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from a friend....

Here is the famous and historical TAMBRAN TREE by the Barracks. This tree provided some of the rods of correction used by the authorities to correct evil doers and upstarts.

Likewise it is believed that many babies were conceived on the trunk of this tree. Hurricane Hattie finally battered it to death, But the remnants were taken to the Memorial Park and erected as an Historical Fixture.

The field on the background was used as a Football Field a Cricket Pitch, a calisthenic ground, a Military parade Field, a Horse race Track, the Charles Lindbergh Landing field, and eventually the Belize Airstrip for small planes.

The ZIK Radio Station was located in one of those far-away Buildings.

For me it brings back memories of that day, when I won the 1953 Marathon, ending hear the Old Tambran.

Response from another.....

Mr. Evan C. Griffith who designed this stamp passed away recently.

I can confirm what he relates above having heard some very bawdy tales from an old timer who related certain events about the tree's history. ..

another comment....

This rendition does not near the reality that I remember. I used to play on the tamarind (tambran tree) which was located in the vicinity of the Princess' main gate.

another comment....

I remember the tree also. The rendering on the stamp seems to more picture the tree as it was after Hattie, but the dates don't line up with that unless it was done after the fact. It was a reference and a meeting point at the old Barracks as was Baron Bliss Grave at the Fort! I'll have to dig through old pics to see if have one of it.