in the last exhibition match before they make their way to Costa Rica for the first round of the Copa Centroamericana which begins on January 18.

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