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Today's Belize News: January 15, 2013 #455259
01/15/13 08:59 AM
01/15/13 08:59 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

Ambergris Today

Belize Tourism Board Launches Three Year Action Plan & New Identity for Belize
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is pleased to announce the launch of its Action Plan for the years 2013-2015. Following a successful completion of Action Plan 2010-2012, the BTB embarked on multiple consultations with the tourism industry stakeholders and has crafted a realistic and measurable plan that will ensure Belize’s growth and longevity in the global tourism industry. After experiencing a record-breaking year in 2012, the Action Plan 2013-2015 was drafted with a base of tailored work plans and budgets in order to capitalize on our previous successes.

SAT, Jan. 19, 8am-2pm SELLERS: $25 for two (2) tables Sell whatever you want! FUNDRAISE for your school, medical needs or personal. BUYERS…one man’s junk is another’s treasure! CONTACT: Mel Spain, 604-9595 or Jan Brown, 662-2725 Under cover for rain or shine. “San Pedro Lion’s Club – We Serve”

The First Service Club of San Pedro -The Lions Club
The success of the San Pedro Lions Club was immediate due to the high confidence they built within the community and their physical presence out and about. Lions were sought for varied needs in the community and they gave unselfishly even abroad. No project was too small nor too large for them and they tackled renovating parks, erecting fences, cleaning beaches, building homes, and helping the sick and financially disabled. Here are some of the bigger projects undertaken by Lions. They constructed the Lions Clinic and hired a full time doctor and full time nurse. Secondly they built a home for our resident nurse. They purchased two properties with the vision of a hospital in the future. They assisted San Pedro High School with $80,000.00 for the completion of its ground floor with four classrooms. They constructed the Lions Den complex. They participated in part with the construction of the Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Poly Clinic with the vision of having a full fledged hospital.

Kitesurfing Fad on Ambergris Caye, Belize
The wind has been blowing strongly lately on La Isla Bonita and no it's not Hurricane Season and we definitely are not complaining, just Mother Nature doing what she does best. Therefore, many adrenaline junkies took advantage of the windy days to show off their amazing stunts to many viewers on the beach. Thanks to Kite Explorer Ltd. Kitesurfing has become a new fad on the island for tourists and locals on Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Misc Belizean Sources

Drivers License fee $30
The Ministry of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, National Emergency Management and Immigration & Nationality, hereby informs the general public, particularly those residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, that the legal fee for the issuance of a Driver’s License is ONLY thirty Belize Dollars ($30.00) by Law; as stipulated in Statutory Instrument # 182 of 2003. Residents are advised that once they meet the criteria for a driver’s license, they are not required to pay any more than the mandated thirty Belize dollars ($30.00); and the Council cannot legally withhold the licenses as a result.

2013 Art in the Park Schedule
Stick a pin on your Calendars folks! Art in the Park Calendar begins January 19th, 2013 at Central Park.

George Price Birthday Memorial Mass
This morning, at 6:30pm at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Co-Cathedral in Belmopan, there will be a birthday memorial mass in honor of George Price.

Channel 7

Ghosts Funeral: He Had a Gaza Style 21 Gun Salute
Yesterday the Meyers family held the funeral for Leonard Ghost Meyers in the place he grew up and called home, Gales Point, Manatee. Meyers was the most senior George Street personality to be killed in last Tuesday's massacre - he was considered the right hand man of Gang boss Gerald Shiny Tillett. And that's why there was a lot of buzz surrounding the funeral; people wanted to know would the police harass the busses of funeral goers? Would there be a showdown between the GSU and funeral-goers? And would there be violence? Monica Bodden went to the funeral to get answers to all those questions - here's her report:.. The body of Leonard Ghost Meyers was transported one last time through the only street in Gales Point Manatee-the village he grew up in and referred to as his home. Behind his purple jeep laid his coffin - neatly trimmed in red and black - the colors representing the George Street Gang men who escorted his body inside the village church - were also decked out in the gang affiliated colors - Even the wreaths on the coffin where decorated with red, black and white. Inside the small church where his funeral sermon was given - only Meyers' close relatives and friends could fit.

Police Nab Six Red-Handed-Robbers, Shoot Four
And while security forces make plans for that event tomorrow, the city remains calm. Since last week Tuesday when the bodies were discovered there have been no gang related shootings. But police did shoot three men this weekend - after they were caught red handed during an armed robbery. It happened on Saturday just before 9:00 when six men entered Jian Vin Shop at the corner of Mahogany and Mopan Street. They held up the storeowner 61 year old JIAN GUANG LI, and his wife 33 year old CHUN YAN ZHU. One of the men who was armed with a handgun clubbed both of them across the jaw and demanded money. The shop-owner gave them over two thousand dollars in cash, while they helped themselves to a DVD player, a computer and various tobacco products. But not satisfied with that, the men went to the living quarters above the shop to get some more items. But, police were in the area and responded quickly. They ran upstairs which is when they say one of the men fired at them. Police returned fire, injuring four of the men, including a minor - and arrested two others.

Eastern Division Gets New Commander
And with those tidy arrests Aragon leaves for Police Headquarters in Belmopan on a high note. But his 28 months at the helm of Eastern Division could not be considered stellar. Case in point?: Belize City recorded a record number of murders in 2012 with 75. Now, maybe the problem is just too intractable and the high murder rate is not a reflection of his effectiveness - but at today's change of command - we did hear the new O/C take a slightly different tack:.. Elodio Aragon Jr., Deputy Commissioner of Police "I know it is challenging times and I know Mr. Segura, Mrs. Phillips and Mr. Allen have a task at hand but I ask them fear not the task at hand. Look it as a great opportunity to make a big difference in Belize City." ACP Miguel Segura, Incoming Officer Commanding Eastern Division "If you see that today you have two deputies on board and the concept is to advance the community policing. We have Senior Superintendent Mrs. Phillips, who have a lot of knowledge and exposure in that field and then you have Senior Superintendent Allen also that will look at the intelligence and operations. What we need to do is to get closer to the community. This is the concept of the policing also."

Dean Street Completes One Week Cordoned Off
Segura takes charge of over a dozen department and units, and about 600 police officers in the country's largest, most crime - ridden area, the entire Belize District - which is known as eastern division. But, right now in the city things are calm and Dean Street from its junction with West Canal to its junctions with West Street - three blocks - remains cordoned off. Aragon explains that police traffic in the area remains heavy:.. Elodio Aragon Jr., Deputy Commissioner of Police "That is done at this point in time because of the amount of police vehicles coming in and out but definitely sure the police has block that street off because we do not want to create a problem where we will have a serious congestion our incidents involving traffic related accidents as a results of the operation taking place in that specific area and that is why it was cordon off." Police have not announced when they will downscale their presence in the area.

Shooting Victim Valle Shows Sharp Sign Of Improvement
It's been 10 days since we last gave you an update on Carlos Valle - the Princess Theater Manager who was shot in the head on New Year's night. But we've been checking on him regularly - and every time we do, hospital authorities tell us he remains in critical condition on life support. But today the hospital P-R told us that he is "off the ventilator, conscious and alert - much improved." That's great news - especially considering that he was shot in the temple. As we had reported he was one of the victims of a random shooting on Albert Street on New Year's night - the other, Orlando Williams died immediately.

Attorney Saldivar Says He Will Refund Monies
On Friday night you saw US Nationals John and Cynthia Englehardt complaining about attorney Arthur Saldivar. He was supposed to get them title for their Condo Unit when they paid him 6,500 US dollars three years ago. Since then, they have not gotten title nor have they gotten their money back. They took to the media to name and shame Saldivar - and today he responded. He did an interview at our studio where he explained that the bottleneck has been at the Lands Department:... Arthur Saldivar "There was a dispute between the land owner and the home owners association that basically developed shortly after the original strata plan was approved. When that happen the ministry took the view that as a result of the dispute they would actually freeze the issuance of titles. This affected a lot of people and it wasn't a situation where there was any negligence on the part of anybody in terms of trying to get these titles. Due to that this year or late last year I started the process of re-imbursing people because I don't want to hold anybody's' money. I have accepted now that the lands department will not get its act together. I believe Mr. Gentry was the first person who came forward and said that he didn't want his title anymore he wants his money back and that type of thing and I started that process." "Now everybody is coming to say that they want their monies back, I don't have a problem with that, there is no dispute there. That is being done as we speak; people are getting their monies back."

Saldivar Says: State Sponsored Theft?
And while he was here, Sadivar had another axe to grind. He is the attorney for 22 year-old Mexican Zurisaday Mendez, who has been linked to a frightening stash of weapons, drugs and fancy rides near the Corozal Free Zone. The November find by police included 7 guns, 12 magazines and 144 bullets, the vehicles, as well as cocaine and cannabis. But he is only charged for one of the guns, while his vehicle a blue Chevy Colorado pickup was also impounded. But while he is on trial, that same pickup has been acquired by police. Sadivar says Mendez's family - who follow the news in Belize saw it transporting dead bodies! He told us why it has caused dismay:.. Arthur Saldivar "My client's father called me to tell me that they were looking at the news in Belize. They were surprise to see a truck that they had bought for their son being loaded up with bodies of deceased persons.

Let It Burn!: Umbrella Conservation Group APAMO Supports Hon. Alamilla
Last week Friday, 7News told you about the mixed public response to Forestry Minister Lisel Alamilla's bold action when she burnt the illegally harvested Rosewood cargo in Golden Stream. Well, another organization has voiced its approval. The Association of Protected Areas Management Organization (APAMO) - an umbrella organization for various conservation groups - sent out a press release today saying that it applauds Minister Alamilla's decision, along with the indefinite moratorium and other measures to try to establish sustainable development. We also showed you how Alamilla categorically declared that she is certain that corruption within her own ministry has helped to perpetuate the illegal rosewood trade. Apamo also touched on that: the organization condemns the Government and private individuals involved in that, and they are also calling on the Government of Belize to quote, "implement an independent and objective investigation to determine the individuals involved in these illegal and corrupt activities and to apply the full weight of the law" end quote.

A Ceremony Out Of Step?
The Ceremonial opening of the Supreme Court is reserved for the second Monday in January - and usually, it's a headline story - or at least something you would see in the first segment of the news. But tonight, it's been pushed down, because the headline was a story about a gang funeral. That downgrade alone may be an indication of how increasingly out of step the stuffy officiousness of the event is with what's happening in real time. But, the social scientists tell us ceremony also plays a role in keeping society together - and so in that spirit, we take our annual look at the pomp and pageantry. Daniel Ortiz reports:..

Coro Cops Got Gun, Want Owner
Tonight a Corozal man is wanted for a firearm offence. Just after midday on Sunday, police received information of a fight in progress at 5th Street North in Corozal Town. When officers arrived on the scene, they saw a man darting behind a house. He was recognized as Mark Massam. A chase ensued and police say they saw Massam push his hand on the right side of his pants, take out a shiny object and throw it on the ground causing it to land in the drain. It was retrieved and found to be a 9mm Pistol with 13 live rounds. And while police got the gun, Massam got away and a warrant has been issued for Mark his arrest. Massam was recently granted Supreme Court bail after having been charged with armed robbery using a firearm. One of the conditions of his bail was not to be charged for any offence.

Local Gov't Ministry Vs. UDP Town Council?
The Ministry Of Local Government today sent out a very odd press release today. It targets the residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena and says that, quote, "the legal fee for the issuance of a Driver's License is ONLY thirty Belize Dollars ($30.00) by Law." It continues, "residents are advised that once they meet the criteria for a driver's license, they are not required to pay any more than the mandated thirty Belize dollars ($30.00); and the Council cannot legally withhold the licenses as a result." End quote. Now, as we understand it, the UDP Town council of the twin towns did recently increase driver's license fees because they implemented a new license, complete with the driver's fingerprint. But this release seems to be insisting that they can only charge $30.00 for it. The Mayor of Cayo, John August did not respond to phone calls or text messages requesting comment. IT also suggests that the Belize City council tactic of refusing to issue driver's licenses for those who owe property tax - which has gone unchallenged - is also illegal.

Funeral Frustration
Last week, 7News told you about undertaker David Coye who was upset with the fees the Belize City Council implemented in its takeover of Cemetery services. Well tonight, we have another complaint from a family who is upset with City Hall. Last week, we were called out to CitCo's office to speak with Carol Goodin, sister-in-law of the late Zebedee Pitterson, Jr. She was upset with the hike in fees for funeral spaces at the 13 mile's cemetery, but communication with Deputy Mayor Dion Leslie led her to hold back commenting to us on the issue. They were supposed to have worked out their issues. Pitterson was to be buried today, but up until an hour before the funeral it still wasn't built. Well today, Goodin called us back to vent her frustration.

Belize: At The Crossroads Of Three Regions: So Why No Trade?
International Relations Expert, Dr. Victor Bulmer- Thomas and his wife Barbara Bulmer Thomas are back in Belize for a pair of public lectures. He will present his address tomorrow at the UB Jaguar Auditorium on the subject "Belize, Central America and the Caribbean: Past, Present and Future." Bulmer Thomas told us he will analyze why Belize has failed to capitalize on its position in three different regions. He explained: Dr. Victor Bulmer, International Relations Expert "Belize is a part of three regions; Caribbean, Central America and Mexico if we can think of Mexico as a region but it isn't integrated with any of these regions in the way that you might expect because of its geographical position. Belize is legally tied into the Caribbean through Caricom and the Caribbean Single Market and Economy but somehow it's not taking advantages of its geographical position to integrate itself more fully into the other two regions that I have mention. However if you look at the recent figures you will see that Belize is importing a lot more from Central America particularly from Guatemala and El Salvador and a lot more from Mexico. It's not yet exporting, so the question is what Belize needs to do in order to have a more balance relationship with its neighbors that it currently has." Jules Vasquez "We are unable to capitalize on this proximity we have in Central America and in we have in CSME - we are unable to harness that because of the mediocrity of our institution."

Channel 5

Foiled robbery; 4 of 6 robbers shot by cops
Despite unusually heavy police presence over the weekend in the wake of last week’s brutal murders, there is still a brazen attack on a Chinese grocer to report tonight. At about nine o’clock on Saturday night, Jian Vin Store located at the corner of Mahogany and Mopan streets was targeted. The owner, Jian Li, told [...]

2nd in command of the George Street Gang laid to rest
The funeral of Leonard ‘Ghost’ Myers, reputed to be the second in command of the George Street Gang in Belize City, was held in his home village of Gales Point, Manatee on Sunday afternoon. Meyers, along with three affiliates of the George Street Gang, was killed in brutal execution fashion at an apartment building at [...]

The pageantry of the opening of the Supreme Court
This morning, traffic in downtown Belize City came to a halt, for the pageantry and ceremony which marks the opening of the Supreme Court for the calendar year. School children, tourists and regular passersby stood watch as the traditional pomp and circumstance of the formal event played out in front of the historic Supreme Court. [...]

A.G. says Bar versus Bench issue must stop
In his presentation at the opening of the Supreme Court Attorney General Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington raised several issues with the Bar Association—specifically, the need for continuous education and a return to its traditional role. According to Elrington, it cannot be Bar versus Bench.   Wilfred Elrington, Attorney General “My lord with respect to the private [...]

The half-a-million dollar message by Minister Alamilla; who is behind the illegal activities.
Despite a moratorium on the extraction of rosewood, the illegal exportation has continued, seemingly without pause. Last week, a shipment that was on its way overseas, likely to China, was stopped in its tracks. The confiscated rosewood was then set on fire by the Minister of Forestry Lisel Alamilla in the presence of the media. [...]

Do you think the Minister should have burned up all that rosewood?
Since the rosewood topic is such a burning issue, no pun intended, today News Five took to the streets to get some feedback. The question our reporter posed was simple; “Do you think Minister Lisel Alamilla should have burned up all that rosewood on Friday?” Here are some of the answers we got.   Resident [...]

Assistant ComPol Miguel Segura officially takes over Eastern Division
This morning’s weekly police press conference deviated from the norm, as the media was met by old faces in new commands. Assistant Commissioner of Police Elodio Aragon Jr., formerly head of Eastern Division, has been promoted to Deputy Commissioner of Police with responsibility for Operations. Assistant Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura takes over the reins [...]

Humberto Garcia; alleged attempted murderer
In the courts, Humberto Garcia, a twenty-eight year old construction worker of Rhaburn Ridge Village, was charged for the March twenty-first 2012 attempted murder of twenty-nine year old Francisco Sosa in which Sosa was shot three times.  Garcia was captured last week after nine months on the lam. When he appeared in the Magistrate’s Court, [...]

Where is Mark Massam? Police want him arrested
  Up north, Corozal police are looking for Mark Massam. On Sunday, police headed to Fifth Street North where Massam was allegedly involved in a fight. Massam fled the area at the sight of police who set chase behind him. According to police, Massam pulled out a shiny object and threw it on the ground [...]

Motor vehicle thefts in the City
Aside from the foiled robbery at Jian Vin Store, there were other crimes over the weekend. A B.T.L. technician of Belize City reported that this past Saturday, he arrived home along with his girlfriend in his Mazda Protégé car which he parked on the street side. As he was exiting the vehicle two men riding [...]

Can municipal bodies legally withhold driver’s licenses?
Late last week, Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley, confirmed to News Five that residents who are behind in the payment of taxes will have to pay up those arrears, possibly through a payment plan, before they can receive or renew their drivers’ licenses. According to the Mayor, the Council is on an aggressive timetable of [...]

B.N.T.U. executive discusses crime, economy and the referendum
An executive meeting of the Belize National Teachers’ Union branches will be held tonight in advance of membership meetings later this week as the unions begin to mobilize in response to current issues. Top on the list is crime, the state of the economy, the partially-resolved collective bargaining agreement with Government and the ICJ referendum [...]

Learn about your taxes at the 2nd Annual Revenue Fair
Today Revenue Fairs were held around the country, and like its name suggests, it is all about making sure that government receives its share of the pie. The first fair, held last year, was the brainchild of the Income Tax Department, but today’s event featured the participation of other departments with one goal – collecting [...]

Football, canoe and cycling in Sports Monday with James Adderley
  Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   22 canoes registered in 5 different categories for the 6th annual Boom to Manatee Lookout Canoe Race staged on Saturday as this community prepares for the mighty La Ruta Maya set to take center stage in March. At the 10 a.m. start inside [...]


Judicial Year 2013 Declared Open for Supreme Court
The 2013 judicial year was declared opened this morning by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. In his review of the last twelve months the Chief Justice highlighted various milestones for the judiciary in 2012, among them launch of a new website, continuing education for officers of ...

Toledo West Representative Disagrees Ministers Decision to Burn Rosewood
The burning of a large quantity of Rose Wood flitches in the Toledo District last Friday remains a matter of major concern as expressed out rightly by Toledo West Representative Hon. Oscar Requena: “I have absolutely no problem with the Ministry enforcing the laws as it relat...

APAMO Supports Decision to Halt Illegal Trade of Rosewood
The Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO) issued a release today in which it says it applauds Minister Alamilla for her decisive actions to halt the illegal trade of Rosewood and other measures taken to promote the sustainable development of the country’...

Revenue Collection Entities Team Up For Awareness Fair
The annual exercise, staged at the grounds of the Charles Bartlette Hyde Building, brought together a trio of revenue collection entities, namely Income Tax, General Sales Tax and Customs Departments. Kent Clare is the Commissioner of Income Tax. The revenue fair is designed to g...

Police Eastern Division of The Police Department Has New Leader
The Police Command at Eastern Division, which deals with the country’s largest amount of murders and other major crimes, today officially changed hands. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Elodio Aragon handed over the reins of that Unit to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Migu...

Re: Today's Belize News: January 15, 2013 [Re: Marty] #455260
01/15/13 09:00 AM
01/15/13 09:00 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Chief Justice says Belize's criminal justice system is in crisis
The Supreme Court has opened business for 2013. This morning there was pomp and pageantry at the Holy Redeemer Cath...

Bar President Andrew Marshalleck speaks of an "erosion of confidence" the judiciary.
At today's Supreme Court opening, there were also the traditional responses from President of the Bar Andrew Marsha...

Four persons shot by police in robbery incident in Belize City
Four persons were shot by Police in Belize City during an attempted robbery. It happened on Saturday 12th January a...

Police are on the hunt for Mark Massam
Police are on the hunt for Mark Massam. On Sunday afternoon, police received word a fight in progress at 5th Street...

Eastern Division of The Police Department Has New Leader
This morning the largest police formation bid farewell to its senior officers and welcomed new ones. Former Assista...

January 15th marks the 94th birthday of the late George Cadle Price
Tomorrow Tuesday, January the 15th, marks the 94th birthday of the late Father of the Nation and great leader of th...

Association of Protected Areas Management
Organizations concerned about the illegal harvesting of Rosewood On Friday we showed you pictures of Hon. Lisille Alamilla the Minister of Forestry, along with other forestry offic...

Revenue fair held by tax departments
Annually, the Income Tax Department hosts a fair, raising the level of awareness on the importance of collecting an...

Robbery and carjacking in Belize city
There was a robbery and carjacking in Belize city on Saturday morning. A B.T.L. Technician of Belize City reported ...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Ocean Academy’s Business Fair
This past weekend Ocean Academy held their first ever business fair at the Central Park and it was a success! Ocean Academy and the Business Class would like to take this opportunity to thank the following for their support. *Parents of the students, without their help this fair wouldn’t have been a success *Caye Caulker Lobster Fest Committee in providing the use of their tents *Caye Caulker Village Council for the use of the Central Park *Barrier Reef Cable System for their sponsorship *Last but not least, the community who came out and showed their support Here are a few pictures from the fair

The Reporter

Statement by the Vision Inspired by the People on the Proposed ICJ referendum for 2013
Vision Inspired by the People, unconditionally upholds the right of our Belizean nation to self-determination along with our sovereign territory as defined in our 1981 independence constitution. We declare that this God-given right of nationhood is not subject to negotiation. It is on the basis of this right that VIP views as gravely misleading and perhaps treasonous, the efforts of Belize’s current government to hold a referendum that could lead to the ICJ, altering Belize’s borders from those defined in our 1981 independence constitution. VIP hereby declares that Guatemala’s claim to Belizean territory is illegitimate, outdated, mutually counterproductive and downright immoral. This claim directly conflicts with the goals of the United Nations to finally eradicate the remaining ills of colonialism. The Guatemalan government has never occupied or exercised sovereignty over Belizean territory. We are reminded that the Spanish government which may have had a claim to Belizean territory under the unjust establishment and growth of colonialism was a non-voting member in the United Nations vote for Belize’s independence. This conscientious position by Spain not to participate in the vote was a fitting end to any and all claims on Belizean territory that were based on colonial principles.

Leader of the Opposition calls for independent inquiry into George Street murders
“An independent commission of inquiry is critically important if the police are to remove the cloud of suspicion hanging over their heads,” says Leader of the Opposition Hon. Francis Fonseca Thursday. Fonseca’s comments followed Tuesday’s quadruple murder of George Street gang affiliates, a crime which many members of the community and the leaders of the said gangs have accused the police department’s Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) of committing. Fonseca said if the police are to carry out their work effectively they must first remove all suspicion from the public’s minds about their involvement in the brutal murders, and has, therefore, called for a Commission of Inquiry into the matter. He recommended that the government should use senior judges from the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, and other social interest bodies to form a neutral and objective group to conduct the inquiry and report back to the public within 21 days. Fonseca has also issued a public statement on Wednesday in which he condemned the government’s Gang Truce arrangement. He said: “The Government must not enter into any new Gang Truce arrangement which involves payment of money or other such incentives and compromises to individuals or groups of individuals who have threatened and continue to threaten retaliation, and remain committed to destabilizing our society.”

Orange Walk man, Florentino Ayalla, 48, found dead in prison cell
An Orange Walk man, Florentino Ayalla, 48, was found dead in a Special Care cell in the Tango 6 building at the Belize Central Prison on Tuesday, January 8. The Kolbe managed prison’s Chief Executive Officer, Earl Jones, told The Reporter on Thursday, January 10, that police are treating Ayalla’s death as a homicide until the cause of his death can be determined by an autopsy examination. Ladyville Police Sergeant McCulloch, who is attached to the Crimes Investigation Branch (CIB), is conducting the investigation into Ayalla’s death, Jones said. According to Jones, around 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, the officer with responsibility for the Special Care area went to give Ayalla some painkillers and found him dead inside his cell. Jones said that the Special Care area is where prisoners who are not well are kept. Ayalla shared a cell with three other inmates, who police have been questioning since his death.

ADO Bus impounded; woman fined for contraband veggies
A bus belonging to ADO Bus Company of Mexico which conducts non-stop two-way runs from Belize to Merida and beyond, and crossed into Belize on Sunday from Chetumal, was impounded by local immigration authorities after it was discovered to be carrying contraband vegetables. The Reporter has confirmed with Immigration officials that the regular run was delayed for several hours and impounded, and the person who loaded the veggies on board, a woman, took responsibility for the freight, and a representative of the bus company, Leonides Chavarria, came up with $3,000, the penalty for transporting uncustomed goods. The woman, a Belizean, was fined $10,000 for her doing, and was reportedly given a time frame within which to find the money. She and the bus were allowed to leave after Immigration officials processed the two offending parties. Immigration officials had reportedly been suspicious that people had been using the buses to smuggle uncustomed goods to and from Belize for a while. Their stiff penalty on the bus company has prompted ADO to carry out its own formal screening and inspection of luggages that are loaded on its buses for cross-border trips. Part of the screening process includes briefing ADO terminal managers in Belize and Mexico what are allowed or disallowed items on the buses.

Cruise tourism business suffer because of George Street murders
Tuesday’s four-way murder of four George Street men and the subsequent U.S. Embassy warning to tourist to not travel in Belize City has negatively effected the Belize tourism industry, Yhonny Rosado, of, said Wednesday. Rosado said the effects of Tuesday’s events will not only affect his business, but all who depend on cruise tourism to make a living. “The captains on the ships are announcing that if you’re not booked with them, you should not come ashore because the city is not safe,” He said. “About 50% of our tours have been cancelled.” Rosado explains that they emailed their guests to let them know that it is not the entire city that’s dangerous. “We are telling them that we can safely go through our tours, and the BTB has sent out messages to us that we should not do any city tours today,” he said. To compound the dilemma, Carnival Cruise Line, which is one of the major cruise companies, has cancelled a number of its scheduled visits to Belize because of “growing congestion on the tenders”.

UK newspaper hits back over Argentinian claim to Falklands
A British newspaper waded into the argument between Britain and Argentina over sovereignty of the Falkland Islands on Friday, publishing an open letter in a Buenos Aires newspaper saying “hands off” the disputed territory. The Sun’s letter, printed in the Buenos Aires Herald, was a riposte to an open letter published in the British press Thursday in which Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner called on the UK to hand back the islands. Her open letter, addressed to British Prime Minister David Cameron and copied to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, accused Britain of blatant colonialism. She wrote: “The Argentines on the Islands were expelled by the Royal Navy and the United Kingdom subsequently began a population implantation process similar to that applied to other territories under colonial rule. “Since then, Britain, the colonial power, has refused to return the territories to the Argentine Republic, thus preventing it from restoring its territorial integrity.”

Venezuela postpones Chavez swearing-in
Venezuela’s opposition announced on Wednesday that it plans to ask the Supreme Court to rule on whether delaying the swearing-in of cancer-stricken President Hugo Chavez violates the constitution. Opposition leader Ramon Guillermo Aveledo said the opposition coalition will ask the court for an opinion on Congress’s decision to postpone Chavez’s inauguration which had been scheduled for Thursday. The constitutional debate takes place against a backdrop of charges that the government isn’t giving complete information about the health of Chavez, who underwent his fourth cancer-related surgery in Cuba last month and hasn’t spoken publicly in a month. Aveledo insisted on the opposition’s stance that the National Assembly president should take over temporarily as interim leader and that the Supreme Court should appoint a panel of doctors to determine Chavez’s condition and whether he is fit to remain in office. Aveledo didn’t say when or how the opposition would bring its challenge.

Citco and BBB join forces to create more jobs!
There’s a big, bold plan for a new vision of the old capital, and it will be called ‘Open for Business.’ It is the brainchild of Belize City Mayor Darrel Bradley and has been brought to life through a unique partnership between the private and public sectors with an infusion from our neighbouring city of Chetumal, Quintana Roo. On December 21st, 2012, the project saw the first concrete step in what promises to be a complex and challenging journey, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Belize City Council and the Belize Business Bureau, represented by Mayor Darrel Bradley and Arturo Lizarraga respectively. Today, another significant step was taken with the establishment of an Economic Development Commission which will serve as the operational Secretariat of the entire ‘Open for Business’ campaign. The undertaking is huge, and President of the Belize Business Bureau Arturo Lizarraga is not shying away from that. In an interview with The Reporter today, he summed up the campaign bluntly – “Will there be challenges? Yes. How big? Huge! Can we accomplish all this today? No. But should we get started now? Absolutely!” In a nutshell, the program is aimed at attracting new local and regional direct investment, attention and interest to Belize City- investments which will renew and revitalize the city. To do this, the visionaries at the helm have charted a path which includes attracting 1,000,000 paying visitors from Mexico to Belize, and with a focus on Belize City, annually. A massive challenge in and of itself, this includes the building of a four-lane highway from Belize City to the Philip Goldson International Airport and a focused campaign to arouse serious interest in Belize City from hubs like Mexico City and Cancún.

Leader of opposition extends helping arm
Following Tuesday’s four-way murder that left downtown Belize City in a state of emergency, the leader of the opposition, People’s United Party (PUP), Francis Fonseca, announced he is willing to collaborate with Prime Minister Dean Barrow to solve the crime issue in Belize. Fonseca, speaking at a 2:00 pm press conference at Independence Hall Tuesday afternoon, extended his hand and said he is willing to go along with Barrow to go into the communities in order to reassure them that the State is there to provide for their security and to protect them. Fonseca said, “We need to engage face to face with these communities and they have to understand in fact they are not at war with the state.” He said that it must be a civilized approach, because while the neighborhoods have criminal elements, there are also law-abiding citizens. “When we go into these communities to tackle crime and to target the criminals … we are not saying to the entire community that we are coming after you [and] that you are a useless community,” Fonseca said. Fonseca said that he believes that some of these communities have already begun to get the wrong message about the police and the government’s role.

GSU gets blamed for 4-way homicide
Residents in the George Street area are alleging that the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) is responsible for this week’s gruesome four-way murder. The bodies of the victims, Albert Fuentes, 19; Leonard “Ghost” Meyers, 30; Anthony Perez, 28; and Keino Quallo, 40, were found early Tuesday morning at an apartment complex on the corner of Dean and Plues Street. Each victim had multiple stab wounds and his throat cut. There were several large pools of blood found in various sections of the apartment. When the police arrived around 8:00 in the morning to collect the bodies and process the scene, an angry crowd of residents had gathered in the area and began to accuse the GSU, claiming that on Monday the unit had broken the lock from the back door of the apartment complex in order for them to gain easier access sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning. The Reporter spoke with Elizabeth Welch, Meyers’ mother, who said that days prior to the incident she was approached by the police who warned her that her son would be killed. Welch went on to explain that she knew the occupants of the apartment, and neither they nor her son were the type to open the door for strangers. At Tuesday’s mid-afternoon press conference Prime Minister Dean Barrow refuted those allegations, saying that there is photographed evidence that there was no damage to the lock on the back door.

Scientists discover aborted baby cells living in mothers’ brains
Scientific American described the research findings another way: “Scientists discover children’s cells living in mothers’ brains.” But I wanted to drive home a touching point: Mothers who terminate their pregnancies apparently don’t completely rid themselves of their babies. The cells of murdered children live on inside their mothers to help – or perhaps – hurt them: Cells may migrate through the placenta between the mother and the fetus, taking up residence in many organs of the body including the lung, thyroid muscle, liver, heart, kidney and skin. These may have a broad range of impacts, from tissue repair and cancer prevention to sparking immune disorders. It is remarkable that it is so common for cells from one individual to integrate into the tissues of another distinct person. We are accustomed to thinking of ourselves as singular autonomous individuals. These foreign cells seem to believe that notion, and suggest that most people carry remnants of other individuals. I need to stop and note that this politically incorrect article correctly defines preborn babies as “distinct person(s),” “people,” and “individuals.” Moving on…. As remarkable as this may be, stunning results from a new study show that cells from other individuals are also found in the brain.

Alcohol calories too often ignored
People watching their weight should pay closer attention to how much alcohol they drink since it is second only to fat in terms of calorie content, experts say. According to the World Cancer Research Fund, alcohol makes up nearly 10% of total calorie intake among drinkers. Having a large glass of wine will cost you the same 178 calories as eating two chocolate digestive biscuits. And it will take you more than a half hour’s brisk walk to burn off. Eating or drinking too many calories on a regular basis can lead to weight gain. But unlike food, alcoholic drinks have very little or no nutritional value. The ‘empty calories’ in drinks are often forgotten or ignored by dieters, says the WCRF. Kate Mendoza, head of health information at WCRF, said: “Recent reports have shown that people are unaware of calories in drinks and don’t include them when calculating their daily consumption.” Containing 7kcal/g, alcohol is only slightly less calorific than fat, which contains 9kcal/g. Protein and carbohydrates contain 4kcal/g and fibre 2kcal/g. Men need around 2,500 calories a day, and women around 2,000. “Cutting down on drinking can have a big effect on weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight,” said Ms Mendoza. It can also reduce your risk of cancer, she said. Alcohol has been linked with breast, bowel, mouth and liver cancer.

Barney Brown, Daniel Cano & Dennis McKoy win Weekend Warriors A, B & C New Year’s races
Barney Brown won the category “A” race, while Daniel Cano won the “B” category and Dennis Mckoy – the “C” category, when the Weekend Warriors Cycling Club held its New Year’s race from Orange Walk to the finish line in front of M&M Engineering in Belize City on the Philip Goldson Highway on Sunday, January 6. Barney Brown, of Scotiabank, clocked two hours 19 minutes 43 seconds on his 51-mile ride from Orange Walk to Belize City as he out-sprinted Dean Belisle of British Caribbean Bank/ J.T. Williams to the finish line. Warren Coye of Santino’s team led teammate Ernest “Jawmeighan” Meighan across the finish a few seconds later and jack Sutherland of Digicell 4G was fifth. The “B” category riders entered the city as one peloton, but Daniel Cano of M&M Engineering team out-sprinted three other riders to win, clocking two hours 25 minutes 34 seconds, while Nehru Gilharry of truckers Posse was second, Jim Scott of the Santino’s team was third and Dean Boyce of BCB/FT Williams was fourth. Santino “Chief” rode into fifth place solo.

Belize national team wins 2 football friendlies
Belize’s national football team won two international friendly matches against Tigrillos of Quintana Roo, Mexico, and Real Platense of Honduras at the Football Federation of Belize Stadium in Belmopan on Friday and Sunday, January 4 – 6, when national team coach Leroy Lewis tested the readiness of his players in preparation for the CONCACAF Copa Centroamericana in Costa Rica next week January 18-22. Belize won 7-0 over the Mexican fourth division club, Tigrillos, on Friday evening. Harrison “Kafu” Roches scored first, Dion MccCauley scored a second goal and Evan Mariano added a third to lead 3-0 at intermission. McCauley scored a fourth goal in the second half. Jerome “Jaro” James added a fifth and Russell Casanova came off the bench to add two more goals for the 7-0 win. Belize won just barely: 1-0, over Honduras’ first division club, Real Platense, on Sunday afternoon. Belize’s only goal came from Belize’s top scorer from the 2011 qualifying matches for World Cup 2014 Brazil, Dion McCauley, in the 28th minute of play. Belize’s goalkeeper Woodrow West proved the deciding factor, coming up with a number of brilliant saves as the visitors dominated the play in Belize’s half of the field for most of the game, winning free kicks and corner kicks. Yester Alcerro’s shots forced West to tip the ball over the crossbar twice.


No leads in quadruple murders in Belize City
And while the police seem to have a cap on crime at the moment, it was just about a week ago that chaos ruled on Dean and Plues Streets as four members of the George Street Gang were discovered slain in an apartment where they were staying. Since the incident, the police escorted some of [...]

New head of Eastern Division takes over command in Belize City
It was a generally quiet weekend countrywide, with no reported murders. But on a few fronts, there were armed robberies and in one instance, three persons were shot during a foiled robbery upon police intervention. We start off the police news with the official details of an armed robbery in Belize City from Police Press [...]

Armed robbery reported in Armenia village
Police are looking for a group of men who carried out an armed robbery in Armenia village in the Cayo district on Saturday night. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports.

Residents of Hopkins take measures to curb crime in the village
Residents of Hopkins village in the Stann Creek district met over the weekend to address growing concerns over an increase in crime in the community. Reports say over eighty residents turned up to the school building in the village on Saturday afternoon for the meeting which had as guest speaker, the officer commanding, Stann Creek [...]

Destruction of rosewood draws condemnation
The destruction of and cache of illegally harvested rosewood flitch’s last week continues to generate much debate and discussion, not only in the Toledo district; but other areas of the country. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. The Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO) issued a release today in which it says it applauds Minister Alamilla [...]

Revenue fair held around the country
The collection of and accounting for revenue are important factors in a nation’s economy. And while for most people the very thought of taxes is a turn off, the men and women who make the nation’s revenue system work are doing their utmost best to untangle the myths and dispel the mystery. Love TV’s Natalie [...]


A Tale of Five Cities: Chowing down in Campeche
Although we only had three meals in Campeche on our way through, we made the most of our time and had some really delicious food. Walking from the bus stop into the centro historico, we came upon the #1 place in Tripadvisor, Chocol Ha. We planned to come back to try some goodies later as this dessert and treat place doesn't open until 5:30 pm. At the moment, however, we were in need of lunch. We walked by a place called Chef Color in one of the lovely colonial buildings and decided to stop in. There was a mix of locals and tourists dining, which is usually a good sign. Ahhhh, a cervasa is always good after a long walk on a hot day! Interesting artwork graced the walls Barry ordered his new favorite Mexican dish, Panuchos, while I decided on some fresh seafood ceviche. Both were delicious! Barry's the colors with the tablecloth too My ceviche -- fresh and limey Barry looking happy after being well-fed For dinner that night, we walked around for awhile looking for a place that appealed to us. We ended up at Luz de Luna. This place was decorated with vibrant colors that beckoned us right in from the street.

On the Fly
One of the things I love about Belize is that it is so easy to get around the country. It is a common fact that Belize is the same size as Massachusetts, but did you know it is also close in size to Wales and New Hampshire? It is also slightly larger than El Salvador and a little over double the size of Jamaica. The country of Belize is 180 miles long, up to 68 miles wide and covers an area of 8,867 square miles. This it makes it very easy to hop on a puddle jumper and go see something new. Last week I decided to take a short getaway and do an overnight trip so I hopped on Maya Air and went to the Municipal Airport, and then caught a connecting flight to Placencia. My flight to Municipal airport took 25 minutes, and not having had time to eat breakfast before the flight, I was sure glad for the Maya airport Deli. I got 2 fresh ham and cheese Johnny cakes to tide me over till I got to my final destination. The name of the popular Belize food comes from the words journey cake, a small hard biscuit easily carried on a long trip. From Municipal to Placencia Airport should take about 45 minutes, I think we made it in better time but was not watching the clock as I was too busy enjoying the ride. Of course I took way to many pics as always so I decided to split my trip into a couple of posts. I will leave you with the San Pedro to Placencia aerial pictures. Stay tuned to find out where I stayed and who I caught up with while there.

Four Surprising Healing Secrets of the Hibiscus You Should Know
The hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family and is native to warm temperate, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. It is quite large containing numerous hundred species and is often noted for their showy flowers which are commonly known simply as hibiscus, or less widely known as rose mallow. Hibiscus tea benefits have been known to Eastern countries for centuries but they have only recently been studied here in the West. Made from the fragrant Hibiscus flowers, the tea has many health benefits for those who drink it regularly. Hibiscus tea is made from dried or fresh Hibiscus flowers. The tea can be drunk hot or cold, but is most refreshing when made into an iced tea. This fragrant tea truly does offer some amazing health benefits. Below are four healing secrets of the Hibiscus tea: 1.) The most popular Hibiscus tea benefits are its weight loss properties. The tea is a natural diuretic, and it helps release excess fluid stored in the body. In addition to flushing fluids, Hibiscus tea is believed to prevent carbohydrates from turning to fat by prohibiting the production of amylase in the body. Many tea drinkers use this tea to aid in weight loss naturally, the way nature probably intended us too!!

The Moment I Fell In Love with Scuba Diving
“There I was, unsure of what to expect on my first ever dive into the ocean and before resurfacing my life had been forever changed.” Everyone has moments in their life that stand far out, above and beyond all others. My first time ocean diving was one of those. Simply getting to that moment hadn’t come easy. I was burned out from work, life had become stale and I desperately needed something new and exciting to distract myself with. One night I came across an online ad for scuba diving lessons. I hadn’t ever given diving much thought before then, but something in me sparked and said lets give it a shot! Living in Phoenix, Arizona there isn’t exactly a lot of clear water around, so our training was done in an indoor pool; before squeezing into an extra thick wetsuit (which made me extremely claustrophobic) and finishing my certification in a very cold, dirty and murky lake. Training had come with a lot of struggles for me and in the beginning I was second guessing myself about whether this was right for me or not. After completing the course I felt great satisfaction. I was certified and had overcome my own self doubts.

A jungle oasis: Rio On Pools, Belize/Guatemala border
After a full day exploring beautiful caves, climbing Mayan pyramids at Caracol, receiving armed military escorts, and riding for hours along the world’s bumpiest road, we were ready to relax. We were ready to cool off. We were ready to just get out of the bumpy van! Along the road to the Maya ruins at Caracol, deep in the Mountain Pine Ridge area of the Belizian forest, lies a cool, relaxing oasis of waterfalls and swimming holes just waiting to be enjoyed and appreciated by weary travelers. Although it’s nothing spectacular (we’ve certainly seen more impressive waterfalls back home in New England), it nonetheless has its own beauty and tranquility … even if there are a few dozen kids going down the river in inner-tubes while you’re trying to drift off to sleep to the powerful, but steady sound of the flowing streams. Although they can’t quite capture the full essence of this jungle retreat, here are some of our favorite photos from this beautiful oasis:

Concrete and Steel
First of all sincere apologies for the technical problems that prevented the inclusion of photos in yesterday’s edition. Pleased to ‘say’ that normal service resumes today. Hopefully the techie gremlins will not return. Spent much of the morning catching up with news (especially the atrocious weather conditions) from the UK via my subscription to The Times, researching on the Internet for fittings (door handles and lights) for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize and taking the golf cart for its service ( with the daily/bi-daily trips to the site I wanted to make sure that it is OK for oil and that the brakes are in good working order).Given the state of the roads north of the bridge I also asked them to take a look at the suspension. All in all a rather leisurely morning. In between I managed to squeeze in ( prior to taking the cart in for it’s service) a breakfast at Estel’s ( should get a free one for all of the plugs I am giving). Time flew by and in what seemed like no time at all it was time for lunch and given the earlier hearty breakfast I had just a couple of sandwiches and a cup of coffee. Fully fed it was time to head off to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

International Sources

Dive into your love affair with Belize
The romance never ends - and nobody gets old - in this paradisal retreat. As soon as the leaves begin to fall and the air turns from crisp to damp and dreary, I start planning my winter escape. Sunshine, pampering and relaxation are the three things that my husband and I look for in a romantic getaway. After some research, I soon discovered that Belize, the Central American country famous for its phenomenal diving, Mayan ruins and abundance of eco-activities, is also a tranquil haven for couples and honeymooners. We divided our time between four unique regions of the country; however, if you crave a more leisurely trip, try to limit yourself to two areas. The country's largest island, Ambergris Caye, located south of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, is considered to be the dive and water sports capital of Central America. Less than one kilometre offshore, running the entire length of Ambergris is the world's second-largest coral reef system, after Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The postcard pretty town of San Pedro is a vibrant mix of restaurants, shops and bars offering freshly caught seafood, rum punch, ice-cold Belizean Belikin beer and locally made tchotchkes. The bustling 10 streets that make up the town are filled with golf carts, bicycles and the occasional taxi, all of which are the primary mode of transportation for the 4,000 locals and multitude of visiting tourists.

Kelly McGuire's Surprise Birthday Bash/Roast and All Star Concert!
Correction on dates for Mark Mulligan coming to surprise Kelly. Feb 8th-11th. Remember this is a surprise, so don't say anything to Kelly about it. If you have any questions, please contact Sandy at [email protected] Kelly McGuire's Surprise Birthday Bash/Roast and All Star Concert in Belize! Come to Belize Feb 2013! Celebrate with us and enjoy the music! Check out all the special things we are planning for Kelly! We hope that you can make it but even if you can't you can still be a part of the celebration.He is truly the KING OF THE ISLAND! Remember this is a surprise,so don't let Kelly know about it. Even if you are not going to be able to make it, you can still send a donation to help put on this great event, purchase a limited edition T shirt and limited edition CD or just send a donation. All money goes to set up this event, paying for the Artists airfare and hotel accommodations!

Belize Has Zero Tolerance for Maternal Mortality
The young woman lying in the small, cheerfully decorated recovery room was still groggy, but she was fully aware of her new role: being a mother. She had just delivered her first child at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City, where she was encouraged and coached by a nurse to start breastfeeding her healthy, hours-old baby boy. In Belize every woman's pregnancy and delivery is under the microscope of the Millennium Development Goals, U.N. anti-poverty pledges made by governments that are due in 2015. "We had zero maternal deaths in 2011," said Dr. Natalia Largaespada-Beer, director of maternal and child health for Belize's Ministry of Health, in an email interview. "Every obstetric emergency is considered a national emergency." To meet its goal of 10 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births, the country with a population of only around 400,000 people--and just 7,000 women or so who give birth each year--will have to keep that up. Amikole Aminata Maraesa, an American doctor of anthropology who lived in southern Belize in 2006, explains the math. In 2009, she said, the country's maternal mortality ratio was 54 deaths per 100,000 live births. Sounds high, but in raw numbers it meant four deaths out of about 7,407 births.

On the trail of ancient Maya temples in Belize
A white-hot sun bore down on the small boat as we rode upriver through the thick jungle of northern Belize. We were headed to the ancient Maya city of Lamanai. It’s a place of dark secrets, not the least of which was the cause of its demise. The city, which once had a population of 50,000, was buried by dirt and foliage for four centuries until archaeologists started an excavation in the 1970s. Only five buildings have been uncovered. About 732 buildings remain hidden in the firm grip of the jungle, an entire city never seen by modern eyes. The boat cruised up the New River past crocodiles resting on the muddy banks, seemingly immobilized by the tropical heat. One of them came to life and slid into the river, his ridged tail propelling him swiftly across the surface, his eyes locked on the boat. Just when I thought he was going to come aboard, he dropped like a stone to the river bottom. The commotion startled a roseate spoonbill, which flew across the river to a high branch, its 4-foot hot-pink wingspan and spatula-shaped bill a sight to behold. A red jacana’s long toes allowed the bird to spread its weight and run across the water on lily pads. Bats napping on the shady side of a tree trunk below stalks of banana orchids didn’t budge. As the boat slowly rounded the next bend in the river, we were in for another surprise, a half-dozen naked Mennonite farmers cooling off in the water, their pale skin — except for sun-reddened forearms, necks and faces — clearly visible in the shallow water. Straw hats, blue work shirts and overalls were piled on a pier. Not shy, they waved enthusiastically. I automatically waved back, but my eyes were busy scanning the water for submerged crocs. The Mayan word “Lamanai,” by the way, means “submerged crocodile.”

In photos: A lazy stroll around Caye Caulker
The Belizian island of Caye Caulker (pronounced “key”) is known for its slow-paced lifestyle and no-worries attitude with a gorgeous Caribbean backdrop. One lazy Sunday morning, we rose early (two hours earlier than we thought, come to find out!) to go to church, and after finding the church was still closed, we decided to take a leisurely stroll around this tiny, sandy island. Although we spent five full days on the island, it was during our walk that morning that we were able to breathe in the atmosphere of the island without the sounds of other tourists and backpackers crowding out its charm (they were all still sleeping off the night before!). Start by walking down the sand-covered “Front Street,” home to street vendors and sea-view restaurants. Stop by the Split for a quick swim and to get a look at the beautiful marine life that frequents the area. In the afternoon, be sure to grab a freshly prepared dessert from the Cake Lady and drop by Jolly Roger’s Grill for a lobster lunch (you may be able to negotiate a good price and even pick out your own lobster!). After lunch, head back down to the Split for some time in the sun and sand while enjoying a few drinks from the Lazy Lizard bar. In the evening, head to the opposite side of the island, parallel to Front Street, to soak in the sunset. After that, head into town for dinner. We recommend grabbing a pizza from Pizza Caulker and then heading to one of the docks for a picnic under the stars.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
Click for excellent scuba lessons with Elbert Greer!
Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!
Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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