There are all sorts of people who come to our station alleging to be victims of police brutality. But rarely is it ever a seventeen year old girl from Caye Caulker. The teen in the company of her aunt came to our studios to talk about the abuse, being choked and manhandled by a police officer on the island. Shaniel Soriano who spoke off camera says she wants justice.

Voice of: Shaniel Soriano, Alleged Victim of Police Brutality

Shaniel Soriano

“We see that the police di ride close to we. And I grab my bredda by his hand and I tell ahn see, now dehn wah search you. And then the police stop right in front of us and then Police Ramos come out from the truck and then he come up to me and he grab me on my hand and slam me on the truck. He tell me the next time you di halla things to me I wah slam you up; I noh care who you. And then afterwards he start choke me on my neck and while he mi di choke me on my neck, I tell ahn you can’t di choke me like that or slam me like soh cause you dah noh my pa. And then he say I noh care. He di halla things to he and thing. Dah noh like I mi di halla things to he. I mi di talk to my friend and he misunderstand. I neva mi di talk to he, I mi di talk to my friend. Then he start grab me up and start dig me up and hold me from my hand. Then afterwards when I mi di watch to my right, I see my auntie mi di get fi take out her phone to video weh dehn mi di do me and then this police grab my auntie by her hand and tell ahn weh you think you deh di do? and then he take away the phone from my auntie and when Police Ramos done let me goh, ih give back my auntie the phone back. then when Police Ramos let me goh, he tell me the next time you halla things to me I wah shame you in front of your friends dehn. I noh care. And then me and my friend and my auntie and cousin we just walk gone.”

Soriano went with her aunt, Eden Velasquez, to a doctor who examined her and her injuries were classified as wounding. They came to Belize City today to file a report about the officer who inflicted the injuries.

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