The Police Command at Eastern Division, which deals with the country’s largest amount of murders and other major crimes, today officially changed hands.  Deputy Commissioner of Police, Elodio Aragon handed over the reins of that Unit to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura.  Deputy Commissioner Aragon assured Belizeans that the fight against crime can be won.

Deputy Commissioner of Police

“As you all know I will be moving on to the Deputy Commissioner’s desk with the responsibility for operations at this point in time.  We have Mr. Miguel Segura, Assistant Commissioner of Police, who will now be taking over as Commander of the Eastern Division and of course he will be supported by two deputies, Ms. Desiree Phillips and Mr. Marlon Allen.  My deputy, Mr. Miguel Guzman – he will also be going to Belmopan.  I would just like to mention to the media and the general public  that I am quite confident that Mr. Segura and his team will be putting in all the effort they have in looking at how and ways to reduce crime in the City, especially the City as you all know this City accounts for a lot of the crime.  I want to say to the general public that I do believe that there is a long road when it comes to working in the fight against crime and I am quite sure that the men and women of the Police Department are up to the task.”

Assistant Commissioner Segura said that he would like to build upon the improvements already made in the fight.

“With this new taking over and knowing all the challenges on hand, I just want to give the reassurances to the personnel of Eastern Division and to the community that we are mandated to serve, that we will do our best to fight against crime.  If you see, today we have two deputies on board and the concept is to advance the community policing.  We have Senior Superintendent Phillips who is knowledgeable and has a lot of exposure in that field and we have Senior Superintendent Allen who will look at intelligence and operations.  What we need to do is get closer to the community, this is the concept of the precinct policing as well but more as we get along, I am just at the moment of taking over and all the projects of what is left but also the dynamics of building on the quality of personnel because many of time the decisions that they make, the professional response, is by building on the quality of people and by that you can build confidence.  I also want to see the community more involved; we also want to have that community empowerment because at the end of the day, if you are finding security, security starts with all of us.”

Senior Superintendent of Police, Desiree Philips and Senior Superintendent of Police, Marlon Allen will assist Assistant Commissioner Segura at the new post at Eastern Division.