International Fencing in Belize? Up until November of last year, who would have though of it? That's when Xunan Smith made history by going to el Salvador for the Central American & Caribbean Championship.

Well, building on that success, this evening, the Belize Fencing Association is hosting an international Fencing Athlete and trainer, Nestor Rosario. He is here to help young Belizean athletes prepare for international competition.

Rosario comes with an impressive and long tenure in the sport, and he told 7News this evening, that he is here to inspire our young talent:

Frank McKenzie - Coach, Belize Fencing Association
"Mr. Rosado is here to help us with tips because we'll participating in Central American Games, and they'll be doing epee, and foil."

Daniel Ortiz
"Why do you feel that the athletes need international exposure such as this?"

Frank McKenzie
"Well, athletes always need advice, and different things to help them improve. It's a sport in which anything you can get, can help you improve."

Nestor Rosario - International Fencing Coach
"What I intend to do is inspire enthusiasm and maintain the level of interest that they have in the sport. I want it to be a lifetime sport for them. I see a lot of potential, a lot of talent here. They need the opportunity, and the instruction, and that's why I am here."

Daniel Ortiz
"How long your sessions will last?"

Nestor Rosario
"I should be here at least 3 or 4 days, so I'm here at there disposal."

Rosario will be offering his fencing clinic starting from tonight until Saturday and anyone can attend.

Channel 7