Residents of the twin towns send a message to the Liquor Licenses Board

Residents of the twin towns came out this morning in a form of community activism to send a message to the Liquor Licenses Board in that municipality. The message is that they are not pleased with how the board has been handling business. They are asking the authorities and Ministry of Local Government to put a stop to the issuing of Special Licenses, Convenient Licenses and Extension for bars and clubs to be opened after 12 midnight. Eduardo Juan is a resident of Santa Elena and Vice President of the Bishop Martin Neighborhood Watch.

Participants of this morning's demonstration say that it's the board's first meeting for this year and they saw it fitting to voice their concerns. They also stated that while they understand that the Town board needs revenues, they also need to be considerate as citizens make up a community and not only bars. Alica Cambranes says she recently had to move because the noise was just too unbearable.

The Demonstration was held in front of CET in San Ignacio. We also note the Liquor Licenses Board for the City of Belmopan will likewise be holding its first meeting of the year tomorrow morning at the Civic Centre. Plus news will be bringing you highlights from that meeting in tomorrow's newscast.