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Today's Belize News: January 8, 2013 #454790
01/08/13 08:17 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

Ambergris Today

San Pedro’s Persons of the Year 2012 Kelly & Mukul Kanabar
They are philanthropists at heart; there is no doubt about it. Those who are close to this couple, or even have had the opportunity to spend some time with them, know how genuine, kind-hearted and generous they are. The two of them complement each other and share the same values, ideals and aspirations. It is because of their generous and kind hearts that Ambergris Today has chosen Kelly and Mukul Kanabar as Persons of the Year 2012! Their generosity goes beyond their family and friends as they have reached out to their community in ways that few have. From moral support, monetary donations, sponsorships and driving the community to step up and assist in various charity and fundraising efforts, both Kelly and Mukul have shown that they have a heart of gold. “We try to focus our giving on youth education and healthcare because we firmly believe that our happiness and our success are directly related to the health and well being of our community,” commented Mukul to Ambergris Today.

It’s a Girl - San Pedro’s New Year Baby 2013!
Every newborn baby is reason to celebrate but this bouncing little gal is an extra special reason to celebrate because she is San Pedro’s First Born for 2013. It's a girl! She is the first child for Marina Olivera and Juan Rosalez born on January 4, 2013. This proud Sanpedrana was born at 10:30a.m. on January 4 at the Ambergris Hopes Clinic under the care of Nurse Natalie Palen and weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces. This beautiful baby receives the generous prizes offered by Ambergris Today through its generous sponsors. The baby’s name is Giselle Elizabeth Rosalez and on Friday, January 4, 2013 the excited staff of Ambergris Today visited Marina and baby Giselle at their home in the Escalante subdivision to present them with their gifts as follows:

Mayor Guerrero and Elvi’s Kitchen Host Ambassador of Taiwan
On Saturday, January 5, 2013, Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Deputy Mayor Severo Guerrero Jr. Minister of Tourism & Culture, Hon. Manuel Heredia, Hon. Joy Grant and members of the private sector held a dinner at Elvi's Kitchen in honor of the Ambassador of Taiwan, Mr. David Wu and his wife. Mr. Wu recently made a donation to the San Pedro Town Council of two garbage compactors which is scheduled to arrive this upcoming week. Hon. Manuel Heredia shared a few words of appreciation to Mr. Wu and also gave him a heartfelt welcome to Belize and in special to San Pedro. Mayor Daniel Guerrero also shared a few words of appreciation and assured that the two garbage compactors will be put to its best use. Hon. Joy Grant is grateful for the relationship that Belize and Taiwan currently share and that in the future it becomes stronger. Lastly, Mr. David Wu gave many thanks for the special treatment he received and he was most grateful for the visa waiver that was implemented for Taiwan residents to visit Belize by the Government. He stated that this will further increase the tourism industry in both countries and even went the extra mile and extended an invitation to the Mayor and his wife to visit Taiwan in the near future.

25 Years Ago: Burning of the Old Year
On December 31, 2012 at Central Park, I was emceeing the official Countdown for the New Year 2013 and I commented that New Year’s Eve was the perfect time to make some reflections of how things went in our lives. Those things which did not work well for us should be trashed. Along the same line, those things which worked well for us should be cherished, and built upon during the new year. So if you cheated on your wife or your fiancé and it brought some measure of discontentment and problems in your life, you should opt to stop that foolishness and try to make amends with your loved one. If for example you have built a poor relationship with your boss or colleagues at your workplace, you can also choose to at the end of the year and commencement of the New Year to apologize, regain confidence and press on to a better and healthy relationship. Years ago in San Pedro the married couples had a special dance for New Year’s Eve where only married couples could attend. Earlier that day the folks had built an effigy or dummy of an old man using an old pair of pants and shirt stuffed with seaweed or grass and a carved coconut for its face. Just before midnight of December 31, the dummy was burnt to symbolize the going away of the old year and the trashing or burning up of all unwanted things and habits in the lives of the San Pedranos. Silently the folks did their reflections and made their wishes, and also made resolutions for the New Year just commencing. As the dummy was being consumed by the fire, the folks gathered around it drinking, dancing, and celebrating the fact that they were getting rid of the many unwanted things that happened in San Pedro and in their lives.

Free Dental Check Ups For Children by Smile Center
San Pedro Smile Center is giving FREE DENTAL CHECK UPS to children starting Monday January 14th thru Thursday January 17th at our San Pedro Smile Center too located at Holy Cross School at no cost to the children. This service is open to all the children of Belize but they do need a parent or guardian with them to sign papers. You can reach the project coordinator, Dr. Mark Johnson, at 604 7995. SAN PEDRO SMILE CENTER'S 2013 VOLUNTEER SCHEDULE At this moment we plan to see patients according to the following .... God willing:

To The New Year! And A Vibrant New Me!
I extend to all Belizean educators and students my best wishes for a Successful New Year! Also, I thank all educators, whether teacher, administrator, or parent, who are committed to supporting, developing, and improving Education systems in Belize, especially in areas of ‘classroom management’ and ‘working with difficult students’. My warm appreciation goes out to each reader who posts commentaries, positive or negative, to my Guidance Counselor articles. Commentaries that you post to articles in this column serve to keep me ever committed to sharing (with students and educators) my personal and “tried” tips, strategies, and effective solutions to the difficulties that can and do arise each school day inside the classroom – for students, teachers, and administrators. In this New Year, 2013, we will revisit several important and core principles of Education that will never change, even though students and circumstances do keep changing every day. Effective classroom management, productively dealing with difficult students, being a good role model, motivating our students, dealing with bullying, and staying organized and in-charge in the classroom, are important strategies that all educators should master. For readers who are new to this column, “Difficult Students” are those defiant and unmanageable students who often disrupt the class, and who very often have very low esteem but are embarrassed of failure. Repeated and seemingly uncontrollable behaviors that these students exhibit at school indicate that they have special needs – physical, emotional, or psychological. Throughout the world today, teachers who work in Primary and Secondary level schools are encouraged, and in many countries are required, to receive updated and regular training on how to productively deal with difficult students.

Misc Belizean Sources

Back to School at UB
The University of Belize had their orientation. Hope it's another great semester.

Rotaract at Hode's
Rotaract met last night at Hode's. "Interested in becoming a Rotaractor? Want to make a difference within the Community? Then, join us at our next meeting."

NICH Cave Announcement
The Institute of Archaeology's National Institute of Culture and History is announcing that the ATM, Nohoch Che'en, and Barton Creek caves are closing due to heavy rains and flooding. They've been closed the last few days. Hopefully, they will be open later this week. Other caves that are still open are Chechem Ha and Mountain Cow.

Rotary's Orthopedic Clinic Week
The Rotary Club of Belmopan is having this year's orthopedic clinic this week. They'll be in Cayo today. They'll be in Belmopan this evening. Thanks, Rotary! "Things have been quite during the holiday season but it is time to start getting active again. Our Belize Children's Project will be hosting clinics around the country next week. We will be looking for children 18 and younger who need orthopedic (bone related) care. Please look at the attached flyer for all the details."

January 9th, UB Business Campus in Belmopan

Belize Bureau of Standards – Consumer Watch Newsletter – December 2012
Dear Readers, The Bureau would like to share with you our December 2012 Issue of our Consumer Watch Newsletter. To read kindly click on the link BBS Newsletter Vol 4 Issue 3 (Dec 2012). Thanks for Reading

VIDEO: Belize Zoo on CCTV News
It’s been called one of the best small zoos in the world. The Belize Zoo is situated in a thick jungle near Belmopan, a region known for its efforts to save the jaguar. CCTV’s Franc Contreras has our report. Direct contact with nature at the Belize Zoo. Here visitors get just that with mammals and reptiles that have sometimes encountered difficulties when mixing with their human neighbours. The Belize zoo has the world’s only program designed to help problematic jaguars, like Field Master. Out in the wild, he had trouble finding food. So he started eating dogs. He’s one of 13 endangered jaguars now living here, under the care of zoo director Sharon Matalon. Sharon Matalon, Belize Zoo Director, said, "I always get reports of Jaguars getting shot because they go into someone’s cattle pasture." She trains these large cats to get along better with people, and eventually becoming ambassadors for their species.

Channel 7

Innocent Female Killed In Brother's Gang War
It was another terrible weekend of gun violence in the city - as three persons were killed in 18 hours. The saddest case though is tonight's headline story: the murder of 22 year old Feeshia Felix. It's sad because Feeshia was a productive young woman, an SJC Sixth Form Graduate, recently employed as a temporary clerk at Social Security. But she comes from a family with heavy gang affiliations: two of her brothers were already killed and her mother Therese, a community activist died of asthma complications in 2008. That wide imprint of loss and grief is the background for Saturday morning when death again visited the Felix house on Gill street and this time, it took an innocent life. Monica Bodden reports:.. Monica Bodden reporting 22 year old Feeshia Felix was murdered at her Gill Street address - the home she grew up in most her life. The young woman was in bed sleeping - when her house came under fire by a hail of bullets.

Marlon Harris Executed In Car
We'll tell you about that one shortly, but, first, we'll tell you the story of Saturday night's murder. The victim was Marlon Harris, known as Lippo - a well-known figure whose name has been in the news before. But on Saturday night, Harris was just going home - when a gunman waylaid him and shot up his car. It happened at mile 3 on the Western Highway and 7news was there - along with traffic that was blocked up for miles. Here's how it looked:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting: When we arrived at mile three on the Western Highway at 8:45, it was closed off, so that police could process the crime scene of the 3rd murder in less than 18 hours. That scene was an emotional one where his friends howled in angry disbelief, and his sister's screeching wail left her doubled over in pain. That tells the story best of the loss they were experiencing. And while a friend held her, it was too much and she collapsed unto the pavement - fainted, overwhelmed by the knowledge that her brother had been killed. 33 year-old Marlon Harris lay dead in his vehicle - which had run off the road into a huge ditch. That's where his life ended after being shot multiple times.

Could Gun Arrest Be Key To Other Murders?
And we'll have the story of Saturday's other murder shortly - but first a story about a gun arrest that police are taking very seriously. Andrew Talbert known as Elegance was caught with a gun on Sunday morning before dawn. Yesterday at 4:30 a.m. - the patrol branch was looking for suspects in a robbery when they spotted Talbert in a yard at the corner of Dean and Plues Streets. When Talbert saw the officers, he flung an object into the yard. Police detained him and retrieved a 9 mm Glock pistol with one live round of ammunition. They charged him with keeping an unlicensed firearm, and keeping unlicensed ammunition. He was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, where he pleaded not guilty to both offences. Still, because it is a gun offence, he was remanded to prison until February 19, 2013. But that weapon which police allegedly caught Talbert with is not just any other unlicensed firearm. Reliable information to 7News is that police suspect that this is the weapon used in two recent homicides and ballistics analysis will be done to determine if this is so.?

Mother Loses Second Child To Murder
So far we've told you about two of Saturday's murders: one happened early in the morning, the other at night. In between, there was one more - and police believe it may be related to the Feeshia Felix killing. At around 3:00 in the afternoon, Marvin Foreman was near his home in front of a Chinese store called Bobo on Central American Boulevard when two men on bicycles rode up. They fired more than a dozen shots and hit him multiple times in the midsection. Foreman was rushed to the hospital - but died an hour later. In an off camera interview today with 7news, his mother spoke about the pain of losing a second child to violence. Mother of Marvin Foreman "I was inside and I heard 4 shots first. When I heard the first shot I say that it sounded like a gunshot. My other son said that it was pop-shot and I told him no, it sounded like gunshots. I came out by the door and I peep and saw people running from that direction. I saw a young lady running from across the streets saying that it is "blinds." I told my other son to go see if it was his brother. He came back running and said "mom why, God why, this is the second brother that they want to kill" he says "mom, I don't understand what is happening out here."

CITCO Apologizes to Family For Mess At Cemetery
Last week, 7News told you about the unsteady transition that the Belize City Council made in relation to their assumption of responsibility for Cemetery services, including the construction of new graves. Well tonight, things are still bumpy because another family has complained that this so-called "quality control" that Mayor Darrell Bradley is trying to work on apparently didn't apply to their dead loved-ones grave. The Hylton Family, who came forward last week to complain that police aren't properly investigating the death of 76 year-old Hector Hylton, contacted us to say that CitCo didn't construct his grave properly. Here's how that conversation went about the grave they had to bury their loved one in this weekend: Daniel Ortiz "I imagine that you all feel that it is disrespect to the family and to his memory that his grave is poorly done." Deltrude Hylton - Daughter of Deceased "That's right," Daniel Ortiz "What's the response that you've received from City Council?"

Second Suspect In San Cas Robbery
Last week Wednesday, 7News told you that police charged 1 suspect in connection with the robbery of the San Cas Employee who had almost $19,600 in cash on him. Well tonight, his alleged accomplice is behind bars also. He's 25 year-old Victor Pratt, and according to police, he and Micshak Flores robbed 33 year-old Leroy Cassasola on December 27, 2012 of $19,598.13 in cash, which belonged to his company, along with the company's check book, and a black Apple I-Pad. Police investigated and they charged both Flores, who was arraigned last week, and Pratt, who was arraigned today. Pratt was taken before the Chief Magistrate who remanded him to prison until March 5, 2013.

BTB Robber Lamb Was Found With A Gun!
22 year-old year-old Clarence Lamb, the man who tried to rob BTB last week is at prison tonight after he was taken to court on a long list of charges in relation to that incident. As we reported at about 4:30 last week Wednesday afternoon, two men - one armed with a knife - the other with a gun - went into the BTB office on Regent Street and held up the cashier. They managed to steal $1,732.78 in cash, but the security guard was alert and he shot Lamb in the calf before he could get away. Police charged him with keeping an unlicensed firearm; keeping unlicensed ammunition, both for a .38 revolver found on him, which contained 6 live rounds of ammunition; robbery; and 7 counts of aggravated assault, which he allegedly committed against various BTB employees. Due to the nature of the offences, Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith remanded him to prison until February 28, 2012. All the stolen money was recovered, but his accomplice escaped.

Hot Dog Vendors Robbed
The food vendors - mostly women - who work the night shift in down-town Belize City have a visibly difficult job. They work late at night - right up to the early morning and it leaves them open to all kinds of roving criminals. At 3:30 on Sunday - two dark skinned males with guns, and 2 females, who were reportedly armed with knives, chanced two of the vendors - one of them only 17 - out of their earnings. Police told us more: Reporter "Could you confirm a report that the hotdog vendors in Battlefield Park were robbed early Sunday morning by two men and two women?" Elodio Aragon Jr., Acting Deputy Comissioner of Police "Yes that report was made to us and definitely quick response of the police we were able to apprehend two person and two women and the investigations is on-going and likewise the police was able to recover a firearm from these persons. I can tell you - yes indeed we had an incident where three vendors were robbed at the Battlefield Park. I could tell you that quick response of the police resulted in the apprehension of two males and two females and likewise the recovery of a firearm which we believe was the weapon and the persons involved in the robbery of these three vendors." Police found Andrew Talbert with his gun when they responded to that robbery.

Two City Shootings
Apart from the murders, there were also two shootings in Belize City this weekend. On Sunday morning on Flamboyant Street, 25 year old Justin Richards was shot in the back. He was in front of his home when two men on bicycle rode past him and one of them fired several shots. And last night, at around 7:20, 58 year old Jennifer Staine was at her gate at the Corner of Vernon and Sibun streets socializing with three companions when shots rang out. She was hit in the arm. There have been numerous shootings at this address over the past 5 years - and the murder of one female.

Police On Placencia Operation
A few weeks ago, we told you about the launch of the police new Elite Team, the mobile interdiction unit. Well, on Friday, the joined up with Placencia police to perform a joint operation on the peninsula looking for drugs and firearms. They searched eight homes and arrested 37 year old Charles WESTBY Jr. and 28 year old Evangelina PECK 28 after finding 0.5 grams of cocaine. It's less than point one (.1) ounce , but both were jointly arrested and charged for "Possession of control drugs". Another search at the residence of 31 year old Kiron LOGAN led to the discovery of a pipe used for smoking drugs. As a result he was arrested and charged for "possession of a Pipe". The K-9 unit found 64.9 grams of cannabis, half a gramme of crystal meth, and (14) live rounds of .38 ammunition in an open lot.

Belizean Bus In Chet Accident
A Belizean bus was involved in an accident in Chetumal on Thursday. The Diario De Quintana Roo reports that the Belizean bus ran over a Mexican motorcyclist. Jonatan Red Arreola, received injuries to his face, legs and arms. The experts indicated that Red Arreola was had the right of way when bus driver Samuel Moguel ran into him, crushing the motorbike. Arreola was taken to the ISSTE Hospital.

Belize Tops Honduras Champs
Yesterday, Belize's National A Football Team played its second game since being selected against one of Honduras's premier semi-pro teams, Deportivo Platense. It was broadcast live here on Channel 7, but for those viewers who missed it, we caught up with the coaches and players to ask them about how that game went. We found that even though Belize got a 1-nil victory, it was only an exhibition match. Leroy Sherrier - Coach, Belize National Team "My impression is that I feel satisfy - not completely. This kind of game helps you to take real decision that you have to take but in general I feel good because the players performed very good." Reporter "Tell us what's your impression of how your young players were playing on the field today?" Leroy Sherrier - Coach, Belize National Team "The younger ones came in good and Mariano surprises me on how he was playing. I think in the couple of weeks that we have ahead we can fix that. This is our first serious game and that's why I don't feel bad because we played against a very good team and that help us to see what we got to work on."

New Trucks/Cycles For Police
Law-abiding residents of Stann Creek and San Ignacio should benefit from a donation of new police mobiles. In one of his last acts as Compol David Henderson handed over the keys to formation commanders at Headquarters in Belmopan today. The police minister told the press office how it will help: Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of Police "It's a part of the continuing process of improving the equipment and infrastructure for the police department. Today we are handing over 2 vehicles and 10 motorcycles to Dangriga and San Ignacio formations; one vehicle for San Ignacio and some of the motorcycles for Dangriga and some of the villages in the Stann Creek District and also for the San Ignacio formations." Henderson is slated to demit office on January 9th when he goes on early retirement.

Channel 5

Feeshia, another Felix murdered
The cycle of violence is unending; this weekend alone three persons were killed in a span of twenty-four hours. The most tragic is the murder of Feeshia Felix, a twenty-two year old woman who was asleep in her family’s home on Gill Street when a hail of bullets penetrated her house. She expired when one [...]

3 murdered over weekend including Marvin Foreman
Gunshots rang out again on Saturday, this time in broad daylight. At about three o’clock in the afternoon, Marvin “Blinds” Foreman was shot and killed not far from his house in Port Loyola. Two gunmen on bicycles rode up where Foreman was shopping and executed him, at least ten bullets landed on him. Foreman died [...]

Harris shot and killed in his car
The third murder victim on Saturday was Marlon Harris, also known as Lippo. Harris was driving into Belize City when he was shot and killed by someone in another vehicle. It happened at the western entrance of the City at about eight o’clock p.m.  Marlon’s body was pulled out of the bullet ridden vehicle and [...]

Shot in front of his house
Two other persons were shot on Sunday and managed to survive. The two victims had the unfortunate coincidence of being shot where they felt safest; that is in front of their homes. Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez filled in the media on the details.   Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer “On Sunday the sixth of [...]

Senior citizen shot in front of her house
The other victim who is fortunate to be alive is Jennifer Staine, who lives along the canal side of Sibun Street which intersects with Vernon Street. Staine was also standing in front of her house when a gunman blasted her. But why would anyone want to harm the woman? The police say that her son [...]

Grave problems for City Hall
Since the Belize City Council has taken control of public cemeteries and the building of graves, at least one undertaker has made his discontent public. But it seems there is a growing list of upset residents, who are also voicing their rage at the council’s handling of burial services. The most recent case involves Hector [...]

UB student government alleges student didn’t register
Today was registration day at the University of Belize Belmopan campus and there are over five hundred incoming students who were expected to sign up and pay for the upcoming semester. But when News Five spoke to the Student Government President, Hope Amadi, today, there was only a handful of students completing their registrations. Amadi [...]

Will Ministry of Education pay fees for students?
While the students are taking action, there has been no direct communication with the ministry and Amadi says he is uncertain if talking would make a difference. Based on recent public comments by Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, the student government believes he has already made up his mind.   Hope Amadi “We’ve been hearing [...]

Liquor Store Blues in Orange Walk own
The Orange Walk Town Council, led by Mayor Kevin Bernard, is outraged over a last-minute decision taken by the Ministry of Local Government to scrap a recommended list of members who were recently named to a new Liquor Licensing Board.  According to the town council, Minister of Local Government Godwin Hulse had initially approved the [...]

B.T.B. robber gets ten fines for botched robbery
The Belize Tourism Board got a scare last Wednesday when two men—one armed with a firearm—robbed the cashier of over one thousand, seven hundred dollars in cash. But the robbery was thwarted by the quick response from security guards, when one of the robbers, twenty-two year old Clarence Lamb was shot and hospitalized under heavy [...]

Alleged robber will blow out birthday candles in prison
A second suspect has been charged in connection with the robbery that netted almost twenty thousand dollars from a San Cas employee. Twenty-five year old Victor Pratt was arrested over the weekend and after two days in custody; he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano today to be arraigned for Robbery. No plea was taken and [...]

Judge gives Horse’s wife bail for attempted suppression of evidence
On December twenty-seventh an entire family was charged and remanded to prison on charges related to the murder of nineteen year old Raheem Requeña. The well known Jermaine “Horse” Garnett and his stepson Kenneth Barrow were charged with murder while his wife, Pamela Garnett and her son Mark Vernon were charged for Attempted Suppression of [...]

ADO bus impounded for uncustommed goods
Licenciado Leonides Chavarria, of Mexican Bus Line ADO operating Cancun and Merida Tours into Belize City has confirmed that one of its busses was impounded on Sunday by Belizean Authorities at the northern border after uncustommed goods were found onboard. Chavarria says that a passenger owned up to the bag containing the goods and was [...]

Deputy Commissioner of Police Aragon’s super promotion
Last week the Ministry of National Security announced several unexpected changes in the Police Department. The most significant shift occurred at the top and the Commissioner’s post went to Allen Whylie to succeed the former commissioner David Henderson, who moved to the all important post of Head of the Forensic Department. But some hope has [...]

Police get motorcycles for fast patrols
Police patrols in the west and south received a boost today with the handing over of brand new wheels from the Ministry of National Security. The Cayo District received a Mahindra truck and two motorcycles which will serve the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Meanwhile, the Stann Creek Formation also received a [...]

Mother of three missing
A mother of three is missing. The woman was expected to travel to Belize City on Saturday to attend a funeral but she never arrived. According to Nakisha Usher, her sister Tasha Usher has not verbally communicated with anyone, however a text message has been sent from her phone and they hope that the message [...]

Goal! Football highlights on Sports Monday
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and welcome to this 1st delivery of Sports Monday for 2013.   The Belize National Football Team opened the new year with a flurry as they hosted Tigrillos of Chetumal Mexico on Friday in which they overwhelmed the visitors in a 7-zip blast and then yesterday inside the F.F.B. Stadium [...]


Belize City Turns to Battle Ground Over The Weekend
Since Friday evening, Belize City has been a virtual battle ground with a number of shooting incidents. By Monday morning, three persons had been murdered and at least two others injured and receiving treatment at the KHMH. The first murder happened early on Saturday morning and ...

Ministry of Local Government Appoints New Liquor License Boards; Orange Walk Town Council Objects
It’s the new year and the ministry of local government is appointing new liquor licenses across the country. But so far the Orange Walk Town Council is not happy with the appointment that Minister Godwin Hulse has approved. In a press release issued this afternoon, th...

Alcaldes Sworn-In In Southern Belize
Newly elected Alcaldes and Deputy Alcaldes were sworn in during an official ceremony on Saturday in Punta Gorda. ...

Police News
A second person has been charged with the robbery of $19,598.00 from Santiago Castillo Limited. He is 25 year old Victor Pratt, a self employed of Vernon Street. Pratt was arraigned today Court. No plea was taken because the matter will be tried on indictment. Pratt was remanded into c...

Woman Charged For Wounding Police Woman
Twenty-three year old Delicia Mckoy, a resident of Gail Street, located in the complex area, was charged with wounding police corporal Linda Reyes when she appeared in Court today. Mckoy was also charged with assaulting Reyes and using insulting words to her. She pled not guilty to the...

Mechanic Charged With Theft of Motor Vehicle
Forty-one year old Dorian Dougal, an auto mechanic of 21 Croton Lane, was charged with the theft of a black Geo Metro car valued at $5,000.00 when he appeared in Court today. Dougal pled not guilty to the charge. He was offered a bail of $500.00 and his case was adjourned until F...

Belize Customs Impounds and Fines Bus for Unaccustomed Goods
An ADO Bus entering the country from Mexico was impounded by Belize Customs overnight following the discovery of uncustomed goods on board the bus. Reports are that Custom officers at the Northern Boarder searched the bus and found a quantity of vegetables inside the bus. The owner of ...


Christmas Tree Goes Up In Flames
The Christmas Season has officially ended with the celebration of the feast of the Three Wise Men, or most commonly referred to as, Dia de los Reyes Magos. As tradition has it, on January 6th, Christmas Trees around the world starting coming down along with all Christmas decorations. Well, here in Orange Walk Town, the Town Council along with every other resident was waiting for the Dia de los Magos to bring down the Central Park tree, but someone beat them to the punch. The Orange Walk Fire department received a call sometime around 11:30 of Friday night by a resident reporting that the Christmas Tree situated in Central Park was going up in flames. As you can see on this picture taken by a resident of Orange Walk, it appears that the bulk of the flame was at the base of the tree. With the fire station just up the street, the fire engine was on the scene within a matter of minutes. Officer at the Orange Walk substation Kenneth Mortis told us more on the report they received Friday night. “We did get a call of the fire approximately 11:00pm Friday night and upon arrival we found that the decorative Christmas tree was at blaze and we got into the investigation trying to confirm the source of the fir after it was extinguished. We were led to believe early in the investigation that it was a result of rain which would had probably hampered the electrical process, that was the initial investigation but it wasn’t until the following day Saturday morning that works conducted by the Town Hall people that we learnt that it was an intentional fire by that we mean that someone maliciously set the Christmas tree t blaze by using a candle, it is an unfortunate act culprit or culprits unknown actually left the evidence on which they use to set this Christmas tree on fire which was the remains of a candle.”

Home Protector Insurance Burglarized
A burglary has netted thieves over $1,400 in stolen items. A reliable report to CTV3 is that on Sunday, January 6th, sometime between the hours of 3am and 4:30am a thief, or thieves, broke into the Home Protector Insurance building located at #121 Belize/Corozal Road in Orange Walk Town. Police were immediately alerted by neighbors. The culprits gained entrance to the building through the bathroom window located at the back of the lower flat of the building. Once in, items stolen included one pink bicycle valued at $225 BZD, one radio valued at $150 BZD, one digital camera valued at $125 BZD and one PC valued at $900 BZD. Damages include 2 wooden doors, 1 glass window with burglar bars and one wooden office desk drawer. Manager of the Orange Walk Branch of Home Protector Insurance said that police instructed that the scene not be altered and promised to be back at 8am this morning. Nonetheless when we last made checks with the manager earlier this afternoon police had not yet responded to process the scene. We will continue to follow this report and bring to you any new developments.

First Day Back To School
It is the first day back to school for the New Year 2013. Approximately seventy thousand students are registered for classes around the country. Today we visited two schools in the Orange Walk District to find out how the day was looking like, for the students returning to classes. If you’d look at your calendar you’ll see that we are seven days into the new year 2013 and today also marks the first day back to school after the Christmas holidays. We spoke to Infant one teacher of the Trial Farm Government School, Agudia Ayuso who told us how day one back to school was playing out. Agudia Ayuso – Teacher “We have prepared many activities for children to work with and apart from that we have instill in children the motivation of learning and the outcomes in the future of becoming someone so we try to use the words of encouragement, that is one of our major goals for children to develop that positive attitude towards learning and also being cooperative to the community and the teachers and to be somebody in life.”

Writing competition Launched for Students
Every year, the Commonwealth Essay Competition inspires thousands of young writers from all over the world to participate. Coordinated by the Royal Commonwealth Society since 1883, it is the world’s oldest and largest international writing competition for students. Past winners include Mr Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore and Elspeth Huxley. The competition is free to enter and in 2012 over one thousand young writers from 245 schools in 38 countries across the commonwealth received remuneration for their entry. For 2013, the Competition will be held in partnership with the Cambridge University Press, whose support will enable the engagement of even more young writers across the Commonwealth. The Competition celebrates and nurtures the creative talents of young people across the Commonwealth, providing a platform for students to compete with their peers in each of the 54 nations which make up this unique association. Entrants are judged in two age groups, the Junior Category which is for students under 14 years and the Senior Category which is for students 14 to 18 years.


Minister of Education responds to concerns of UB students
On Thursday we told you about concerns raised about the discontinuation of a government subsidy, which means that new students are now required to pay registration fee. Today was registration for the January intake and was carried out online, so we can’t be sure how many new entrants to the national university actually listened the call from the Student Government body to refrain from paying the registration fee. And our news centre has been unable to verify how registration went with management of the University of Belize. During Thursday’s press conference, members of the UB student government and a group called Nation Builders implored Education Minister Patrick Faber to intervene, saying that he made promises during the 2007 campaign. Today, Minister Faber called in to the Love FM Morning Show to respond to the allegations made during Thursday’s press conference. Minister Faber went on to say that he believes that yesterday’s press conference was a personal attack on his integrity. Love News will continue to monitor developments in this story in the coming days.

Car radio and employee missing from Belize City business establishment
Theft from motor vehicles was reported frequently toward the end of last year. But usually it involved a broken window where the culprits made off with valuable items. The first for 2013 involves the theft of electronic items from a delivery truck. Police say the vehicle, belonging to Enrique Martinez and Sons Limited was sent to do a routine delivery on December nineteenth. The following day, the delivery truck was found parked in the compound, but the supervisor noticed that the radio and amplifier, a pair of speakers and a two-ton jack were missing. The driver of the truck, Nathan Pratt has not been seen or heard from since. Police are now looking for Pratt for questioning. Meanwhile, a burglary in the old capital has left a homeowner without thousands of dollars worth of household items. Derek Cervantes who lives on Handyside Street reported to police that sometime between last Thursday and Wednesday of this week, someone broke into his house. Cervantes says that an assortment of household items valued at twenty here thousand dollars was stolen. Police investigation continues.

Shooting on Lovely Lane leaves one hospitalized
A shooting incident on Thursday night has left one man hospitalized. Twenty year old Paul Alvarez, Junior was injured to the right hand, right armpit and the right side of his back, during an incident around seven forty five last night. According to police, Alvarez was inside of Ming Ming Shop on Lovely Lane when an man of dark complexion arrived in front of the shop and fired several shots, injuring him. Police say Alvarez remains hospitalized in stable condition. Authorities say they have since recovered eight 9-millimeter shells from the scene, along with two live rounds and a slug. Police have detained twenty four year old Oscar Usher and are looking for another man, as their investigations continue.

Four appear before the Magistrate’s Court
Thirty-five year old postman Lloyd Dyer, who was with police corporal Edward Castillo, when there was a run in with Assistant Police Superintendent Anthony Rosado, was charged with using a motor vehicle not covered by third party insurance and permitting himself to be rescued when he appeared today in the number eight Magistrate’s Court. Dyer pled not guilty to the charges. He was released on a bail of one thousand dollars. According to court reports, the incident happened on Boxing Day. On Wednesday, Castillo was charged with obstruction, driving an uninsured motor vehicle and rescuing a person for a cause other that a crime. Trenton Webster, the person who the police believe robbed the deposit money for the Magistrate’s Court clerk, was charged with robbery when he appeared today in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court. Webster was also charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault, 1 count of harm and 1 count of escape. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and he was remanded into custody until February fourth. The robbery occurred on December 28. The cashier for the court was on her way to make the deposit when she and a security guard were held up at gunpoint and robbed of over seven thousand five hundred dollars in cash and personal items.

A Toledo family says their safety is under threat
A mother and her children are concerned about their safety in their home in Punta Gorda town. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

Businesses prepare for what is hoped to be a good 2013
Businesses in Belize City are gearing up for what they hope will be a good year in 2013. But if the ending of 2012 is to be used as a gauge for what this year holds, there may be cause for concern. Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Brian Castillo report on what’s ahead for the business sector.

House gutted by fire in Punta Gorda
A house was partly destroyed by fire in Punta Gorda town earlier this week. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.

Monument to Phillip Goldson to be installed in Battlefield Park
Phillip Goldson is one of two nationally acclaimed heroes of Belize. An airport is named after him, and just last year, the Northern Highway was renamed to carry Goldson’s name. And soon, a monument to this hero will grace the historic Battlefield Park in downtown Belize City. The bust of Phillip Goldson, which was created by sculptor Stephen Okeke has been languishing in storage for the last few years. Now it is being dusted off and readied for public display, as explained by its creator. If you wish to make contributions for this cause you can contact Stephen Okeke at telephone number 6-6-2—1-6-7-8.


22 year old Feeshia Felix shot in her bedroom
Only one week into the new year and Belize City say its first set of murders this past weekend. In less than 24 hou...

27 year old Marvin Foreman shot dead on Central American Boulevard
13 hours later another murder took place within the same vicinity. At 3:10pm on Saturday Police visited the K.H.M.H...

Marlon Danny Harris shot dead in his car
Police were called out the scene of another murder. Marlon Danny Harris was killed in similar fashion like his best ...

Belize Police Department.receives pick-ups and motorcycles
Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar today handed over Two (2) new Mahindra Pick-up Trucks and Ten (10)...

Vendors robbed in Battlefield Park, Belize City
Hotdog vendors targeted. A Food Vendor of Queen Charlotte Street reported that at about 3:30am yesterday afternoon ...

ADO bus impounded, driver carrying quarantined vegetables
News had been circulation that an ADO bus had been impounded at Belize's Northern Border because half a kilo of coc...

Cannabis and crystal meth recovered in Placencia
On Friday January 4th between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. based on Special Branch information a joint oper...

Four of Belize's referees reach international standard
The Football Federation of Belize's hosted a media luncheon on Saturday at 12 noon. The purpose of the luncheon was...

25 year old Justin Richards shot in Belize City on Sunday
On Sunday January the 6th at about 9:35am Police visited a residence on Flamboyant Street, in Belize City where the...

58 year old Jennifer Staine shot in Belize City
A shooting incident took place in Belize City yesterday. At about 7:42pm police visited the K.H.M.H where they saw ...

Chopping incident in Spanish Lookout
A chopping incident took place in Spanish Lookout on Friday January the 4th. Police visited Rivera`s Grocery Store ...

19 year old Erlin Ferguson stabbed in Belize City
Belize City Police is also investigation a stabbing incident. On Friday January 4th, at 7:00pm, acting upon informa...

Belize City man beaten and robbed
A 20yr old Chinese man of Central American Boulevard and Neal Pen Road, Belize City reported to the police that he ...

Police catch armed robber on Albert Street, Belize City
At about 4:30am yesterday Police received information of a robbery on Albert Street. Police then proceeded to the c...

Danriga Police seek Ernesto Pineda, missing since December 31
Danriga Police is requesting help of the general public to locate 24yr old Ernesto Pineda, of Mile 21 Stann Creek V...

Generator stolen from Crustaceans Shrimp Farm
Police in the south is investigation a report of theft. A US National presently residing in Independence Village re...


A Tale of Five Cities: Merida, around town
Merida, in the Yucatan state of Mexico, is a historic city with so much to see. We spent our three days in the city walking until our feet were tired, taking in the interesting sights, local color, and architecture all around us. Here's a sampling.... Absolutely loved the color of this colonial home Statue in one of many city parks We knew we were not in Belize any more when we saw this store! I must admit, we did take advantage of the lower prices on toothpaste and a couple of other small things, but we were traveling so light we couldn't buy much. Red sky at night... Traditional bull-fighting ring. I think it's gruesome & gory, but it's part of the history of the area. Plaque showing founding of the city -- 1542. That's old! Pedestrian art walk downtown Busy marketing day Artisans' Marketplace Inside the Artisans' Marketplace There's not much you can't buy here, including beautiful flowers The sidewalks downtown were very busy and slow to negotiate. It was a couple of Saturdays before Christmas, so everyone was out shopping til they dropped. I think all we bought was our Panama hats.

Too noisy and buy now before it’s gone
Our neighborhood dogs were too noisy for a Sunday morning, it was not even 7:00am and they are all carrying on like the sky was falling on their heads. At least the rooster got it right today for sunrise, he crows at all random times of the day. I have yet to figure out his rhyme or reason, maybe he just likes to crow like some people I know I suggested going for breakfast, the one thing I knew would get tacoboy’s attention and get him out of the house before Sunday afternoon football took over. I gave him 3 choices, Antihitos, Rico’s at Banyan Bay or El Divino at Banana Beach. All within a 10 min walk and had good food at all 3 lately. He picked El Divino which was cool because we ran into Dan and Cath aka Hon. Not seen them in ages, and it was nice to catch up. Even though they are not far when they are on island just on the other side of town at the Oasis, we both agreed it was a good haul on a bike. We laughed at what becomes far when you live in an island. I am also nominating Emily and Barry for a bike fit award as they ride a lot and in all kinds of weather. When we got to El Divino we barely had to read the menu we both knew it was going to be a steak and eggs day. I opted for an Arnold Palmer and he went with OJ. Our breakfast was good and left is both in a bit of a food coma, we had planned to walk as far as Denny’s Donuts and Truck Stop but made to Xanadu and crossed the road to Super Buy South to get a couple of snacks for later. While browsing I pointed out the small container of pistachios for $17 bzd which made tacoboy say “that’s redonculous”

Ixcanan aka Polly Red Head : An Important Medicinal Rainforest Plant in Belize
Common names: Scarlet Bush, Fire Bush, Red Head, Sanalo-todo, Ix-canan, Sac-te-much, Klaush-pim Ixcanan is a small fast growing semi-woody bush that can be found throughout Belize. It grows up to three meters in height and has red tinged, deeply veined leaves about 10-20 cm long. It produces a showy mass of tubular, bright reddish orange flowers and a flashy fruit – the edible berry turns from green to yellow, to red and finally black when ripe. In Mexico, the ripe berry is turned into wine. The plant is indigenous in Central and South America, the West Indies, Mexico, and even southern Florida. The Maya named this plant after the Goddess of the Forest and Healing, Ix-canan likely due to the abundant anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties used in treating a large variety of skin ailments. Everything from sores, ulcers, fungus, rashes, burns, insect bites, burns, and bee stings can be treated effectively with this natural plant remedy. The remedy is prepared by boiling a double handful of leaves, stems and flowers in 2 gallons of water for 10 minutes. After it cools, it’s applied liberally to the affected area. This same remedy is also drunk as a tea to relieve menstrual cramps The flower is a favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies and can also be used to hold iodine from the stems of the plant.

Wall to Wall
After eating breakfast this morning I made a call to the UK to try to see if there was a way for me to remotely close two building society accounts that were held in the joint names of my late Dad and myself. I didn’t close the accounts before leaving England because I assumed ( never assume) that they had been closed during the probate process. They hadn’t because one of the account holders – me – was still alive. Anyway, the long and the short of it is that the accounts can only be closed with a personal visit to one of the building society’s branches. Not very helpful because they are all in the UK. So, this job will have to wait until Rose and I decide that we would like to go back for a visit . No inclination to do so yet awhile though. Next on the agenda was to ‘hit’ the shops for one or two much needed provisions and pay the cable and Internet bills. An hour later we were back home having lunch and getting ready to visit our build in Ambergris Caye,Belize We got there around 1.45 pm to see a truck load of cement being unloaded. Where does it all go! As we approached the build we could see that progress had been made on building the staircase from ground level to the Ground Floor

International Sources

UK urged not to ship dangerous waste through Caribbean
The tourism-dependent Caribbean has warned against Britain’s risky plan to ship dangerous radioactive waste through the Caribbean Sea on a route to Japan. Caribbean Community (Caricom) chairman, Dr Kenny Anthony said the UK’s shipment of the waste will pose grave risks to the lives of people in the region if there happened to be an accident. In a statement on Friday 29 December, Anthony called on the UK to stop the forthcoming transshipment of Vitrified High Level Waste to Japan via the Caribbean Sea. "The United Kingdom's imminent shipment of radioactive waste follows 14 such shipments to date, each of which has been strenuously objected to by Caricom Heads of Government, Caribbean business communities and civil society,” Anthony said. “In this regard, the region is particularly disappointed by the continued disregard shown by the United Kingdom for the objections to such shipments given the historical relations which the Caribbean shares with the United Kingdom”, he added.

Guatemala official takes on nation's ugly past, violent present
Atty. Gen. Claudia Paz y Paz is fighting gang leaders, corrupt officials, Mexican drug cartels and figures from the 1961-1996 civil war, including a notorious former president. She holds one of the most dangerous jobs in this spectacularly dangerous country, confronting the most feared and powerful men of the Guatemalan present: gang leaders; dirty public officials; shot-callers in the Mexican drug cartels who have bled in from the north. She is also taking on the titans of Guatemala's past: military men and security chiefs whom she has accused of human rights abuses during the nation's brutal 35-year civil war. Guatemala's emblematic 20th century strongman, Efrain Rios Montt, has been under house arrest since January, when her office charged him with genocide and crimes against humanity. Claudia Paz y Paz, a 46-year-old former human rights lawyer, has served as attorney general since December 2010, earning a reputation as the most aggressive prosecutor the Central American nation has seen since the war's end in the mid-1990s.

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Actyl Group Returns to Europe and Central America to Recruit Skilled Workers
As the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta continue to see unprecedented economic growth, Actyl Group is heading back to Belize, Ireland and the United Kingdom to recruit skilled workers for Canadian companies. After more than a decade of seeing many of its young people leave to seek opportunities in Alberta and elsewhere, Saskatchewan has seen resurgence since 2007, with a wide range of companies relocating to the province. While this has drastically improved the local economy, it has left the province with a significant shortage of workers for a number of skilled trades. Actyl Group, an international recruiting firm, is looking to fill the gap by finding skilled professionals who are willing to relocate to both Saskatchewan and Alberta for secure, well-paying positions. “Saskatchewan and Alberta’s economic growth over the past several years has been a blessing, but it has also created some challenges for employers in finding the skilled workers they need,” said Adrian Schulz of Actyl Group. “This has created an opportunity for foreign workers to come in and help these companies continue to expand throughout the region. We look forward to meeting with those interested in coming to Canada to explore the possibilities.” The need for skilled workers is so great in Alberta and Saskatchewan that the Actyl Group is returning to Central America and Europe less than three months after visiting these areas for the same purpose, and bringing back what it thought would be plenty of individuals to fill open positions. However, rapid growth has continued in western Canada to the point where another active recruiting trip is needed.

Belfast geologist Susan Morrice to head up new oil drilling programme by Belize Natural Energy
An oil exploration and production company headed up by Belfast geologist and Trinity College Dublin graduate Susan Morrice has started a new drilling programme in Belize. Belize Natural Energy is partnering with the Belize Government in the exploration programme. BNE discovered oil at an onshore exploration well in Belize six years ago. The company has generated gross revenues of over $300m since then. "This new exploration programme involves the drilling of a horizontal well in the Spanish Lookout field onshore Belize. This technology allows for the effective extraction of oil from natural fractures in the rock," Susan Morrice, BNE's chairperson, said. BNE is owned by a group of Irish and international investors including Ms Morrice.

VIDEO: Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean's Blue Hole, filmed on breath hold
FREE FALL: World champion freediver Guillaume Nery special dive at Dean's Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world filmed entirely on breath hold by the french champion Julie Gautier.

Belize Has Zero Tolerance for Maternal Mortality
Belize, a country of only 400,000, must virtually eliminate maternal deaths to meet one of its 2015 U.N. development goals. Despite rising poverty, it has a shot.The young woman lying in the small, cheerfully decorated recovery room was still groggy, but she was fully aware of her new role: being a mother. She had just delivered her first child at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City, where she was encouraged and coached by a nurse to start breastfeeding her healthy, hours-old baby boy. In Belize every woman's pregnancy and delivery is under the microscope of the Millennium Development Goals, U.N. anti-poverty pledges made by governments that are due in 2015. "We had zero maternal deaths in 2011," said Dr. Natalia Largaespada-Beer, director of maternal and child health for Belize's Ministry of Health, in an email interview. "Every obstetric emergency is considered a national emergency." To meet its goal of 10 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births, the country with a population of only around 400,000 people--and just 7,000 women or so who give birth each year--will have to keep that up. Amikole Aminata Maraesa, an American doctor of anthropology who lived in southern Belize in 2006, explains the math. In 2009, she said, the country's maternal mortality ratio was 54 deaths per 100,000 live births. Sounds high, but in raw numbers it meant four deaths out of about 7,407 births.

VIDEO: A Flight Through the Universe, by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
This animated flight through the universe was made by Miguel Aragon of Johns Hopkins University with Mark Subbarao of the Adler Planetarium and Alex Szalay of Johns Hopkins. There are close to 400,000 galaxies in the animation, with images of the actual galaxies in these positions (or in some cases their near cousins in type) derived from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Data Release 7. Vast as this slice of the universe seems, its most distant reach is to redshift 0.1, corresponding to roughly 1.3 billion light years from Earth. SDSS Data Release 9 from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS), led by Berkeley Lab scientists, includes spectroscopic data for well over half a million galaxies at redshifts up to 0.8 -- roughly 7 billion light years distant -- and over a hundred thousand quasars to redshift 3.0 and beyond.

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