After a meeting yesterday at primary school in Arenal village on the Western border (one of the poorest villages in Belize) parents have been told that school had been equipped with Internet now and every stundent would have to pay a monthly Internet fee of 5BZ$. As far as I counted the Arenal school have 7 classes and the average of every class is 25 kids. Each class would have to pay 125BZ$ per monnth for Internet and at 7 classes this would make an Internet fee of 875 BZ$.

The question has been asked if the kids then would get lessons in using the Internet and 2 teachers said that this would not be paid and would be additional work which they would not want to provide.

This seems one of the many Belizean scandals to me. Could anyone please help me? Where do I get this Internet plan for 875 BZ$ a month or if I may ask different: Who is now again trying to rip off poor people and suck money out of the pockets of the poorest in the country. Do people who make this kind of silly decisions have any idea what's going on in these villages with 80% unemployed and people taking their kids out of school because they simply cannot afford to buy all these books or an excessive Internet fee of 5$ per kid per month?

A Hughesnet satellite plan is available from 98 BZ$ a month and the first month charge of 5$ per kid would even pay for the satellite dish within one month. Maybe any organization would want to donate a satellite Internet system and plan for one year to these poor people and make it impossible that they take advantage of the poorest?

This is another story to really get angry. It is there where criminality starts and it ends where we are right now - I'm very much worried!

Again another beautiful day in paradise - just smile and be happy :-)