The Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports in collaboration with the Caribbean Development Bank and other Partners launched The Belize Education Sector reform project this morning at the Radisson.

The project is aimed at putting in place proper strategic plans to improve the quality of education on a whole in Belize. Minister of Education Patrick Faber explained how the project will work for your children:

Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education
"In short, Jules, what it does is that it set a proper plan - the strategic plan that is - it puts in specific objective, specific targets that we want to accomplish, and to improve our quality of education in this country. And it allows us to say to people, 'Listen, we have a concrete plan. Everybody, as we've been saying in education, it is everybody's business. Everybody can buy into what we're doing here, and we can move collectively as a society to try to improve education."

Jules Vasquez
"How does this affect the individual parent or child, the parent who's sending their child to school many times, underfed, under-nourished, and the child then becomes inattentive in school? A lot of times, perhaps, the teachers aren't trained. There are material specific limitations which inhibit education at the lowest level. How will a program like this affect something like that?"

Hon Patrick Faber
"Well, if you've been watching and studying what it is we've been doing in the Ministry of Education over the last 4 -5 years, in fact, in my presentation today, I outlined and summarized some of the activities that this ministry has already done. This is a continuation of such initiatives, the $300 subsidy, the training of teachers across the country through the Cert-Ed program, the training program that went on in the South of the Country, with the support of the European Union, the training of leadership component in the North of the Country, through European Union's support again, all of these things, we believe, helps the teachers, the parent, the improvements in school transportation, the feeding program at the ministry have embarked on, and continue to try to generate. All of these things, in our view, helps to improve the quality, help everybody on the street."

The opening ceremony was followed by a workshop...

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