United FC is the official San Pedro champion of the Football Federation league competition. Held on Sunday January 13th at the Ambergris Stadium, the final battle saw United FC facing Los Catrachos in a battle for major bragging rights and of course, trophies and the title of champions.

United FC FFB 2013 Champions-5The finals were held in a ‘Home and Away’ competition format. In the first game, United FC took the win in a game of 1 – 0 on Sunday January 6th. It seemed that Los Catrachos were not going to let that happen again, as they began the second (and final) game in a most impressive manner, slamming three goals in the first half. United FC was in serious danger of losing, as Los Catrachos only needed 2 goals to take the championship. However, after half-time, there seemed to be a renewed vigor in the United FC team and they were ready for the somewhat over-confident Catrachos.

It seemed that confidence opened the second half with two impressive, successive goals from United FC. By minute 90, Los Catrachos had taken the win with the final score of 3-2. But, the championship wasn’t quite won yet. Since the first game was won by United FC with a score of 1-0, Los Catrachos needed to win by at least one goal more – and since the final score in the second game was 3-2, the overall goal count for both games was 3-3 – a tie!

Overtime was called with two new 15-minute halves, and United FC took the lead, scoring two more goals. Los Catrachos played aggressively but try as they might, were unable to recover their initial momentum. In the end, United FC had their big comeback, taking the championship right out of the hands of Los Catrachos.

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